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Farrell Foreman Visits  a Classroom

Farrell Foreman is a poet and playwright. His plays have been produced across the United States and several are included in anthologies. He has facilitated writing workshops for State Arts Councils. His poetry can be found in journals and sometimes scrawled on walls and streets of murals in several communities.

Frank Barone Introduces Farrell Foreman

When I first heard Farrell read his poetry, I could sense the bond of trust he created between himself and the vulnerable personalities of his student-audience. Farrell just didn't read his poems. He performed them. And the students just didn't listen politely. His honest words and sincere delivery made it possible for them to identify with his experiences and to relate to his hopes, dreams, fears, failures, successes, laughter and tears. When I heard their responses to his poems and saw the impact his poetry had on their writing, I became a "Farrell Fan." My friendship with Farrell continues to grow with every discussion we have about teaching and writing, and with every poem we share. This collaboration gives further evidence of our friendship and the importance of poetry in our lives.