Header bag counter display stand. (NONE IN STOCK)



- NONE - Header Card Bag 187 (.98)U.S. Sailors, About 15 figures + AA gun + paper flag with base. Has been opened but contents mint.

- NONE - Header Card Bag 487 (.65 over .49 mark) Navy Men, About 12 figures + pap .er flag with base.

- NONE - Grab Bag 487 (.49) Navy Men, About 12 figures and paper flag with base.

The Tim-Mee sailors are about 65-70mm in size, although skinny. They were made in white and several shades of blue, plus apparently red (rare).

3.00 TM171 With signal flags; 3 white.

2.00 TM172 Shore patrol with night stick; 12 blue, 5 white.

4.00 TM173 With mop; 1 white.

3.00 TM174 With ships wheel; 1 blue, 4 white.

2.00 TM175 Marching with rifle; 1 white.

2.00 TM176 Walking w/ duffel bag; NONE.

2.00 TM177 Officer pointing; 3 white, 6 blue.

2.00 TM178 Carrying AA ammo; 14 white, 4 blue.

2.00 TM179 Guard with rifle on ground; 8 blue, 5 white.

10.00 Seated gunner for AA gun; NONE,


- NONE Header Card Bag 298 U.S. Air Force, Has about 8 figures.

- NONE Grab Bag 298 U.S. Air Force, Has about 8 figures.

- NONE Grab Bag 498 U.S. Air Force, Has about 12 figures + tent, tears in top of bag.

- NONE Header Card Bag 1681 U.S.Air Force, Has helicopter , small P-40?, small ME-109 + five figures & paper flag with base. Header Card OFF bag.

15.00 0681 Set missing bag and paper flag. Circa 1975-85.

The Tim-Mee Air Force figures are about 65-70mm but on the skinny side. They were made most often in aquablue but also tan and in later years in waxy gray and red.

The Air Force mold was made in the early 1950s and originally contained a tent. We have found three variations and believe the top two in the picture were in the mold. The third dark blue tent matches the color of the navy AA gun and we think that Tim-Mee removed the seated gunner from the figure mold and added it to the AA gun mold. To balance the mold properly we think they made a new tent cavity that produced the dark blue tent in the above picture. The figures were made in aquablue. After Processed Plastic took over Tim-Mee in 1964 they copied the mold in a slightly smaller size and made the figures in tan. The figure looking upward with binoculars and holding a bomb were not included in the new mold. In the 1970s some were also made in red and gray up to about 1976 when they started making the GIs in blue as Air Force figures.


NONE IN STOCK - 298 Tim-Mee U.S. Air Force "29 Cents", 9 figures, circa 1960s.


TM180 Looking upwards with Binoculars; NONE.

TM181 Officer looking at paper; 12 aquablue, 2 tan.

3.00 TM181 Officer looking at paper; NONE.

TM182 SGT w/ binocs, pointing; 11 tan, 9 aquablue.

3.00 TM182 SGT w/ binocs, red. (3)

TM183 Bugler; 14 tan, 14 aquablue.

3.00 TM183 Bugler; 1 gray, 1 red. (NONE)

5.00 TM184 Seated; NONE.

5.00 TM185var1 Tent, no pole, eyelets on flap; NONE.

5.00 TN185var2 Tent with pole, no eyelets on flap; NONE.

TM186 Holding ammo belts; 19 aquablue.

3.00 TM186 Holding ammo belts, red. (NONE)

TM187 With wrench and tool box; 13 aquablue, 4 tan.

3.00 TM187 With wrench and tool box, red.(1)

TM188 Pilot in flight suit, foot on box; 13 tan, 13 aquablue.

3.00 TM188 Pilot in flight suit, foot on box; 2 red.

TM189 With fire extinguisher; 9 tan, 15 aquablue.

3.00 TM189 With fire extinguisher, red; NONE.

TM190 With Signal paddles; 3 tan, 9 aquablue.

TM191 Pilot walking with paper; 30 aquablue, 2 tan.

3.00 TM191 Pilot walking with paper; 2 red.

TM192 With gas hose; 2 tan, 12 aquablue.

3.00 TM192 With gas hose, red. (NONE)

TM193 Crouching holding rocket; 16 aquablue.

- 15.00 28343 REISSUE Air Force figures, 26 figures in 10 poses, army green & tan.

Thanks to John Keller of Boston who shared the photos of his mint in the box set seen above. Turns out these figures are actually by Processed Plastic (who took over Tim-Mee in 1964). PPCo mainly sold items one at a time for less than $1.00 so a set this large is very unusual and was probably made as an exclusive for one of PPCo's bigger retail customers such as Grants. As the box is marked AURORA, IL this would probably date the set to around a 1962-65 time period.

Closer inspection shows that there are variations on two of the poses. The standing officer can be found wearing either a double breasted coat or a coat with a singlr column of buttons + pockets. Also the man with the wrench can be holding the wrench either close to onr end or in the middle.


3.00 Officer standing at attention, double breasted coat; NONE.

3.00 Officer standing at attention, single breasted coat; NONE.

3.00 Ground crewman with fire extinguisher; 1 blue, 4 red, 3 tan.

3.00 Pilot walking, left hand out; 5 tan, 3 blue, 6 red.

3.00 Pilot in high altitude suit; 1 red, 4 tan.

3.00 Mechanic holding up paddle; 2 tan, 2 red.

3.00 Mechanic holding up wrench, MIDDLE GRIP; 4 tan.

3.00 Mechanic holding up wrench, END GRIP; 1 red.

In 1967 Processed Plastic down sized to about 30mm two of the Tim-Mee Air Force and included them with their B-29 as "crew". Made in red and tan they are fairly close copies with the exception of the man with ammo now having a helmet. He has gone from being a ground crewman to a gunner on the B-29. In 1990 Processed Plastic made a large aircraft carrier. As crew members they made six new 30mm figures at least loosely based upon six of the earlier Tim-Mee 70mm Air Force figures.

Bomber crew 1960s

2.00 Pilot walking with paper; 6 tan.

2.00 Gunner walking with ammo belts; 2 tan.

Carrier Crew 1980s, blue

1.00 Walking with ammo belts. (NONE)

1.00 Walking pilot, blue. (2)

1.00 Mechanic with wrench & tool kit. (1)

1.00 With signal paddles.(1)

3.00 F-15; NONE.

3.00 F-18; 1 red, 1 blue.


Armymen, cowboys and Indians were the most popular figures made by most manufacturers in the 1950s & 60s. Tim-Mee took advantage of this fact and offered a wide diversity of packaging sizes and styles for any budget.

- NONE - Realistic Soldiers header card bag, 29 cents, 8 pieces (7 soldiers & a dog). Early 1950s set without a number on the header card.

- NONE - Header Card bag 499, Army jeep & Gun, Older Tim-Mee jeep with separate steering wheel & cannon with rubber tires + aqua blue driver.

Tim-Mee 60mm Medical Figures

Figures were made in a rust color so kids could have two armies.

35.00 Six piece medical team; nurse, dog, stretcher, wounded man & two bearers, rust. (OUT OF STOCK)

NONE - Six piece medical team; nurse, dog, stretcher, wounded man & two bearers, green.

First Version Tim-Mee Three Inch 60/75mm GIs


2.00 TM132 SGT marching holding separate (not included) flag.(1)

4.00 TM132 SGT marching holding separate (not included) flag, rust. (NONE)

6.00 TM132 SGT marching holding separate paper/stick 50 star flag.(1)

0.00 TM133 This is the Motorcycle moved to correct set below.

1.50 TM134 GI Advancing w/ bayonet. (27)

5.00 TM135 Stretcher. (NONE)

6.00 TM135 Stretcher, rust. (NONE)

3.00 TM136 GI Lying wounded. (none)

6.00 TM136 GI lying wounded, rust. (NONE)

2.00 TM137 GI Stretcher bearer.(14)

5.00 TM137 GI Stretcher bearer, rust. (3)

4.00 TM138 Medical dog, green. (NONE)

8.00 TM138 Medical dog, rust. (NONE)

3.00 TM139 Nurse with lantern, green. (2)

6.00 TM139 Nurse with lantern, rust. (NONE)

1.00 TM140 GI Marching, green.(NONE)

4.00 TM140 GI Marching, rust. (1)

1.00 TM141 GI w/ mine sweeper.(27)

1.00 TM142 GI Crawling w/ rifle.(27)

4.00 TM142 GI Crawling w/ rifle, rust.(NONE)

1.00 TM143 GI prone shooting MG, green. (22)

4.00 TM143 GI prone shooting MG, rust. (1)

1.00 Small 35/40mm copy. (1)

1.00 TM144 GI prone shooting rifle, green.(46)

3.00 TM145 GI Standing shooting rifle. (NONE)

5.00 TM145 GI Standing shooting rifle, rust. (NONE)

1.00 TM146 GI with grenade. (26)

1.00 TM147 GI with bayoneted rifle overhead.(9)

1.50 TM148 GI kneeling shooting scoped rifle, green. (20)

4.00 TM148 GI kneeling shooting scoped rifle, rust. (NONE)

6.00 TH148 REVISED GI kneeling shooting scooped rife, on base. (3), (2.00 no scope; 1)

2.00 TM149 GI In crouch w/ rifle, wearing gas mask. (NONE)

4.00 TM149 GI In crouch w/ rifle, wearing gas mask, rust. (NONE)

5.00 TM150 GI seated driver. (NONE)

1.00 TM151 GI kneeling shooting MG, green.(60)

1.00 TM152 GI kneeling w/ radio, green.(22)

8.00 TM152 REVISED GI Kneeling with radio, on base. (NONE)

1.00 TM153 GI kneeling shooting bazooka, green.(20)

4.00 TM153 GI kneeling shooting bazooka, rust. (NONE)

1.00 TM154 GI with pistol and binoculars, green. (10)

1.00 TM155 GI running w/ "grease gun", green.(11)

1.00 TM?? Bazooka, green.(6)

2.00 TN?? Bazooka, rust. (1)

In the early 1950s, Tim-Mee set up a factory in Germany that made most of the Tim-Mee line of figures. In addition to the standard figures the German factory produced a few unique poses include the four GIs seen above in green. They also made the soldiers in the tan/butterscotch color seen to the right. NONE IN STOCK.

The German factory also made some small vacuform missile bases that included soldiers made in bright green, yellow, red and blue which are hard to find.

The German factory made the jeep and cannon in different colors as well.

The German factory also made variation of the US missile trailer. The green jeep and tan figures in the picture are not Tim-Mee. Above three pictures courtesy of Daniel Lepers.

Somebody made some large size copies of the Tim-Mee GIs. Picture shows the six we have found along with an original Tim-Mee officer with pistol and binoculars.


Examples of Tim-Mee Final Series 60mm GIs

15.00 TM23A GI Motorcycle, 60mm. (1)

2.00 TM23B Waving w/ left hand, rifle in right hand. (NONE)

2.00 TM23C Marching slung rifle.(NONE)

2.00 TM23D Carrying ammo boxes.(5)

2.00 TM23E With Flame-thrower. (4)

15.00 TM23F Prone ring hand with separate MG. (NONE)

2.00 TM23F Prone ring hand, NO MG.(14)

2.00 TM23G With rifle, throwing grenade. (NONE)


Photo Courtesy Jim McGough.

All 12 Tim-mee Russians

Photo courtesy of Greg Liska.

The Russian figures were only sold briefly before they were pulled from the market. Supposedly for slow sales, but any kid I knew back then would have loved to have some enemies for his GIs to fight. The mold was then sent to the Tim-Mee partner in Mexico where it has had limited production runs.

NONE - Russian at attention, saluting;.

The above picture (courtesy of Greg Liska) shows the different colors the Tim-mee Russians have been made in. Made in red and green in the US. The second figure in the lime green color was made in Mexico. The third figure in forest green was from a special run ordered by Tim Geppert from the Mexican factory. The 4th figure in olive green is the standard color used at the US factory. The 5th figure (prone shooting rifle) is in a rarely seen tan color whose place of manufacture is at this time unknown. These figures were only sold in the US in 1965 after the Processed Plastic takeover. Due to poor sales the mold was shipped to Mexico.


Processed Plastic continued to use the Tim-Mee Toy name on merchandise.


- NONE - Header Card bag 5934, U.S. Infantry, 26 pcs.

10.00 Sealed bag of soldiers with decal sheet, BUT HEADER CARD IS MISSING, about 50 figures half tan and half dark green.

- NONE - header Card Bag 147, Division Militar 31 pcs, MADE IN MEXICO, Final version tank & soldiers.

NONE - Header Card Bag 0991 U.S. Jeep Patrol, 12 pcs, Jeep, armymen and flag.

- NONE - Header Card Bag 1991, U.S. Jeep Patrol 10 pcs, Jeep, armymen and flag.

- NONE - Header Card Bag 17840 Combat Patrol, later armoured card + armymen. (1 dark green vehicle, 1 bright green vehicle)


- OUT OF STOCK - JLloyd Int. REISSUE armymen, 100 figures.

- 15.00 REISSUE 6120 100 Soldiers, "Vietnam" GIs in pink. 54mm.

- 15.00 REISSUE 6124 96 Soldiers "Vietnam" GIs, rust & blue.


54mm Soldiers made 1968

Processed Plastic "Tim-Mee" 54mm GIs

Original figures were made in a medium "army" green very similar the waxy green then used by Marx. The blue, bright green, yellow and pink! colors appeared in the early 1970s as part of the antiwar "hippie" effect. Many manufacturers experimented with making their figures in bright "nonviolent" colors. Ohio Art made their farm playsets on 'PSALADELIC" colors. The Marx pioneers came in lime green and the Indians in orange etc... Later PPCo bagged sets had darker green and tan figures. The tan color came out in the 1980s during the Desert Storm Iraqi conflict. Blue came back in sets with the big airplane. Many copies and knocks of these figures have been made in China. In the picture above the GI Kneeling with MG is missing the bipod.

Modified Pose

For some reason the grenade thrower pose was modified to no longer be holding a grenade, but seems to be waving.

2.00 Grenade thrower; 6 flat blue, 4 pink, 4 yellow, 6 army green.

2.00 Walking with slung rifle; NONE.

10.00 22 54mm GIs in 12 poses; 3 army greens.

2.00 EACH pink, 1.00 EACH yellow or blue;

Kneeling with mortar; 3 flat blue, 3 pink, 2 waxy blue, (.50 SPLIT OR MISSING SUPPORT LEG; 4 flat blue, 5 pink, 3 yellow.

Kneeling with radio; 3 flat blue, 1 yellow (.50 NO ANTENNAE; 2 yellow:.

Kneeling shooting rifle; 8 flat blue, 9 pink, 7 yellow, (.50 SHORT RIFLE; 1 blue, 6 yellow).

Standing with flamethrower; 7 flat blue, 2 pink, 8 yellow (.50 SHORT TIP; 1 yellow).

Prone shooting rifle; 7 flat blue, 3 pink, (.50 SHORT TIP; 2 blue).

Officer with pistol and binoculars; 2 flat blue.

Holding rifle in one hand waving other; NONE,.

Holding bayoneted rifle overhead; 1 flat blue, 1 yellow.

Kneeling shooting bazooka; 3 flat blue, 5 pink, 5 yellow, (.50 CRIMP ON BAZOOKA; 1 blue).

Crawling with rifle; 3 flat blue, 1 pink, 4 yellow.

With minesweeper; 3 blue, 2 pink, 1 yellow.

Kneeling with MG on bipod; 1 flat blue 6 yellow, (.50 NO BIPED; 1 blue, 1 yellow).

NONE - Military Tub, 50+ pieces (pose assortment may differ from above photo). These were from the last production run. ()

1.00 F-18 from tub, blue. (7)

22.00 Later bag with Hong Kong pieces.

Some of the 54mm poses were also made in a 4 1/2 - 5 inch size as can be seen above.

3.00 EACH 5-6 INCH GIs

With minesweeper (2)

Kneeling with radio. (2), (1.00 SHORT ANTENNA; 2)

Kneeling with bazooka. (2)

Holding rifle over head. (1), (1.00 FRONT OF ROFLE GONE; 3).

Kneeling with mortar. (5)

Standing with pistol and binoculars. (3)

Military Accessories

NONE - Paper US flag with wooden pole and plastic base.


1950s Vehicles

Processed Plastic made an army scout car which they wholesaled to Tim-Mee who sold it as a tank. This piece was made by Processed Plastic and was marked as such. Processed Plastic sold the piece made in hard plastic with a MG glued on the front. When they made it for Tim-Mee they removed their name from the underside and because it was made for Tim-Mee in polyethylene soft plastic the MG was not used as there was no glue at that time that would bond to polyethylene. The first Version Jeep has separate plug in steering wheel and had a peg attachment for the cannon. The first version cannon has ring attachment. Rubber wheels used to about 1970-73.

NONE IN STOCK - Processed Plastic version hard plastic scout car.

Tim-Mee version soft plastic scout car; NONE.

25.00 Jeep & cannon 1st version with rubber wheels + driver.(NONE)

25.00 Jeep & Cannon 1st version with plastic wheels + driver. (NONE)

10.00 Jeep 1st version with rubber tires. (NONE IN STOCK).

8.00 Jeep 1st version with plastic tires. (NONE)

6.00 Cannon 1st version with tow ring, earlier edition with rubber wheels. (5)

3.00 Cannon 1st version with tow ring, later edition with plastic wheels. (6)

cannon with tow ring and spoke wheels to use with ACW figures, see ACW section for availability.

1960s vehicles sold by Tim-Mee

About 1962 Tim-Mee made (with the help of their friends at Processed Plastic) a rocket launcher as seen above and an Atomic Cannon. The Atomic cannon only lasted one or two years but the rocket launcher was sold through 1965. Both are hard to find today.

1962 & 63 saw Tim-Mee selling an "Atomic Cannon"! Hard piece to find in today's market. Pictures courtesy Frank Mazza/Straymatter Inc.


In 1964 Processed Plastic made a tank, 2 1/2 ton cargo truck and a large 70mm jeep with AA gun. These were sold under the Processed Plastic name but collectors have pretty much called these items "Tim-Mee" for ever. About 1965 processed Plastic made a square cab truck and a cannon whose barrel elevated. They sold these two items in their Tim-Mee division for about 5-7 years and then phased them out due to manufacturing cost. To save cost the jeep and non elevating cannon were remade about 1974 so that the end product used less raw materials. The jeep lost it's separate steering wheel and the jeep-cannon hitch was reversed from the early version and the new jeep had a ring (slot) attachment while the cannon had the peg attachment. As PPCo had made the new AA jeep in 1964 they sold the old Tim-Mee jeep as a civilian vehicle molding it in red and white colors. The red jeeps were never marketed as "Russian Army" jeeps as theorized by some collectors. These red and white jeeps were sold as bin toys and later versions were sold in header crd bags with the suburban family and farm figures.


Vintage 1964-2004

Processed Plastic revised the jeep & cannon (2nd version Jeep) to save on plastic about 1974. For some reason they kept the Tim-Mee name on the pieces.

8.00 Jeep & Cannon 2nd version molded steering wheel, with plastic wheels, jeep with peg attachment. (NONE)

8.00 Jeep 2nd version with slot attachment + Cannon with peg/hook hitch.(NONE)

3.00 2nd version WWII cannon with plastic wheels, peg/hook attachment. (7)

7.00 70mm AA Jeep. (NONE)

NONE - 70mm Jeep as a civilian vehicle, yellow, MISSING WINDSHIELD & SOME DAMAGE IN BED.

Victory Buy - J.Lloyd Int. REISSUES 2015 onward

- 13.50 REISSUE 48517 Large AA Jeep.

- 17.00 REISSUE 28351 Combat Patrol, 2 Jeeps & 2 cannons, army green.

- 30.00 7590 REISSUE Rescue Helicopter, with 12 blue soldiers. Minor assembly required.


Processed Plastic first made the "Tim-Mee" tank in 1964. Tim-Mee toy never made a tank as its earlier version scout car tank was also made by Processed Plastic. Original tanks had metal axles with rubber tires. Earliest versions also had an antennae on the turret. About 1975 the mold was redone to use less raw material and new clip on plastic wheels replaced the more expensive metal & rubber version. At some point in the 1980s the mold was retooled and the tanks lost their under wheels completely.

Vintage 1964-2004

10.00 1st Version PPCo tank with antennae and with metal axles. (3)

7.00 1st Version PPCo tank NO antennae and with metal axles. (2)

5.00 2nd version PPCo tank, under wheels are one piece clip on and are all plastic. (5)

4.00 3rd version PPCo tank no under wheels or axles; NONE.

JLloyd International reissues 2015 onward

- OUT OF STOCK - JLloyd Int. reissue Tank Command Desert Division, 3 tanks + decals.


25.00 2 1/2 ton Cargo Truck with removable top. (OUT OF STOCK)

35.00 Square cab truck with removable top. OUT OF STOCK

20.00 Elevating cannon. OUT OF STOCK


4.00 Small 4 inch army green flatbed truck used in medical figure bags.

2.00 Bright green, MISSING wheels.

8.00 Later Armored Car; SP 1 green, HARD PLASTIC green.(1)

JLloyd International reissues 2015 onward

4.00 Reissue armored scout car, axles a bit long; 2 green.

- 18.00 J.Lloyd International REISSUE Tim-Mee "Shadow OPs" header card bag with two PPCo Helicopters and the six man S.W.A.T. team all in black, A cool set Made in the USA.