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The Company

Since 1975, Usborne Publishing has grown into one of the world's leading publishers of nonfiction for children.  There are translations in more than forty languages.  Usborne Publishing has twice won the Times Educational Supplement Information Book Award.

USBORNE Consultants have the opportunity to represent an internationally acclaimed and highly respected product. At the same time, as a UBAH Consultant you would earn a solid commission while promoting quality children's literature.

The remarkable success of Usborne Books derives from the simple idea that it is possible, without any sacrifice of quality, to produce nonfiction books as interesting and entertaining as television, magazines and comics - media that most children instinctively prefer.  With more than 800 titles available, Usborne books compete with "friendly" media in a number of ways.

In part, Usborne Publishing spends an enormous amount of time and money producing every book.  Huge investments are required for researching, visualizing and illustrating difficult subjects, such as computers, biology or history, in a simple, stylish and appealing way.  This is accomplished without losing detail or accuracy.  The sale of Usborne books worldwide is now so widespread that it is probably quite difficult to go on holiday anywhere in the world without bumping into an Usborne book.

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