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Beth's Fortress of Doom
Thank the Gods!!! I've finally got a nice program to re-vamp my website. Oh yeah!!! Heta is my new BEST FRIEND!!! *waves at Heta* Don't worry Rachel!!! I have to give you some credit. You let me use your Photoshop!! I'm going to have an art page for all the stuff I've drawn, a fanfic page for my writing and a shrine to the greatest man to ever grace the anime screen, TRUNKS from DBZ and DBGT.
Table of Contents
Fanfic Contains a few of my DBGT fanfics and a few non-anime stories.
Art All my sketches. Mostly my pokemorphs and misc. squishy fun.
Trunks Shrine

The place where we make virgin sacrifices to our purple haired God.
Links The gateways to all the places I like to spend my time.

Beth's Fortress of Doom
December 12, 1999
Last Updated December 12, 1999