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~AcTiOn PaGe~

Hey! Welcome to our AcTiOn PaGe. We have modified it a bit since last time. Hope you like it...

We also have the "story of 1 000 words", what it is, is a story that continues. We want YOU to send us in around two lines or so joining onto the story. Then as we get the different tid-bits we'll post them up. Send your phrases to us at our e-mail address ( We will post the story bits as soon as we can because we constantly update our page! Just click on the link and your set!

We at §@§§ enjoy making up CrAzY PoEmS!!! The crazier the better! You can view some poems which have been submitted, or even better... You can submit! Each month we will post the winner(s) and of course they will be rewarded for thier creativity. So go WiLd and HaVe FuN!

OH, AND BY THE WAY, THIS MONTH'S WINNER IS THE Alex Morgan, Burlington Vt. (delivery is up to 2 weeks for prize)


I am hungry

here me roar

I am not a horse

I am a mouse…with teeth

good bye to the cheese which molds itself

to Teacher's shoes

-Alex Morgan

StOrY oF 1 000 WoRdS...