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night vision accessories, Night Vision Infrared Lenses And Devices

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~ If You Own/Utilize Night Vision ~
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~ Ask The U.S. Border Patrol ! ~
~ They Only Utilize - E.P.I ! ~

~ EPI Offers A Widest Array Of Superior Infrared Lens Systems ~
Catering To - All Abilities To Greatly Enhance Night Vision To Include Being Made Matched/Adaptable To: Near All Popular/Manufactured Bright Light Source Systems Utilized By Naval/Military, Law Enforcement And, Those Within The Commercial And Private Sector Marketplaces.

Due To The Very Limited mW Usage Ability Of All Infrared Illuminators, As Restricted By The U.S./F.D.A. - E.P.I. Is The Only Source For Infrared Lenses Made Adapable To Near All (Flashlight/Flood/Spot) Bright Light Systems. Other Than, To 4x/Plus More Expensive Glass Infrared Lenses; And Glass IR/Lenses Break, Scratch ...

~ Video/Cam User's ! Forget Your Very Limited Infrared Illuminators And, Especially Try Utilizing B/W (Video/Tape) Film, In Order To Light-Up Thus Record ... At Night As, Twelve Noon During The Day !

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First Defense Systems Is The Global Manager For EPI !

IR/Lenses With Rubber Lens Cap Adapters For The Following Most Popular Bright Light Systems; 770nm To 780nm With, To 1,600nm Viewing Assistence. Secure A 4x/Plus Viewing Ability With Night Vision. Compare To $75.00/Plus For Glass IR/Lenses !
For Different Models - Just Measure Your Flashlights Lens/Diameter.

$22.89 - 1" IR/Lens For - Streamlight Jr./Mini-Mag/Mini-Legend
$23.95 - 1 1/8" IR/Lens For - Laser Surefire/Streamlight Mini
$24.80 - 1 1/4" IR/Lens For - Laser Mounted Weapons Light
$25.63 - 1 1/2" IR/Lens For - Streamlight Stinger; All Models
$26.15 - 1 3/4" IR/Lens For - Legend C/Cell
$26.39 - 1 7/8" IR/Lens For - Pelican Super Sabre

The Following IR/Lenses Operate Without Rubber Lens Cap Adapters; By Just Fitting Inside Your Flashlight System. For Different Models - Just Measure Your Flashlights Lens/Diameter.

$25.50 - 2" IR/Lens For - Mag Light C/Cell, D/Cell, Legend D/Cell, Mil.-D/Cell.
$26.50 - 2 5/32" IR/Lens For - Streamlight D/Cell

IR/Lenses For Spot/Flood Light's; Can Sustain Heat From/To A 500,000 CP/System; Per Literally Lighting-Up An Entire Football Field At Night ! Measure The Diameter Of Your Spot/Flood Light's Lens; Can Be Minus 1" To Still Fit Well. Compare To $150.00 To $500.00/Plus Glass IR/Lenses !

$68.00 - 3" IR/Lens With Rubber Adapter
$71.75 - 4" IR/Lens With Rubber Adapter
$75.00 - 5" IR/Lens With Rubber Adapter
$87.00 - 6" IR/Lens With Rubber Adapter

IMPORTANT: Utilizing The Highest Level (128/Encryption) Technology For Your Assured Credit Card Usage Safety. You May Confront, Depending Upon Your Computer's Operating System, Ram And Or, Lower Level Browser - An Inability To Have Processed Your Order. Suggestion Against, Use A Higher Level Browser Or - Just Send A Check For The Exact Amount, Systems/Products Ordered With Where To Ship And, Optional E/Mail Address And Your Order Will Be Immediately Shipped To You. For First Defense Systems Address -Click Here !

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