Marx Dogs & Cats


One of the earliest (circa 1950) molds Marx made (PL-80) had cat and dog figures for doll houses. The mold had 12 cavities making 3 sets. The four animals in the top row made up one set. We have seen these in rubber like vinyl and hard plastic. They are not easy to find.


OUT OF STOCK - Comical dog lying down.

10.00 Cocker Spaniel puppy, rubber like vinyl; 1 brown.

12.00 Cat lying; NONE.

OUT OF STOCK - Cat walking, rubber like vinyl;.


These animals were made by Thomas Toys. Interesting note the walking dachshund comes in two varieties, with and without a collar. Tim-Mee made a copy of the Thomas cat for their farm sets



5.00 EACH Pet Shop Dogs, 60mm;

These were made about 1952 and can be found in rubber like vinyl and polyethylene soft plastic. They were included with Pet Shop playsets, Pet Shop trucks and red polka dot boxes and individually in counter displays. We believe that one dog chosen at random was included in each of the early farm playsets.

rubber = rubber like Vinyl, SP = Polyethylene soft plastic. MX numbers are from Tim Gepperts guide.

40.00 All ten dogs, rubber like vinyl, color mix.

MX263A Poodle; Rubber; 1 white, 3 brown, 5 redbrown, SP; 1 cream.

MX263B Scottie; Rubber; 1 white, SP; NONE.

MX263C Boxer; Rubber; 1 redbrown, SP; 1 cream, 1 darker brown.

MX263D Bulldog; Rubber; 2 cream, 7 redbrown, SP; NONE.

MX263E Cocker Spaniel; Rubber; 11 redbrown, 1 dark brown, 2 brown, 1 cream, SP; 1 cream.

MX263F Beagle; Rubber; 12 redbrown, SP; NONE.

MX263G Labrador Retriever, Rubber; 2 brown, 9 redbrown, 1 white SP; NONE.

MX263H Boston Terrier; Rubber; 7 redbrown, 2 cream, SP; 1 brown.

MX263I Irish Setter; Rubber; 1 brown, SP; 1 cream, 1 dirty cream.

MX263J Dachshound; Rubber; 1 white, SP: NONE.

Pet Shop Hard Plastic Animals

Above shown 100% (most pictures 60%).

The Pet Shop playset also came with a set of hard plastic animals including; puppies, bunnies and birds. We have seen them in red and dark tan hard plastic.

NONE - Standing puppy, HP; ().

NONE - Sitting puppy, HP; ().

NONE - Sitting bunny, HP; ().

NONE - Lying bunny, HP; ().

NONE - Parrot, HP; ().

NONE - Pet carrier, HP; ().

NONE - Dog bed, HP; ().

NONE - Aquarium, HP. ()

10.00 RECAST Pet Shop cage and accessories, 8 pieces, brown. (1 IN STOCK)


About 1954 Marx made another mold of 10 dogs, PL-593. These dogs were in the smaller 54mm scale Marx was changing to and called "Champion Dogs". One way they were sold was on a blister card (see above) that contained all 10 dogs. We have seen them in; white, gray, tan and browns.


Airedale; 1 redbrown, (1.00 no tail; 1 redbrown).

English Bulldog; NONE.

Boxer; 1 gray, 1 white.

German Shepherd; NONE.

Pointer; 2 white, (NO TAIL; 1 redbrown, 1 white).

French Poodle; 2 gray, 3 redbrown.

Setter; 2 white, 3 redbrown, 3 gray.

Cocker Spaniel; 2 white, 1 redbrown, 1 gray.

Doberman; 1 light gray.

Basset Hound; NONE.




Display stand photo courtesy of Darryl McKinney.

About 1967 Marx made another dog mold, PL-1396. It had 14 cavities with new poses (bottom two rows of dogs in the above picture). This mold and the Champion dog mold PL-593 with 10 different dogs (top two rows in the above picture) were sent to Hong Kong where they were run in hard plastic and painted. They could be purchased in individual, boxes or in sets that might contain all 24 of the newly named "Blue Ribbon Dogs" (as seen above). They were also given a more glossy coat of paint and sold as "ceramic" like dogs to compete with the small ceramic sets of animals that were popular in the 1960s.

4.00 EACH

Cocker Spaniel. (NONE)

French Poodle, NONE.

English Bulldog, NONE.

German Shepherd. (NONE)

Gordon Setter. (2)

Pointer. NONE

Irish Terrier. (2)

Boxer. (3)

Doberman Pinscher. (NONE)

Basset Hound. (1)

Pekinese. (NONE)

English Sheep dog. (NONE)

Saint Bernard. (NONE)

Pomeranian. (NONE)

Labrador Retriever, NONE

Dachshund, NONE.

English Shepherd (Collie). (NONE)

Borzoi, NONE.

Beagle, NONE.

Mastiff, NONE.

Boston terrier. NONE

Greyhound, NONE.

Bedlington, NONE.

Norwegian Elkhound. (NONE)


20.00 hard Plastic milking cow, tail can pump up and down and udder unscrews. may have had a rubber bladder to hold "milk".

Marx made a nice set of 30-35mm farm animals, the ones seen in brown above, including the farmer and wife. The cream color animals ware misidentified as Marx and are actually made by Littletown (eventually bought by Bachmann Brothers for their plasticville line. Thanks to Rick Koch for the Littletown identification.

Rubber = rubber like vinyl, SP = polyethylene soft plastic.

3.00 Farmer with rope; 1 brown rubber, 2 cream SP, (1.00 K-Line REISSUE in HP pink flesh; 1).

3.00 Farm woman with bucket; 1 waxy tan vinyl, 1 cream SP, (1.00 K-Line REISSUE in HP pink flesh; 1).

3.00 Cow eating; NONE.

3.00 Chubby horse walking; 2 cream SP.

3.00 Longer pig; 2 cream SP.

3.00 Goat; NONE.


3.00 Standing thinner horse; 3 cream vinyl

3.00 Horse eating; 1 cream vinyl.

3.00 Cow looking ahead; NONE.

3.00 Short fatter pig; 7 cream vinyl.

5.00 Chicken; 3 cream vinyl

NONE - Marxville barn with all 8 yellow HO accessories + 11 pieces of coop fence.

Marxville farm accessories, yellow HP

3.00 Tractor. (NONE)

3.00 Empty Wagon. (1)

3.00 Vegetable wagon. (NONE)

3.00 Disc roller. (NONE)

3.00 Hay rake. (NONE)

3.00 Trough. (NONE)

3.00 Feed sack. (NONE)

3.00 Box on platform. NONE IN STOCK - may not belong see below.

OUT OF STOCK - RECAST Marx miniature farm accessories. Mold makes two sets of eight pieces and you will get one set in green and one in red. They were used with the 30/35mm figures in the Marxville line that competed with the Bachman Brothers Plasticville series.

In the mid 1960s Marx produced a wide variety of miniature playsets at their factory in Hong Kong. The hard plastic painted figures are called "HO" by collectors but they are a bit bigger than 1/72 scale. NONE IN STOCK. Picture courtesy Christopher Wallentine.

4.00 Seated farmer, cream, 3-4 inch size; NONE

4.00 Seated farmer 3-4 inch size; NONE. -


15.00 Original Gramps, cream SP, base marked; "GRAMPS" ROBERT MAXWELL ASSOCIATES 1955. (1)

15.00 Original Jeff, cream SP base marked; "JEFF" Robert Maxwell Associates 1955. (2)

20.00 Original Lassie, cream SP, hard to read markings on rounded belly. (1)


6.00 Set of 3 Reissue Lassie Character Figures, Gramps, Jeff and Lassie; 7 gray as seen above, bases marked with their name; 8 white hard plastic suitable for painting.

NONE, Tan, names removed.

60mm Farm Figures

60mm Farm Figures made in the 1950s are usually found in a rubber like vinyl. The mold was revised and bases were added to the standing adults. These revised figures are found in polyethylene soft plastic.

RUBBER = rubber like vinyl, SP = Polyethylene soft plastic.

3.00 MX712 Farm Wife; VINYL; 4 red, 2 gray, SP; 1 gray, 1 blue base warped.

3.00 MX713 Farmer w/ hoe; VINYL; 5 grays, 2 yellow, 6 red, 3 pinkish, 3 blue, 11 creams, SP; 2 blue, 5 gray (2.00 NO HOE; 1 gray).

3.00 MX714 Farmer crouching as if milking a cow; VINYL; 2 blue, dirty cream SP; NONE, (2.00 no stool leg; 1 cream/light gray rubber).

3.00 MX714A Scarecrow; VINYL; 1 light gray, 6 cream, 2 blue, 3 red, 2 pinkish; SP; 1 gray.

3.00 MX715 Boy w/ bucket; VINYL 1 cream, 5 blue, 2 red, 1 pinkish, SP; NONE, (2.00 REISSUE; 1 royal blue, 2 pink, 2 army green).

3.00 MX716 Man with shovel; VINYL; 2 cream, 2 blue, 3 gray, 1 pinkish, 4 red, SP; 5 gray.

Marx 54mm Farmers

15.00 All six 54mm farmers; NONE.

3.00 MX706 Farmer with pitchfork; NONE.

3.00 MX707 Farmer with hoe; 1 flat cream.

3.00 MX708 Farmer carrying sack; 2 flat cream cream.

3.00 MX709 Farmer with wrench; NONE.

3.00 MX710 Farmer carrying chicken, 2 flat cream.

3.00 MX711 Boy with bucket; NONE.


The first series animals are a confusing lot as they came from five molds! We thank Glenn Ridenour for helping us sort out the mold contents. Probably made in about 1950/51 they are as follow; The riding horse, standing and lying cows were in mold PL-162 (along with the "draft" horse, mule and mule pack). The adult pig, calf and colt were in mold PL-163. The trough, sheep, lamb, goat, and two piglets were in mold PL-164. The fowl; 1 Rooster, 1 sitting chicken, 3 chicks, 1 adult duck and 3 ducklings were in mold PL-165. Finally one of the Pet shop dogs was put in the group, we think at random. Obviously among the first molds Marx made this was a cumbersome system and lead to the arrival of the new new second series animal mold after a few years. With the exception of the special "pig mold" animals these figures were probably only made in a rubber like vinyl in the USA. Canadian playsets have these animals in soft plastic. Rubber = rubber like vinyl.


4.00 Riding horse; VINYL; 6 gray, 4 redbrowns, 1 dark brown, 2 cream, 2 dirty cream, SP; NONE, (RECAST 1.50; 2 silver).

4.00 Standing cow, VINYL; 2 grays, 1 tan, 1 cream, 1 redbrown, SP; 2 gray.

5.00 Lying down cow, VINYL; 2 very dark brown, 3 redbrown, 1 light brown, 1 lighter grays, 5 darker gray, SP; 2 gray.

3.00 Colt grazing, VINYL; 16 cream, 11 orangetan, 2 gray, SP; 1 cream, (1.00 RECAST; 2 gray).

1.00 RECAST colt grazing; 2 gray, 1 silver.

3.00 Calf bawling, VINYL; 10 cream, 5 orangish.

2.00 Adult Pig; VINYL; 4 cream, 4 orangetan, 1 white, SP; 1 cream, 8 brown.

5.00 Trough, VINYL; 2 cream, SP; NONE.

2.00 Goat; VINYL; 16 cream, 1 orangetan, 2 gray, SP; 2 waxy cream, 3 white, 1 brown.

2.00 Sheep grazing, VINYL; 1 cream, SP; NONE.

2.00 Lamb head up; VINYL; 2 redbrown, 2 cream, SP; 1 brown.

2.00 Piglet head down, VINYL; 35 cream, 2 orangish, SP; 2 waxy cream, 11 brown.

4.00 Chicken sitting on nest, VINYL; 7 cream, 1 white.

3.00 Rooster, VINYL; 11 cream, 7 white.

following fowl are listed below as they may be the same as 2nd series fowl but made in vinyl not soft plastic.

2.00 Adult rooster; 3 cream.

2.00 Adult duck, rubber; 15 cream, 2 white.

2.00 Adult pecking chicken, rubber; NONE.

.50 Chick, rubber; 5 cream, 23 white.

.50 Duckling, 9 cream, 19 white, 1 gray.

Pig Mold

Marx took the three adult pig cavities from PL-163 and added them to most of the PL-164 mold cavities to make a special "pig" mold, PL-164-A. Although records list this mold as having 10 cavities it actually has either 12 or 17. The 17 cavity version as seen above in a factory marked bag obtained from a former employee has; 2 troughs; 3 adult pigs, 6 piglets, 2 goats, 2 sheep and 2 lambs. The Sears Catalog shows some form of the pig mold contents included with the giant Farm set in 1956, and with an electric ALLSTATE train set from 1956-1958. Although first series poses, they were made of soft plastic polyethylene in in both cream and chocolate brown colors during this time period. A former Marx Girard (where Marx Train sets were made) employee ended up with a small horde of these bagged animals. He had both 6 piece and 12 piece sets. While awaiting the revised pig mold animals set of 12 pieces evidently two sets of PL-164 were included with some train sets. Each PL-164 set has 6 pieces; trough, goat, sheep, lamb & 2 piglets. The revised pig mold (no known PL number) had 12 pieces and each set was placed in an unmarked brown bag. This 12 piece set had; 1 trough, 3 adult pigs (from PL-163), 6 piglets & 2 lambs.

Old Girard Factory Stock bagged sets

NONE - PL-164A, 17 pieces + marked bag as seen above. ()

NONE - PL-164, 6 pieces + marked bag. ()

NONE - 12 Piece pig mold set + unmarked bag. ()


Playset store demo board animals. These were glued to rubber bases and then stapled to a large painted board with all of the contents of a playset. I remember these boards hanging at the local Sears store in the 1950s;



The Marx second series Farm fowl mold has nine figures in 5 poses as seen above. The mold was revised and the first series rooster and sitting chicken were replaced with the newer more detailed rooster and pecking chicken. Marx records lists this new mold as PL-165-1. Playsets would have varying numbers of this group depending upon size. This revised mold was used for playsets with both second and third series animals.

Loose Figures

4.00 Fowl Mold shot grouping of 9 chickens and ducks as seen above; NONE IN STOCK.

1.00 EACH Rooster, Adult duck or Adult chicken;

Rooster; SP; 45 whites, 15 gray, 1 brownishgray, 1 cream.

Adult duck; 11 gray, 43 white, 3 cream, 1 dark flat tan, 1 waxy flesh tan.

Adult chicken; SP; 7 whites, 3 fleshtan.


Ducklings; 31 gray, 13 creams, 79 whites, 14 waxy flesh tan.

Chicks; 4 ctream, 8 gray, 26 white.

This Mold (PL-523) has 14 cavities in 11 poses as seen above. This mold was probably made to replace the confusing group of first series molds. The 3 "baby" animal poses were also included in the "baby" animal mold (PL-878). Large farm playsets might have as many as three sets of this mold.

As seen in the photo above, PL-523 could be split into two sub molds like many accessory groups, run in two colors, and put in playsets to provide more color variety. The PL-523A subgroup was also used in some Western Wagon Train set, perhaps because the five piece mooing cow group (PL-688) was not ready ot available.

- Red Polka Dot Box "FARM ANIMALS & FOWL 23 pieces". Has one set of 2nd series larger farm animals as seen above and one set of 9 fowl in white as seen below. NONE IN STOCK

3.00 MX260A Horse, head turned to the right, SP; 3 brown, 5 redbrown, 8 cream, 5 waxy cream, 1 light gray, 1 tan, 1 black.

2.00 MX260B Colt, SP; 5 redbrown, 8 cream, 1tan, 3 crean, 1 waxy cream, 1 gray.

3.00 MX260C Cow head turned; 1 redbrown, 2 cream.

3.00 MX260D Cow head down; 9 cream, 1 waxy cream, 5 redbrown.

2.00 MX260E Calf; 11 cream, 6 brown/redbrown, 4 grays, 1 burnt orange, 7 light tans, 3 waxy cream.

2.00 MX260N Goat; 2 tann, 3 cream, 6 redbrown, 1 waxy cream, 1 gray, 1 white.

2.00 MX260F Pig; 4 cream, 5 redbrown, 2 tsn, 2 waxy cream.

3.00 MX260R Dog; 1 white, 2 cream, 4 redbrowns.


Series 2.5

Slightly smaller copies of the two second series cows and calf (X2) were made along with a new "mooing" cow. This mooer has it's tail hanging straight down while the 3rd series mooer's tail is curled around its rear end. This mold PL-688 had 10 cavities making two sets. The five cow sets were mainly used for Marx's Livestock hauler set (along with a 14 pc second series farm animal set PL-523), but were also included in the larger Wagon Train playsets. Mooing cow photo courtesy of Rich Delbert.

18.00 Mooing cow; NONE.

6.00 Cow looking left; NONE.

6.00 Cow eating; NONE.

3.00 Calf; NONE.


Larger Animals

The mold (PL-978) for the third series of larger farm animals (2nd series of 54mm figures) has 12 cavities in 11 poses. Although listed as "54mm" some are larger than the first series "60mm" animals. The frisky calf is duplicated while there is one each of the other figures. Playsets would generally have one set of these animals.

4.00 Horse; NONE, (2.00 RECAST Horse; 4 brown).

3.00 Colt; NONE, (1.00 RECAST COLT; 1 black, 2 gray, 3 silver).

4.00 Cow head down; 2 redbrown, (2.00 cut on back redbrown).

4.00 Cow Head Up; 3 redbrown. (2,00 RECAST; 1 cream).

5.00 Cow Mooing; NONE.

2.00 Frisky calf; NONE

1.00 3rd Series frisky calf; 1 silver.

5.00 Dog; 1 brown.

2.00 Female Pig; 1 redbrown, 1 gray.

2.00 Goat; NONE.

2.00 Sheep head up; NONE.

2.00 Sheep head down; NONE.

1.00 RECAST sheep head down; NONE.

Baby Animals

The second mold with "baby" animals (PL-878) has 15 figures in all six "baby" poses as seen above. Playsets would then have multiples of this group depending upon size. There are subtle differences between the the three poses that are found in both this mold and the second series animal mold. We will list all "baby" animals for sale here.

10.00 15 piece mold shot; 1 white in rubber like vinyl, 3 black.

.50 EACH Baby Farm Animals SP unless noted

Kid (Goat) tail down ears up; 1 redbrown, 14 cream, 2 waxy cream, 3 white rubber like vinyl.

Kid (Goat) tail up ears down; NONE.

Piglet head up; 38 cream, 5 redbrown, 5 white, 9 waxy cream.

Piglet head down; 4 cream, 5 waxy cream, 2 tan, 1 white, 9 white rubber like vinyl.

Lamb head up; NONE.

Lamb bawling; 3 redbrown, 3 white, 16 cream.

Prize Livestock

The other group of 3rd series farm animals, the Prize Livestock were generally only found in the largest farm playsets. Plus they were sold in the red polka dot boxes. The mold (PL-1001) had 10 cavities and made ten different animals. They were made in cream, browns, and tan, but gray versions from the old dump have also surfaced. It is thought that after being buried for 50 years the color may gave changed from the original to gray (or the gray figures could have been test shots).

4.00 EACH UNLESS NOTEDMay be dirty and need cleaning;

Ayrshire (cow); 1 light gray.

Hereford (cow); 1 tan, 1 darker gray, 1 gray, (3.00 SHORT TAIL; 1 cream, 1 tan).

8.00 Clydesdale (horse); 1 off white, 1 light gray.

Brown Swiss (cow); 1 gray.

Black Angus (cow); 1 tan.

American Short Horn NONE.

Poland China (pig); NONE.

Merino Ram (sheep); NONE.

Merino Ewe (sheep); NONE.

American Guernsey (cow); NONE.

NONE - Comical pig made at Marx Hong Kong factory.



Fence Birds -

5.00 Intact ring of 3 birds; NONE.

.75 Each - 3 for $2.00 Fence Birds

TAIL STRAIGHT; 2 red, 2 yellow, 3 blue.

TAIL UP, THIN BODY; 6 blue, 1 red.

TAIL UP, FAT BODY; 3 red 2 blue.

Tin/steel Litho Farm Pieces


Lazy Day sets were sold by Wards, while Happi Time Farm sets were sold by Sears. I learned this in PLAYSET MAGAZINE. Do you subscribe? You should.

25.00 Ramp to platform barn. (NONE)

NONE IN STOCK - Two story chicken coop.

15.00 Small pig shed. (NONE)

- NONE Tin conveyor.

10.00 Cupola no vane version, HP; NONE.

10.00 Cupola with hole for vane; NONE.

15.00 Later Cupola, white SP with separate white SP running horse weather vane. (NONE IN STOCK)

5.00 Running horse weather vane; NONE.

Another mold Marx made had an animal stall and loading platform. The stall would clip into the floor of the tin barn included in the playset. We have seen these pieces in shades of gray and brown in a hard plastic. The above picture shows top and side views. Later Marx made a flat plastic cow feeder with metal wire loops.

8.00 Animal stall with attached feeding troughs; NONE.

5.00 RECAST Animal stall with attached feeding troughs, light gray. (2)

- 12.50 Later cow feeder, light gray, no wires.

10.00 Later cow feeder, tan, NO wire, nub damage.

6.00 Loading platform, HP; 3 gray.

1.00 Milk Can; 3 dark gray.

NONE - Milk Platform, red HP.()

Tom Loback (tomtin on ebay) was nice enough to allow us to use some of his ebay auction photos to show how some of the odd accessories were assembled with the barns as follow;

Small Add On Sets

The 1963 Sears Christmas catalog shows four small add on farm sets. They were; 1. 54mm farmers and 3rd series farm implements, 2. 54mm farmers, crop sprayer biplane & tin hanger, 3. Prize livestock + two "rodeo" chutes and 4. Farm truck accessories as seen below.

Set 0977 Farm Truck Accessory Set

This was Sear catalog number 49 U 6023 as seen on page 201 of the Sears 1963 catalog. For 1.79 you got a HP white milk truck with plastic wheels & separate 2 piece stand and rubber hose, two SP green pickup trucks with metal wheels, two blue HP jeeps with metal wheels, brown HP platform, six silver HP milk cans in an unmarked check bag and Instruction sheet P-1547.

10.00 0977 box some wear and water stains.

10.00 P-1547 instruction sheet.

NONE - White milk truck with yellowed tank + stand & hose.

8.00 Jeep with black plastic wheels; 1 blue.

NONE - Pickup truck with black plastic wheels;.

Farm Crops

These "Crop rows" were sold in a separate "garden set" and not in the original farm playsets. about 1953. Eventually larger farm playsets had these included. The base is hard plastic while the "crops" are soft plastic. Each crop row could hold six plants.

RUBBER = VINYL, SP = polyethylene.

3.00 Crop row base, HP; 2 darker browns, 6 lighter brownS.

Cabbage, green; 1.00 SP; 34 greens, 2 darker greens.

Tomatos, green;

2.00 RUBBER; 7,

1.00 SP 5 green, 4 light greens.

Beans, green;

2.00 RUBBER; 6,

1.00 SP; 1 green, 37 lighter green.

Corn, green;


1.00 SP; NONE.

8.00 Reissue All four crop rows with 24 plants, hard plastic and cabbages fit poorly. (1)

10.00 Reissue All four crop rows with 24 plants, soft plastic and cabbages, nice connections. (8)

NONE - Lot of 35 crop irrigation pipe pieces as see above.


1.00 Barbwire fence, silver, SP. (NONE)

1.50 Barbwire fence, HP, white. (NONE)

1.50 X board fence; 12 yellowed.

4.00 REISSUE 6 pieces X board fence; 1 brown soft plastic, 8 white soft plastic.

1.00 Smaller stand alone white board fence; 19 white.

1.00 Chicken Coop fence, HP; 5 white.


Marx developed a nice 15 pc barn accessory group (PL-177). This set was used for years in most farm playsets. Usually found in yellow HP, the set can also be found in a fleshtan color in softer plastic.

4.00 Pulley; 1 yellow.

4.00 Two piece feed box; 2 mustard yellow soft plastic, 4 flesh SP.

2.00 Feed Box bottom; 4 yellow.

2.00 Feed box top; 1 gray SP, 2 flesh SP.

1.00 Feed Box top connectors BROKEN; 7 yellow, 1 flesh.

3.00 Three legged stool; 1 yellow, 3 flesh SP.

2.00 Pail; 4 flesh SP, 3 mustard SP.

1.00 Pail with BROKEN OFF handle; 7 yellow.

2.00 Hay Bale with hook; 1 yellow, 1 flesh SP.

2.00 Feed Sack; 3 yellow.

5.00 Two piece litter carrier; NONE.

2.00 Litter carrier "bucket"; 1 yellow.

2.00 Litter carrier "top"; 1 flesh SP.

2.50 Two Piece Trash Can with Lid; NONE.

1.00 Trash Can NO lid; 2 flesh SP.

1.00 Trash can lid; 1 yellow.

2.00 Pitchfork; 5 flesh SP.

2.00 Shovel; 4 yellow, 1 flesh.


The 13 piece set of platform barn farm accessories first appeared with the large platform barn farm playsets and thus its name. These pieces were part of an 18 cavity mold PL-1002 (18 cavities making 1 set) that also included the; hay wagon, wagon horse hitch, tractor tow hitch & two wheels for the dump hay rake. This lead to some confusion in sets that included the 3rd series farm implements but not this accessory grouping.

5.00 Larger 2 piece corn shock; NONE.

2.50 Corn shock top; 1 lighter gray with some projections off.

4.00 Smaller 2 piece wheat shock; NONE.

2.50 Wheat shock top; 2 yellow.

3.00 Stump; 1 yellow.

4.00 Scarecrow; NONE.

4.00 Pig feeder; 1 yellow.

3.00 Pile of hay bales; NONE.

3.00 Pile of pumpkins; NONE.

3.00 Gas tank; NONE.

3.00 Gas tank hose; 1 yellow.

5.00 Stile (steps); NONE.

4.00 Single pumpkin; 1 gray.

15.00 Hay wagon; NONE.

5.00 Tow bar; 1 yellow.

OUT OF STOCK - RECAST Marx Platform barn accessories. Differs from original mold configuration in that the two wheels for the hay rake are no longer in the mold but there are 3 new items; rooster & running horse weather vanes and a 2nd tow bar. Made in tan, wheels for hay wagon added are are not Marx.


2021 Finds a new reconfiguration of the mold using only 9 pieces making 7 assemblies. Made in tan. Each bagged set has three of each piece.

19.80 BMC 67069 Fall harvest crops 3 of each per bag. (2)

Individual tan reissue pieces.

NONE - Pumpkin.

2.00 Pile of Pumpkins. (3)

3.00 Scarecrow. (3)

3.00 Large 2 piece corn shock. (3)

2.00 Small 2 piece wheat shock. (3)

2.50 Pile of hay bales. (3)

1.00 Stump. (3)

11.50 REISSUE Dairy Farm accessories, 19 pieces; (4 SILVER IN STOCK).

Farm Sprue Accessories

In the late 1960s Marx made a set of 37 small silver "sprue" farm accessories. These were only used in the largest farm playsets and are not easy to come by in today's collector market. Unlike other accessory sprues in which items repeated, all 37 pieces on the farm sprue are different items.

Top Row

1. Scale, 2. Hedge Trimmer, 3. Shovel, 4. Spade, 5. Hoe, 6. Rake, 7. Axe, 8. Post Hole Digger, 9. Pitchfork, 10. Chainsaw, 11. Gas Can, 12. Weed Sprayer, 13. Air Compressor, 14. Log Mover, 15. Incubator, 16. Trough, 17. Milk Can, 18. Bug Sprayer,

Bottom Row

19. Hack Saw, 20. Hand Saw, 21. Wood Saw, 22. Tinker's Hammer, 23. Ball Peen Hammer, 24. File, 25. Open End Wrench, 26. Adjustable Wrench, 27. Monkey Wrench, 28. Hedge Clippers, 29. Hatchet, 30. Square, 31. Jack, 32. Bird Feeder, 33. Box, 34. Tacked Block (Jack Stand), 35. Pail, 36. Electric Milking Machine, 37. Funnel.

1.00 EACH

1. Scale. (NONE)

2. Hedge trimmer. (1)

3. Shovel. (NONE)

4. Spade. (NONE)

5. Hoe. (NONE)

6. Rake. (NONE)

7. Axe. (NONEP> 8. Post Hole digger. (NONE)

9. Pitchfork. (NONE)

10. Chainsaw. (NONE)

11. Gas can. (NONE)

12. Weed sprayer. (NONE)

13. Air compressor. (NONE)

14. Log mover. (NONE)

15. Incubator. (1)

16. Trough. (1)

17. Milk can. (1)

18. Bug Sprayer. (1)

19. Hack saw. (NONE)

20. Hand saw. (NONE)

21. Wood saw. (NONE)

22. Tinker's Hammer. (NONE)

23. Ball Peen Hammer. (NONE)

24. File. (NONE)

25. Open end wrench. (NONE)

26. Adjustable wrench. (NONE)

27. Monkey wrench. (NONE)

28. Hedge clippers. (1)

29. Hatchet. (NONE)

30. T square. (NONE)

31. Jack. (NONE)

32. Bird feeder. (1)

33. Box. (NONE)

34. Tacked block. (NONE)

35. Pail.(1)

36. Milking machine. (NONE)

37. Funnel.(1)

- -

Marx made small hard plastic ears of corn for their large platform barns circa 1960.

.50 EACH or 11 for $5.00 ears of corn. (NONE).

.50 EACH OR 12 FOR $5.00 larger COPY?? ears of corn. (have about 80).

Farm Implements

Marx made three different sets of plastic farm implements plus one set made out of tin (not pictured). The SEARS catalog usually had as many as three different farm playsets and each could have a different grouping of implements. Thanks to PLAYSET MAGAZINE ISSUE #18 we have finally been able to sort them out and give them their proper names. Being big city kids we could name the tractor, plow and wagons but that was about it. We have back issues of PLAYSET MAGAZINE for sale in our books section. If you are reading this you should subscribe today.

The first version farm implements were made in hard plastic from 1951-57 and soft plastic from 1958 to about 1965.

NONE - Tractor, red with black wheels.

8.00 Tractor, red HP, one rubber wheel crumbled and is gone.

8.00 Four wheel wagon; 1 yellow with yellow wheels & yellow connector, 1 blue with black wheels & red connector, 1 green with yellow wheels.

6.00 Corn Planter, HP; 2 Canadian waxy yellow with black wheels, blue with red wheels, red with brown or red wheels, aquablue with black wheels, SP; 1 orange with brown wheels, 1 gray with black wheels.

4.00 Loader (scoop), HP; NONE, SP; NONE.

4.00 Snow plow, HP; NONE, (2.00 1 blue some damage, SP: 1 gray.

5.00 Bottom plow, HP; 1 red with yellow wheels, 1 Canadian waxy yellow with black wheels, green with red or brown wheels, 1 yellow with brown, yellow or black wheels; SP; 1 orange with black wheels, 1 yellow with black wheels.

4.00 Harrow, HP; NONE, SP; 1 blue, 2 orange, 1 gray, 1 red, 1 yellow.

4.00 Stone boat, HP; 1 blue, 1 red, 2 Canadian yellow, SP: NONE.

3.00 Connector, HP; 2 Canadian waxy yellow, 1 green, 1 aqua blue, 1 yellow, 3 blue, SP; 2 silver, 2 red, 1 blue.

PLAYSET MAGAZINE calls the second series of farm implements the "deluxe specialty" set as these were only found in certain larger deluxe playsets that also had the series one implements. They were made from about 1952-58 and then discontinued.

8.00 Gravity wagon - manure spreader, HP; NONE.

6.00 Two wheel cart, HP; NONE.

6.00 Lime spreader, HP; NONE IN STOCK.

6.00 Disk roller, HP; NONE, (4.00 1 blue CONNECTOR PIN MISSING with orange discs or yellow CONNECTOR PIN MISSING with red discs).

6.00 Hay Mower, HP; NONE, (3.00 1 red CONNECTOR PIN MISSING with yellow wheels.

6.00 Dump rake, HP; NONE IN STOCK.

NONE - RECAST set of all six 2nd series farm implements in orange HP. Original wheel mold was not available and the wheels used for the; dump rake, hay mower and gravity wagon do not rotate (look ok).

The new more properly sized tractor to pull the series 3 farm implements arrived in 1959. Made in soft plastic it is usually found in red but other colors can be found.

10.00 2nd Version Tractor; NONE.

The third series of farm implements also came out in 1959. Like the tractor they are bigger and more correct in their size in proportion the the figures in the set. We think these were only made of soft plastic. This mold also included two seated farmers to work the hay mower and hay rake.

Implements will come with black plastic wheels unless noted otherwise

. 6.00 Four Wheel wagon; NONE.

5.00 Hay Rake; NONE.

5.00 Hay Mower; MONE.

5.00 Disc; NONE.

5.00 Plow; NONE 1 orange.

5.00 Seated farmer; NONE.

To save money Marx made a 4th implement mold in the 1960s using pieces based upon series 1 & 2 farm implements + the barn accessories. The "feed sack" is much smaller than the original found in the barn accessory mold. There were only 8 pieces in this mold and two of the implements now have wheels molded on to the body. We have seen these put in playsets all in red or yellow or a mix of those two colors. This mold still exists and RECASTS have been made.

NONE - Complete set of all 8 pieces in matching red SP + playset bag.

3.00 Shovel; 4 red.

3.00 Pitchfork; 1 red.

3.00 Pail; 1 red.

3.00 Sack; 3 red, 1 yellow 2 blue.

4.00 Plow; 2 red.

4.00 RECAST 4th series farm implements, black, 8 pieces total.


15.00 Bin toy, HP, elephant. Marked SUPER CIRCUS on top. Hollow and ears, trunk and tail are connected and wiggle. About 4 inches long.

Super Circus sets were sold by Sears and had the 5 character figures. Big Top sets were sold by Wards with no character figures plus differences in the tin litho.

10.00 Super Circus flag, red letters on yellow, NO POLE. (2)

NONE - Big Top flag and pole.

NONE - Sideshow "Tin Litho" stand with Miss Teeny, Monkeys & Moko pictured.

NONE - Sideshow "Tin Litho" stand with Midgets, Bo-Bo & sword swallower pictured.

8.00 EACH Super Circus Characters, cream rubber like vinyl;

MX717 Mary Hartline; NONE.

MX718 Ringmaster Kirchner; 5 cream.

MX719 Cliffy Clown, right hand up; 3 cream.

MX720 Scampy Clown, arms out; 2 cream

MX721 Nicky Clown, hands in pockets; cream

3.00 EACH later soft plastic odd colors.

Cliffy right hand up; NONE.

Scampy, arms out; NONE.

Nicky, hands in pockets; NONE.

Hard plastic factory painted versions of the characters also exist and were incude in a Disny on Parade circus playset made in 1972 with Disney painted hard plastic figures.


In addition to the five super circus character figures there were 38 other 45mm figures made on 35 "bases". Early figures are made of rubber like vinyl while later figures were made of polyethylene soft plastic (SP). MX numbers are from Tim Gepperts fine guide. The first 18 figures were in Marx mold PL-367, while the last 17 shown were in mold PL-409.

rubber = rubber like vinyl. Vinyl figures pick up dirt easy. If dirty soak them in household bleach a short while until clean.

2.50 MX722 Juggler; 1 yellow rubber.

2.50 MX723 Woman with hands on hips; NONE.

2.50 mx724 Elephant trainer with hook; 3 yellow rubber, (1.00 SHORT STICK; 1 yellow rubber).

2.50 MX724A Woman with stick across waist; 2 yellow rubber, .

2.50 MX725 Clown with Umbrella; 3 yellow rubber.

2.50 MX726 Clown with hole in ha2; 3 yellow rubber.

2.50 MX227 Lion Tamer with whip and pistol; 1 yellow rubber, (1.00 SPLIT WHIP; 1 yellow).

2.50 MX728 Sword Swallow-er; 4 yellow rubber.

2.50 MX729 Clown with hands on hips; 4 yellow rubber.

3.00 MX730 Strong man lifting weights; 3 yellow rubber.

2.50 MX731 Clown Cop; 3 yellow rubber.

2.50 MX732 Barker with Cane; 5 yellow rubber.

2.50 MX733 Ringmaster with top hat in hand; 6 yellow rubber.

2.50 MX734 Tall man with hat and cane; NONE.

5.00 MX735 Tom Thumb with cane; 1 yellow rubber.

5.00 MX736 Mrs. Tom Thumb with Umbrella; NONE, (2.00 NO UMBRELLA; 1 yellow) rubber.

2.50 MX737 Female on trapeze; 1 yellow rubber.

2.50 MX738 Man on trapeze; 3 yellow rubber.

2.50 MX739 Woman trapeze hanging by neck (w/740); 3 orangetan rubber, 1 reddishorange rubber, 4 yellow SP.

3.00 MX740 Man trapeze hanging by knees with rope in mouth to hold MX739; 3 orange rubber, 2 yellow SP.

2.50 MX741 Woman Horse trainer; 1 orange vinyl, 1 redbrown vinyl.

2.50 MX742 Hula Girl; NONE.

3.50 MX743 Boy carrying bucket; 5 orange vinyl, 2 redbrown SP, 1 blue SP.

2.50 MX744 Acrobat on back; 1 orange vinyl, 2 light brown vinyl, 1 yellow SP.

3.50 MX745 Mother and daughter; NONE.

3.50 MX746 Father and son; NONE.

2.50 MX747 Boy lifting tent; 5 orangetan vinyl, 2 light brown vinyl.

2.50 MX748 Cop grabbing 747; 7 orangetan vinyl, 1 light brown vinyl, 3 yellow SP, 1 redbrown SP.

3.50 MX748A Balloon Vendor; NONE, (1.00 MISSING single balloon; 1 orangetan vinyl).

2.50 MX749 Woman with arms out; 1 light brown vinyl, 2 yellow SP, 1 blue SP.

2.50 MX250 Snake Charmer; 1 light brown vinyl, 1 redbrown SP.

2.50 MX251 Siamese Twins; 1 redbrown SP, 1 yellow SP.

2.50 MX252 Popcorn Vendor; 6 orangetan vinyl, 2 light brown rubber, 1 yellow SP.

2.50 MX253 Fat Woman; NONE.

2.50 MX254 Woman sitting, waving; NONE.

Circus Accessories

Marx mold, PL-405 contained 11 cavities and produced the set of circus accessories seen above. We have only had them in red hard plastic. The set includes; 2 flag poles, 2 "show rings", 2 ladders with platforms (to be connected with a metal rod), 2 ladders that attach to the 1 yellow ladder, 2 square bases & 1 water tub or round base.

6.00 Show ring; NONE

3.00 Square stand. (1).

3.00 Water tub/ round stand. NONE

4.00 Shorter ladder with eye holes at top. (1)

4.00 Taller ladder with platform for high wire act; 2 with paint/glue residue on sides.

Marx mold, PL-406 contained 15 cavities and produced the set of circus accessories seen above. We have only had them in yellow hard plastic. The set includes; 1 two piece popcorn cart, 1 two piece ticket booth (to be attached with a small metal rod), 1 stage with steps, 1 performing pole ladder, 1 ring on pedestal, 1 ladder (to go with red ladders), 1 barrel, 1 tapered barrel, 2 round bases, 1 taller square base & 2 shorter square bases. There seem to be two shades of yellow.

7.00 Popcorn cart, 2pc glued (nicely) together, handle has a piece missing.

5.00 Popcorn cart base.

3.00 Popcorn cart top. (1)

NONE - Ticket booth + Umbrella top + metal pole.

8.00 Stage. (1), ( 5.00 Stage with bottom step damage).

8.00 Performing pole ladder; NONE, (6.00 One step broken off, you fix; 1).

6.00 Ladder that fits into red ladders with rings for "Monkey Bars"; NONE.

6.00 Ring on pedestal. (5), (3.00 with split in ring; 1)

4.00 Barrel; 3.

4.00 Tapered barrel; NONE.

3.00 Taller square stand; 5.

3.00 Shorter square stand; 10.

3.00 Round stand; 4.

NONE - RECAST 3 ring circus, factory painted. You get all the pieces in the picture including two wire "ropes" painted white & 2 balls for your animals they added. Base color was gray and everything is painted. Looks very nice. ()

Circus Animals

Marx made two circus animal molds, PL-408 Circus animals "Thins". It had 16 cavities with duplicates of; the walking elephant, lion and horse. One of the cavities made a "Howdah" that fits on the back of the walking elephant. A second 14 cavity mold PL-408A was also made in which the two circus horses were eliminated. These two circus horses were then for some reason added to the wild animal mold (PL-344) for a short while and so the horses will match the color of those animals in the Zoo playset and most circus playsets.

Rubber = rubber like vinyl, SP = polyethylene soft plastic

3.00 Lion; RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 7 gray, SOFT PLASTIC; 3 gray, 7 green.

6.00 Elephant walking; RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 7 grays, SOFT PLASTIC, 5 gray, 4 green.

4.00 Howdah (elephant saddle); RUBBER LIKE VINYL; NONE, SOFT PLASTIC; 1 green.

6.00 Seated elephant; RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 5 grays, SOFT PLASTIC; 2 gray, 2 green.

5.00 Bear on hind legs; RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 4 gray, SOFT PLASTIC; 3 green, 5 gray.

5.00 Gorilla on hind legs; RUBBER LIKE VINY 2 grays, SOFT PLASTIC; 2 gray, 1 green.

6.00 Seal with ball on nose; RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 1 dark gray, (2.00 NO BALL 2 darker gray), SOFT PLASTIC; 1 GREEN, (2.00 NO BALL 2 green, 1 gray).

4.00 Monkey wearing cap; RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 1 lighter gray, 2 darker gray,1 bluish, SOFT PLASTIC; 4 green, 4 gray.

5.00 Dog (or giant rat) jumping (over separate barrel); RUBBER LIK3E VINYL; 2 darker grays, 1 lighter gray, SOFT PLASTIC; 1 green, 6 gray.

5.00 Dog with cane; RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 3 gray, SOFT PLASTIC; 3 green, 5 gray (2.00 SPLIT IN CANE; 1 gray).

5.00 Dog walking in hat and coat; RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 1 lighter gray, 4 darker gray, SOFT PLASTIC; 5 gray, 4 green.

5.00 Dog standing up in hat and coat; RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 2 darker gray, SOFT PLASTIC; 3 green, 2 gray.

4.00 Circus horse; RUBBER LIKE VINYL; NONE, SOFT PLASTIC; 2 redbrown, 8 green, 3 gray.


The Circus monkeys can also be found in ; petshop, Zoo and Jungle playsets as well as header card bags. The mold PL-361 had 18 cavities and made three sets at a time. Early monkeys were made in a rubber like vinyl.

3.00 EACH

On all fours left hand grabbing left foot; RUBBER; 5 browns, SP; 1 gray with tail chew.

On all fours both hands forward; RUBBER; 2 browns, SP: NONE.

Hanging by one hand; 1 very dark brown, 4 browns, SP; 1 gray, 1 brown.

Sitting; RUBBER; NONE, SP; 1 creams, 1 red with tail chew.

Hanging from both hands; RUBBER; 3 browns, SP; 1 red, 2 gray, 1 cream.

Hanging by all fours; RUBBER; 1 very dark brown, 8 browns, SP; 1 browns, 1 yellow, 1 red.

Blister card of 15 miniature "HO" scale painted HP monkeys. NONE IN STOCK

About 1950/51 Marx made four molds (PL-166,67,68 & 169) that produced 15 different "60mm" wild/jungle animals. They were made in rubber like vinyl as well as various odd and hard plastics. The larger animals are difficult to find. Larger animal picture courtesy of Rick Koch.

15.00 Hippo, rubber like vinyl; NONE .

15.00 Camel, rubber like vinyl; NONE.

The first group of 54mm "jungle animals" was made for the circus playsets about 1951/2. Those found in the circus playsets will be made of rubber like vinyl, but by the time of the first jungle playsets in 1956/7 Marx had switched to polyethylene soft plastic. The 1956 header card bagged set and early boxed jungle playsets will have this group. Often the mold would be run in two colors and the animals separated into two sub groups for placement in the retail packaging. It is possible that on paper two different groups were made than those shown above but the ones above are the commonly seen groups. The MPC tiger is almost identical to the Marx version also creating difficulties. Evidently the large mold could accommodate two extra cavities and two circus horses were placed in the mold for awhile Please note we did not have color matched A&B groups for photography in any of the three mold variations seen above and below.

4.00 Adult Giraffe; RUBBER LIKE VINYL; NONE, SOFT PLASTIC NONE; (1.00 TAIL SPLIT; 2 redbrown, 1 green.

3.00 Baby Giraffe; RUBBER LIKE VINYL; NONE, SOFT PLASTIC; 2 redbrown, 2 green.


4.00 Camel; RUBBER LIKE VINYL; NONE, SOFT PLASTIC; 3 redbrown, 1 green.

4.00 Larger bear; RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 1 pinkish redbrown, 3 redbrown, 2 tan/light brown, SOFT PLASTIC; 2 redbrown, 1 green.

4.00 Bear cub head up; RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 9 redbrown, 1 brown, 2 tan/light brown SOFT PLASTIC; 2 green, 2 brown.




8.00 Buffalo; RUBBER LIKE VINYL; NONE, SOFT PLASTIC; 1 darker green.

Realizing that four of the animals were not from the jungle, Marx pulled those (buffalo, 2 polar bears & camel) from the mold and replaced them with four new poses; running elephant, gorilla, lion cub lying down and adult male lion in 1957. This may have been a phase in operation and some sets may not have gotten all four new poses. As with the first mold this one also was broken into two sub groups for retail sale at times. The most commonly seen sub groupings are shown above.

7.00 Elephant running; NONE.

7.00 Gorilla; NONE.

6.00 Lion cub lying down looking left; NONE.

7.00 Adult Male Lion; NONE.

The 1957 header card bagged set also included the above six smaller 60mm jungle animals that had been made about 1951 with limited distribution. Early 1951 versions were made in rubber like vinyl as well as odd hard plastic but the jungle set versions were made in later polyethylene soft plastic usually seen in tan. Sitting Monkey curtesy of Mike Handley.

Soft plastic unless noted.

6.00 Kangaroo; NONE.

6.00 Monkey sitting hand out; NONE.

6.00 Monkey walking on two legs; NONE.

6.00 Ostrich; NONE.

6.00 Bear cub head down; 1 tan, 2 cream rubber like vinyl, 1 cream SP.

6.00 Lion cub licking paw; NONE.

In 1967 for the Daktari playsets the mold was altered for a final time with the removal of the adult lion and gorilla who were replaced by the two Daktari animal characters; Judy the Chimpanzee and Clarance the Cross-eyed Lion. Some sets get all ten animals in a light waxy flesh. While other sets had the animals broken into two sub groups in two different colors as seen above.

Clarence is similar to the wild animal lion except his his head is straight forward while the wild animal lion is looking slightly to his left, and the paw of Clarence's right front foot points forward while the wild animal lion's right front paw points rearward.

25.00 Judy the Chimpanzee; NONE.

25.00 Clarence the Cross-eyed Lion; NONE.

The unpainted animals were then replaced by seven factory painted animals from the Marx Taiwan factory that had just started up in 1967.

15.00 Judy the chimp. (NONE)

15.00 Clarence the Cross-eyed Lion. (NONE)

5.00 Giraffe. (NONE)

5.00 Rhino. (NONE)

5.00 Zebra. (NONE)

5.00 Elephant. (NONE)

5.00 Tiger. (NONE)



Picture courtesy David Schafer.

Stag in picture supplied by Mike Handley. The larger North American wild animal mold had five cavities and made one each of the above five animals. A second mold with two cavities was also made that produced two stags that were then used in the Robin Hood playsets. The above five figures were sold in red polka dot boxes with the smaller North American wild animals and birds as well as on blister cards and in headercard bags. The RECAST/REISSUE animals from the original molds are made in a stiffer plastic and should paint up quite nicely.

15.00 Stag; 1 gray, 2 tan, 3 light brown, (4.00 ONE HOOF MISSING; 1 red brown).

3.00 Stag RECAST/REISSUE; 1 silver.

6.00 Bear; NONE.

2.00 Bear RECAST/REISSUE; 4 white, 1 silver.

6.00 Wolf; NONE.

2.00 Wolf RECAST/REISSUE; 2 white, 1 silver.

6.00 Fox; NONE.

2.00 Fox, RECAST/REISSUE; 2 white, 1 silver.

6.00 Beaver; 3 tans.

2.00 Beaver, RECAST REISSUE; 2 white, 1 silver.

The smaller North American wild anmimals were made in mold PL-771 that contained 18 cavities and two other molds (PL-771A & PL-771B) each of which had nine cavities. The set includes 18 animals in 11 poses. There are one each of the; raccoon, muskrat, mink and weasel, and two each of the other seven poses.

5.00 Raccoon; 1 cream, 1 brown, 1 redbrown.

5.00 Muskrat; NONE.

5.00 Weasel; 1 brown.

5.00 Mink; 1 cream, 1 brown.

3.00 Rabbit; 3 redbrown, 1 light brown, 1 tan.

3.00 Bear cub; 1 cream, 4 brown, 4 redbrown, 1 light brown.

3.00 Skunk; 3 tans, 5 brown, 2 light brown.

3.00 Squirrel; 1 cream, 2 brown, 2 light brown.

3.00 Wood Chuck (Ground Hog / Marmot); 1 cream, 2 brown, 1 redbrown, 1 light brown.

3.00 Doe; 2 light brown.

3.00 Bobcat; 3 redbrown.



Blister card picture courtesy David Schafer.

These came in red polka dot boxes in blue soft plastic together with some of the North American wild animals. They were also made in hard plastic and put on a blister card. The birds on the card would be in a mix of blue, red, tan & white colors.

3.00 EACH


Sparrow; 1 cream SP, 2 blue HP, 2 blue SP.

Tufted Titmouse; 1 red HP, 1 cream SP, 1 blue HP, 2 blue SP.

Wren; 1 cream SP, 2 blue SP.

Baltimore oriole; 1 blue HP, 1 tan HP, 1 cream HP, 2 blue SP, 1 cream SP.

Cardinal; 1 cream SP, 4 blue SP.

Parakeet; 1 tan HP, 1 cream SP, 1 blue HP, 3 blue SP.

Scarlet Tanager; 1 blue HP, 1 cream HP, 1 tan HP, 1 cream SP, 1 tan SP, 3 blue SP.

Goldfinch; 1 red HP, 1 blue HP, 1 tan HP, 1 tan SP, 1 cream SP.

NONE - 1992 reissue header card set by the Demert Co of San Leandro CA, Looks like all eight birds are there in bright colored soft plastic.


About 1957 Marx made another series of large 90-100mm wild animals. They were made in hard plastic, came in two halfs and were glue together. They were sold by Wards in sets and could also be purchased as part of a Jungle target shooting game.



Pictures and information courtesy James Hayes.

Marx made two later series of wild animals. The first series made about 1962/63 in Hong Kong consisted of 23 different some what crude painted vinyl animals maybe 30mm scale and a cage. Each comes in its own box marked ANIMAL KINGDOM which are numbered on one of the small inside end flaps 1-23. The numbers on the outside of the box, 6505 - may be on first series boxes, 6506 - may be on second series boxes) and may have to do with production runs but we are unsure. The second series was made in 1967 (at least some animals were made this year and included in the Daktari playset) and the rest by 1969 as the date is added to the small boxes which are mostly the same as the first series. Second series production was in both Hong Kong and Taiwan. Slightly better sculpting than the first series and also vinyl and factory painted. The cage was eliminated and a 24th animal, a hippopotamus added. Each animal comes in its own little box marked ANIMAL KINGDOM and/or WILD ANIMALS and like the first series boxes numbered 1-24 on an inside small end flap. Both series have facts about the animals on the back of the boxes. Second series animals may be marked TAIWAN or Hong Kong but like the first series animals do not have the Marx logo. Please note crude copies have been made and owners of boxes haves stuffed other nonMarx animals into the boxes to sell on ebay.

5.00 EACH Boxed Wild Animals

#1 Ape (hanging Gibbon). NONE

#2 Gorilla. NONE

#3 Camel. NONE

#4 Eland (actual animal sold was a Markhor wild goat figure and depicted as such on the illustration on the box). NONE

#5 Ibex. NONE

#6 Red Fox. NONE

#7 Wolf. NONE

#8 Grizzley Bear. NONE

#9 Elephant. (1)

#10 Female Kangaroo. NONE

#11 Male Kangaroo. NONE

#12 Lion. NONE

#13 Moose. NONE

#14 Mule Deer. NONE

#15 Panther(cougar). NONE

#16 Leopard. NONE

#17 Rhinoceros. NONE

#18 Striped Skunk. NONE

#19 Gray Squirrel.NONE

#20 Jaguar. NONE

#21 Tiger. NONE

#22 Giraffe. NONE

#23 Zebra. NONE

Marx wild animal cage wagon sold to go with the above animals. Photo courtesy Renata Willings Stetina

5.00 EACH Boxed Wild Animals

#1 Ape (hanging Gibbon). NONE

#2 Gorilla. NONE

#3 Camel. NONE

#4 Eland (now has an actual Eland). NONE

#5 Ibex. NONE

#6 Red Fox. NONE

#7 Wolf. NONE

#8 Grizzley Bear. NONE

#9 Elephant. NONE

#10 Female Kangaroo. NONE

#11 Male Kangaroo. NONE

#12 Lion. NONE

#13 Moose. NONE

#14 Mule Deer. NONE

#15 Panther(cougar). NONE

#16 Leopard. NONE

#17 Rhinoceros. NONE

#18 Striped Skunk. NONE

#19 Gray Squirrel.NONE

#20 Jaguar. NONE

#21 Tiger. NONE

#22 Giraffe. (NONE)

#23 Zebra. NONE

#24 Hippopotamus. NONE

Sea Life

blister card, NONE. Picture courtesy David Schafer.

Marx also made a nice 54mm SCUBA diver (mold PL-1081) with small detachable accessories sold on a blister card with the fish.

5.00 SCUBA diver; 4 blue, 2 gray.

5.00 Air tank; 1 cream, 1 blue, 1 gray.

5.00 Regulator; 2 off white/gray.

15.00 Spear gun; 1 cream.

5.00 Face mask; 2 blue, 1 cream, 2 off white/gray.

5.00 Swim fin; 1 blue, 1 cream, 3 off white/gray.

Marx made an eight cavity mold (PL-795) with eight different fish and for some reason a second mold with nine cavities (PL-795A) adding what the Marx PL list says is a barracuda. We think they blocked off the RAINBOW TROUT cavity in the second mold. It is the hardest fish to find We have had them in; cream, silver, gray and metallic blue.

3.00 EACH

Porpoise; 5 silver, 1 metallic blue, 1 gray.

Sail Fish; 1 metallic blue, 2 gray, 1 light blue, 4 silver.

Sea Horse; 1 gray, 1 metallic blue, 1 silver.

Tuna; 5 metallic blue, 4 silver, 4 gray, 2 cream.

Barracuda; 1 cream, 1 silver, 2 metallic blue.

Shark; 2 cream, 2 metallic blue, 3 silver.

Sword Fish; 4 metallic blue, 4 silver.

Marlin; 2 metallic blue, 2 gray, 1 silver, 1 cream, (2.00 1 silver with crimp on bill).

10.00 Rainbow Trout; NONE.

10.00 RECAST with names removed from bases 8 in 8 (NO Rainbow trout) poses, silver. (1)

At least two sources made copies of the Marx Sea Life. One in Hong Kong closely copied the fish with the bases hollow just like marx. The other concern also made very nice copies but with solid bases.

2.00 EACH Copies of Marx fish

Sail Fish, Hong Kong copy, gray.

12.00 Eight Hong Kong copies as seen above. One fish missing bill.

Copies of seven of the fish were made in translucent red & blue and used as Nabisco cereal premiums. See premium page for availability.