12.00 Marx reissue undersea or space or land recovery vehicle with accessories AND with clear dome; 2 RED 2 YELLOW, & 2 OLIVE GREEN IN STOCK.

14.95 Marx reissue Palm trees & ferns as outer space plants (1 IN STOCK).

Examples of Marx Mystery Ship 30mm Figures

A small set with a wind up gyro space ship + astronauts, aliens and a few accessories. The figures and accessories were all in one mold and run in both green and orange colors. They were then split up so each set would have astronauts in one color and aliens in the other with the accessories being a mix.

1.00 EACH Astronauts, 2.00 EACH Aliens from Marx Mystery Ship

Astronaut on rock; NONE.

Astronaut pointing; NONE.

Astronaut floating with wrench; NONE.

Astronaut saying "hey where is my space suit?"; NONE.

Astronaut walking hand to helmet visor; NONE.

Alien with four arms; NONE.

Alien in crouch both hands down; NONE.

Alien in helmet left hand up; NONE.

Alien with pistol in left hand; NONE.

Alien with right hand up; NONE.

Alien with pistol in right hand; NONE.

2.00 Rocket; NONE.

NONE - Launcher.

OUT OF STOCK - Marx RECAST Space Ranger items; Fourteen 30/35mm Figures (8 astronauts & 6 aliens) + three rockets with launcher (you supply spring) + two other items (I am not sure of their use). A mix of off whites & grays. Pretty much the same figures as the Marx Mystery ship figures except the two astronauts with big hoops on their heads. You will get at least one of each of the four accessory items and duplicates of one or two. The assortment varies from bag to bag. COLORS VARY.

Small maybe 30mm in scale. Made in metallic colors.


Reissues of the spaceships in bright colors were made in Mexico in the 1990s.

7.00 Style A; NONE.

7.00 Style B; NONE.

7.00 Style C; NONE.

7.00 Style D; NONE.

Small 1/72 scale gray copies with factory paint of Marx 45mm Space Patrol figures were made in the 1950s/60s and were sold on blister cards and perhaps in "gum ball" machines. These figures can also be found in a variety of unpainted colors.

NONE - Twenty one 1/72 copies of Marx Space patrol figures in all 8 poses. You will get two of each pose + 5 random figures. ()

The Space patrol figures were made in tan and shades of redbrown/orange. They are made of rubber like vinyl. The mold had one each of the two aliens and two women and two each of the 8 men. Sets that had only 10 figures would then not get one of the aliens and one of the women.

8.00 Alien in face mask; NONE.

8.00 Alien with big ears, waving; NONE.

8.00 Woman standing; NONE.

8.00 Woman climbing; NONE.

5.00 Man pointing; 1 tan vinyl.

5.00 Small man with pistol; NONE.

5.00 Man standing erect with pistol; NONE.

5.00 Man hunched over with big pistol; NONE.

5.00 Major Robertson at attention; NONE.

5.00 Man holding up two hoops;NONE.

5.00 Man seated; NONE IN STOCK.

5.00 Man throwing punch; NONE.

This mold contained 20 cavities and has the figures known as "Rex Mars" or "generic" space figures. There were two of the figure "floating in space", and one each of the other 12 humans and 6 aliens/robots. Playsets would have multiples of this grouping depending upon size. Most of these figures exist with and without bases (the mold was altered). In early sets they were usually made in blue or yellow rubber like vinyl. In later years they were made of soft plastic in blue, silver, cream, metallic blue and a variety of other colors.

4.00 EACH Generic/"Rex Mars" Space Figures

Rubber like vinyl unless otherwise noted (SP = soft plastic).

MX602 Woman walking;

BASE; 1 metallic blue SP.


MX603 Floating in space (always w/ base); NONE.

MX604 Looking through device;



MX605 Walking with Geiger counter;

BASE; 1 blue vinyl.

NO BASE; 1 blue vinyl no antennae.

MX606 Standing with Walkie Talkie;

BASE; 1 blue vinyl.


MX607 Kneeling adjusting robot (never with base); 1 blue vinyl.

MX608 Walking with large pistol;

BASE; NONE, (2.00 SHORT GUN TIP-looks good; 1 blue vinyl), (5.00 1 orange vinyl.

NO BASE; NONE, (2.00 SHORT GUN TIP ;ppks good; 1 blue vinyl).

MX609 Hands over head holding separate(not included) helmet;


NO BASE; 1 blue vinyl.

MX610 Injured man being supported (may not have been made with base);



MX611 Supporting injured man;

BASE; 1 metallic blue SP.


MX612 With hose;

BASE; 2 blue vinyl. 1 metallic blue SP, 1 blue SP.


MX613 Walking with 3 legged container;

BASE; 2 blue vinyl.


MX614 Walking with small pistol (may not have been made with a base);




10.00 Looking through device, red, food premium.(1)

This mold had 20 cavities. It contained two each of Tom Corbett standing hands on hips, seated driver figure and figure sitting reading a book + one each of the other 12 humans and two aliens. The Tom Corbet figures were usually made in gray rubber like vinyl in earlier years and soft plastic in later years.


Figures are gray rubber like vinyl unless noted (SP = soft plastic).

MX629 Pushing something; NONE.

MX630 Climbing separate ladder; NONE.

MX632 Sitting scratching head; NONE.

MX633 Seated as if driving; NONE.

MX634 With microphone; NONE.

MX635 Looking through sextant; BASE; 1 gray rubber with painted hat, NO BASE, 1 gray vinyl.

MX636 Throwing punch, left hand forward, right arm back; NONE.

MX637 Fighting, arms out; 1 gray SP

MX638 Kneeling with pistol; NONE.

MX639 Running, wearing cap; 1 gray vinyl with base.

MX640 With paper in right hand; BASE: NONE, NO BASE NONE.

MX641 With arms in the air. NONE.

4.00 MX644 Tom Corbet hands on belt; NO BASE; 1 gray vinyl, BASE: 2 gray vinyl, 2 gray SP, (6.00 1 blue vinyl with base).

MX645 Sitting with book on leg; 4 gray vinyl, 4 gray SP.

MX646 Woman with hands on hips; NO BASE: NONE, BASE: NONE.


All seven 45mm Space Aliens

Six of the seven (except crawling pose) were included in the Generic "Rex Mars" mold. The big ears and face mask poses were also found in the Space Patrol mold, and the big ears and crawling poses were in the Tom Corbet mold. So the crawling figure seems hardest to find and the big ears figure the most common. SP figures have bases while earlier rubber like vinyl can be found with and without bases.

6.00 EACH

Martian walking with microphone; 2 silver SP.

Martian with arms folded across chest; 2 bright green SP.

Alien walking with pistol; NONE.

Robot walking; NONE .

Alien with face mask and pistol; 1 blue vinyl.

Alien with big ears waving; 1 blue vinyl.

8.00 Martian crawling with pistol; NONE.

ORIGINAL VINTAGE 1950s ACCESSORIES. made in light blue & gold.



10.00 Reissue Marx PL-469 Space Academy inside accessories. Made in a semisoft red plastic. (5 IN STOCK)

54 and 60mm Figures

First Series 54mm Silver Astronauts

This mold was made in 1961. PL-1120 had 16 cavities that included two different 2pc "bell" suits + 12 figures in 9 poses with three of the poses in duplicate. The seated figure was also used in the space capsule mold (PL-1119) and the pointing astronaut was put into the revised ground crew mold about 1960.

3.00 Pointing; 1 flat tan, 2 cream, 1 waxy flesh.

3.00 Climbing rock one foot up; 7 silver.

3.00 Climbing rock both feet on rock; NONE.

3.00 Seated; 4 silver, 7 red.

3.00 Space walking with wrench; 19 silver.

3.00 Walking hand to face visor; NONE.

3.00 Space walking with camera; NONE.

15.00 Standing arms out + 2 piece suit; NONE.(

3.00 Standing arms out, NO SUIT; NONE.

12.00 Large two piece suit, silver. (NONE)

15.00 Standing arms out holding tool + other smaller 2pc suit, silver. (NONE)

3.00 Standing arms out holding tool, NO SUIT; 1 silver.

6.00 Small suit front half. (1)

The Apollo astronauts are also called the "60mm" astronauts although they are more like 58mm in scale. They were made in white and bright orange. The mold PL-1503 had 34 cavities making two "sets" of 17 pieces as seen above. There were two different rockets, a small thin box and 14 figures in 12 poses in each "set". One duplicate was the man walking with ring hand as it took two of this pose to "carry" the thin box. Based on what we have seen the other duplicate is the figure with the hammer. As the mold made two sets the second duplicate could be different between the two 17 piece sets. This was the last playset figure mold Marx made and these figures were not put into playsets as complete 17 piece sets so it is difficult to determine the mold contents. Six of the poses were also made (PL-1500) in the 6 inch scale, usually in white.


2.00 Rocket with fins, may have decals; NONE.

2.00 Rocket, NO fins, may have decals; NONE.

4.00 Thin box; NONE.

3.00 Astronaut holding flag; NONE.

3.00 Space walking; 1 white.

2.00 With metal detector; NONE.

2.00 With small scoop and bag; 1 white.

2.00 Walking dragging bag; 1 white.

2.00 Walking carrying box; 1 white.

2.00 Walking swinging arms; 1 white.

2.00 Digging with shovel; 1 white.

2.00 Walking ring hand; NONE.

2.00 With camera at chest; 2 orange.

2.00 With cube shaped scoop at side; 1 white.

2.00 With hammer and long spike with box; 1 white.

SOLD - 4206 GALAXY COMMAND boxed playset from the final year of Marx (1979. Looks to be near complete. There is a small crack in one of the vacuform pieces (see picture) and damage to three hard plastic pieces; trailer has railing split on one side and the disc helical radar antennae and the standard radar have broken attachment pegs. Box is a C6-7 and has insert.

NONE - Six Inch Astronaut with camera at chest, white. ()

Like many of their figure molds the Marx ground crew mold had 16 cavities. The original mold made in 1959 had two each of six poses and one each of four poses (see photo above). In 1961 the mold was revised (thanks to Rusty Kern of PLAYSET MAGAZINE for the date information) and one of the two figures "holding gloves up" was replaced with a fully suited astronaut pointing (see picture below). We have seen the later mold shot figures including the astronaut in all the colors except metallic blue (this pose is also included in the silver astronaut mold and a smaller version in the Disneyland playset figure mold).

20.00 Matching set, 2nd series with astronaut; NONE.

15.00 RECAST set, 2nd series with astronaut, silver. (1)

Space Sets 54mm Ground Crew> 1.00 EACH

Standing w/ fire hose in hood; 7 light blue, 5 flat tan, 7 metallic blue, 13 waxy flesh, 3 dirty cream.

With tank, wearing hood; 13 waxy flesh, 4 flat tan, 5 metallic blue, 5 light blue, 1 cream.

Running w/ hose; 1 waxy tasn, 2 metallic blue.

With microphone looking up; 1 cream.

With fire extinguisher; .

With Geiger counter; 10 metallic blue, 8 waxy flesh, 1 cream.

With papers, waving glove; 3 flat tan, 18 metallic blue, 3 cream, 3 light blue, 1 waxy flesh.

Squatting with wrench; 10 metallic blue, 3 light blue, 1 dark gray, 1 waxy flash, 2 cream.

With wrench pointing up; 7 metallic blue, 11 flat tan, 2 cream.

2.00 Officer in cap; NONE.

60mm Spacemen w/ plug on heads and front/backpacks, factory painted.

4.00 Hands at sides. (NONE)

4.00 With Radar dish overhead. (NONE)

4.00 MX932 Kneeling w/ ray gun & detector. (NONE)

70mm Space Figures

6.00 Robot looking mad; NONE,(2.00 NOSE CHEWED; 1 silver).

6.00 Holding pistol up; NONE.

6.00 Walking with box; 1 silver.

6.00 Holding pistol out; NONE.

6.00 Running, left foot up; 1 metallic green.

6.00 Standing with tall skinny device; NONE (3.00 SPLIT IN WIRE; 1 metallic blue).

6.00 Kneeling with telephone; 1 metallic green.

6.00 Walking with rifle; NONE.

2.00 REISSUE clear helmet. (6)

19.00 All eight figures in gray + 7 helmets. (3)


Robot looking mad; NONE.

Pointing pistol up; NONE.

Walking with box (Geiger counter?); NONE

Pointing gun out to the right; NONE.

Running; NONE.

Standing with tall skinny device; NONE.

Kneeling with phone; NONE.

Walking with rifle; NONE.

OUT OF STOCK - RECAST Four inch silver space figures 8 in 8 poses + 7 clear plastic helmets. ()

OUT OF STOCK - Reissue Marx Cape Canaveral playset More stuff than is in the picture. Three sets of 45mm airforce figures (60-66 total), bag of construction workers, two white rocket launchers with multi-piece rockets, one orange rocket launcher with 3 black rockets (NO rubber tips, 3 blue saucer launchers, gray accessories, tin building and wall with plastic top piece, decals and instruction sheet. Great Christmas present.


4.00 Reissue space rocket cannon, light tan. NO SPRING. (5 IN STOCK)

blister card, NONE. Picture courtesy David Schafer.

20.00 Space capsule, complete with astronaut; OUT OF STOCK.

Rescue Helicopter.


3.00 Winch inside piece; 1 olive green.

Ground vehicles.


- NONE. Picture courtesy David Schafer. - NONE - Operating gantry.

15.00 Saucer launcher with two saucers. DOES NOT WORK.

NONE - Spring loaded missile launcher.

- NONE - Compass used with this and the NIKE launchers, working.

NONE - Orange rubber band (needs replacement)rocket/missile launcher with missile.

Launchers & rockets.

4.00 Blue HP launcher with spring (NO ROCKET).(NONE)

4.00 Blue HP rocket base + silver soft rubber tip.(NONE)

NONE - Black rocket missile with rubber tip for rubber band powered orange launcher (not pictured). (1)

2.00 NIKE rocket, SP; NONE.

NONE - NIKE launcher, white, needs spring.

3.00 RECAST/REISSUE NIKE launcher, missing rounded clip on spring holder, green with gray missile. (7)

4115 Star Station Seven Playset;


Moon Base Accessories

6.00 Space Station Tower, 5 piece, SP, NO clicker; NONE.

4.00 Space Platform; NONE.

2.00 Top Piece to space platform; NONE

2.00 Escape Capsule Recovery Unit, SP; NONE.

3.00 Signal Blinker, SP; NONE.

4.00 Disc Helical antenna, 4pc; NONE.

2.00 Disc helical antennae, base only; 1 yellow.

2.00 Disc helical antennae, Antennae for one side; 1 bright red.

2.00 Dual Directional Antenna, SP; NONE.

2.00 Solar Battery, SP; NONE.

Moon Base Vehicles

8.00 Prime Mover, HP; NONE.

6.00 Missile Trailer, with stand bar, HP; NONE.

6.00 Fuel Carrier, with black wheels, HP; NONE.

5.00 Vehicle with plow, HP; NONE.

5.00 Vehicle with hoist, with black wheels, HP; NONE, (3.00 Hoist hook broken off & gone; 1 dirty white, 1 light blue).

3.00 HP X shaped Axle & Fuel Carrying Balloon Wheels; NONE.

2.00 hp X shaped axle, NO WHEELS; NONE.

NONE - All the white vehicle pieces in sealed playset bag. NEED BAG OF BLACK WHEELS to complete.

Marx made a small "exploding" mountain for their WWII playsets which were made in brown hard plastic. it was then used in the Moon Base playsets in light green. Picture above shows both versions (MISSING TRIGGER). It was reissued without a spring or trigger in the 1990s in a bronze color.

20.00 Moon base exploding mountain (NO TRIGGER), light green. (OUT OF STOCK)

PL-470 Space Academy Outdoor accessories

The mold produced 17 pieces that made 11 assembled items. Usually made in a silver color hard plastic, but later sets used pieces made in blue, orange and yellow as well.

NONE Observation tower with sliding door silver HP.

2.00 3pc Searchlight; NONE(2.00 NO BACK PIECE; 1 yellow HP).

1.00 Searchlight back piece; 1 silver.

1.00 Searchlight base; 1 silver.

3.00 3pc Radar unit; NONE.

1.00 Radar unit base; 4 silver, 1 yellow.

2.00 Tiered supply cabinet; 1 yellow SP, (1.00 WITH CRACK; 2 silver).

2.00 Finned gravity chamber; NONE.

4.00 2pc Fuel tank; NONE.

1.00 Camera on stand; 9 silver, 3 yellow HP.

1.00 Fire hose on stand; 5 silver.

1.00 Disc Siren on stand; 1 yellow HP, 1 yellow SP.

1.00 Telescope on stand; 14 silver, 1 yellow HP, 1 yellow SP.

15.00 Reissue PL-470 space academy outdoor accessories, 17 pieces making 11 items, hard plastic. (1 ARMY GREEN IN STOCK).

15.00 Reissue Marx PL-470 Space Academy outside accessories. Made in a semisoft light green plastic. (5 IN STOCK)

OUT OF STOCK - Reissue Marx PL-470 Space Academy outside accessories. Made in a semisoft silver plastic. ()

OUT OF STOCK - Rex Mars Planet Patrol Gate, "tin" litho.

OUT OF STOCK - Tom Corbett Space Academy gate, tin litho. ()

NONE - Tom Corbett Space Academy wall, tin litho.

NONE - Cape Canaveral "tin" (pressed steel) building.

NONE - Cape Canaveral "tin" (pressed steel) fence.

- NONE - Tin 50 Star tin litho flag with plastic pole & base. ()