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Claudio TURELLA 's Homepage

Welcome to Claudio TURELLA Ďs Homepage: created 16/10/98
Sorry, This site is under construction.

This site is in continue evolution (last update 01/08/2019)

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Family name: TURELLA; First name: Claudio; Date of birth: 29/07/1965; Nationality: Italian.
In this site you can find informations about me and my businesses.
Iím very glad to talk about my ideas and lifestyle on this page.
Iím an engineer who likes his profession. I had the opportunity to obtain a good technical preparation from ďLa SapienzaĒ University of Rome where I studied engineering. I think that knowledge is the key to opportunity in life.
In my country many problems could be solved if the laws were applied correctly without exception. It is my aim to reduce political influence in technical and scientific fields. The Environment and Energy sectors it is very important to have the know-how to take the right decisions and really improve the quality of life and not to achieve personal gain. That is why I agree with the purposes of the Electrical Commission of the Professional Engineersí Order of Rome.
Since 1978 Iíve been a member of the European Scouting Federation (FSE). This isnít just one of my hobbies, but a further opportunity to improve my cooperation with other colleagues, working together to manage our future in an international environment and a voluntary service to young people.
After work, Iím involved in electrical vehicles and the production of electrical utility software.
I like swimming, sailing and flying. At least, with some friends Iíve started to build an ultralight aeroplane from the design plans.

You can read my:

Italian CV
English CV
French/Francaise CV

Important !!! Importante !!!

Download Italian Freeware for the assessment of the protection of structures against lightning.
Scarica qui un programma di calcolo gratuito per la valutazione sulla necessitŗ di proteggere le strutture contro i fulmini.
Lampo10(Winzip7.0 file)

You can read my technical publications (sorry, only in Italian):

  • A friend sells an airplane / Un amico vende un aereo ultraleggero

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