- 20.00 Header Card Bag, Big Game Hunter, has Bow (broken needs glue), pistol and two BERGEN animals.


Our scanner was not long enough to scan the entire length of the the above two bagged/carded sets so we made two scans of each set and put them together as seen above.

Picture courtesy Chris Saloman.

4.00 Separate paddle, red.

5.00 Seated as if paddling. NONE IN STOCK

5.00 Kneeling as if hunting, red, no weapon NONE IN STOCK.

5.00 Standing Eskimo, hand up, red. NONE IN STOCK

5.00 Standing woman. NONE IN STOCK

Pal Dogs

Pal made at least 8 different hollow body dogs. The husky was found in Eskimo sets while all of the dogs were sold on blister cards as seen in PFPC issue 32 page 25. Usually made in soft plastic white hard plastic examples were sold in you paint them header card bags.

HP = Hard Plastic

25.00 All eight dogs, SP, color mix.

4.00 Collie; 1 redbrown, 1 black, 1 white.

4.00 Boxer; 4 black, 2 white, 2 white HP.

4.00 German Shepherd; 1 gray.

4.00 Airdale; 2 gray, 2 tan, (1.00 side damage redbrown).

4.00 Basset hound; 1 white, 1 tan.

4.00 Poodle. 1 tan, 1 gray, 2 red brown, 1 red brown w/ bit of paint on tail, 1 white HP,(1.00 missing tail; 1 tan, 1 gray).

4.00 Greyhound; 2 black,, 1 white, 2 tan, 3 gray, (1.00 No tail white).

4.00 Husky; 1 gray, 1 redbrown.

- NONE - PAL Paint a Dog, headercard bag, header torn on right side. Paint probably dried out. Has instruction sheet in back.


O'Brians COLLECTING TOY SOLDIERS #3 has these shown as; "Kilty Soldiers made by Bonnie Bilt" of New York. These GI flats come in two sizes. With the exception of the mounted pose which we have seen only in the small size all poses are found in both sizes. Both sizes can be found in both hard plastic and soft plastic. The hard plastic figures are shades of green while the soft plastic figures are silver. PAL sold hard plastic versions in header card bags as seen above. REMCO included them with some versions of their Bulldog tank. The open window boxed set pictured above contains soft plastic figures but has no manufacturers markings. We believe multiple companies were involved in either the manufacturing or sale of these figures. As Bonnie Bilt was the first to make them individual figures will be listed at the Bonnie Bilt page (All other A-O makers).

NONE - PAL header card bag, some slits in bag, 1950s.


Palmer was a small company located in Brooklyn, New York. They made a nice range of hard plastic model car kits along with five hard plastic "cannon" kits. The barrels of the cannons were somehow coated in brass for a more realistic appearance. Eventually by the mid to late 1970s both Palmer and Payton (also in Brooklyn) were bought by Winneco and in the early 1980s all were bought by H-G Toys. So company name on packaging may vary.

To our knowledge Palmer only made four sets of soft plastic figures as can be seen below. The monsters are eagerly collected and are the most widely known.

The Palmer diver and sea life set is an interesting group. There are; 4 SCUBA divers, 1 deep sea diver, 1 pearl diver, 1 shark and 1 octopus + 12 small accessories in the set including one tiny fish. The accessories come attached to the body of the diver they go with, and many have been lost over the years making them extremely difficult to find. The divers often have mold holes due to poor manufacturing

Fish is less than 1/2 an inch long. Fish photo courtesy David Schafer, photo of divers with attached accessories courtesy Jesse Sanders. These can be found on a Palmer blister card marked AQUA HUNT and a Payton Header card bag marked HEROS OF THE DEEP.

8.00 Octopus; NONE.

6.00 Shark; NONE.

6.00 Deep Sea Diver; NONE.

3.00 Diver standing; 4 red, 2 yellow, 1 blue, 1 white, 1 green.

3.00 Diver swimming right hand ring hand; 2 red, 1 white.

3.00 Diver swimming hands by hips; 3 blue.

3.00 Diver swimming two ring hands; 2 yellow, 4 red, 1 white.

3.00 Pearl diver; 2 red, 2 yellow.

8.00 Pearl diver with knife still attached; NONE.

7.00 Diver hands by hips with air tank; NONE.

7.00 Diver 2 ring hands + puller device, NO air tank; 1 red.

7.00 Pearl diver + knife for mouth; NONE.

9.00 Diver one ring hand with air tank & smaller speargun; NONE

7.00 Standing diver with larger speargun (NO AIRTANK); NONE.

9.00 Deep Sea diver with weight belt (NO OTHER BELT or digging spear); 1 yellow.

3.00 EACH accessories, you may buy one for each diver you buy;

Smaller spear gun for right hand ringhand; NONE.

Single air tank for single ringhand diver; NONE.

Puller device for double ring hand; NONE.

Single air tank for double ring hand; NONE.

Double air tank for swimming hands at hips diver; NONE.

Larger spear gun for standing diver; NONE.

Single air tank for standing diver; NONE.

Fish for standing diver; NONE.

Knife for pearl diver; NONE.

Weight belt for deep sea diver; NONE

Other belt for deep sea diver; NONE.

Digging "spear/tool" for deep sea diver; NONE.

Carded set picture courtesy David Schafer.

Picture courtesy Rush McAlister.

Picture courtesy David Schafer. The owner of Palmer died in 1972 and the company was sold to Winneco Industries we we think also took over Payton also located in Brooklyn. This jobber bag of circus figures was probably produced in this time period. By the late 1970s Palmer and Payton were bought by HG Toys. The Palmer circus (Sideshow) figures seem to be about 60-70mm in scale. Six of the eight figures originally came with separate accessories. These small pieces have had a way of disappearing over time.

7.00 Ringmaster with megaphone; 1 blue, 1 red.

3.00 Ring Master, red, no megaphone.

7.00 Blindfolded knife thrower with knife(s); 1 yellow with one good knife.

3.00 Blindfolded knife thrower, NO knife(s); 1 green.

8.00 Lion Tamer with whip; NONE.

3.00 Lion Tamer, no whip; 3 yellow.

4.00 Tall man; 1 red.

6.00 Short man, with cane; NONE.

3.00 Short man, NO cane; NONE.

6.00 Clown, with ring; 1 yellow.

3.00 Clown, no ring; NONE.

4.00 Strong man; 1 red WITH MOLD HOLE IN CHEST.

8.00 Sword swallow-er with sword; NONE.

3.00 Sword swallow-er, no sword; 3 red.

Palmer Space Set


Above photos courtesy of Al Hartmann.

This set was sold on a blister card. The one example we have seen had the pieces split into 3 different colors with pieces still attached to the sprue tree runners. The set consists of a four piece space capsule (3 pieces in one color 4th piece (door) sometimes in another color) and 9 figures in 7 poses. There were three of the astronaut walking (in different colors in the one set we have seen) + one each of the space chimp and other five human poses. Made in soft plastic, the set was run in blue, green, red, yellow, white and tan colors. The space capsule does not have a bottom and we think that perhaps the original plan was for it to be similar to the Marx capsule with a place to seat the sitting astronaut (who now has no where to sit in this set).

3.00 Ground crew w/ Geiger counter; 1 yellow, 1 white.

3.00 Ground crew in hooded fire suit with CO2 tank; 4 red.

3.00 Seated Astronaut; 1 tan, 1 yellow.

3.00 Walking Astronaut; 6 red, 1 blue.

3.00 Ground crew looking up with binoculars; 2 yellow, 7 red.

3.00 Ground crew talking into microphone at chest; NONE.

5.00 Space chimp; NONE.

12.00 Four piece space capsule; NONE.

5.00 Largest capsule piece; NONE.

3.00 Capsule door; NONE.

3.00 Cylinder (film canister like) shaped capsule part; NONE.

3.00 Small round piece; NONE.

Blister cards picture courtesy David Schafer.

Photo courtesy of Bruce Redenour

NONE - Cyclops.

NONE - Wolfman.

NONE - Frankenstein.

NONE - King Kong.

NONE - Fay Wray.

NONE - Creature of the Black Lagoon; 1 yellow.

NONE - It came from Outer Space.

NONE - Dracula.

NONE - Gorgo.


NONE - Blackbeard.

NONE - Captain Kidd.

NONE - Long John Silver.

NONE - Morgan.

- NONE - Parrot for pirates.

Davy Crockett with accessories.


Display picture courtesy Mark Hegeman.

- -

Gold Miner picture courtesy David Schafer.

NONE - Pecos Bill cowboy walking right hand forward as if holding pistol.

NONE - Gold miner cowboy standing as if rifle at waist.

7.00 Chief Wild Horse (Co Ee Pa)Indian crouching, right hand up, with separate headress; 1 dark green.

7.00 Chief Red Hawk (Pa Ee Co)Indian as if shooting bow; 1 red, 1 green.

Peco's made two four figure sets of GIs.

The series one GI walking was modified at some point. His right had gets a revised grip position and his right foot is lowered somewhat. Picture courtesy Rush McAllister.

First Series

GI running; NONE.

GI walking; NONE.

GI kneeling; NONE.

GI standing shooting; NONE.

Second series

GI kneeling with base; NONE.

GI crouching with base; NONE.

GI sitting splayed legs no base; NONE.

GI prone; NONE.

GI Accessories;

5.00 Helmet; NONE.

5.00 Belt with holster and canteen; 1 green.

5.00 Belt with bayonet scabbard, canteen and ammo pouches; NONE.

5.00 Rifle; NONE.

15.00 Girl with short skirt; 1 white vinyl.

15.00 Cheerleader. NONE

15.00 Long dress to the ground; 1 white vinyl.

15.00 Holding left hand out; 1 white vinyl.


See DK Plastic Toys & Novelties Corporation.


5.00 EACH HARD PLASTIC, marked PLAST-O-MATIC CORP on front of bases, with some factory paint

5.00 catcher, white with painr. (1) 5.00 Running the bases. (1)


4.00 EACH HARD PLASTIC, may have factory paint

4.00 Throwing ball; 1 yellow, 1 white with paint.

4.00 Catcher; 1 yellow.

4.00 Batter dropping the bat and starting to run; NONE.

4.00 Fielder stretching to make the catch; 1 red & brown swirl.

4.00 Running the bases; 1 white.

4.00 Fielder, hands on knees; 3 yellow, 1 swirl gray,flesh, light brown.


Sold in header card bags as seen above by the Plast-O-Matic Corp.

3.00 Throwing ball; 1 white, 1 green.

3.00 Catcher; 1 red, 2 green.

3.00 Batter dropping bat and starting to run; 1 red.

3.00 Fielder stretching to make the catch; 1 white, 1 green, 1 yellow, 1 red.

3.00 Running the bases; 10 green, 3 red, 5 yellow, 6 blue.

3.00 Fielder, hands on knees; 8 green, 13 yellow, 6 red, 3 blue, 2 white.

HONG KONG copies cake decorations

Hard plastic painted with red shirts & blue caps & pants.

1.00 Fielder, hands on knees. (2)

1.00 Fielder stretching to make the catch. (1)


Plas-Trix was located in Brooklyn and nearby Jamaica in the greater New York City area. They are best known for their small plastic sliding puzzles. They started up in the late 1940s but we do not know what happened to them. Lassie sets picture courtesy of Atomic Candy.


Above big Lassie photos courtesy Sharon Elosser. Note on top of collar LASSIE is spelled out.

NONE - Large 11 Inch Lassie.

NONE - 54mm Lassie "pup". ()


Test shots made by Present Past. Never made it to market.




Jeep (1 1/2 inches long) is marked with Pyro pennant logo, Cannon has tiny unmarked pennant and sedans are unmarked (License Plate #DP7189), but they were all found at one time so unless other information is forthcoming we will assume that all three pieces are PYRO. Lido's mini jeep seems to be a close copy of the PYRO example. hard Plastic.

4.00 Jeep; NONE.

4.00 Cannon; NONE.

4.00 Sedan, license plate DV4672; NONE.

4.00 Sedan, license plate DP7189; NONE.

3.00 Civilian sedan (NO STAR)HP, license plate DP7189; NONE

3.00 Civilian sedan (NO STAR) HP, License plate # BV4672; NONE.

8.00 Covered US Army truck with separate cab. (2)

8.00 Stake bed army truck with separate cab.

5.00 Army truck cab, stars on doors. (1)

6.00 Dump truck.

NONE - Jet fighter, complete.

Tank, HP. NONE.

Space ship. NONE IN STOCK

6.00 Truck Cab.


30.00 22 Football players in all 6 poses, mix of red & blue + vinyl playing field.


Ray Plastics made plastic bullet shooting Gatling guns, pistols, rifle and dart guns. For targets they made copies of MPC, Lido, Marx and Tim-mee figures.


Copies of Marx figures.


Copies of Marx figures.


Copies of Tim-Mee cowboys

2.00 Sheriff with two pistols; 1 black, 1 blue, 1 red, 2 redbrown, 1 silver.

2.00 Standing shooting; 4 red, 3 redbrown, 3 silver, 3 silver rifle pointed up).

2.00 Crouching with rifle; 2 red, 3 blue, 2 silver.

Copies of MPC figures.

1.00 Elk; 1 redbrown, 2 blue, 3 red, 6 tan tan.

1.00 Bear, NONE.

Copies of Lido figures.

8.00 12 in all 5 poses, (6)

made in red, yellow and blue and sold with bullet shooting toy guns as Untouchables and I Spy TV show tie ins.

5.00 With pistol, arms out; 5 red.

5.00 Walking with tommygun; 1 red, 2 yellow.

5.00 With pistol and satchel; 4 yellow, 1 blue.


- 25.00 #380/381Snub Nose 38, MOC.

- 20.00 #380/381 Snub Nose 38. MOC coming unsealed.


5.00 Golfer, blue top and white legs. (6)

5.00 Golfer, white top and blue legs. (NONE)

5.00 Golfer, red top and yellow legs. (1)

5.00 Golfer, Yellow top and red legs. (1)

5.00 Golf bag with 6 clubs; 1 red, 6 yellow.

3.00 Canister of golf balls; 2 white, 2 red, 5 yellow.

10.00 Golfer with golf bag with 6 clubs and a canister of balls.

White top, blue leg, white bags with 6 clubs & white canister with balls.(1)

Red top, yellow legs, red bag with 6 clubs & yellow canister with balls. (1)

Yellow top, red legs, yellow bag with 6 clubs & red canister with balls. (1)


10.00 RIPCORD TV tie in parachutist with parachute; NONE.

4.00 RIPCORD TV tie in parachutist, NO PARACHUTE; 2 blue, 3 aquagreen.

4.00 Military parachutist, NO PARACHUTE; 1 olive green.

8.00 Batman, NO PARACHUTE; 2 metallic blue.

NONE Nun for flying disc.

NONE Man for flying disc.

- NONE - 54mm Spear thrower.


Reliable was a Canadian company operating in the 1950s & 60s. They copied other companies such as Bergen and Auburn's work.

NONE - Tractor, about 30/35mm, HP.

NONE - Steamroller, 30/35mm, HP.

large hollow hard plastic farm animals were made by gluing the two halves together. With factory painted highlights.

8.00 Horse; 1 red, 2 yellow.

8.00 Cow; 1 red, 1 cream.

Mini Trains and streetcars are made of soft plast and are about 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches long.

2.00 Streetcar; 1 red. 2.00 Diesel locomotive no way to connect; 1 yellow, 2 red.

2.00 Open hopper; 1 blue, 2 red, 1 yellow.

2.00 Box car; 3 blue, 2 yellow, 7 red.

2.00 Tank car; 2 blue, 2 red, 1 yellow.

2.00 Flat car; 2 blue, 2 red.

2.00 Caboose, connectors on both ends; 1 red.

1.00 Caboose, connector removed from one end; 2 blue, 2 red.

Auburn copies

4.00 Fireman walking, blue SP. (1)

4.00 Fox, blue SP. (NONE)

4.00 Rabbit, blue SP. (1)

4.00 Chicken, brown, SP. (1)

4.00 Beaver, brown, SP. (2)


Reliable made toy soldiers in Canada that were close copies of the plug in and sold base styles of Bergen soldiers. Solid base figures were copied using the bodies of Bergen figures but with the figures wearing the British style "pot" helmet. Plug base figures have a small RP (Reliable Products) logo under their base while some of the solid base figures are marked Reliable on their backs.

Reliable solid base figures

Nice olive green.

3.00 Throwing grenade (BT99). (3)

3.00 Kneeling with binoculars (BT115). (2)

3.00 Standing in gas mask, holding rifle. (BT116).(2) (2.00 COLLECTOR PAINTED; 1)

3.00 Standing with MG at waist (BT123). (2)

3.00 Standing shooting rifle. (NONE)

Reliable plug base figures

6.00 Throwing grenade.

6.00 With tommygun across waist.

6.00 Shooting rifle.


REMCO was started in the late 1940s by two cousins, Isaac "Ike" Heller and Saul Robbins. The company's original name was Remote Control and the first product made were toy walkie talkies. The company name was compressed to REMCO and they made a diverse line of battery operated toys including Roman and modern ships that moved and science fiction space ships, monsters and submarines. Many of the figures that came in their sets were sculpted by Ewhen "Gene" Salamacha. The company fled for bankruptcy in the early 1970s.

Remco made a nice pair of ancient Roman ships. The Big Caesar was battery operated to roll along the floor with the oars "rowing". The smaller Gallant Gladiator was not battery operated but also had wheels and the oars would "row" when you pushed it. The ships came with a nice complement of 45mm Romans with a chariot + shooting catapults. Picture courtesy David Schafer.

8.00 Standard Bearer; NONE.

3.00 Marching with sword; NONE.

3.00 Marching with spear; NONE.

3.00 Marching with bow; NONE.

10.00 Chariot with horse; NONE.

8.00 Catapult, tan, HP. (1)

Catapult rock sprue. NONE IN STOCK

1.00 Catapult Rock; NONE.

WWI Cannon, HP.

15.00 Armored Car; NONE.,P> 12.00 Ammo Limber (no ammo); NONE.

15.00 Cannon; NONE.

18.00 Tank; NONE.


About 45mm in scale.

5.00 British officer with pistol, red. (NONE)

5.00 British soldier kneeling shooting rifle, red. (1), (2.00 RIFLE CHEWED; 1, or tip short; 1)

5.00 British soldier standing shooting rifle, red. (1), (2.00 SHORT OR CRIMPED RIFLE; 2)

5.00 British soldier with artillery shell, red. (2)

5.00 British soldier throwing grenade, red. (NONE)

40.00 All five German soldiers, blue. (NONE)

8.00 German officer with pistol, blue. (NONE)

8.00 German soldier kneeling shooting rifle, blue. (NONE)

8.00 German soldier standing shooting rifle, blue. (NONE)

8.00 German soldier with artillery shell, blue. (NONE)

8.00 German soldier throwing grenade, blue. (NONE)

NONE - Nutty Navy Submarine, w/box, 1971.

These figures were used in both the Mighty Matilda aircraft carrier and Barracuda submarine sets. They were produced in sets of 25 pieces with one raft and 1-3 of each figure pose as shown above. The sub got one set and the carrier got four sets.


The Mighty Matilda aircraft carrier came with fighters, bombers, helicopters and a plane mover made in dark blue plastic. The above picture shows them life size.


NONE - No. 175 SGT Rock vs The Bad Guys The Ultimate Enemy, dated 1982. Does not appear to have been played with. Box a bit crushed but contents OK. Contents; large playmat, 2 tanks, 2 jeeps, 37 good guys (SGT Rock's face painted), 37 bad guys in black with their leader "Snake's" helmet painted gold (all figures knockoffs of Processed Plastic/Tim-Mee Vietnam GIs), vacuform; bridge, rock formation and sandbag emplacement. Blow molded sand bags. Small bag of shovels and walkie talkies. Cardboard punchout; scenery, oil drums & mines. Two small sheets of decals + instructions. Official DC comics licensed product.

NONE - Cape Kennedy. Complete I think with spring loaded rocket and missile launchers. Figures are copies of their Barracuda sailors and have pegs to attach to the set.

Photos courtesy David Schafer.

Remco made a vehicle driver and six foot soldiers for their Hamilton Invader sets. The figures are about 60mm in size. The seated vehicle driver was made in white and the foot soldiers are usually found in blue. The foot soldiers are also found in red, perhaps for sale in Canada.

5.00 Shooting pistol, blue. (NONE)

5.00 Shooting tommygun x waist, blue (NONE).

5.00 Standing shooting rifle, blue. (NONE)

5.00 Kneeling shooting bazooka. (NONE)

5.00 Advancing with rifle, blue. (NONE)

5.00 Throwing grenade, blue. (NONE).

5.00 Vehicle Driver, white. (NONE)

- NONE - Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, deep sea divers, metallic blue.

- 5.00 Construction worker, 45mm red. (1)

5.00 Remco Policeman holding pistol, factory painted. Made in China.(2)(

5.00 Remco Policeman drawing pistol, factory painted. Made in China.(1)

5.00 Remco Fireman with hose, factory painted. Made in China. (2)

5.00 Remco Fireman with mask and oxygen tank, factory painted. Made in China. (4)

10.00 Three unknown maker fireman, rubber like vinyl, factory painted. Remco figure in picture is to show scale and is not included.


Thanks to David Schafer for the ID on these figures. They are about 75-80mm in size.

6.00 Seated Driver, white, SP. (NONE)

6.00 Standing erect with pistol in right hand, white. (4)

6.00 Standing in a crouch with pistol in right hand, white. (2)

6.00 Standing shooting rifle, white. (3)

Yellow Accessories 4.00 Rifle. (NONE)

4.00 Pistol. (NONE)

4.00 Frying pan. (NONE)

4.00 Coffee cup. (NONE)

Other Parts

5.00 Vinyl reins piece, black. (NONE)

5.00 Wheel hub cap, orange HP. (NONE)

4.00 Box lid for left side, orange. (NONE)

4.00 Wheels, yellow SP. (3)

4.00 Small wheel for under the wagon tongue, yellow.

6.00 Horse, white, SP. (1)

6.00 No. 282 Ambulance, silver.

NONE - No. 283 45mm US Army Armored Car, ( 3.00 MISSING FRONT SET OF WHEELS).

6.00 No. 284 30mm US Army Tank.(2), (3.00 missing one set of under wheels (1), turret wants to fall off if upside down (1)).

6.00 No. 285 Field Gun. (NONE)

6.00 No. 286 45mm US Army Howitzer. (NONE)

6.00 No. 287 Jeep 45mm (bigger than Marx).(1)

6.00 No. 288 Guided Missile. NONE IN STOCK

Renwal name may be blobbed over which indicates the plane was sold by Plasticraft after they bought the mold about 1959.

5.00 No. 164 Army Thunder Jet, SP; 2 blue, 4 yellow, 3 army green.

5.00 No. 166 Navy Panther Jet, SP; 2 yellow, 3 red, 2 army green.

5.00 No. 281 USAF Jet, SP; NONE.

Vehicles are about 3 inches long, made of hard plastic and roll on separate wheels.

6.00 146 Fire Truck; 2 red.

6.00 145 Fire Truck with stack in back; 1 yellow.

6.00 148 Gas/oil truck; 1 blue, 2 red, 3 yellow.

6.00 149 Pickup Truck; 1 red, 1 yellow.

2.00 147 Convertible with BROKEN WINDSHIELD; 1 red.

NONE 189 Motorcycle.

NONE Doll house mother, articulated, fleshytan.

NONE Doll house girl, articulated, bluegreen.

Animal Hospital


15.00 Veterinarian. (NONE)

8.00 Animal cage; NONE.

5.00 Poodle, HP; NONE IN STOCK, (2.00 MISSING LEFT REAR FOOT; 1 gray, 1 redbrown).

5.00 Dachshund, HP; NONE.

5.00 Cocker Spaniel, HP; NONE.

5.00 Bulldog, HP; NONE.

5.00 Boxer, HP; 1 butterscotch, (3.00 1 redbrown with small melt marks).

5.00 Cat, HP; NONE.

2.50 Food Bowl; 4 butterscotch, 2 gray.

NONE - Reissue Animal Hospital animals, cages and accessories. Each set has; 3 double room cages, 6 animals, 6 food bowls and one waste basket. Colors will vary; ()

These animals were first made by Renwal in the late 50s for their zoo playset. Renwal decided to get out of the toy business and concentrate on their model kits and sold off their toy molds in the 1959/60 period. Plasticraft bought a number of the molds like the Viking Ship, Panama Canal, drawbridge and zoo sets and sold the items in their own packaging. Pictures courtesy David Schafer.



The "Rubinstein" figures were originally used as cereal premiums. Rubenstein then sold them in header card bags in the US, but the molds also went to Europe where they were run in a couple of countries. One of the Warriors of the World figures we recently obtained is marked MADE IN ENGLAND which we think is where all of these molds were made. We do no know who made them, but the; knights, cowboys & Indians are copies of Marx six inch figure poses.

- Marking seen under one of three Warriors of the World Highlanders recently turned up. SEE CEREAL PREMIUM SALES PAGE FOR AVAILABILITY


15.00 Schaper 1/32 bridge. Two piece, brown, HP, (Airfix figures shownn for scale and are not included).


Sinclair gas station used the small Tim-Mee dinosaurs and cave men as give away premiums. Large dinosaurs were made and sold at the 1964 Worlds Fair. The dinosaurs above are solid and similar to those made by Marx. Pictures were made to each be nine inches long so biggest dinosaur, the Brontosaurus, appears to be smallest. This mold moved around in later years with the dinosaurs sold by several companies. In the early 1980s they were included in a Dimensions for Children Co playset. We can not tell the difference between a 1964 made example and ones made in the 1990s so have listed them all together.

15.00 Brontosaurus, NO NAME; NONE.

20.00 Tyrannosaurus Rex, NO TEETH, HAS NAME; 2 lighter green.

12.00 Tyrannosaurus Rex, WITH TEETH, NO NAME; 4 dark red, 6 dark brown, 2 gray.

12.00 Trachodon, NAME ON BELLY; 3 brown.

8.00 Trachodon, NAME ON LEFT SIDE OF TAIL; 3 darker green, 1 lighter green, 1 brown.

8.00 Trachodon, NAME ON RIGHT SIDE OF TAIL; 1 dark blue, 2 darker green.

8.00 Ankylosaurus, NAME ON LEFT SIDE; 1 brown.

8.00 Ankylosaurus, NAME ON RIGHT SIDE; 1 darker blue.

8.00 Triceratops, NAME ON LEFT SIDE OF TAIL; 1 red, 1 blue, 1 brown.

8.00 Stegosaurus, NAME ON LEFT SIDE; 1 red.

8.00 Stegosaurus, NAME ON RIGHT SIDE; 1 redbrown, 1 lighter green, 4 brown, 2 blue, 2 yellowgreen.

The Sinclair Stegosaurus has a very pointy snout when compared to either the MPC (seen above) or Marx (not pictured) examples.

Also sold at the 1964 World's fair were even larger blow molded dinosaurs. 45mm Marx caveman in picture shows scale.

20.00 Stegosaurus; 1 bronze.

25.00 Hadrosaurus; NONE.

20.00 Tyranosaurus; NONE.

20.00 Brontosaurus; NONE.

7.50 Ankylosaurus; 1 green RIGHT HORN BROKEN OFF as seen in picture above.

25.00 Trachodon; NONE, (16.00 Smaller size; 1 light gray).

20.00 Triceratops; NONE.

later Sinclair made a new blow molded Brontosaurus with a slot on the top to be used as a coin bank. Note the World's Fair example has gut aways around the legs where as the bank is solid.

10.00 Brontosaurus coin bank, kids name written on sides and base seam coming apart a bit.


Stuart set as sold by Midwest distributor The Toy House.

Photo courtesy Mike Germain.

Figures with horses and accessories


5.00 Roy Rogers; 5 cream.

6.00 Roy Rogers; 1 red.

5.00 Dale Evans; 2 cream.

5.00 Pat Brady; 6 cream.

6.00 Bullet, running; 2 cream, 1 red.

3.00 Pioneer/Indian rider; 2 light blue.

2.00 Pioneer/Indian Rider; 7 tan, 9 red, 6 white, 1 pink copy.


3.00 Rifle; NONE.

4.00 Coonskin hat. NONE

3.00 Indian headress; 1 white.

3.00 Cowboy hat; NONE.

3.00 Indian tomahawk; NONE.

Horses and Tack

Cream and white horses tend to be dirty.

5.00 Rearing horse; 1 cream.

8.00 Walking horse; 2 redbrown.

5.00 Walking horse; 2 white, 6 black, 2 tan.

10.00 Running horse; NONE.

6.00 Bridle; 1 black.

5.00 Saddle; 2 black, 2 white, 1 green, 1 red.

1.00 Marx saddle damaged so looks like Stuart saddle. (7)

6.00 Pack horse lead reins; NONE.

15.00 Travois; NONE.

5.00 Blanket roll or pack; NONE.

- 2.00 Horse copy, hollow body, no saddle or reins. (1)



- 2.00 Cow; 1 white and black.

Picture of the family mother courtesy Stad.

10.00 Female cashier. (NONE)

10.00 Stockboy in apron with bag and six pack, cream. (NONE)

10.00 Butcher in apron, cream. (NONE)

8.00 Father, came out of the mold hot and is slightly misshaped.

10.00 Son seated on floor. (NONE)

8.00 Daughter holding doll, dirty. (1 base has a crimp)

10.00 Mother with purse. (NONE)


NONE - Rocket Launcher. Has original box that is in poor shape. Spring shooting rocket works + 2 copies of LIDO GIs. 1950s era.

NONE - TICO TOYS, Lido GIs copies header bag.


Fantasy figures

2.00 Knight sword & shield in, blue.(5)

2.00 Knight sword & shield out, blue. (5)

2.00 Knight with bow, blue. (7)

2.00 Barbarian with ball & chain; 1 black.

2.00 Barbarian with club; 4 black, 2 brown.


Fantasy Figures

1.00 Short with large ax, green.(NONE)

1.00 With bow, green. (8)


5.00 EACH Swoppet Indians (based upon Timpo figures)



Tupperware "Busy Blocks" figures. 26 Different figures came with a set of plastic blocks sold by Tupperware. The blocks opened up and the figures nested inside. Each corresponds to a letter of the alphabet. They range from 15-45mm in scale. See News & reviews page for more information. Many come in two slightly different variations usually with different bases.

1.00 EACH

Airplane. (NONE)

Boat. (1)

Camel. (1)

Dog. (2)

NONE - Elephant, smaller base.

Elephant, larger base. (1)

Fox. (NONE)

Giraffe. (1)

Horse. (2)

NONE - Indian.


Kangaroo. (1)

Lion. (NONE)

Monkey. (NONE)

Nurse. (NONE)

NONE - Owl, smaller base.

Owl, larger base. (1)

NONE - Pig, smaller base.

Pig, larger base. (1)

Queen. (2)

NONE - Rabbit.

NONE - Seal, NO BALL, larger base.

NONE - Seal, BALL ON NOSE, smaller base.

Train. (NONE)

Unicorn. (2)

NONE - Violin, no base.

NONE - Violin with base.

Whale with base. (1)

NONE - Whale no base version.

NONE - Xylophone.

Yacht. (2)

Zebra. (NONE)


3.00 Small Rat Fink, blue SP.

3.00 Small Mickey Mouse, red HP.

5.00 Metal Hockey table game player.

5.00 Pair of soft plastic monkeys 1/30th scale.

5.00 Woodstock from Peanuts.

- 5.00 Hollow plastic copy of Barclay skier, NO SKI POLES.

2.00 54mm Civilian driver, yellow, SP.

5.00 Stryfe Marvel figure 60mm Alien/monster, blue, SP, probably made in Cetral or South America.

NONE 60/70mm GI Joe Snake Eyes Timber the Wolf, gray, HP.

- 3.00 Soldier with grenade and tommygun. About 3 inches tall. (2)

10.00 Ardee train as seen above. Maybe "N" scale.

1.00 Mermaid, 30/35mm, maybe cocktail glass hanger; 12 blue, 20 green.

5.00 With pistol pointed down, NO chain; NONE.

5.00 With pistol pointed up, NO chain; NONE.

5.00 With rifle at waist, NO chain; NONE.

5.00 Holding microphone? at chest, NO chain; NONE.

- 5.00 Dancer doing the swim, about 90-100mm in size, HP, painted; 1 Yellow shirt.

8.00 Seven different gray HP plastic tools, up to about 3 inches in length. (2)

1.00 Four inch yellow, HP shovel.

- 2.00 Indian, 45mm, hole in base for canoe attachmet?; 1 red, 1 blue, 3 yellow.

3.00 GI with handie talkie.

3.00 Unknown Popsickle stick soldier.


See Dillon Beck section in A-O page for availability.


An interesting company they copied the Timmee line for their Cowboys and Indians. They copied Ideal for their GIs. The GIs were made in a plastic very similar to the Timmee figures and it is supposed that a Timmee (or exTimmee) employee was some how involved as Werner was also located in Illinois. One sure way to tell them apart from Tim-mee figure is the mold cavity number found on the back of each Werner western figure.

All 6 Werner Indians

4.00 WR1A Kneeling shooting bow; NONE (2.00 NO ARROWHWAD; 1 green, 1 gray, 1 brown).

3.00 WR1B Right hand up Rifle in left; 1 light brown,(1.00 SHORT RIFLE TIP; 1 off white OR NO FEATHER; 1 green).

3.00 WR1C Scouting, rifle in right hand (Tim-Mee mirror image); 1 gray.

3.00 WR1D Crawling w/ rifle; NONE.

3.00 WR1E Standing shooting bow; 1 red, 1 green.

3.00 WR1F Crawling w/ tomahawk, shirt, (Tim-Mee no shirt); 1 brown, 2 green.

All 6 Werner Foot Cowboys

3.00 WR2A Standing shooting rifle (Tim-Mee has gunbelt); 1 yellow, 1 cream, 1 gray, 1 brown, 1 red.

3.00 WR2B In crouch w/ rifle, chaps (Tim-Mee no chaps); 1 brown.

3.00 WR2C Sheriff w/ 2 pistols, boots (Tim-Mee rolled up pants); 1 gray.

4.00 WR2D With Lasso, shoes (Tim-Mee has cowboy boots); 1 white.

4.00 WR2E Kneeling shooting rifle; 1 gray, 1 green, 1 yellow.

5.00 WR2F Kneeling with 2 pistols, back arm up (Tim-Mee back arm down); 1 green, 2 brown.

Mounted or wagon Cowboy.

Werner GIs

, Top Row

4.00 Kneeling shooting carbine. (4)

4.00 Advancing with rifle, in crouch. (1)

4.00 Bayonetting. (6).

4.00 Standing shooting rifle. (2)

4.00 Standing shooting bazooka. (9).

4.00 Advancing with BAR at waist. (2)

4.00 Throwing grenade. (4).

Bottom Row

8.00 Seated shooting target range style. (NONE)

8.00 Kneeling with handie talkie. (NONE)

8.00 Prone shooting rifle.(NONE)

8.00 Stretcher bearer, (NONE)

8.00 Stretcher. (NONE).

8.00 Wounded man. (NONE).

8.00 Prone shooting MG (NONE).


Wilton of Chicago had several series of figures made for them in Hong Kong in the 1970s and 80s. Some seem to be based on other existing figures.

NONE - Four Circus acts.

3.00 EACH Baseball Players 54./60mm in scale, hard plastic factory painted dated 1981


Wilton of Chicago made copies of Britains swoppets and Marx Babes in Toyland toy soldiers among other figures. The Babes in Toy Land are made of hard plastic and hand painted.

4.00 EACH

Marching drummer. (10), (2.00 MISSING ONE DRUMSTICK; 2)

Marching with trumpet. (12)

Marching with rifle. (7), (2.00 MISSING RIFLE TIP; 2)


Made small hard plastic cars sold and at least one horse selling as ALL METAL TOYS.

Cars have a license plate marking of; Y&. which thanks to Tom Wiberg has been translate to mean Y AND DOT a clever company name logo.