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Home-Based Business Revolution

A home-based business revolution is sweeping the nation! People from all walks of life and all types of professions are starting their own home-based businesses… people just like you! They have declared their independence from low wages, company downsizing and unreasonable management. Working from home, they are earning additional income and spending more time with their families. They have taken real control of their lives. They are enjoying financial independence and living their dreams!

E-Commerce and the Internet are exploding. But how can you tap in? If you were to do it yourself you would have to create an attractive and functional website and pay for hosting and maintenace of the site. Of course, you would have to have products and services to sell, which means you would have to maintain inventory. You would have to be able to process credit cards and handle shipping and fulfillment. And don't forget about providing customer service!

But now there is a better way! Introducing Optimal City. Now You Can Make Money From Your Own E-Commerce Portal! Your Optimal City comes with:

  • Robust features and rich content
  • Income-generating & money-saving marketplace
  • Revolutionary Optimal Stores

    We host & maintain your site, provide stores, products, processing, administration, customer service, and an administrative back office for you!

  • We are introducing the Optimal City throughout the US and the world ABSOLUTELY FREE!

    Robust features & rich content

    Valuable features and content include a powerful search engine, financial information such as stock quotes, entertainment, horoscopes, weather, world and national news, games, electronic postcards & more! Plus you can customize your Optimal City by selecting the color and name of your city.

    Income-generating & money-saving marketplace

    Shop and save at the best retail sites on the Internet... Make money from every purchase you or some one else makes from your city! Why shop anywhere else?

    Revolutionary Optimal Stores

    Set up your own stores on the Internet through your city. People can shop at your stores or your market place, either way, you get paid! You choose the products & open as many stores as you want. Categories include Music, Nutrition, Hobbies, Gifts, Electronics, Office Supplies, Health & Beauty, Sporting Goods, Superstore, Books, Videos, Toys, and more to come!

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