- Farm Items -

The above pictures are from a unique two bag header card set made in the 1980s. One bag hold the plastic fence and animals while the other bag has the heavy card stock barn.

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NONE - Lot of Tim-Mee farm items made at the factory in Germany, early 1950s.

The farm figures are about 45-50mm in size. The woman with the hoe and the farmer forking hay seem to be much more common than the other poses and it is possible the scarecrow and the other three figures were deleted from production at an earlier time.

3.00 TM29A Farmer forking hay; 1 redbrown, 8 yellow, 12 reds, 1 white, 3 tan/butterscotchs,(1.00 split handle 1 yellow).

4.00 TM29B Farmer w/ pitchfork and scythe; 1 redbrown, 4 butterscotch/tans, 6 reds.

4.00 TM29C Farmer sitting milking; 2 yellow, 2 tans, 3 white, 3 reds, 1 gray, 2 redbrown, 1 black.

3.00 TM29D Woman with hoe; 1 redbrown, 9 yellow, 3 white, 3 red, 1 tan/butterscotch.

4.00 TM29E Woman with child; 1 redbrown, 4 reds.

6.00 TM29F Scarecrow; 1 red, 1 black.

Large 40/45mm Cows and Horses

Certainly Processed Plastic made new versions of these poses but we find it hard to tell the difference between the older Tim-Mee and new PPCo versions.

2.00 Cow, head up; 14 black, 7 redbrown, 4 white.

2.00 Cow, head down; 4 redbrown, 9 white, 8 cream, 10 black, 1 grayish white, 3 butterscotch.

Tim-Mee Farm Horses

2.00 Farm horse walking; 5 black, 7 white/cream, 1 redbrown.

2.00 Farm horse, head down; 14 cream/white, 1 grayishwhite, 2 redbrown, 8 black, 1 light gray, 1 tan.

Examples of Tim-mee Farm Animals

Tim-Mee farm animals were put not only in the farm bags but several of the western sets as well to increase the piece count. We have seen the tan/butterscotch and redbrown animals in a variety of western bagged sets. These animals came in perhaps several molds that may have also contained the farmers and tools. Tim-Mee apparently made more than one of some of the poses as different sizes exist.

This group includes the 30/35mm cows and horses.

1.00 Largest size pig head tilted to the left, fatter version; 7 white, 15 tan, 10 red, 2 yellow, 1 redbrown.

1.00 Largest size pig head tilted to the left, thinner version; 6 cream, 2 green, 3 yellow, 2 tan, 3 red, 7 redbrown.

1.00 Medium size pig head tilted to the right; 9 white, 12 tan, 56red, 4 yellow, 8 redbrown.

1.00 Smallest pig; 2 yellow.

1.00 Smallest lamb; NONE.

1.00 Medium size Lamb; NONE.

1.00 Largest lamb; NONE.

1.00 Smaller goat, no teats; 3 white, 2 cream, 4 tan, 6 red, 3 black, 4 redbrown, 1 yellow, 1 gray.

1.00 Smaller goat thinner version, no teats, NOT PICTURED; 3 redbrown.

1.00 Larger Goat has 2 teats; 3 white, 2 gray, 7 tan, 1 redbrown, 8 red.

1.00 Smaller donkey; 1 redbrown, 2 yellow.

1.00 Larger donkey; 4 yellow, 8 red, 7 white.

1.00 Calf walking; 4 redbrown, 2 brown, 10 tan, 3 cream, 5 white, 1 black, 14 red, 3 green, 1 yellow.

1.00 Mini cow head down eating; 4 redbrown, 5 green, 3 red, 1 gray, 1 black, 4 cream, 2 yellow, 3 tans.

2.00 Kitten walking; 1 yellow, 2 red, 1 gray.

2.00 Cat stretched out walking; 3 redbrown, 2 white, 3 red, 5 cream, 2 tan, 1 black.

1.50 Goose running flapping wings; NONE.

1.00 Smaller colt prancing; 4 redbrown, 1 green, 1 gray 1 yellow, 3 tan, 1 white.

1.00 Larger colt prancing; 4 yellow, 3 tan, 5 red, 1 white, 2 redbrown.

1.00 Mini horse head down eating; 6 redbrown, 1 brown, 6 tan, 4 white, 2 red, 3 yellow, 1 green, 3 cream, 1 gray.



SEE WESTERN PAGE Standing large calf.

2.00 Squirrel; 2 redbrown, 1 yellow, 4 cream, 2 black, 3 tan.

2.00 Rabbit; 1 red, 1 white, 2 redbrown, 5 tan, 4 cream.

1.50 Duck standing still; 3 white.

1.00 Chicken; 6 red, 1 yellow.

1.00 Rooster; 6 red, 8 white, 9 tan, 3 yellow.

1.50 Turkey; 3 red, 2 white, 1 off white.

Farm Tools

Also part of the Tim-Mee farm mold were a hand pump and a trough.

5.00 Trough; NONE.

5.00 Water pump; 4 red, 1 white.

- 1.00 Fence; 10 red, 10 tan, 10 white.


After the Processed Plastic takeover of Tim-Mee in 1964 (official Jan 1, 1965). In 1971 they made new farm animals which were sold under their own Processed Plastic name as well as the Tim-Mee name they continued to use.

They made some very small animals which were quickly discontinued (rabbit, kitten, small fowl & piglet without base). It is probable all 12 animals seen above were made in one mold. They were sold with the new PPCO medium size animals without bases (dog, sheep, goat & pig) as well as the tools and new farmer & farm woman. Probably due to their small size the kitten, rabbit, chicken and fowl were eliminated.

Then they put the small fowl on one base which was eliminated soon as well. The piglets were given bases. They also made a larger chicken and rooster on one base that was then often cut apart by the buyer. The Collie dog, Goat, Pig and Sheep were remade with bases and bagged sets may contain examples of medium animals with and without bases. By =the mid 70s the hand tools, animals with out bases and all small animals had been eliminated and sets only contained the larger dual fowl, dog, pig, sheep & goat. The humans also were eliminated eventually as well

3.00 Processed Plastic farmer; 15 bright red/orange, 1 green.

3.00 Processed Plastic farm wife hoeing; NONE.

8.00 All 4 hand tools; hoe, shovel, pitchfork & rake; 1 yellow, 4 red.

2.00 EACH Tools;

Pitchfork; 3 red,

Shovel; 2 red, 1 green

Hoe; NONE.

Rake; 1 red, 1 green.

8.00 Sprue with; rabbit, kitten and 4 baseless piglets; 2 yellow.

4.00 Rabbit; 2 red.

4.00 Kitten; NONE.

1.00 Piglet NO BASE; 5 yellow, 3 red.

6.00 Sprue with 2 geese, 2 chickens & 2 roosters (at least 3 have fallen off the sprue); 2 red.

2.00 Small chicken; 9 red.

2.00 Small rooster; 10 red.

2.00 Small chicken and rooster on one base; 1 yellow, 7 red

1.00 Dog no base; 2 green, 5 yellow, 10 bright red.

1.00 Dog with base; 6 bright red, 8 yellow.

.50 Pig with base; 4 bright red, 9 yellow.

.50 Pig NO base; 2 red, 12 yellow.

.50 Piglet on base; 22 bright red, 1 yellow.

.50 Sheep on base; NONE.

.50 Sheep no base; NONE.

.50 Goat on base ; 8 bright red, 5 yellow.

.50 Goat no base; 5 yellow, 15 red.

1.00 Goose; 2 yellow, 2 GREEN, 28 bright red.

1.00 Larger Rooster and Chicken on same base; 18 yellow, 6 bright red.

.50 Large Chicken; 2 red.

.50 Large Rooster; 1 red.

NONE - Farm Tub, 50+ pieces (colors and pose assortment may differ from above photo). These were from the last production run, Silver animals are Tootsie Toy that were thrown in the mix after the merger in 2004. (1 IN STOCK)

Processed Plastic also made a large 70mm tractor. Both tractors were made and sold as bin toys in the early 1960s before the take over of Tim-Mee. The small tractor was then added to Tim-Mee farm bags for awhile. The wagon may go with the tractor but both pieces have a "hole" connector so some type of pin or other device would be needed to connect the pieces together.

7.00 Small tractor with metal axles; NONE IN STOCK.

5.00 Small tractor later modification without separate axles, Marked Tim-Mee Toys; NONE.

4.00 Small tractor, final version,no axles, no marking; 1 green.

10.00 Large Tractor, missing top exhaust pipe, SP.

NONE - Two wheel wagon, yellow, SP.

NONE Split log fence;.

DOGS - ---

Tim-Mee made a nice series of 12 dogs sold on blister cards in 1965. The German Shepherd "police dog" is a close mirror image to their standard German Shepherd that can be found in many western and farm bagged sets. They also wholesaled the dogs to metal vehicle maker NYLINT who put them in their kennel trucks (seen in Sears & Montgomery Wards catalogs circa 1963-66). Slightly smaller copies were made in Hong Kong.

Dogs were made in many colors including; tan, butterscotch, redbrown, black, gray, white, cream and more. We will try to supply requested colors but may not be able to do so.

2.00 Greyhound. (2)

2.00 Police dog (German Shepherd) looking left. (NONE)

2.00 Scottie. (6)

2.00 Poodle. (4).

2.00 Husky. (NONE)

2.00 Boxer. (2)

2.00 Welsh Terrier. (7)

2.00 Springer Spaniel. (9)

2.00 Labrador Retriever. (4)

2.00 Collie. (2)

2.00 Bulldog. (10)

2.00 Dachshund. (NONE)

Other Tim-Mee Dogs

2.00 - Short hair "camp dog" from western bagged sets;

3.00 TM64A Camp dog, earth tone colors; 4 black, 4 darker gray, 7 lighter gray, 1 tan.

2.00 TM64A Camp dog, bright colors, 17 red, 4 green, 104yellow.

2.00 - Standard German Shepherd head turned to the right; 17 red, 2 green, 2 yellow.


The circus set is one of the harder to find Tim-Mee sets. It consisted of a ringmaster, girl (girl courtesy Les Gardner) and 10 different animals. When sold the header card bag might also have a few of the much more common clowns plus some of the hard to find mini animals.

70.00 12 in all 12 poses, mix of red, yellow and green. (1)

5.00 Ringmaster; 1 yellow.

5.00 Lady horse trainer; 1 green.

5.00 Rearing horse; 2 green, 2 yellow, (2.00 NO tail; 2 yellow).

5.00 Running horse; 2 green, 3 red, (2.00 NO tail; 1 yellow).

5.00 Lion on stool; 1 yellow, 1 red.

5.00 Elephant standing; 2 yellow, 4 red, 2 green.

5.00 Dog jumping through flaming hoop; NONE.

5.00 Tiger paw up, roaring; 2 green.

5.00 Monkey on tricycle; 1 yellow, 1 green.

5.00 Dog on ball; 1 green, 1 red, 2 yellow.

5.00 Seal with ball on nose; 1 yellow, (3.00 NO BALL; 2 green).

5.00 Bear as clown; 2 yellow, 1 red, 2 green.


- NONE - Header Card Bag 188, Clowns, About 15 figures, circa 1960s.

Some of the figures have copyright information that tells us the clowns were made in 1958.

5.00 Clown juggling w/ monkey; 1 yellow, 2 red, 1 tan.

5.00 Clown on rocket w/ dog; 3 yellow, 4 blue, 1 tan.

5.00 Clown with cane; 1 blue, 1 green.

5.00 Clown with kite on rocket; 1 dark green, 1 blue, 2 yellow, 1 red, (4.00 KITE STRING SPLIT; 1 green, 1 yellow, 1 blue).

5.00 Clown with butterfly net, butterfly on nose; NONE.

5.00 Clown w/ crossbow rocket; 1 lighter blue, 2 red, 1 green, 1 yellow.

5.00 Clown policeman w/ club and slingshot; 1 dark green, 2 yellow, 1 red, 1 tan.

5.00 Clown on stilts w/ short clown; 1 yellow.

5.00 Clown w/ sputnik on umbrella; NONE.

5.00 Clown with sputnik & kite; NONE.

Miniature Animals

- NONE - Blister Card 1241, Wild Animals, All 12 animals, they call the otter a beaver. Circa 1960s.

All 12 Mini Animals

These small 25-30mm mini animals were sold on blister cards under Processed Plastic's "B-Line" logo. Made in 1965. They were also included in Tim-Mee "Big Top" circus themed bagged sets and perhaps as Cracker Jack Prizes. Oddly the PPCo blister card incorrectly calls the otter (or weasel) a beaver!

2.50 EACH

Bear; 1 tan, 1 white, 1 redbrown, 2 black.

Polar Bear; NONE.

Bison (Buffalo); 1 black, 1 tan, 1 green.


Fox; NONE.

Lion; 1 black.

Camel; 1 white.

Rhino; 2 white, 1 tan.

Elephant; 1 gray, 1 redbrown, 1 red.

Otter (Beaver??); 1 white.

Mountain Goat; NONE.

Llama; 1 white.


First made by Processed Plastic in 1977. The six 54mm surburban family members were sold simply as "people" in header bags. The 18 piece bag would have 17 assorted figures (but maybe not all six poses) + the later Tim-Mee army jeep made in bright red.

3.00 Mother holding flower pot & trowel; 3 tan, (1.50 NO TROWEL; 2 bright red).

3.00 Father with pipe and hammer; 1 tan, 1 yellow.

3.00 Teenage son with football; 4 tan.

3.00 Teenage daughter as cheerleader with pom poms; 2 tan.

3.00 Younger son throwing baseball + dog; 2 tan,(.50 dog that has been split apart from boy; 1 bright red).

3.00 Younger daughter jumping rope, + kitten; NONE, (1.00 rope split; 3 tan) (.50 Base cut in half; daughter no kitten; 14 tan, 1 yellow, ; or kitten portion no daughter; 14 tan, 15 yellow, 9 bright red, 3 white, 7 blue).

NONE - Red military Tim-Mee army jeep. ()


BMC reissue People/Suburban family 2023.

6.00 Six in all 6 poses in your choice of; red, olive green, yellow, gray, tan or blue.

- NONE - Header Car bag toys For Little Girls, a dust pan & brush!!! No wonder girls were mad!.


Made in 1977 these 60mm figures were sold with a variety of construction vehicles under the Tim-Mee and Processed Plastic banners..

3.00 Construction worker w/ stop sign; 1 yellow.

3.00 Construction worker with jackhammer; 1 gray, 2 tan, 4 yellow, (1.00 SPLIT JACKHAMMER; 1 yellow).

3.00 Construction Worker digging; 1 tan, 1 gray, 6 yellow.

3.00 Construction worker with walkie talkie; 1 yellow, 1 gray, (1.00 NO ANTENNAE; 1 gray, 2 yellow).

3.00 Construction worker with flag; 1 yellow, (1.00 NO FLAG; 1 yellow.

3.00 Construction Worker w/ clipboard pointing; 3 yellow, 1 gray.


Processed Plastic made this set after the take over of Tim-Mee and put it in their Tim-Mee line. There were nine different figures plus a traffic cone. The driver standing a drinking a bottle of pop and a few of the pit crew have the Processed Plastic logo on their backs. Earlier sets targeted Indy car race fans but as thier internal squabbles led to a decline and NASCAR arose Processed Plastic just changed header cards and kept selling.

NONE - 1966 Tim-Mee (PPCo) Speedway Pit Stop, 24 Pieces, Circa 1970s.

NONE - 0966 Tim-Mee (PPCo) Speedway Pit Stop, 23 Pieces, Circa 1980s.

1.00 EACH Individual Figures

Pit crewman waving flag; NONE.

Pit crewman with gas hose; 1 red, 1 blue.

Pit crewman holding sign; NONE.

Pit Crewman holding out wrench; NONE.

Pit crewman pointing down; 2 red, 1 white.

Pit crewman crouching with mallet; NONE.

Driver drinking soda; 3 red.

Camera man; 2 red.

Reporter with microphone; 2 red.

.50 EACH Cone; NONE.

Processed Plastic would make special sets for their larger customers including this race set made for true value Hardware Stores about 1985. It has a semi truck, thunderbird race car and four of the racetrack figures.

NONE - PPCO 2266 True Value Hardware Stores race set.

FIREMEN made 1975

- 25.00 Header Card Bag 0941, Fire Fighters 26 pieces. Circa 1970s.

NONE IN STOCK - Fire Truck set 58850, 2-3 feet long!

- OUT OF STOCK - PPCO firemen bucket final production run in 2004 before the company was sold. Label may not be present and the buckets seem to have more than the 33 pieces originally advertised. The man holding the hose is not included. ()

Firemen in seven poses were made in 1975. colors used were white red and blue. The above bag has a bar code that puts it into the 1980s. It has the newer Processed Plastic set numbering system 0941 and contains 26 pieces.

.50 EACH Firemen

Fire chief with bull horn; 4 blue, 2 white, 4 red.

With ax overhead; 9 blue, 1 red, 3 white.

Running with ax; 6 red, 10 blue, 7 white.

In safety suit with spray hose; 7 blue, 9 red, 1 white.

At fire hydrant; 6 red, 10 blue 6 white.

Holding/pulling on hose; 3 white, 1 red, 8 blue.

Working nozzle on hose to put out fire; 3 red, 6 blue, 4 white.


Made in 1978 the SWAT team figures are about 56-58mm and nicely done. They are somewhat hard to come by as they were only sold as an add on to a Police Chiefs car and as part of a child's S.W.A.T. get up. Kneeling shooting scoped rifle figure courtesy of Mike Handley. Vintage figure were made in blue. Reissues have been made in black, tan & army green.


6.00 Talking in megaphone. (1(

6.00 Kneeling shooting shotgun. (NONE)

6.00 Talking in radio. (1)

6.00 Running with pistol. (1)

6.00 Standing shooting pistol. (1)

6.00 Kneeling shooting scoped rifle. (NONE)


6.00 Six in all six poses; 6 army green, 6 black, 6 blue, 6 tan IN STOCK.

- 18.00 63522 Shadow Ops, two helicopter and six special ops figures.

1992 Processed Plastic Police Figures

In 1992 Processed Plastic released a new set of police figures under the Tim-Mee banner. They are smaller (about 45-50mm) and not as nicely detailed as the older figures. There is a police woman (pose on picture right) in the set.


SPACE ITEMS made in 1978

- NONE - Header Card Bag "Big Bag" 1189. About 98 figures. Circa 1980s.

- NONE - Header Card Bag 0931, Galaxy Laser Team 33 pcs. Circa 1970s.

- NONE - Bucket 1438 Space Figures 52 Pieces including bright green mountain and two space jets. Sealed but lid has a crack.

- OUT OF STOCK REISSUE - 1147 Galaxy Laser Team 50 Pieces in a mix of blue & green.

- 11.75 REISSUE 1148 Galaxy Laser Team, 50 pieces in a mix of red & orange.

Tim-Mee 50-54mm Space Fantasy

Another nice set made after the Processed Plastic takeover. Made in 1978. Hints of Star Wars, Buck Rogers and Mutant Turtles all in a bag.

Vintage Figures

1.00 Space woman; 1 green.

1.00 Chewbacca like guy; 3 black, 1 green.

1.00 Space Turtle; 2 black, 2 white, 1 pink.

1.00 Darth like guy with sword; 8 pink, 5 green.

1.50 Buck Rodgers like guy with ray pistol; NONE (1.00 NO Antennae; 2 black).

1.00 R2D2 looking robot; 9 black, 9 white, 11 green, 14 pink.

1.00 Astronaut with Geiger counter; 22 black, 9 white, 14 pink, 6 green.

1.00 Astronaut running with box; 10 black, 2 white, 8 pink, 8 green.

Reissue Figures


NONE IN STOCK - 54mm Mexican copies of the space figures. One turtle missing a hand.

5 Inch Space Figures, made in 1979


4.00 EACH

Darth Vader like; NONE.

Space Turtle; NONE

Astronaut w/ box,; NONE.

Chewbacca like; NONE.

Buck Roger like; NONE.

- 12.00 REISSUE large space figures. All six poses in green. (1 IN STOCK)

Titan Rocket, on card. - NONE IN STOCK

Processed Plastic made a nice 5 stage rocket in the mid 1960s. Stage three is spring loaded and will shoot stage 4 and the tip onward. Usually come with decals.


The two astronauts were also downsized to about 30mm and included with a blister card rocket ship. . 1.50 30mm Astronaut with Geiger counter; 3 white, 1 red.

1.50 30mm Astronaut with box; NONE.


Tim-Mee made these figures about 1963/4 and was sued by Disney. As the tale of Snow White is an old one Tim-Mee prevailed in court. The public was a different matter and after Processed Plastic took over the mold was sent to Mexico due to poor sales in the US.

NONE - Snow White missing right hand and dwarf that was holding it, tan.

NONE - Prince Charming, Missing hat feather and trumpet damage, tan.

20.00 Red dwarf with bucket. (1)

20.00 Brown dwarf with tool. (1)

20.00 Gray dwarf with broom. (1)

10.00 Green dwarf MISSING TOOL TOP. (1)

10.00 Green dwarf CUT APART FROM SNOW WHITE. (1)

Processed Plastic reworked their Marvel Super Hero mold to make these more generic fantasy figures. These fantasy figures are about 3 inches tall and marked P.P.C. Montgomery IL.

6.00 In cape with arms raised; NONE.

6.00 In hood with sword overhead; NONE.

6.00 With knife and club; NONE.

6.00 W/ Club overhead; NONE.

6.00 With bat wings and ax; NONE.

6.00 With double bladed ax, in winged helmet; NONE.

- OUT OF STOCK - REISSUE 11150 Fantasy figures, 24 figures in 6 poses, green & brown.

6.00 REISSUE 6 in all 6 poses; 2 gray. GREEN IS OUT OF STOCK



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