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Tonya Harris and Ghost
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Back Online Again!

Sorry about the lack of updates, we have had some internal upsets here.
We would like to thank all those who entered the interactive story contest.

BonesMcCoy was the winner of the contest. Bones, if you read this, please email us so we can get you your game!
New Release

The Red Shift Alien Race Sourcebook,
118 pages of information on the races
of the Red Shift Universe. Includes new
professions,sub-races, psionics, and
equipment. It also has a few new
optional rules to spice up the basic
game, like grenade scatter and slicing
with lasers!

ISBN 1-929928-02-5 $20.00 US

Coming Soon:

The Red Shift Starship Guide,
256 pages filled with details about the
starships of, the Earth Federation and the
major alien races. Includes deckplans and cross-section views of major ships!

ISBN 1-929928-03-3 $30.00 US

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