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Angelus Blade's Fan Fiction
I will hopefully be writing some of my own Fan Fiction to go on this page, like Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder who write the Buffy books, but I would appreciate it if anyone else wants to make a contribution!! Send all your comments, ideas and suggestions to
p.s. Fan Fiction works best in a kind of alternate Buffy universe, so it would be helpful to me if you gave a brief background to each fiction. Thankyou.
e.g. this takes place before Angel loses his soul, so sometime in between Bad Eggs and Surprise.
Gremlin in the Works
a Buffy the Vampire Slayer Script, by Angelus Blade

(Scene: The Bronze)
'Dingoes Ate My Baby' are playing. Willow and Xander are dancing, but Buffy is sitting quietly, studying and drinking a cup of coffee. She seems depressed, and Xander notices. He dances over to her.

OK, now this is all I have so far. I plan to have the gremlin active in the speakers in the Bronze for the teaser, then I'm stuck. What I want the basic storyline to be, is that there is a 'gremlin in the works' in Sunnydale, who can influence electrical devices. There is a major flaw however, in that I don't know how he got in, and how Buffy deals with him, I just thought the idea was cool. Y'know, people's electrical appliances start attacking them etc. And for a funny, Cordy's hairdrier could get influence, and she could end up with an afro or something. Please E-Mail me for help.