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"Mission Chia+Chip- set up attempt" VICTIMS: Chip, Chia pet By:Mat

This wasn't quite a 作壯 mission, this set up attempt was what got the idea of 作壯 thought up. This "mission" was thought up by Cupid's very own evil twin, Mat. Who at the time was not a 作壯 @gent. Actually until she became one , she made fun of 作壯. Mat wrote a note to Kramer trying to set him and Chip up at a dance. She told everyone to lie to Chip about it, but when Chip found out about it and confrontedMat, who continued to lie (at the same time chewed everyone out suspected of telling me...I mean Chip). On a better note @gent Reubin met Maltase and told him he was gay!!! Now they're friends...This "mission" was not planned out well and resulted in many large disputes between @gent Chip and Mat--who continues to BUTT IN!!! SO KNOCK IT OFF ALREADY!!!!!

"Sticker Mission" VICTIMS: Kramer By: @gent Chip, @gent @gent Rubin

Even though Marshmellow boy is such a sweet guy when dealing with siblings he may turn sour... It was his 12 year old's brother's b-day and as is custom at his school the birthday boy gets picked on. So Kramer told everyone it was "Smelly boy's" birthday. How mean can you get?

Did I mention Marshmellow boy has a poofy, white columbia winter jacket? (where do you think " Marshmellow boy" came from?) This played a nice part in the mission! Throughout the whole train ride Chip stuck these girly pink, heart sticker earrings all over the back of his jacket!!! He only noticed when some kid asked him why he had a heart on his arm, before he got off the train!

"Mission SEX on the platform" By: @gent Rubin, @gent Chip

Since @gent Chip and @gent Rubin are a part of the train gang (they take the train home from school in the afternoon) they have a lot of fun times at the train station...This sounds bad if you look at the title...anyways on with the mission...It had just snowed, so the platform was covered with white, sticky snow. Perfect for writing things in.... So, knowing that the train was would be full of people we decided to give them a little something to look at... In the snow, with our feet we wrote "S E X"!!! Sounds pretty funny, eh? Well, there were two sets of footprints, leading to the two @gents who were trying to look inconspicuous!! So in an attempt to cover up our tracks we ran around in circles to hide them...

"Mission R&M- set up"VICTIMS:Rubin, Maltase By: @gent Mat, @gent Chip

Scream 2 had just come out...what better movie to have a set up take place. Perhaps this mission would have turned out better if....everything went different!!!

First of all, I must congratulate Kramer because unlike Rubin who took the wrong bus and ended up in TIMBERLEA, he and Maltase actually made it to the mall which was our meeting place! Also, Mat left late for the bus and had to sprint down her street, while Chip was in the bus laughing hysterically!!! They got to the movies five minutes before it was supposed to start-Rubin had made it there, finally! Only to find out that Chip is a retard and read the time--for the other theater, in a different town!!!

"MISSION PADS" VICTIMS: Sparky, Soph By:@gent Laura, @gent Rubin, @gent Diablo

Sparky and Soph were making (friendly) fun of @gent Laura, so as a 作壯 mission @gent Laura got a bunch of pads and stuck them inside and all over thier desks, during a break between classes!!! After they were done- to put a spin on things Chip put one in Mat's (who was absent) binder- inside. When Mat took the binder out of her desk the teacher being at the front of the class saw through the binder (she didn't say anything!!!) When Mat opened it about 15 minutes later she had a big surprise!!!