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Weiland Legal Services through Attorney William G. Weiland provides legal services to client who have a need to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in the Western District of Wisconsin for the following counties (Wood County, Portage County, Marathon County, Adams County and Clark County) or the Eastern District of Wisconsin for the following counties (Waupaca County and Waushara County).

Attorney Weiland provides a free initial consultation to those who might be considering bankruptcy. Typically the process is as follows. At the initial meeting clients' questions are answered, clients are provided a questionaire to assist in determining their bankruptcy options, clients are given information regarding the bankruptcy process, clients are provide information regarding the required credit counseling, and clients are shown the various bankruptcy options. 

If a client decides to pursue a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, a second meeting is set up for the bankruptcy client to return the Certificate of Completion of the credit counseling the questionaire with the information necessary for Attorney Weiland to develop the bankruptcy petition and schedules.  Attorney Weiland will personally develop the necessary paperwork for filing a client's bankruptcy petition and meet again with the client to review and explain the petition and schedules and for the client to sign the petition and schedules.

After the petition and schedules are signed, Attorney Weiland files the documents with the Bankruptcy Court. In the Western District of Wisconsin the filing of the petition, schedules and filing fee is done electronically over the internet. This allows Attorney Weiland to immediately provide the client with information regarding the case number, appointed trustee and the date and time of the creditors meeting.

After the petition and schedules are filed, a creditors meting is held within 30-45 days. This meeting is an opportunity for creditors to ask questions regarding the clients assets, liabilities, income and expenses. Typically very few, if any, creditors show up to ask questions. Typically only the bankruptcy trustee is at the meeting and as a representative of the interests of the creditors he/she asks a series of questions. Attorney Weiland will personally accompany clients to the creditors meeting. It is common that the only proceeding that a client must attend is the Creditors Meeting. Creditors have 60 days from the date of the creditors meeting to object. While there is NO guarantee that a creditor will not object, the vast majority of cases handled by Attorney Weiland do not result in objections from creditors.

Assuming that there are no objections a client should receive a Notice of Discharge within 2 weeks of the final date for creditor objections.  Assuming everything goes normally, the process is typically 4 months in duration.

During the whole process, clients are assured that Attorney Weiland will be personally involved in every aspect of their bankruptcy.

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Krista - December, 2012 on Google

"Working with Attorney William Weiland was a very pleasurable experience during our personal situation and decisions we had to make. Both him and his wife were very personable and made us feel extremely at ease with our situation. He was always willing to help whether it was after hours or on the weekend. I would HIGHLY reccomend them to anyone who is looking for an attorney that will work for YOU. I have heard many horror stories from friends and family when dealing with situations similar to ours and am happy to say we were blessed with such wonderful representation."

Sandra - 2011 on Google

"Mr Weiland was very knowledgable about the laws and regulations concerning my case. He made the process so unstressful. For that, I'm completely grateful. He is a man of conviction and understanding. Would definately use his services in the future for other legal matters."

Terri - 2011 on Google

"Bill did a wonderful job in helping us out. He explained the process very clearly. He was readily avaliable for any and all questions. He made the process go smoothly. I would recommend Weiland Legal services to anyone."

Emilie - September 22, 2010 on Google 4 out of 5 stars

"Pretty decent. I was happy with his service. He did what he needed to and the price was decent too.‎"

Dustin - September 17, 2010 on Google 5 out of 5 stars

"Great Service. I searched and emailed several Bankruptcy Attorneys in the area. Attorney William G. Weiland was my final pick, and I couldn't have asked for more. He made my life easier from day one through the end of the process."‎

trixi - August 31, 2010 on 5 out of 5 stars

"Attorney Weiland was very accommodating and down-to-earth, speaking to us in layman terms. He was prompt with appointments and returning phone calls, emails, etc. Highly recommended, and we are very appreciative of his help."

Anonymous - August 28, 2010 on 5 out of 5 stars

"I had a positive experience with Atty Weiland. He was readily available when I had questions and walked me through the bankruptcy process. I would recommend him to everyone."

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