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Sarah Michelle Gellar (SMG)
    Sarah Michelle Gellar began acting by making a television commercial for Burger King at the age of four. She was sued by Macdonalds for that advert, because in the ad she teased Mcdonalds about its less substantial burgers.
    Marcia Shulman, who was the casting director for the first two seasons of Buffy had a good idea of the sort of actress they wanted to play Buffy. Then Sarah came along, and her amazing acting ability won her the role, even though ideas about the character had to be altered slightly to suit her. Sarah originally auditioned to be Cordelia, and Charisma auditioned for Buffy. If things were the other way around, would that be weird or what?
    SMG has appeared in many adverts on TV, and has also appeared in Swan's Crossing and All My Children, a role as Kendall Hart which won her an Emmy. Film credits include Funny Farm, the excellent I Know What You Did Last Summer (Character name: Helen Shivers) and more recently, Scream 2 (Character name: Casey Cooper(Cici)). She is also a star in the new teen flick Cruel Intentions, an update on thriller Dangerous Liaisons, and a romantic comedy out soon called Simply Irresistable.
SMG's Likes: Her dog Thor, named after the Norse god of thunder
                      John Cusack movies
                      Vanilla wafers
                      Going out with the rest of the cast, particularly Alyson Hannigan (Willow)

SMG's Dislikes: Cemeteries
                          Thought of being buried alive
                          Intruders in her home

Sarah Michelle Gellar's birthday is: 14/4/77