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FIANZ is a federation of seven regional Muslim Associations of New Zealand. It is registered as an Incorporated Society with the Government of New Zealand.



The first Muslim Association in New Zealand was formed in Auckland in the 1950's, and subsequent associations were established in Wellington (1962), Christchurch ( ), Palmerston North ( ) and Hamilton ( ). The most recent Muslim Association was established in Dunedin.

Prior to 1979, their local Regional Associations catered the needs of the Muslim communities. However, as the community grew it became apparent that a national body was required to co-ordinate the activities of the regional Associations, so as to avoid duplication and wastage of effort and resources. Thus, in September 1979, the Federation was established, to represent the interest of all Muslim Associations at the national and international levels.



The seven regional Associations that are the members of FIANZ:

  1. New Zealand Muslim Association Inc., (NZMA), Auckland
  2. South Auckland Muslim Association Inc., (SAMA), Auckland
  3. Waikato Bay of Plenty Muslim Association Inc., (WBPMA), Hamilton
  4. Manawatu Muslim Association Inc., (MMA), Palmerston North
  5. International Muslim Association of New Zealand Inc., (IMAN), Wellington
  6. Muslim Association of Canterbury Inc., (MAC), Christchurch
  7. Otago Muslim Association Inc., (OMA), Dunedin


  • The Council meets at regular intervals, at least four times each year, to discuss ongoing concerns and plan strategies for the future.

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