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841 Pepper Avenue
Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
Phone: 715-421-1234
Fax: 715-942-9965

Real Estate/Land Title Insurance



    Weiland Legal Services provides legal services to both Buyers and sellers of real esdtate in the central Wisconsin area. Attorney Weiland provides closing services to Buyers of property and develops the necessary documents for Sellers of property.

    In October, 1997 Weiland Legal Services through Attorney William G. Weiland became a title insurance agency for Attorneys' Title Guaranty Fund, Inc. (ATG).  ATG is a bar related title insurance company. The term bar related means that the title insurance company is owned and operated by and through lawyer-members who issue land title insurance as part of their law practice.  ATG's goal is to preserve and facilitate the role of attorneys in real estate transactions.  The three basic principles of ATG are as follows:

                Real estate clients benefit from the involvement of
                a qualified attorney in a real estate transaction

                Real estate clients benefit from the title opinion of a
                member attorney which is supported by the financial
                resources of a major title insurance underwriter

                Real estate clients benefit from the additional service
                of title insurance provided by a member lawyer

    Because of its unique structure, where the agents own the company, ATG has a special competitive advantage which is passed on as savings to real estate clients.

    As a result of its association with ATG, Weiland Legal Services is able to offer both legal services and land title insurance at competitive rates for your real estate transactions.  For real estate legal services and land title insurance in the central Wisconsin area contact  Weiland Legal Services.  For answers to general questions about land title insurance, visit the website of  ATG.