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Prophecy Girl

  Written by:  Joss Whedon
  Directed by:  Joss Whedon
  Transcribed by: AleXander Thompson

                     ~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

  I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to
  the television show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". They were created by
  Joss Whedon and belong to him, Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Television, Kuzui
  Enterprises, 20th Century Fox Television and the WB Television Network.

  This is not a novelization or a script. It is a straightforward and dry
  transcript of the episode "Prophecy Girl". It also includes descriptions
  of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where I felt they
  were needed.

  I made every effort to accurately transcribe the dialogue from this
  episode. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please
  let me know and I will post an update.                     rev 98.09.28

  This episode was originally broadcast on June 2, 1997.

  Copyright (c) 1997 Alexander Thompson

                      ~~~~~~~~~~ Prologue ~~~~~~~~~~

  In every generation there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against
  the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer.

  The Bronze at night. Cut inside to Xander and Willow sitting at a table.

  Xander:  You know how I feel about you. It's, uh, pretty obvious, isn't
  it? There's never been anyone else for me... but you. And we're good
  friends, and it's time to take the next step.

  Willow is listening to him dreamily.

  Xander:  Would you, um... date me? Oh that's good! Date me! It's
  terrible, right?

  Willow:  (comes back to earth) Huh? Oh, no! Oh, yes, 'date me' is

  Xander:  See, what I should do is I should just start with talking about
  the dance. (clears his throat) Y'know, Buffy, Spring Fling just isn't
  any dance. It's a time for students to choose, um... a mate and then we
  can... observe their... mating rituals and tag them before they migrate.
  Just kill me!

  Willow:  You're doing fine!

  Xander:  Why's it so hard? I should just walk up to her and say, 'Hey, I
  like you. Let's go to the dance together.'

  Willow:  Direct and to the point.

  Xander:  I'm ready. I wanna do it now. I *gotta* do it now.

  Willow:  Oh, Buffy's not here. You can practice on me some more.

  Xander:  No, no, I can't wait until tomorrow, I-I'll be thinking about
  it too much. Why didn't Buffy show up tonight? What's she doing?

  Willow:  Oh, you know, the usual.

  Cut to the park. A car is parked in the distance with its windows all
  fogged up. Buffy comes falling into the field of view in slow motion and
  hits the ground hard on her back and exhales. Cut inside the car.
  Cordelia breaks off her kiss with Kevin.

  Cordelia:  What was that?

  Kevin:  What was what?

  Cut outside. Buffy props herself up. A vampire approaches her and
  growls. Cut inside the car.

  Cordelia:  Someone's out there.

  Kevin:  That's silly! Who would be out there?

  Cut outside. Buffy rolls in a reverse somersault and comes up standing,
  ready to fight. The vampire growls at her. She pulls a stake out from
  under her jacket behind her back and holds it pointing out from her hips
  so the vampire can see. He frowns at the sight of it as Buffy puts on an
  evil smile. This infuriates the vampire and he launches himself at her.
  She hits him with an out-to-in crescent kick, and then follows up with a
  high front snap kick, stunning him. She immediately plunges the stake
  home, and he falls over backward and bursts into ashes when he hits the

  Buffy:  Three in one night. Giles would be so proud.

  Cut to the roof of the library. The camera pans over to the skylight and
  looks in. Giles is at the table researching. He gets up and goes into
  his office to make some tea. Cut to Giles' office. He sits down at his
  desk with his cup of tea and reads the text of the Codex.

  Giles:  Ho korias phanaytie toutay... tay nuktee. 'The Master shall
  rise...' Yes, yes, this is it! 'The Master shall rise, and the
  Slayer...' (looks up in disbelief) My God!

  He considers what he's just read for a moment and then reaches for his
  tea. The cup begins to jiggle, and he looks at it curiously. A few
  seconds later the whole building begins to shake, and he realizes he's
  experiencing his first earthquake. He gets up and looks around at
  everything shaking. His teacup vibrates off of the desk and smashes to
  pieces on the floor.

  Cut to the Bronze. The people panic. Xander grabs Willow and guides her

  Xander:  Under the stairs! Under the stairs!

  They get under the stairs, and Willow grabs onto a step from underneath
  to steady herself. Someone rushing down the stairs nearly steps on her
  fingers, and she yelps as she pulls her hand back.

  Cut to Cordelia's car. She and Kevin hold on as they ride out the quake.

  Cut outside. Buffy looks around her at the shaking trees. Car alarms are
  going off everywhere.

  Cut to the library. Giles comes out of his office and sees several
  bookshelves fall over as the walls and the floor sustain severe damage.

  Cut to the Master's lair. He stands with his arms stretched out above

  Master:  Yes! YES! Shake, Earth! This is a sign! We are in the final
  days! My time has come! Glory! GLORY!

  The quake is over as quickly as it started. The Master looks over at

  Master:  Whadaya think? 5.1?

  Opening credits roll. Buffy's theme plays.

                      ~~~~~~~~~~ Part 1 ~~~~~~~~~~

  The library. Giles comes out of his office and walks over to the cage.
  Buffy comes in.

  Buffy:  Morning!

  She looks around at all the damage. Giles looks at her like he's just
  seen a ghost.

  Buffy:  Wow. The damage looks fairly structural. Are we safe in here?

  Giles:  Buffy!

  Buffy:  What? Do I have something on my face? (pats her face)

  Giles:  No! Uh, and, and yes, we're, we're safe. (indicates the stacks)
  Uh, but probably best not to go up there.

  Buffy:  How're you doin' there, Giles? Get much sleep last night?

  Giles:  Um... I-I-I've been working.

  Buffy:  Me, too. I went hunting last night, and it is awfully sweet of
  you to ask. It's getting hairy out there, Giles. I killed three vampires
  last night, and one of them was practically on school grounds.

  Giles:  Their numbers are increasing.

  Buffy:  And they're getting cockier. Look, I'm not loving it. Last night
  was a pretty close call.

  Giles:  (distracted) Yes.

  Buffy:  Giles, care? I'm putting my life on the line battling the
  undead. Look, I broke a nail, okay? I'm wearing a press-on. The least
  you could do is exhibit some casual interest. You could go, 'hmm'.

  Giles:  (still distracted) Hmm? Oh, sorry. Um, yes, I'm very glad that
  you're alright. Uh, I-I need to verify, um... I just can't really talk
  right now.

  Buffy:  Fine. That's okay. I can't put it off any longer. I have to meet
  my terrible fate.

  Giles:  (turns around quickly) What?!

  Buffy:  Biology.

  The bell rings as Buffy leaves the library to go to class. Giles watches
  her go.

  Cut outside after class. Buffy, Xander and Willow come out of the doors
  onto the balcony and head down the stairs.

  Buffy:  (exhales) Wow. That was boring.

  Xander:  I don't feel that boring covers it.

  Buffy:  No, boring falls short.

  Willow:  Even I was bored. And I'm a science nerd.

  Buffy:  Don't say that.

  Willow:  I'm not ashamed. It's the computer age. Nerds are in. They're
  still in, right?

  Xander:  Willow, don't you have a thing?

  Willow:  A thing? (remembers) The thing! That I have! Which is... a
  thing that I have to go to.

  They reach the bottom of the stairs.

  Willow:  See ya later. (waves and departs)

  Buffy:  What on earth is her deal?

  Xander:  Uh, she's Willow. (laughs) So, uh, Buffy, I wanted to, um...
  There was this thing I wanted to ask you, to talk to you about.

  Buffy:  Okay, what's up?

  Xander:  Uh, let's go over here and sit.

  He leads her over to a bench.

  Buffy:  Okay, now you're making me nervous.

  Xander:  Oh, no, no, there's nothing to be nervous about. Really, it's
  silly. Ha, ha! (laughs nervously)

  They reach the bench, but a boy is sitting there.

  Xander:  (to the boy) Hey. (the boy looks up) Leave. (the boy leaves)
  Thanks. (they sit)

  Buffy:  Well?

  Xander:  Um... You know, Buffy, uh, Spring Fling is a... time for
  students to gather and... Oh, God! (takes a breath) Buffy, I want you to
  go to the dance with me. You and me, on a date.

  Buffy:  (speechless) I-I don't know what to say.

  Xander:  Well, you're not laughing. So that's a good start. Buffy, I
  like you. A lot. And I know we're friends, and we've had experiences...
  We've fought some blood-sucking fiends, and that's all been a good time.
  But I want more. I wanna dance with you.

  Buffy:  Xander, you're one of my best friends. You and Willow...

  Xander:  Well, Willow's not looking to date you. Or if she is, she's
  playing it pretty close to the chest. (laughs nervously)

  Buffy:  I don't want to spoil the friendship that we have.

  Xander:  Well, I don't want to spoil it either. But that's not the
  point, is it? You either feel a thing or you don't.

  Buffy:  (looks down a moment, then back up) I don't. Xander, I'm, I'm
  sorry. I-I just don't think of you that way.

  Xander:  Well, try. I'll wait. (smiles weakly)

  Buffy:  Xander...

  Xander:  Nah. Forget it. (gets up) I'm not him. I mean, I guess a guy's
  gotta be undead to make time with you.

  Buffy:  That's really harsh.

  Xander:  Look, I'm sorry. I don't handle rejection well. Funny!
  Considering all the practice I've had, huh?

  Buffy:  Xander, I'm sorry, I don't know...

  Xander:  You know what? Let's just not.

  He goes into the building with his head hung low. Buffy exhales, bummed.
  She turns and watches him leave.

  Cut to the library. Giles is on the phone.

  Giles:  Hello. Uh, this is Giles. Uh... Uh, Rupert Giles.

  Ms. Calendar walks in and stands by his office door.

  Giles:  (into the phone) I-I need to see you. No, I-I realize that.
  Uh... Come after sundown. Good. I'll see you then. (hangs up)

  Ms. Calendar:  You know, that outfit looks just like the one you wore
  yesterday. Only wrinklier. Were you here all night?

  Giles:  Sorry, uh... I'm not really up to, uh, socializing just now.

  Ms. Calendar:  Something's going on, Rupert, and I'm guessing you
  already know what it is.

  Giles:  (turns around and gets up) What do you know?

  Ms. Calendar:  Well, I have been surfing the 'Net, looking for
  unexplained incidents. You know, people are always sending stuff my way.
  They know the occult's my turf. Now, here is the latest. A cat last week
  gave birth to a litter of snakes. A family was swimming in Whisper Lake
  when the lake suddenly began to boil. And Mercy Hospital last night, a
  boy was born with his eyes facing inward. I'm not stupid. This is
  apocalypse stuff. And throw in last night's earthquake, and I'd say
  we've got a problem. I would say the end is pretty seriously nigh.

  Giles:  I don't know if I can trust you.

  Ms. Calendar:  I helped you cast that demon out of the Internet. I think
  that merits some trust. Look, I'm scared, okay? Oh, plus, I've got this,
  this crazy monk e-mailing me from Cortona about some Anointed One?

  Giles:  The Anointed One? He's dead!

  Ms. Calendar:  Someone's dead?

  Giles:  Uh, who is this monk?

  Ms. Calendar:  Uh, a brother Luca something? Keeps sending out global
  mailings about a prophecy.

  Giles:  I need you to talk to him, find out everything he knows.

  Ms. Calendar:  Look, Rupert, you haven't told me jack, so what's with
  the order?

  Giles:  Just do it! I'll e-explain later.

  Ms. Calendar:  You better.

  Cut to the halls.

  Kevin:  I'll get everything tonight after practice. The guys'll help me.

  Cordelia:  Well, it's all in the A-V room. The sound system, and the
  decorations... And, oh, Aura needs help, um, moving the coolers.

  Kevin:  Don't sweat it!

  Cordelia:  Well, bring everything to the Bronze, and I'll meet you there
  in the morning!

  Kevin:  Done!

  Cordelia:  (giggles) You're so sweet! Why're you so sweet?

  Kevin:  I dunno! 'Cause I'm usually mean as a snake!

  She smiles at him. She spots Willow.

  Cordelia:  Willow! (to Kevin) I'll see you in the morning.

  Kevin:  Okay. (leaves)

  Cordelia:  Willow! I really like your outfit!

  Willow:  No, you don't.

  Cordelia:  No, I really don't, but I need a favor.

  Willow:  What kind?

  Cordelia:  Well, the Bronze won't let us use their sound system, and I
  need someone who knows how to hook one up. If you could just show up
  tomorrow morning...

  Willow sees Xander throwing a ball against the wall in a classroom.

  Cordelia:  ...I'd be really, really grateful! I mean, I'd talk to you at
  the dance and everything.

  Willow:  Sure. (looks back at Xander)

  Cordelia:  Great! Tomorrow at ten?

  Willow:  Sure.

  She goes over to Xander in the room.

  Willow:  Hey!

  Xander:  Hey! (throws the ball)

  Willow:  How'd it go?

  Xander:  (throws the ball) On a scale of one to ten? It sucked. (throws
  the ball)

  Willow:  Oh.

  Xander:  Well, I guess it could be worse. (throws the ball) I could have
  gangrene on my face. (throws the ball)

  Willow:  Well, what'd she say?

  Xander:  Apart from 'no', does it really matter? She's still jonesin'
  for Angel, and could care less about me.

  Willow:  At least now you know.

  Xander:  Yeah, you're right. The deal's done. The polls are in, and it's
  time for my concession speech. (has an idea and brightens) Hey, I know
  what we'll do! We can go! Be my date! We'll, we'll have a great time!
  We'll dance, we'll go wild... Whadaya say?

  Willow:  No.

  Xander:  Good! What?

  Willow:  There's no way.

  Xander:  (exhales) Willow, come on!

  Willow:  You think I wanna go to the dance with you and watch you wish
  you were at the dance with her? You think that's my idea of hijinks? You
  should know better.

  Xander:  (exhales) I didn't think.

  Willow:  I'm sorry it didn't work out for you. I'll see you on Monday.

  Xander:  That's okay. I don't wanna go. I'm just gonna go home, lie down
  and listen to country music. The music of pain.

  He throws the ball again and lets it bounce wild.

  Cut outside the school at night. Cut to the girls' locker room. Buffy
  shuts her gym locker. Two girls walk by chatting. Buffy plays with a
  stake as she heads to the sinks and puts it down on one. She looks at
  herself in the mirror and absently turns on the water. After looking in
  the mirror another moment she looks down and sees that blood is pouring
  from the faucet.

  Cut to the library. Buffy comes in.

  Buffy:  (to herself) Giles, you are not gonna believe this.

  She stops when she hears Giles talking and looks into his office.

  Giles:  It's clear. It's what's gonna happen. Uh, it's happening now!

  Angel moves into the light to read the Codex, and Buffy sees him.

  Buffy:  Angel?

  She heads toward the office.

  Angel:  It can't be. You've gotta be wrong.

  Giles:  I've checked it against all my other volumes. It's very real.

  Buffy stops at the door.

  Angel:  Well, there's gotta be some way around it.

  Giles:  Listen. Some prophecies are, are a bit dodgy. They're, they're
  mutable. Buffy herself has, has thwarted them time and time again, but
  this is the Codex. There is nothing in it that does not come to pass.

  Angel:  Then you're reading it wrong.

  Giles:  I wish to God I were! But it's very plain! Tomorrow night Buffy
  will face the Master, and she will die.

  Buffy is stunned.

                      ~~~~~~~~~~ Part 2 ~~~~~~~~~~

  Giles' office.

  Angel:  Well, have you verified the text?

  Buffy begins to laugh. Angel and Giles see her and exchange a look. She
  slowly starts to walk away from the office door. Angel comes out of the
  office after her. She stops by the table and faces them. Giles stands in
  his office doorway.

  Buffy:  So that's it, huh? I remember the drill. One Slayer dies, next
  one's called! Wonder who she is. (to Giles) Will you train her? Or will
  they send someone else?

  Giles:  Buffy, I...

  Buffy:  They say how he's gonna kill me? Do you think it'll hurt?

  Tears are flowing freely from her eyes. Angel tries to hug her, but she
  puts up her hands and quickly steps away.

  Buffy:  Don't touch me! (to Giles) Were you even gonna tell me?

  Giles:  I was hoping that I wouldn't have to. That there was... some way
  around it. I...

  Buffy:  I've got a way around it. I quit!

  Angel:  It's not that simple.

  Buffy:  I'm making it that simple! I quit! I resign, I-I'm fired, you
  can find someone else to stop the Master from taking over!

  Giles:  I'm not sure that anyone else can. All the... the signs

  Buffy:  The signs? (throws a book at him) READ ME THE SIGNS! (throws

  Giles:  No, I don't suppose I am.

  Angel:  I know this is hard.

  Buffy:  What do you know about this? You're never gonna die!

  Angel:  You think I want anything to happen to you? Do you think I could
  stand it? We just gotta figure out a way...

  Buffy:  I already did. I quit, remember? Pay attention!

  Giles:  Buffy, if the Master rises...

  Buffy:  (yanks the cross from her neck) I don't care! (calms down) I
  don't care. Giles, I'm sixteen years old. I don't wanna die.

  Giles is at a loss. Buffy throws her cross down. Angel doesn't know what
  to say either. She walks out of the library without looking back.

  Cut to Willow's room. She's at her desk studying. She looks up at a
  picture of her and Xander and sighs. She picks up the phone and dials
  his number. Cut to Xander's room. "I Fall to Pieces", by Patsy Cline, is
  playing on the radio.

  Lyrics:  I fall to pieces

  The phone rings. Xander lifts it off the hook, lets it drop back on the
  hook and then takes it off the hook completely.

  Lyrics:  Each time I see you again

  Cut to Buffy's room. She's looking through a photo album. Jonatha
  Brooke's "Inconsolable" is playing on the radio. Her mother comes in.

  Lyrics:  I never knew what enough was

  Joyce:  Hi, honey. You alright?

  Lyrics:  Until I'd had more than my share

  Buffy:  Sure.

  Joyce:  Probably just full from that bite of dinner you nearly had.

  Lyrics:  I let the darkness in

  Joyce:  Feel like telling me what's on your mind?

  Lyrics:  And it was then I lost the dare

  Buffy:  (turns to her mom) Mom, let's go away! (smiles)

  Joyce:  What?

  Buffy:  Anywhere, just for a while, all weekend!

  Joyce:  Honey, I...

  Buffy:  No, it'll be great! You and me, a mother-daughter thing... We
  can talk about all the embarrassing things you love to bring up.

  Joyce:  You know the gallery's open on weekends.

  Buffy:  Mom, please!

  Joyce:  Isn't the Prom tomorrow night? Or Spring Fling, whatever they're
  calling it?

  Buffy:  I-I guess.

  Joyce:  Nobody asked you?

  Buffy:  Oh, someone...

  Joyce:  But not the right someone. See, sometimes I actually do know
  what you're thinking. (goes over to Buffy's closet) Well, then, uh, this
  probably isn't the best time for this, but, uh...

  She opens the closet to reveal a beautiful white sleeveless gown.

  Joyce:  I saw you eyeing it at the store. I figured...

  Buffy:  (gets up) Mom, we can't afford this.

  Joyce:  The way you've been eating, we can afford it.

  Buffy:  (comes over to look at it) It's beautiful.

  Joyce:  I think you should wear it. To the dance.

  Buffy:  No, I-I can't go to the dance.

  Joyce:  Says who? Is it written somewhere? You should do what you want.
  Homecoming, my freshman year of college. I didn't have a date, so I got
  dressed up and I went anyway.

  Buffy:  Was it awful?

  Joyce:  It was awful. For about an hour.

  Buffy:  Then what happened?

  Joyce:  (smiles) I met your father.

  Buffy:  He didn't have a date either?

  Joyce:  He did. And that's a much funnier story that you will *not* get
  to hear. Oh, but it was a beautiful night! (exhales)

  Buffy:  And you had your whole life ahead of you.

  Joyce:  Yeah.

  Buffy:  Must be nice.

  Cut to the school the next day. Cut inside to the halls. Cordelia and
  Willow are coming down the stairs.

  Cordelia:  Oh, Kevin said that he'd bring everything to the Bronze last
  night. He promised! We'll never get everything ready in time.

  Willow:  He probably forgot. It's not *that* big a deal.

  Cordelia:  Uh, you don't understand. I'm not mad! He totally flaked on
  me. On me! And I don't even care. God help me, I think it's cute! Oh...

  Willow smiles. They reach the Audio-Visual room. They see Kevin and his
  friends through the windows.

  Cordelia:  There they are! They're watching cartoons. That's so cu...
  That's not cute. That's annoying. I'm annoyed.

  Willow:  Right. I'm furious.

  Cordelia:  Men. I don't know why we put up with them.

  Willow:  I hear ya.

  Cut to a view of the door from inside the room. Kevin is sitting on the
  floor leaning against it. The room is trashed and the boys are all dead.

  Cordelia:  Obviously, Kevin has underestimated the power of my icy

  She opens the door, and Kevin's body falls out into the hall. He has a
  vampire bite on his neck.

  Cordelia:  (screams) Oh, my God! Kevin! (kneels by him) No!

  Willow looks up and slowly goes into the room. She sees the death and

  Cordelia:  Kevin!

  There's a bloody handprint on the TV screen.

  Cut to Buffy's room. She's wearing her new white prom gown, and is
  looking at herself in the mirror. Her mom comes rushing in.

  Joyce:  Buffy?! There's something on the news. Willow.

  Cut to a view of the sunset.

  Willow:  I've seen so much.

  Cut to her room. She's on the bed hugging her knees. She's been crying.

  Willow:  I thought I could take anything. But, Buffy, this... this was

  Buffy:  It'll be alright.

  Willow:  I'm trying to think how to say it... to explain it so you

  Buffy:  It doesn't matter as long as you're okay.

  Willow:  I'm not okay. I knew those guys. I go to that room every day.
  And when I walked in there, it... it wasn't our world anymore. They made
  it theirs. And they had fun. (a tear rolls down her cheek) What are we
  gonna do?

  Buffy:  What we have to. (gets up and exhales) Promise me you'll stay in
  tonight, okay?

  Willow nods. Buffy starts to go.

  Willow:  Buffy?

  Buffy stops and turns back.

  Willow:  (smiles through her tears) I like your dress.

  Buffy looks down at it and smiles weakly, then looks back up.

  Buffy:  Take care. (leaves)

  Willow looks down sadly and stays on her bed.

  Cut to the Master's lair. He tests his confines as Collin watches.

  Master:  Soon.

  He sends Collin on his way to get Buffy. Collin climbs up to the exit.

  Master:  Soon!

  Cut to the library. Giles is getting weapons out of the cage and
  prepares them.

  Ms. Calendar:  Okay, so this Master guy tried to open the Hellmouth. But
  he got stuck in it, and now all the signs are reading that he's gonna
  get out, which opens the Hellmouth, which brings the demons, which ends
  the world.

  Giles:  Yes. That about sums it up, yes.

  Ms. Calendar:  The part that gets me, though, is where Buffy is the
  Vampire Slayer. She's so little.

  Giles:  You know how to get in touch with this, uh, brother Luca chap?

  Ms. Calendar:  Hmm. As far as I can tell, no one can. He's disappeared.
  Did send out one last global though. A short one.

  Giles:  What did it say?

  Ms. Calendar:  Isaiah 11:6, which I dutifully looked up.

  Giles:  'The wolf shall live with the lamb, the leopard shall lie down
  with the kid, the calf, the lion and the fatling together, and the
  little child to lead them.'

  Ms. Calendar:  That's kinda warm and fuzzy for a message of doom.

  Giles:  Well, that depends where he's leading them to. Aurelius wrote of
  the Anointed One, 'The Slayer will not know him, and he will lead her
  into Hell.'

  Ms. Calendar:  So Luca thinks the Anointed is a kid.

  Giles:  If the vampire that Buffy killed was in fact not the Anointed,
  then it may well be.

  Ms. Calendar:  Well, then we need to warn her.

  Giles:  I don't intend involving her at all.

  Ms. Calendar:  What do you mean?

  Giles:  Buffy's not gonna face the Master. I am.

  Buffy:  No, you're not.

  Giles and Ms. Calendar look over and see her approaching.

  Buffy:  So, I'm looking for a kid, huh? And he'll lead me to the Master?

  Giles:  Buffy, I'm not gonna send you out there to die. Now, you were
  right. I-I've waded around in these old books for so long, I've
  forgotten what the real world is like. I-it's time I found out.

  Buffy:  You're still not going up against the Master.

  Giles:  I've made up my mind.

  Buffy:  So have I.

  Giles:  I made up my mine first! I'm older and wiser than you, and
  just... just do what you're told for once! Alright?

  Buffy:  That's not how it goes. I'm the Slayer.

  Giles:  I don't care what the books say. I defy prophecy, and I am
  going. There's nothing you can say will change my mind.

  Buffy:  I know.

  She pretends to turn to go, but then throws a hard punch to his face,
  knocking him out. He falls backward to the floor. Ms. Calendar scrambles
  to his aid. Buffy sees her cross on the table and puts it back on. Ms.
  Calendar lifts Giles' head in her hands and gets under it with her
  knees. She looks up at Buffy.

  Buffy:  When he wakes up tell him... I don't know. Think of something
  cool, tell him I said it.

  Ms. Calendar:  You fight the Master, and you'll die.

  Buffy:  Maybe. (picks up the crossbow) Maybe I'll take him with me.

  She leaves the library. Ms. Calendar turns her attention to Giles.

  Cut outside the school. Buffy walks a short distance, looking all
  around, when she comes upon Collin.

  Collin:  Help me...

  She lowers the crossbow and walks over to him.

  Buffy:  It's okay. I know who you are.

  Collin holds out his hand. She takes it, and he starts to lead her away
  to the Master.

                      ~~~~~~~~~~ Part 3 ~~~~~~~~~~

  The library. Willow and Xander are there, and have found out that Buffy
  has gone to fight the Master.

  Xander:  She what?

  Willow:  I told you there was something going on with her.

  Xander:  And she knew about this prophecy of yours? (Giles nods) Aw,
  man, what do we do?

  Giles:  We stay calm, first thing.

  Xander:  Calm?

  Willow:  I think he's right.

  Xander:  I'm sorry, calm may work for Locutus of the Borg here,
  (indicates Giles) but I'm freaked out, and I intend to stay that way.

  Willow:  Xander...

  Xander:  How could you let her go?

  Giles:  As the soon-to-be-purple area of my jaw will attest, I did *not*
  *let* her go!

  Willow:  Well, how can we help her?

  Ms. Calendar:  Uh, I'm sorry to bring this up, but we also have an
  apocalypse to worry about?

  Xander:  Do you mind?

  Willow:  How come she's in the club?

  Ms. Calendar:  Hey! Once the Master gets free, the Hellmouth opens, the
  demons come to party, and everybody dies.

  Xander:  Uh, uh, I don't care. I'm sorry, I don't. Right now I gotta
  help Buffy.

  Giles:  We don't even know where she's gone.

  Xander:  No. But I can find out.

  Cut to the tunnels. Collin guides Buffy in. She has the crossbow up and
  ready. He leads her down some stairs and into a round side tunnel.

  Cut to Angel's apartment. There's knocking at the door and Angel comes
  to answer, wondering who it could be.

  Angel:  Oh. Look who's here.

  Xander:  Mind if I come in? (comes in)

  Angel:  (closes the door) Make yourself at home.

  Xander:  She's gone.

  Angel:  Whadaya mean?

  Xander:  Buffy, she's gone to fight the Master.

  Angel:  He'll kill her.

  Xander:  Rumor has it. Only we're not gonna let it happen.

  Angel:  Well, what do you propose we do about it?

  Xander:  Look, I know you can find this Master guy. He's underground,
  right? Take me to him.

  Angel:  You're way outta your league, kid. The Master'll kill you before
  you can even breathe. If you're lucky.

  Xander:  How can I say this clearly?

  He holds up a cross. Angel growls. Xander advances toward him, and he
  backs off until he falls onto the couch.

  Xander:  I don't like you. At the end of the day, I pretty much think
  you're a vampire. (lowers the cross) But Buffy's got this big old yen
  for you. She thinks you're a real person. And right now I need you to
  prove her right.

  Angel:  You're in love with her.

  Xander:  Aren't you?

  Cut to the library. Giles comes out of the stacks with an armful of

  Giles:  The Master is as old as any vampire on record. There's no
  telling how powerful he'll be if he reaches the surface.

  Ms. Calendar:  Okay, here's my question: the Hellmouth opens.

  Giles:  Yes.

  Ms. Calendar:  Where? If he's underground, and it's right where he is,
  where's it gonna open?

  Giles:  Good point. Uh, well, look, you have a look through the Black
  Chronicles... (hands her one of the books)

  Ms. Calendar:  Okay.

  Giles:  Uh, Willow? Willow?

  Willow:  Huh?

  Giles:  (sits down at the table) Could you look through the local
  histories, please. Check for any common denominators, uh, locations of
  incidences and such.

  Willow:  Right, okay.

  Cut to the entrance of the Master's lair. Collin stops, and Buffy looks
  at him. He points down below, inviting her to enter, and leaves the way
  they came. Buffy watches him go. Then she turns and makes her way down
  to the floor below. She looks around. There are hundreds of candles
  burning everywhere.

  Master:  Welcome.

  The Master's voice seems to be coming from all directions.

  Buffy:  Thanks for having me.

  The Master steps into the light to look at her.

  Buffy:  Y'know, you really oughtta talk to your contractor. Looks like
  you got some water damage.

  Master:  Oh, good. The feeble banter portion of the fight. Why don't we
  just cut to the...

  Buffy spins around and launches a bolt in the direction of his voice.
  With his lightning reflexes the Master catches it in mid-flight right in
  front of him at chest level. Buffy quickly reloads the bow.

  Master:  Nice shot.

  Cut to the tunnels. Xander and Angel reach an intersection and stop.
  Angel looks in both directions, trying to remember the way. He remembers
  and walks past Xander.

  Angel:  (quietly) This way. (looks at Xander) What?

  Xander:  You were looking at my neck.

  Angel:  What?

  Xander:  You were checking out my neck! I saw that! (starts following)

  Angel:  No, I wasn't!

  Xander:  Just keep your distance, pal.

  Angel:  I wasn't looking at your neck!

  Xander:  I told you to eat before we left.

  Cut to the Master's lair.

  Master:  You're not going to kill me with that thing.

  Buffy:  Don't be so sure.

  Master:  You still don't understand your part in all this, do you? You
  are not the hunter. You are the lamb.

  Cut to the library. Giles and Ms. Calendar are at the table studying
  their volumes.

  Giles:  Well, let's think about this, then. The vampires have been
  gathering, they know he's coming, they will be his army.

  Ms. Calendar:  Do you think they'll gather at the Hellmouth?

  Willow:  Well, the last time the Master tried to rise was the Harvest.
  He sent a bunch of vampires to get him fresh blood.

  Ms. Calendar:  Well, where did that go down?

  Giles:  The Bronze.

  Willow:  The Prom!

  Giles:  We have to warn them.

  Ms. Calendar:  (stops Giles) No! We'll go. You have to concentrate on
  demon killing. My car's in the lot.

  Willow and Ms. Calendar start out of the library.

  Giles:  Stay close together, and for goodness' sake, be careful!

  Willow:  We will.

  Cut to the Master's lair. Buffy is slowly walking around, searching for
  the Master. She comes upon a dead and rotted body. She continues her

  Buffy:  You know, for someone who's all powerful, you sure do like to

  Master:  I'm waiting for you. I want this moment to last.

  Buffy:  Well, I don't.

  She searches for a few moments longer, then the Master suddenly comes to
  stand right behind her.

  Master:  I understand.

  She turns around and the Master knocks the crossbow out of her hands. He
  grabs her by the neck.

  Cut to the school parking lot. Ms. Calendar digs in her bag for her keys
  as she and Willow head for her car.

  Willow:  What if they get to the Bronze before we do? (looks behind

  Ms. Calendar:  (looks up and stops) Don't need to worry about that!

  Willow:  (catches up) Why not?

  Ms. Calendar:  'Cause they're not goin' to the Bronze.

  They look out onto the field and see a hoard of vampires approaching.
  They look across the parking lot and see more of them. They turn to go
  back and see even more of them blocking their way. They're surrounded.

  Cut to the Master's lair. He has his hand around Buffy's throat. She
  swings up with her arm, knocks his hand away and starts to run. He holds
  his hand out toward her and she freezes, caught by his hypnotic powers.
  She looks back at him and can't move. He approaches her, making slow
  twisting motions with his hand. He comes up behind her, gently takes off
  her leather jacket and lets it fall to the ground. Buffy is panting hard
  with fear.

  Master:  You tried. It was noble of you. You heard the prophecy that I
  was about to break free and you came to stop me. But prophecies are
  tricky creatures. They don't tell you everything. (whispers) You're the
  one that sets me free! (gloats) If you hadn't come, I couldn't go.
  (whispers) Think about that!

  Buffy is frozen with fear. The Master waits a moment longer and then
  bends down and bites her at the base of her neck. He drinks a few sips
  and lets her go.

  Master:  Oh, God! The power!

  Buffy falls to her knees.

  Master:  And by the way...

  She falls face down into the pool of water.

  Master:  I like your dress.

  He steps over to the edge of his confines and pushes against the field.
  He forces his hand through, and his confines break down in a burst of
  light and energy. He starts up and out of his lair.

  Cut to the tunnels. Angel and Xander see the light coming out of an
  adjoining tunnel.

  Xander:  What was that?

  Angel:  It's too late. He's gone up.

  They break into a run for the Master's lair. Angel gets there first,
  looks around and spots Buffy. He scrambles down to the floor and rushes
  to her as Xander reaches the lair's entrance. Xander stops and stares at
  Buffy in the pool. Angel reaches her and quickly pulls her out of the
  water. He holds her and tries to listen for breathing. Nothing. He looks
  up at Xander.

  Angel:  She's dead!

  Xander looks down at them and swallows hard.

                      ~~~~~~~~~~ Part 4 ~~~~~~~~~~

  The Master's lair. Xander comes down to Angel and Buffy.

  Xander:  No. She's not dead.

  Angel:  She's not breathing.

  Xander:  But if she drowned, uh, there's a shot! CPR!

  Angel:  You have to do it. I have no breath.

  Xander takes off his jacket and lays it over her. He kneels down by her
  face and looks at her a moment, then puts his mouth on hers and blows
  into her lungs. He lets go and begins to pump her chest.

  Xander:  C'mon. C'mon!

  Cut to the school parking lot. The vampires are advancing on Willow and
  Ms. Calendar.

  Ms. Calendar:  Why are they coming here?

  Willow:  Not caring!

  They hear a car screech to a stop behind them.

  Cordelia:  Get in!

  Cut to the Master's lair. Xander breathes into her lungs again and
  continues to pump her chest.

  Xander:  C'mon! Breathe! Breathe!

  Angel looks down in sorrow, then looks back up. Xander keeps pumping.

  Xander:  C'mon!

  After another moment Xander stops pumping. Angel believes her lost. A
  second later Buffy opens her eyes wide and draws a breath. She lies
  still for a moment as she looks around with her eyes.

  Xander:  Buffy!

  She turns her head to the side and coughs out a bunch of water. Xander
  and Angel look at each other and smile. Xander puts his hand on Buffy's
  forehead and strokes it gently. She looks up at him, surprised to see

  Xander:  Buffy.

  Buffy:  Xander?

  Xander:  Welcome back.

  Cut to the school parking lot. Ms. Calendar and Willow run into the car.

  Cordelia:  I was sitting where Kevin and I used to park, and all of a
  sudden these things are coming at me!

  They all scream as a vampire jumps on top of the car.

  Ms. Calendar:  What do we do now?

  Willow:  We've gotta get to the library!

  Cordelia:  Library! Great!

  She burns rubber and makes a fast U-turn, throwing the vampire off of
  the roof of her car, and heads toward the school building. The car's
  engine races as Cordelia guns it toward the doors.

  Willow:  Of course, we generally walk there.

  They crash through the doors and into the hall. Cut to the library.
  Giles hears the noise.

  Giles:  What the...

  Cut to the halls. The car comes crashing through another set of doors
  and skids to a stop in front of the library. Cut inside. Giles gets up
  from the table. Cut to the hall. Vampires are running into the hall as
  the girls get out of the car, screaming as they run into the library.
  They push the doors closed just as the vampires get there. Cut inside.
  They lean against the door.

  Giles:  What's happening?

  Ms. Calendar:  Guess!

  A vampire punches through the small round window in one of the doors and
  grabs at them. Giles grabs a bookcase and carries it over to the door.
  Willow grabs a sign and starts hitting the vampire's arm with it. Giles
  gets the bookcase in place. He grabs the copier and pulls it over, too.

  Giles:  Why are they coming here?!

  Cut to a shot of them from the back of the library. A green tentacle is
  worming its way up through the cracks in the floor.

  Cut to the roof of the library. The Master opens the roof access door
  and walks out. He looks at the view around him of the town at night and
  smiles. He exhales, walks to the edge of the roof and holds his arms out
  as he surveys the scene.

  Master:  My world! Oh, my beautiful world!

  Cut to the Master's lair. Xander and Angel help Buffy up.

  Xander:  Easy. Easy.

  Buffy:  (standing now) The Master?

  Angel:  He's gone up.

  Buffy starts to go.

  Xander:  No. You're still weak.

  Buffy:  (stops) No. No, I feel strong. I feel different. (looks back at
  them) Let's go!

  Cut to the library. They pile more things in front of the door. Giles
  looks at the back of the library and sees vampires trying to get in.

  Giles:  (points) They're coming in through the stacks!

  Ms. Calendar:  (to Willow) C'mon!

  She and Willow run to the back of the library.

  Ms. Calendar:  The bookshelves!

  They lift a bookcase against the French doors that lead to the stacks
  and lean against it.

  Giles:  My office...

  He goes to secure his office, leaving Cordelia alone at the main doors.
  The tentacle inches toward Willow's leg. Another vampire punches through
  the other library door window and grabs Cordelia's arm. She screams.

  Cordelia:  Somebody help!

  Cut outside. Buffy marches determinedly toward the school with Xander
  and Angel close behind.

  Xander:  So, how do you know where the Master's going?

  Buffy:  I know.

  A vampire tries to block their way into the school.

  Buffy:  Oh, look, a bad guy.

  She punches him on her way by, and he falls flat on his back.

  Cut inside to the stairs leading to the roof. Buffy comes around the
  corner in the hall.

  Buffy:  Okay, you two wait here, keep the rest of the vampires off me.

  Xander:  Right.

  Buffy:  Angel, better put on your game face.

  Angel:  (vamped out) I'm ready.

  Buffy:  One way or another, this won't take long.

  She looks at them both once more and then heads up to the roof.

  Cut to the library. Cordelia hits the vampire's hand and then bites it.
  The vampire screams and lets go.

  Cordelia:  See how *you* like it!

  Cut to the back.

  Willow:  This won't keep 'em out for long!

  She looks down and sees the tentacle wrap itself around her ankle and
  screams loudly. Ms. Calendar grabs hold of her.

  Ms. Calendar:  GILES! GILES!

  Giles comes running out of his office in time to see a huge, green,
  multi-headed and tentacled demon burst through the floor.

  Giles:  The Hellmouth!

  Cordelia can't believe what she's seeing. The creature has three heads
  and reaches all the way to the ceiling.

  Cut to the roof. The Master looks in through the skylight and claps his
  hands idly.

  Master:  Yes. Come forth, my child. Come into my world.

  Buffy:  I don't think it's yours just yet.

  The Master turns his head and stares at her in surprise.

  Master:  You're dead!

  Buffy:  I may be dead, but I'm still pretty. Which is more than I can
  say for you.

  Master:  You were destined to die! It was written!

  Buffy:  What can I say? I flunked the written.

  The Master growls and reaches his arm out to try his hypnosis on her

  Master:  Come here!

  Cut inside the library. Willow screams as the Hellmouth creature tries
  to drag her away from Ms. Calendar.

  Ms. Calendar:  GIIILES!

  Giles grabs an ax from the table and rushes up the stairs to their aid.

  Ms. Calendar:  GILES!

  He swings it into one of the heads, and the creature roars in agony as
  the women continue to scream.

  Cut to the roof. Buffy slowly approaches the Master, apparently
  hypnotized. He grabs her by the throat again.

  Master:  Did you really think you could best me here when you couldn't
  below? (lets go of her neck)

  Buffy:  (looks at him curiously) You have fruit punch mouth.

  Master:  What?

  She swings a wide hard punch to his mouth, and he falls down.

  Buffy:  Save the hypnosis crap for the tourists.

  As he gets up she does a swinging roundhouse kick that connects squarely
  with his face. He swipes at her and she jerks back, but he manages to
  slice her with his fingernails across her upper right chest, drawing
  blood. She punches him in the kidney. He punches her in the jaw. She
  tries to punch him again, but he blocks her and punches her in the face,
  sending her flying backward into the wall behind her.

  Cut inside. Giles swings again with the ax and hits the creature. He
  tries again, but this time it knocks him off of the mezzanine and onto
  the large table below. It breaks when Giles hits it, and one side falls
  over onto its end, leaving a huge spike pointing upward.

  Cut to the bottom of the stairs. Two vampires attack Angel and Xander.
  Angel starts to fight the one while the other jumps on Xander's back. He
  holds his cross up to her and she jumps off. Angel stakes the one he's
  fighting and Xander punches out the other.

  Cut to the library. One of the creature's heads hovers above Giles.
  Another one faces Willow and laughs.

  Cut to the roof. The Master is ready to continue fighting. Buffy
  launches herself into a front tuck over his head and lands between him
  and the skylight. She kicks him in the side with a side snap kick, but
  he quickly turns around and grabs her by the neck again.

  Master:  Where are your jibes now?

  She looks behind her and sees the upended table through the skylight.

  Master:  You laugh when my Hell is on Earth?

  Buffy:  You're that amped about Hell... (grabs him by the neck) Go

  She lifts him up and flips him over herself and through the skylight. He
  falls down and is impaled on the table. He slowly turns to ash until
  only his skeleton is left. Buffy watches from above. Giles gets up. The
  Hellmouth creature quickly disappears back into the floor. The vampires
  are all gone.

  Cut to the main library doors. Cordelia pushes the last of the junk away
  from them and pulls the door open for Buffy, Angel and Xander. They all
  walk over to the Master.

  Giles:  The vampires?

  Cordelia:  Gone.

  Angel:  The Master?

  Giles:  Dead. The Hellmouth is closed. Buffy... Buffy?

  Buffy:  Oh, sorry. It's just been a really weird day. (smiles)

  Xander:  Yeah! Buffy died, and everything!

  Willow:  Wow! Harsh.

  Giles:  I should have known that wouldn't stop you.

  Buffy smiles up at him again.

  Ms. Calendar:  Well, what do we do now?

  Giles:  I don't know about the rest of you, but I'd like to get out of
  this place. I don't like the library very much anymore.

  Xander:  Hey! I hear there's a dance at the Bronze tonight. Could be

  Cordelia:  Yeah!

  Willow:  Buffy?

  Buffy:  Sure! We saved the world. I say we party! (looks down at her
  dress) I mean, I got all pretty.

  Ms. Calendar:  And what about him? (indicates the Master)

  Buffy:  (looks at the Master) He's not going anywhere. Loser.

  They all start to go and chatter. Buffy trails the group.

  Giles:  (to Ms. Calendar) I'm not dancing, though.

  Ms. Calendar:  We'll see.

  Willow:  (to Angel) You can come with us, Angel.

  Buffy:  I'm hungry.

  Xander:  So what's the story with the car?

  Cordelia:  Oh, that was me, saving the day!

  Willow:  (to Angel) Get something to drink.

  Buffy:  Is anybody else hungry?

  Willow:  (to Angel) Well, no, don't do that. Just hang.

  Buffy:  I'm really, really hungry.

  Angel hangs back with Buffy.

  Angel:  By the way, I really like your dress.

  Buffy:  Yeah, yeah. Big hit with everyone.

  The camera pans back and up for a shot of the Master's skeleton from