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ACCURACY, RELIABILITY and CONFIDENTIALITY are the words we proudly use to describe as the goals of our Company and its operation. Because we are small, we are flexible, and can easily assign the resources necessary to complete any task thus maintaining our stated goals.

Our area of specialization is in technical and non-technical subject matter with particular emphasis on manuals and standard documents. We have a great depth of experience in the Social Sciences, namely Economics, Business Administration, Finance, Marketing, Sociology, Psychology and Personnel Management as well as valuable expertise in Engineering, Medicine, Law and Computer technology.

All work for our clients is done in strict confidence. Our policy is to return the original documents submitted to us with the translated version we have prepared.

Pricing depends on the degree of difficulty of the material. However an average cost is $0.07 (USD) per word. Disbursements for additional services such as courier service, if required, are extra.

We take pride in our reliability and always adhere to the estimated delivery date agreed upon with our clients. Any delays incurred by circumstances beyond our control will be immediately communicated and satisfactory arrangements made.

What do we offer?