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Splinter Software : Agitate

Agean Information

Overview : Agean is a 1 player sea battle game of luck and skill that can be very addictive. You strategically place your ships on a board, as does the computer opponent. Your objective is to sink all of the computers ships before it sinks yours.

System requirements: Macintosh, System 7 or 8, 2 MB of RAM, Color monitor

Screen Shot

Agean Screen Shot

Download it : Macintosh | Back | Alternate Download Sites

Shareware Notice :This is a fully functional version of the program. No features have been disabled, it won't stop playing in 10 days and it won't just let you play once a day. You will however have a little "please register me" screen pop up on you from time to time. The purpose of this is to remind you that this program is not free, not to annoy you. If you feel the notice comes up too often and this genuinely bothers you, please let us know and we'll send you a different version of the program where the shareware notice comes up less frequently.

Legal Notice This program is shareware, if used for more than 15 days please register the product. Unless explicitly stated in writing, Agean may not be distributed for profit in any form, including but not limited to, electronic information service distribution, bulletin board distribution, and magnetic or optical medium distribution. Non profit distribution of the software is acceptable without prior written notice, provided that the software is not modified in any way and that the complete works of the software are included in the distribution package. Agean is distributed without any warranty neither expressed nor implied.

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