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Past Times Chimes - Leaded Glass Windchimes

There's nothing quite like the tinkling sound of a glass windchime. The sound is so pure and clean. Our chimes are made from specially selected antique cups and saucers. We cut the glass by hand and assemble each one with loving care. The glass chimes that hang beneath are color co-ordinated with the cup or saucer for exceptional beauty and tone. We utilize a variety of vintage cups and saucers in clear, rose pink, light green and amber,depending upon what we have in stock. Special orders are available for a $10.00 fee per windchime. Although made of glass, they are very sturdy. The approximate length of the chimes is 25 inches. Past Times Chimes make a charming addition to your porch, patio or breezeway (and the perfect gift). Please click on the WAV player under the Testimonials link (after it loads) to hear our chimes.
Our chimes sell for $35.00 ea. plus $6.00 shipping, handling, insurance and confirmation of delivery (for one chime). Chime orders of more than one will be quoted on an individual basis. We mail your order using Priority Mail services which usually takes up to three days.



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The Red Chime

Listen to our Chimes!
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