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Hey... Welcome to the§@§§ homepage! In case you don't already know what SASS stands for, I shall enlighten you: Secret Association of Student S pies. It is a growing organization, formed in 1997, by the Deviously Anti-Social @gent Rubin the Bitter @gent ©hipits.

§@§§ is comprised of…well if I told you I would have to kill you… §@§§ @gents carry out MISSIONS. Missions are what we like to call the "projects" which we venture upon, for many different reasons- such sheer kindness (hehe) and of course revenge. PLEASE NOTE: none of the reasons are "sheer evilness" or for our "sick pleasure", the reason being that those are not our (main) motives. Usually. There is a line......and we'll let you know if we've crossed it! Okay, so you know how @gent Rubin and @gent ©hipits became §@§§ @gents …we basically made ourselves…ahem.. I mean "And thy God "Spunky Joe" parted the earth and declared that thou shalt be a SASS agent…"

As for how the rest of the agents came to be… after filling out an "application" and supplying us with sufficient incriminating information, (which to say the least quite entertaining!) that can be be used against them should they betray SASS, and summary of the applicants first independent mission. The reason for this is so that we may access the creativity and ingenuity of the individual in question.

WANNA GET INVOLVED? There are tons of ways: you can send us your feedback via email, you can submit to our AcTiOn PaGe - which has tons of wicked stuff to check out like our contests, the "story of 1 000 words" etc. So go WiLd....cRaZy... HaVe FuN!

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