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~ Billy the Ass~....

We wanted this page to reflect him...but we aren't allowed posting a load of crap on the net. He's a an imbecilic jerk who often suffers from yeast infections due to his intense training to become a pimp.

He has been a victim of a few @ missions. Background... He and @' friend Sparky met. They hit it off pretty well.....Anyway, after awhile at a dance Billy asked her out. Sparky -yes, so they went to the movies...indeed they hit it off! The next weekend at another dance Billy was sucking a lil more than just face with some uh-hum... girl. (later he was dumped on his sorry ass). Did I mention this was all right in front of Sparky and her friends? LOSER!!!!! Just to add something else.....that guy really needs to "grow up", literally! He measures "himself" over the phone and well his gel must have clumped on his two-foot-long visor which made him see a 1, infront of the 0.5 ! Good luck, StUmPy! Don't mess with @ or our friends!

~Kramer/ chia pet/ marshmellow boy~

-all the same guy is @gent Rubin's best friend's older step-brother. The only way to describe him is....FrEaKy! He's really tall and skinny - due to his worms! He's in denile about that, but we know the truth...

We must add that he has always been a good sport...(and has yet to retaliate...) Even though he's deserved all of the missions we've done to him.


Chia pet's friend , been set up with @gent Reubin


Our friend, used as victim in a mission though up by @gent Laura


Our friend. Used in same mission as Sparky.

~Jaws of Elle~

Used in Oragel mission, @gent Chip's oldest sister.