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Segs Adopt a Pokemon Site. Adopt All You want! They Need good Homes
Segs Adopt a Pokemon Site

Adopt a Pokemon ToDay!

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Segs Top Pokemon Sites.
Pokemon HomePage.

Segs Adopt a Pokemon Site iz to Help the LiL guys 'The Pokemon' U need a web page to adopt a pokemon so don't get mad if u are confused
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Adopt One:
If u want a Specific Pokemon
E-mail Me

Adopt a Pikachu!
Adopt a Squirtle!
Adopt a Charmander!

Adopt a Chansey!
Adopt a Caterpie!
Adopt a Golem!
Adopt a PsyDuck!
Adopt a Cubone!
Adopt a Rhydon!
Adopt a Gyarados!
Adopt a Ponyta!
Adopt a ButterFree!
Adopt a GeoDude!
Adopt a Mewtwo!

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Segs Adopt A Pokemon