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Doll House Items

12.00 MARX reissue/recast ornate "wrought iron" gate and 9 fence sections (each 5 1/2 by 2 1/2 inches), Made in black hard plastic. (8)

10.00 Picket fence with lamp posts & gates, four of each type of fence (8 pieces total). maybe 1/24 in scale but can be used for 1/32 setups. (OUT OF STOCK).

Among the early doll house figures made is the above group (PL-129) circa 1950. Picture courtesy Rick Koch who has seen them in a SEARS catalog ad for a Marx doll house. Very hard to find.

NONE Baby standing. ().

NONE Father seated. ()

NONE - Mother seated.

NONE - Baby seated.

Marx 60mm Doll House Figures

Marx made a dizzying array of "family people" to populate their doll houses, pet shops. zoos, and other sets. The seated children, Group A can been seen in the early 1950s Sears catalog doll house pictures, but most of Marx's other "family people" seem to have been made in the 1950s as well. Older versions were made in rubber like vinyl while later versions were made of polyethylene soft plastic (SP). These figures are also being found in the old Marx landfill. We think after burial the cream color turns white then progressively darker gray but could be wrong.

Group A Seated Children (PL-81)

8.00 Girl in dress sitting, SP; 1 dirty white vinyl, 3 flesh vinyl,

5.00 6 cream SP 6 pale pink SP.

8.00 Boy in shorts sitting; 1 cream vinyl, 5 flesh vinyl.

8.00 Baby sitting, hands up; 1 cream vinyl, 1 flesh vinyl,

5.00 2 cream SP.

8.00 Baby sitting hands held out; 1 cream vinyl,

5.00 1 cream SP, 2 brown SP, 2 pink SP, 1 yellow SP..

Group B Pet Shop Family

These figures were found in the 1953 Pet Shop playset as well as dollhouses. They are about 65mm in size.

25.00 All four figures; 2 flesh/tan/orange vinyl.

5.00 Father; 1 pink rubber like vinyl, 3 cream SP.

5.00 Mother; 1 white SP, (4.00 dirty cream with pug nose).

5.00 Brother; 4 cream SP, 1 white SP.

5.00 Sister; 1 pink rubber like vinyl, 1 pink rubber like vinyl with factory paint, 1 cream rubber like vinyl, 1 cream SP needs cleaning.

Group C 1950s family

15.00 All four figures; 3 cream SP.

4.00 Father with pipe; 1 cream SP.

4.00 Mother hand on hip; 1 cream SP.

4.00 Sister, hands at sides; 2 cream SP.

3.00 Baby (same figure as group D); 1 cream SP.

Group D 1960s Family

18.00 All four figures; 5 white HP, 2 cream HP, 3 waxy cream SP.

4.00 Girl holding doll; 7 waxy cream SP, 11 pink SP, 1 white HP.

4.00 Mother hand on hip, shorter dress, SP; 10 white HP, 1 waxy cream SP.

4.00 Father walking holding case or book, SP; 1 flat cream, SP, 7 waxy cream SP, 2 cream HP, 9 pink SP.

3.00 Baby standing, SP; 1 cream SP, 5 waxy cream SP, 4 gray SP, 10 pink SP, 1 white HP. (2.00 gray; 2).

11.00 RECAST All four figures, white. (4 IN STOCK)

NONE - Blister card, 6 people & farm dog.

Interesting set with four figures that can be plugged together and taken apart. Knees bend so they can sit on doll house furniture. Set also has solid younger sister holding books and baby.

NONE -Boxed set with instructions, cream. ()

4.00 Jointed Father, complete, cream. (NONE)

4.00 Jointed Mother, complete, cream. (NONE)

4.00 Jointed brother, complete, cream. (NONE)

4.00 Jointed sister, cream.(NONE)

2.00 Younger sister holding books, solid one piece; 2 light gray.

2.00 Baby solid one piece, cream; NONE.

1.00 EACH Assorted body parts, cream.

Doll House Kids

This group was sold in the red polka dot boxes as well as in larger tin litho doll house playsets. There are two babies crawling, one kitten, one nanny and one each of the other six boys and four girls. Soft plastic unless noted vinyl (= rubber like vinyl). Quite a few have turned up in the old Marx landfills. Something in the soil seems to leach out the cream color and they turn kind of white chalky and then become gray. Some become dark gray. If I say gray the figure may be from almost white to very dark gray.

4.00 Nanny as if pushing pram; 5 cream SP, (2.00 Gray; 1).

4.00 Girl both hands up; 2 cream vinyl, 5 cream SP, (2.00 Gray; 2).

4.00 Girl sitting holding powder puff; 1 cream vinyl, 3 cream SP, (2.00 Gray; 4).

4.00 Boy with doll and blocks; 1 cream vinyl, 3 cream SP, (1.50 ONE BLOCK GONE 2 cream SP), (2.00 Gray; 5).

4.00 Girl drying plate; 1 cream vinyl, 2 cream SP, (2.00 Gray; 3).

4.00 Girl sitting petting kitten; 3 cream vinyl, 3 cream SP, (2.00 Gray; 3) .

6.00 Kitten; NONE.

4.00 Boy pitching baseball; NONE, (2.00 Gray; 2).

4.00 Boy at bat; NONE, (2.00 Gray; 3).

4.00 Boy acting as baseball catcher; 1 no base cream vinyl, 2 cream SP, (2.00 Gray; 1).

4.00 Boy brushing teeth; 2 no base cream vinyl, 1 cream vinyl, 5 cream SP, (2.00 Gray; 4).

4.00 Boy squatting with pail and shovel; 2 cream vinyl, (2.00 Gray; 2).

4.00 Baby Crawling, rubber like vinyl; 3 cream vinyl

3.00 Baby Crawling; 5 cream SP, (2.00 Gray; 3).

Nursery Figures and Items


2.00 Baby holding cup, gray SP, 54mm we think. (4)

4.00 Baby both hands up, pink. (1)

4.00 Baby right hand up, pink. (1)

NONE - Nurse. ()

4.00 Tub/crib? on four legs, blue HP.(1)

Doll House Pool Items

4.00 Boy with hands in the air, cream, SP; 4 cream. 1 cream HP, (2.00 BASE CURVED; 2 cream)

2.00 Boy with hands in the air, SP; 3 darker grays, 13 lighter grays.

4.00 Girl sitting; 4 cream SP.

2.00 Girl sitting, SP; 2 darker gray, 1 lighter gray.

5.00 Diving board, SP; 1 cream.

3.00 Life ring, cream, SP. (2)

3.00 Life ring, cream HP; (1). 2.00 Life ring; 2 lighter grays.

4.00 Toy Sailboat, cream, SP. (2)

2.00 Toy sailboat; 2 lighter grays, 1 darker gray 3.00 Inflatable duck, cream, SP. (5)

2.00 Inflatable duck, SP; 4 lighter,6 darker grays.

3.00 Inflatable pony, cream, SP. (5)

3.00 Inflatable pony, SP; 3 lighter grays, 6 darker grays.

5.00 Pool ladder, cream, SP. (2)

2.00 Pool ladder; 3 darker grays.

NONE - Vacuform pool.

- NONE - School House boy, cream, SP.

Doll House Swing Set Items

4.00 Boy left hand up, SP; 4 blue, 2 pink, 1 yellow.

4.00 Girl both hands up, SP; 7 blue, 2 yellow.

5.00 Single swing; NONE.

5.00 Teeter-Totter; 1 blue.

Marx made a modern somewhat bizarre IMAGINATION DOLL HOUSE with stacking modular pieces. The set came with the 4 piece 1960s family, but also included the harder to find 3 piece seated family (father with pipe, mother pointing and daughter). We have only had them in waxy cream. 1960s Family stock is shown above.

10.00 Seated mother, waxy cream. (1)

10.00 Seated Father, waxy cream. (1)

10.00 Seated daughter, waxy cream.(1)

25.00 All three figures waxy cream. (1)

40.00 All 3 seated figures in waxy cream soft plastic + all 4 1960s family figures in white hard plastic. (2)

35.00 40 Piece sprue of small accessories, 10 off the sprue, cream. (1)

Doll House Furniture

Like the figures, Marx doll house furniture was made in distinct molds that could be rearranged into different groupings depending upon the specific needs of the doll house to be sold. PL-518 Patio & Bar furniture had 8 cavities. If only the 6 piece patio furniture was needed the mold was run using only those six cavities and was called PL-518A. The bar could be used by itself as PL-518B. Old warehouse stock surfaces every now and then and several of the PL-518A groups in PL-518 bags have come to light. Why the incorrect bag was used in unknown.

NONE - PL-518 bag with 6 piece PL-518A patio furniture grouping as seen above. Old warehouse stock.

Smaller scale

NONE - Hutch, HP, tan.

2.00 Hamper, 1 cream HP, 1 cream SP.

NONE - Waste basket.

NONE - Sink, cream, SP.

Larger Scale

NONE - Bathtub.

NONE - Clothes hamper.

We think these are Marx, NO MARKINGS.

2.00 Small 35mm scale Sink, white, HP.

NONE - Small 35mm scale waste basket, white, HP.

NONE - larger 54mm rocking horse, blue, SP. (2)

NONE - Large sink on legs, cream SP.

3.00 Easy chair tall back, red.(1)

NONE - Couch, green. ()

3.00 Easy chair low back, yellow (2)

NONE - Buffet, brown. ()

NONE - Hutch, brown. (1)

3.00 End Table red. (1), (1.00 BROKEN LEG; 1 red).

3.00 Entertainment center, red. (1)

3.00 Crib, pink.

3.00 Refrigerator, white. (1)

3.00 Stove, white. (2)

3.00 Sink cream. (1)

NONE - Doll House accessories with original playset bag. 13 Pieces making 12 assemblies, yellow.

Fox Hunt

These figures made it into large deluxe doll house playsets.

This mold made two sets of eight animals; fox running, 2/3 dogs running, 2/3 dogs sniffing, horse running and horse walking.

10.00 Fox. NONE IN STOCK

7.00 Sniffing dog; NONE.

7.00 Running dog; NONE.

10.00 Walking horse; NONE.

10.00 Running horse; NONE.


2.00 Fox running. (NONE)

1.00 Sniffing dog. (NONE)

1.00 Running dog. (NONE)

3.00 Walking horse. (NONE)

3.00 Running horse. (NONE)

This mold, PL-330 had 18 cavities making three sets of figures in cream soft plastic. The easiest combination would be one of each of the six figures pictured above. The boy with bucket is the 60mm farm boy, and blue man seated is a 60mm "Special Town Cowboy". It has been assumed that the mold had these two figures as they come in the same playsets as do the four fox hunt figures. In the recent release of reissue of this mold (made in red) the seated cowboy was in the mold but the seller has decided to sell this figure in a different way, probably with some type of western themed set.

Original Figures

6.00 Man in top hat standing. NONE IN STOCK.

6.00 Man in ball cap standing. NONE IN STOCK.

6.00 Man mounted. NONE IN STOCK.

6.00 Woman mounted. NONE IN STOCK.

3.00 Boy with bucket, cream SP. NONE IN STOCK

3.00 Seated Cowboy, cream SP. NONE IN STOCK


20.00 15 PC set; 5 red people, 2 horses, 2 (vintage 1950s)saddles, 5 dogs & 1 fox as seen above. Animals are all silver.(4)

1.50 Man in top hat standing; NONE IN STOCK.

1.50 Man in ball cap standing. 4 RED.

1.50 Man mounted; 3 RED.

1.50 Woman mounted; 9 RED.

1.50 Boy with bucket; NONE IN STOCK

1.50 Seated Cowboy; NONE IN STOCK

12.00 RECAST Marx PL-441 Kentucky Stable Accessories; 20 Pieces making 16 assemblies (3 piece horse stall, table with plug in hand pump, cupola with plug in weather vane). I do not think Marx ever used this mold when in business. (2 GOLDEN TAN IN STOCK, BROWN OUT OF STOCK, YELLOW OUT OF STOCK).



Among the earliest plastic figures Marx sold were hard plastic firemen made to go with metal firetrucks in the late 1940s to early 1950s. Thanks to Josh Petrie for the identification.

15.00 75mm Hard plastic fireman for driving fire truck.

NONE 75MM Hard plastic fireman standing/climbing with rope.

Marx made a nice playset that had ten different firemen related 45mm figures. The set also had a nice set of HP fire station accessories. These are not easy to find. Playset picture courtesy Whitmer-Hammond Antiques, Birch Harbor, Maine.

Vintage pieces

10.00 Fireman with hose; NONE.

10.00 Fireman running with ax; NONE.

10.00 Fireman running putting on coat; NONE.

10.00 Boy with dog; NONE.

10.00 Fireman sitting with pencil; NONE.

10.00 Civilian being fire carried; NONE.

10.00 Fireman climbing ladder; NONE.

10.00 Civilian going down rope?; NONE.

10.00 Fire Chief with bull horn; NONE.

10.00 Fireman carrying separate civilian; NONE.

NONE - Bed.

NONE - Desk.

NONE - File cabinet.

NONE - Side chair, black HP.


1.00 Fireman with hose; NONE.

1.00 Fireman running with ax; NONE.

1.00 Fireman running putting on coat; NONE.

1.00 Boy with dog; NONE.

1.00 Fireman sitting with pencil; NONE.

1.00 Civilian being fire carried; NONE.

1.00 Fireman climbing ladder; NONE.

1.00 Civilian going down rope?; NONE.

1.00 Fire Chief with bull horn; NONE.

1.00 Fireman carrying separate civilian; NONE.

See model train page for availability.

NONE - RECAST Three 4 inch firemen used with metal firetrucks, silver, SP. ()


Marx made a nice set of ten 45mm figures for their Construction Camp playset. Mold PL-534 had 22 cavities making two sets of figures each with ten figure poses + 1 board for one figure to carry. In later years for the Big Inch Pipeline playset the watchman figure with lantern was deleted and replaced by the climbing lineman to be attached to a telephone pole. Playsets had cream and sometimes metallic blue colored figures. Redbrown figures may be test shots or perhaps were sold in header bags. Light gray may be from the dump.

UNLESS NOTED 2.00 EACH Construction Workers, cream, redbrown or metallic blue SP, & 1.00 EACH Gray.

MX26A Carrying separate board (NOT included); 3 cream, 2 light gray,(.50 RECAST 1 white).

5.00 Board; NONE.

MX26B Squatting with oil can; 2 cream, 9 light gray.

MX26C Digging with shovel; 2 light gray.

MX26D Directing traffic; 2 cream, 3 light gray,(.50 RECAST 1 white).

MX26E Digging with pick ax; 7 light gray, 1 pale cream.

3.00 MX26F Walking with lantern; NONE.

MX26G Foreman w/ plans; 4 cream, 12 light gray.

MX26H Using jackhammer; 6 cream, 2 redbrown, 9 light gray.

MX26I With flag directing traffic; NONE.

MX26J Worker w/ hammer and chisel; 1 cream, 3 light gray.

3.00 MX26K Lineman on pole; 1 light gray

Marx made these near the end of the line.

NONE Worker digging with shovel, 40mm, HP.()

NONE Worker with pick, 40mm, HP.

NONE Worker swinging ax, 40mm, HP.

NONE Worker kneeling with hatchet over head, 40mm, HP. ().

Chair in picture above courtesy Rob Lake.

NONE Work table (top and side views above), brown, HP.

NONE Crate, gray SP with gray HP lid (seen above).

2.00 Jackhammer, HP; 2 metallic green.

NONE Oil drum, HP;

NONE Wheelbarrow, light brown, HP. ()

NONE Smoke pot, HP; NONE.

NONE Shovel, light brown, HP. ()

NONE Pick, light brown, HP. ()

NONE "CURVE" warning sign, HP; .

NONE "ROAD CLOSED" barrier, 3 pieces, light brown, HP.

NONE Gas pump, light brown, HP.

NONE Cement mixing tub (top & bottom views seen above), light brown, HP,

NONE "CAUTION TNT" crate, light brown, HP.

NONE - Chair.

2.00 Short piece of pipe, light brown, HP. (1)

- 6.00 Truck Cab, silver HP. - - NONE - Bulldozer, no wheels or plow, HP.

Above picture shows the six 3 1/2 inch figures made in mold PL-863. The foreman with plans in cream is an old original. The other five figures in tan are later recasts. Other recast colors such as dark red exist.


5.00 Construction worker with plans; NONE.

5.00 Construction worker pushing TNT plunger; NONE.

5.00 Construction worker using jack hammer; NONE.

5.00 Construction worker with pick; NONE.

5.00 Construction worker digging with shovel; NONE.

3.00 Construction worker with sledge hammer; NONE.

2.00 RECAST Construction worker with plans; NONE.

2.00 RECAST Construction worker pushing plunger; NONE.

2.00 RECAST Construction worker using jack hammer; NONE

2.00 RECAST Construction worker with pick; NONE.

2.00 RECAST Construction worker digging with shovel; NONE.

2.00 RECAST Construction worker with sledge hammer; NONE.


60mm Gas Station attendants

From the early 1950s.

4.00 MX701 Changing tire; NONE.

4.00 MX702 Crouching on knee; NONE.

4.00 MX703 Seated on box, wearing uniform arms at sides; 1 lighter gray, 1 yellow, 1 gray paint on hat, ( 1.00 BOX AND LEFT HAND CUT AWAY, light bluegray rubber).

4.00 MX704 Holding wrench up; NONE, ( 2.00 missing wrench; 1 gray, 1 yellow).

4.00 MX705 With rag, waving; 1 gray.

10.00 Marx PL-1164 RECAST Miniature gas station accessories; 60 Pieces about 54mm in scale. Made in black and dark green. Most or all of 2 sprues so 60-66 pieces in most cases.

40/45mm Gas Station Attendants

From the 1970s.

2.00 With tire; NONE.

2.00 Cleaning windshield; NONE.

2.00 Kneeling hand out; NONE.

2.00 Walking with oil can; NONE.

2.00 Standing with air hose; NONE.

Service Center Set blister card, NONE. Picture courtesy David Schafer.

Gas Station Accessories

Hard plastic gas and service station accessories. Some may be T.Cohn.

NONE - Oval sign, no decals. ()

NONE - Triangular sign. ()

NONE - Yellow oil can display. ()

NONE - Yellow oil barrels? ()

NONE - Air compressor, white. ()

NONE - Bucket, white. (NONE)

NONE - Spare tire on stand, white. ()

NONE - Battery display.

NONE - Large white pump.

NONE - Small white pump. ()

NONE - Large blue HY-TEST pump. ()

NONE - Car jack, white. ()

NONE - Larger white oil can display.(1)

NONE - Smaller oil can display with decal.

Roadster, red HP, no wheels. ()

Blue convertible, HP, with metal wheels. ()

Red sedan, HP, with metal wheels. ()

Blue sedan, HP, with metal wheels. ()

Yellow sedan HP, with metal wheels. ()

NONE - Station wagon, SP.


We have only had these in early rubber like vinyl.

4.00 Carrying box; NONE.

4.00 With hand at head, binder in other hand; NONE.

4.00 Sitting on box, arms folded over stomach; NONE.

4.00 Holding broom; NONE.

4.00 Holding freight hook in right hand; NONE.

Marx made a nine piece group of gray hard plastic pieces making six types of freight.

6.00 Large barrel, gray, HP. (1)

6.00 Oil drum, gray, HP.(1)

8.00 Two piece large trunk, gray, HP. (NONE)

8.00 Square crate with separate lid, gray SP.(1)(5.00 LID COLOR DARKER; 10

6.00 Smaller rectangular crate, gray, HP. (3)

8.00 Two piece suitcase, gray, HP.(2).

A series of wooden crates and barrels were also included in the playset.

- NONE Wooden oil drum. ()

12.00 Scale, red, HP.()

10.00 Hand Truck, HP; 1 red, 1 yellow.

NONE - Electric baggage cart, yellow, HP.()

10.00 Platform truck, HP; 1 green with red handle, 1 red with red handle.

10.00 Slat bottom Truck, HP; 1 green, 1 yellow.

10.00 Flat bottom Truck, HP; 1 light green with yellow connector.

Three inch freight station workers.

4.00 Right hand up, left hand holding papers; NONE.

4.00 With hose, cream, SP. NONE

4.00 With knife?, cream, SP. (NONE)

4.00 Right hand forward, cream, SP.(NONE)

4.00 Right hand up as if holding a box, cream, SP. (NONE)

4.00 Walking hands at sides, cream, SP. NONE

3.00 Lineman holding line with both hands, cream, SP. (NONE

3.00 Lineman with coils of line, cream, SP. (NONE)

3.00 Lineman holding telephone, cream, SP. (NONE)


54mm Race track figures are not easy to come by. The hard plastic painted figures are similar but slightly different than the soft plastic versions.

8.00 Waving flag; NONE, (4.00 NO FLAG; 1).

8.00 Holding sign. (1)

8.00 Holding binoculars. (2)

8.00 Walking with rag & gas can. (2)

8.00 Squatting, left hand out; NONE.

8.00 Standing holding stop watch. (1)

Marx also made the race track figure in 1/72 scale.


54mm Race track spectators are also hard to find.

8.00 Seated man with bottle, gray.(NONE)

8.00 Seated man right hand in fist, gray. (NONE)

8.00 Seated woman waving? with right hand, gray. (NONE)

Picture courtesy Christopher Wallintine.

10.00 Skier with box. (1)

7.00 Skier, no box, made at the Hong Kong factory. (4)

NONE - Surfer, MIB.

Photo courtesy Francis Turner.

54mm football team with coach (Landrey?) & 4 refs. These figures were also sold by AURORA as a paint yourself model kit.


Marx made a series of 3-4 inch football players for a large game. Bases are dated 1969.

8.00 #36 Runner (red) on key wind up cart.

2.00 #67 lineman, red.

60mm Sports Figures

5.00 EACH soft plastic unless marked HP hard plastic.

Soccer player; 1 cream, 3 white, 1 gray.

Golfer; 1 white HP, (2.00 CLUB HEAD MOLDED SHORT; 1 white HP).

Bowler; NONE.

Tennis player; NONE.

Boxer throwing punch; NONE.

Basketball player; 1 cream.

Polo Player; NONE.

Runner; 1 blue.

Figure skater; NONE.

Hockey player; NONE.

Woman diver; NONE.

Baseball Pitcher; 1 white.

Boxer #2; NONE.

Skier; NONE.

Baseball batter; NONE, (1.00 NO BAT; 1 blue).

Football player; 1 white, 1 blue.


Untouchables Items

Vintage figures

NONE - Elliot Ness

NONE - Al Capone cream character figure.

NONE - Man with pistol in right hand, left hand out (4th from the right above), light blue.

4.00 Man standing, just been shot (3rd from right), gray, HAT AND PISTOL CUT AWAY.


7.00 REISSUE pair of both Elliot Ness and Al Capone; 8 gray.

NONE - REISSUE Untouchable Figures.(OUT OF STOCK)

23.00 16 Figure set of Untouchable figures in pewter silver. (6)

NONE - Reissue Untouchables playset accessories, 34 pieces in semi-soft brown plastic.

NONE - Untouchables fence. (NONE) - NONE - Untouchables barrel, SP.

8.00 Jointed car driver, cream SP. (NONE) - 15.00 1910 Ford, friction does not work. - OUT OF STOCK - Race Car Driver. - NONE - 45mm Trainman, gray SP. ()



45mm Train Station Figures

Like other Marx figures these were first made without bases and the the mold was alter to include bases so the figures would stand better.

2.00 EACH unless noted SP train station figures

Trainman with lantern looking at watch, cream; NONE.

Engineer with oil can, cream; NONE.

Trainman with signal flag, cream; NONE.

Porter with bags; NONE.

3.00 Hobo with walking stick, NONE.

Newsboy with paper, cream; NONE.

Man walking, briefcase in right hand, cream; NONE.

Man hands in pockets, smoking pipe, cream; NONE.

3.00 Woman with dog on leash, cream. NONE.

3.00 Boy with toy locomotive, cream; NONE.

8.00 RECAST Marx skyscraper tower and antenna, silver. (2 IN STOCK)

54mm Skyscraper Figures

Marx made a nice set (PL-880) of sixteen 54mm civilians (in 15 cavities) for their skyscraper playset. It seems they were to be part of a Superman set that was cancelled. Sometimes only 13 of the figures were produced as PL-880A. This smaller group eliminates the two ping pong players.

15.00 Woman sitting, Lois Lane?; NONE

12.00 Man holding paper, Perry White? NONE

12.00 Paperboy holding papers, Jimmy Olsen? NONE

10.00 Man in hat one hand in pocket, other holding briefcase; NONE.

10.00 Man walking with overcoat on arm, briefcase in other hand, Clark Kent?. NONE

10.00 Man in military billed hat, arms out; NONE.

10.00 Pharmacist with pencil and cup. NONE

10.00 Man with arms forward. (NONE)

10.00 Woman with child on leash. (NONE)

10.00 Man in a uniform, right hand out; NONE.

10.00 Doorman, left hand up; NONE

10.00 Man with box on shoulder. NONE

10.00 Man with ping pong paddle; NONE.

10.00 Woman with ping pong paddle; NONE, (5.00 1 with slight nose pug).

10.00 Lifeguard/Referee with whistle. NONE

10.00 Paperboy holding papers. NONE

Made in gray hard plastic.

5.00 Desk with typewriter.(1 with small melt mark)

5.00 Desk no typewriter. (NONE)

5.00 Exercise machine. (NONE)

5.00 Table. (NONE)

5.00 Arm chair. (NONE)

5.00 Hand Truck. (1)

5.00 Three cushion bench. (NONE)

5.00 Dolly.(NONE)

5.00 Dolly handle. (NONE)

5.00 Slanted table. (NONE)

5.00 Wheeled chair. (NONE)

5.00 File cabinet. (NONE)

8.00 Ping pong table. (NONE)

5.00 Drafting table. (NONE)

5.00 Store check out counter. (NONE)

8.00 Telephone booth. (NONE)

Picture above has original bugler while the rest are recasts.

5.00 Leader hiking, with staff and lantern; NONE.

5.00 Scout with basketball; NONE.

5.00 Scout saluting; NONE.

5.00 Scout with rope making knots; NONE.

Marx made four different Canadian Mounties in the early 1950s. Old originals were made of rubber like vinyl while later recast/reissues can be found in soft plastic. Picture courtesy of Theo van der Weerden.




2.50 Sled driver; NONE.

2.50 Kneeling with gold pan; NONE.

2.50 Pilot with helmet; NONE.


NONE - Holding rifle, no base;.

NONE - Holding rifle with base;.

NONE - Sled driver;.

NONE - Holding binoculars;.

NONE - Crouching with pickax on rope; NONE.

NONE - Pilot holding helmet; .

NONE - Cameraman shooting film;.

NONE - With lantern & Pickax;.

NONE - Walking with pickax and coiled rope;.

NONE - Holding rope;.

NONE - Kneeling with pan;.

NONE - Holding flare gun;.

NONE - Radioman;.

Alaskan Polar Set blister card, NONE - Picture courtesy David Schafer.


12.00 Igloo, semitranspaent, vintage. (NONE)

8.00 REISSUE igloo in white. (3)

15.00 RECAST mold shot PL-915; 2 2pc dog sleds and 1 2pc kayak, silver.(OUT OF STOCK)

NONE - RECAST kayak.

Vintage pieces, usually brown in playsets and red on blister cards;

15.00 Kayak; 1 brown.

4.00 Kayak top; 3 brown, 1 red.

8.00 Dog sled, NO HARNESS; 2 brown, 1 red

8.00 Dog sled harness, NO SLED; NONE.

OUT OF STOCK - RECAST mold shot PL-914, 37 pieces, silver. ()

In vintage Marx playsets this PL-914 was often run in two colors (usually blue and orange)and split into two distinct groups A & B (probably where the runner sprue was located). The the playsets would get the "A" group in one color and the "B" group in the other.

Vintage Orange & blue accessories ;

NONE Harpoon, blue, HP.

NONE Plate, orange, HP.

NONE Basket, orange, HP.

NONE Lantern, orange, HP.

NONE Beaver pelts, blue HP.

NONE Lean to shelter, orange, HP. ()

NONE Dog sled load, orange, HP. ()

3.00 Animal pelt (fox), blue, HP. (1)

3.00 Ski pole, blue, HP. (1)


Original Marx Eskimos were light powder blue and yellow in a nice soft plastic. Reissue/recasts are in a stiff cream plastic (lower three on the right of the picture). Other recasts in Mexico came in every color of the rainbow (also stiffer plastic).

Original Marx issue Eskimos

2.50 Spearing fish; NONE.

3.00 Skiing; NONE.

2.50 With rifle; NONE.

2.50 With hands out sled driver; NONE.

2.50 With fish and spear; NONE.

2.50 Seated riding in sled; NONE.

3.00 Fur trader; NONE.

3.00 Pulling dead seal; NONE.

3.00 Trapper; NONE.

2.50 Woman with fish and pole; NONE, (1.00 NO POLE OR FISH; 1 yellow).

4.00 Paddler; NONE.


2.00 Paddler; 1 red, 1 waxy white.

20.00 16 Figure set, silver. (1)

Marx made a nice set of 18 arctic animals (PL-911) as seen above to go in their Alaskan sets. The animals would be in either cream or gray. Thanks to Mike Handley for supplying some of the animals in the photo. The sled dogs could be run separately for inclusion in blister cards with sleds.

3.00 Adult Polar bear; NONE.

3.00 Baby Polar bear; NONE.

3.00 Walrus; NONE.

3.00 Wolf howling; NONE.

3.00 Seal; NONE.

2.00 Husky dog curled up; NONE.

2.00 Husky dog in harness walking; NON E.

2.00 Penguin walking; NONE.

2.00 Baby penguin standing; NONE.

25.00 RECAST 18 piece set of arctic animals, silver. (2 IN STOCK)


The two bathing suit clad Erie beauties were sold with a large cabin cruiser boat. The nudes were given out by Louie Marx to friends and associates as a prank.

No Erie Beauties in stock


14.99 All eight 60mm bathing beauties; 6 peach color, 2 light pink.

-NONE -Campus Cutie, "Dinner for Two", 6 inch figure, peach flesh.


Howdy Doody TV show characters. Picture courtesy Francis Turner.



20.00 Original Gramps, cream SP, base marked; "GRAMPS" ROBERT MAXWELL ASSOCIATES 1955. (NONE)

8.00 Set of 3 RECAST Lassie Character Figures, Gramps, Jeff and Lassie; 2 putty gray as seen above, 8 white hard plastic suitable for painting.


In 1955 Marx made two Jackie Gleason figures for the VIP Corporation. Ralph Kramden and Away We Go are square based and about 65mm in scale. The originals were marked COPR. VIP CORP 1955 under their bases. In the 1990s Paul Stadinger had the figures reissued after removing the bottom markings. Some can be found painted to an extreme detail.

5.00 RECAST/REISSUE Jackie Gleason set of two figures; Ralph Kramden & "Away WE Go",65mm; 8 gray.

The original Marx Superman figure was made for a proposed Daily Planet playset. Evidently royalty costs were too high and the project scrapped. The Superman figure had come marked under his base SUPERMAN COPYRIGHT NATIONAL COMICS PBLI. INC. The mold was reworked to give him more of a neck but he was never offered for sale. Some of the original tests shots surfaced when the Marx warehouses were sold in the mid 1980s. The reworked figure cavity was also found and reissue figures with unmarked bases were made in the 1990s in; cream, red, purple, light blue, dark blue, brown and perhaps other colors.

5.00 REISSUE Superman; 1 LIGHT BLUE, 2 CREAM.

Six Inch Figures

Above two Man from U.N.C.L.E. photos courtesy Doug Cusic.



NONE - Hunchback, dated 1963, aquablue.

NONE - Wolfman, orange.

NONE - All six REISSUE/RECAST monsters; .

Very rare six inch figures. Picture courtesy Mark Hegeman.


All 14 Apostles made by Marx seen above (Mike Handley collection). Top 7 and first 5 in the lower row are the 12 disciples of Jesus. Matthias replaced Judas and Paul was a noted apostle shortly after the death of Christ. Accounts sometimes use different names for some of these men and Marx put some of the other names on the back of the figure bases. Made of hard plastic.

We have also noticed that there are two variations of apostle Philip. The words and symbol under the base differing. Does anyone know why?

15.00 Jesus left hand up. (NONE)

10.00 Jesus right hand up. (1)

6.00 John. (1)

6.00 Philip. (1)

6.00 Matthew. (1)

6.00 Thomas. (NONE, 2.00 MISSING STAFF; 1)

6.00 James the Less.(2)

6.00 Simon. (NONE, 2.00 MISSING STAFF; 1)

6.00 Jude. (3)

6.00 Bartholomew. (2)

6.00 James the Greater. (2)

6.00 Andrew. (1)

6.00 Peter. (NONE, 2 MISSING HAND; 1)

6.00 Judas. (1)

6.00 Matthias. (2)

6.00 Paul. (NONE)

NONE IN STOCK - 15 Figure set of Jesus and 14 apostles. About 40mm in size, factory paint is wearing especially on gold bases. Probably copies of Marx.

Marx made a nice 15 piece set of nativity figures. Made in white hard plastic and sometimes painted. Reissues were made in a stiffer soft plastic in the light tan seen above.

6.00 Mary kneeling, white, HP.(NONE)

6.00 Crib, white, HP. (NONE)

6.00 Kneeling Magi, slight nose pug, white HP. (1)

6.00 Cow lying down, white, HP. (NONE), (3.00 ONE HORN SHORT; 1)

2.00 Boy with lamb on shoulders, MISSING STAFF, white, HP.

NONE Woman angel.


NONE - RECAST 15 piece set, cream (1 IN STOCK).

NONE - RECAST 15 piece set, white. ()

1.50 Donkey; NONE.

1.50 Sheep; NONE.

2.00 Cow lying down; NONE.

1.50 Shepard with staff and lamb;1 blue.

1.50 Wise man with box; NONE.

1.50 Wise man with canister; NONE.

1.50 Wise man kneeling; none.

1.50 Goat; NONE.

3.00 Angel; NONE.

1.50 Joseph; NONE.

1.50 Shepherd kneeling; NONE.

2.00 Manger; NONE.

3.00 Baby Jesus; NONE.

1.50 Mary; NONE.

2.00 Camel; 1 white.

NONE - Boxed nativity set about 45mm scale. Marx poses but no Marx name on the box so perhaps a copy set. 1960s or 70s era.

Picture courtesy Joe Leonard.

Several religious personalities were made as square pedestal base figures by Marx. They are not easy to find.

Moses. NONE

Pope Pius XII. NONE

Pope Paul VI. NONE

Cardinal Francis Spellman. NONE.

5.00 EACH REISSUE soft plastic Moses. (4 SILVER IN STOCK).

5.00 EACH REISSUE soft plastic Pope Pius XII. (4 RED, 4 CREAM & 4 WHITE IN STOCK)


Picture courtesy Joe Leonard.

Marx made a few statuettes of foreign politicians. They are all hard to find.

Napoleon I. NONE

Mendes of France. NONE.

Winston Churchill. NONE.

5.00 EACH REISSUE soft plastic Napoleon I; (11 LIGHT BLUE, 2 SILVER, 1 LIGHT TAN IN STOCK).

5.00 EACH REISSUE soft plastic Winston Churchill. (1 LIGHT BLUE IN STOCK).

Picture courtesy Joe Leonard.

Marx also made a few US politicians and Presidential candidates of 1968. These are hard to find.

Hubert Humphrey. NONE

Adlai Stevenson. NONE

Barry Goldwater. NONE

5.00 REISSUE Barry Goldwarer in cream soft plastic (8 IN STOCK)

Picture courtesy Joe Leonard.

Ronald Reagan, painted. NONE

Nelson Rockefeller, painted. NONE

Hubert Humphrey, painted. NONE

Robert Kennedy, painted. NONE

Richard Nixon, painted. NONE

35.00 Charles Percy, painted. (1)

- 15.00 Hubert Humphrey, in a small header card with a 37 in a circle on the card. These were made in case he became the 37th President by Pretested Promotions. 54mm Painted hard plastic. (3 IN STOCK)

Picture courtesy Joe Leonard.

The Marx inaugural series consist of three of our most noted president and their wives. They can be found painted and unpainted in white. Reissues have been made.

8.00 REISSUE Marx Inaugural Series (Mold PL-681)Three presidents and their wives. The set has the Washingtons, Lincolns and Eisenhowers, six 54/60mm figures, HP; 1 yellow.

NONE - Marx white house kit.

- -

NONE - Boxed set of 36 figures. All the presidents through Eisenhower and the set includes two versions of IKE and two of Mamie. Also included was the Marx president information booklet. Marx sold the white unpainted president figures in several ways including the seven figure boxed sets as seen above. Boxes are circa the late 1950s and MAY show wear with some corners split and taped many years ago or price stickers.

17.00 Series 1 with; Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monrore, JQ Adams & Jackson. Box rough but comes with booklet.

20.00 Series 2 with; 8 Martin Van Buren, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, James Polk, Zachary Taylor, Millard Fillmore & Franklin Pierce. Box good and comes with booklet.

10.00 Series 2 Just the insert and the seven presidents, NO BOX or BOOKLET.

20.00 Series 3 with; Buchanan, Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, Grant, Hayes, Garfield &1 Chester Arthur. Good box and has booklet.

20.00 Series 4 with; Cleveland, B.Harrison, McKinley, T.Roosevelt, Taft, Wilson & Harding. Good box, no booklet

20.00 Series 5 with; Coolidge, Hoover, FD Roosevelt, Truman, Both Eisenhower poses & Mamie Eisenhower. Good box, no booklet

17.00 Series 5 with; Coolidge, Hoover, FD Roosevelt, Truman, Both Eisenhower poses & Mamie Eisenhower. Rough box, no booklet


Marx made a 6 inch version of President Eisenhower but we are unsure if they were ever retailed. The unpainted one may the the prototype.

Marx made several sizes and series of US Presidents. Owner Louis Marx was a personal friend of Dwight Eisenhower of whom he made several different poses and sizes of figures. The white unpainted series came first (we think) and includes the first 33 presidents from Washington to Eisenhower. Some were either made in a cream or yellowed over the years

Both Eisenhowers and FDR had multiple poses unlike the other presidents. A second Grover Cleveland would have made sense.

2.00 EACH (UNLESS NOTED) HP white U.S. Presidents, about 65mm in size, shades of white;

1 George Washington, 1789-1797 (1)

2 John Adams, 1797-1801 (2)

3 Thomas Jefferson, 1801-1809 (2)

4 James Madison, 1809-1817 (2)

5 James Monroe, 1817-1825 (2)

6 John Quincy Adams, 1825-1829 (2)

7 Andrew Jackson, 1829-1837 (2)

8 Martin Van Buren, 1837-1841 (2)

9 William Henry Harrison, 1841 (2)

10 John Tyler, 1841-1845 (2)

11 James Polk, 1845-1849 (2)

12 Zachary Taylor, 1849-1850 (2)

13 Millard Fillmore, 1850-1853 (2)

14 Franklin Pierce, 1853-1857 (2)

15 James Buchanan, 1857-1861 (2)

16 Abraham Lincoln, 1861-1865 (2)

17 Andrew Johnson, 1865-1869 (1)

18 Ulysses Grant, 1869-1877 (2)

19 Rutherford Hayes, 1877-1881 (2)

20 James Garfield, 1881 (2)

21 Chester Arthur, 1881-1885 (2)

3.00 22 & 24 Grover Cleveland, 1885-1889, 1893-1897 (1)

23 Benjamin Harrison, 1889-1893 (2)

25 William McKinley, 1897-1901 (2)

26 Theodore Roosevelt, 1901-1909 (1)

27 William Taft, 1909-1913 (2)

28 Woodrow Wilson, 1913-1921 (2)

29 Warren Harding, 1921-1923 (2)

30 Calvin Coolidge, 1923-1929 (2)

31 Herbert Hoover, 1929-1933 (2)

4.00 32 Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1933-1945, STERN, (NONE)

5.00 F.D. Roosevelt, 1933-1945, WEARING CAPE. (NONE)

3.00 F.D. Roosevelt, 1933-1945, JOLLY. (1)

33 Harry S. Truman, 1945-1953 (2)

34 Dwight D. Eisenhower 1953-1961 (3)

4.00 34 Dwight D. Eisenhower 1953-1961 HANDS UP. (2)

4.00 Mamie Eisenhower, HANDS AT WAIST (2) (3.00 BASE INCOMPLETELY MOLDED;1).

4.00 Mamie Eisenhower, HOLDING FLOWERS UP. (1)

15.00 35 John F. Kennedy, 1917- (NONE).

15.00 35 John F. Kennedy, 1961- (NONE).


- 5.00 REISSUE Richard Nixon in gray soft plastic. (6)

Picture courtesy Joe leonard.

Three variations John F. Kennedy exist. One just has his birth year 1917, the secon has the year he was elected president 1961 and the third has the years he served as president 1961-63. The third version factory painted can be found without too much trouble but the unpainted versions are hard to find as is the Jackie Kennedy figure.

Kennedy 1917. NONE

Kennedy 1961-. NONE

4.00 Kennedy 1961-1963, factory painted(8)

Jackie Kennedy. NONE

5.00 EACH REISSUE Jackie Kennedy; 3 TAN, IN STOCK.

After the mold was moved to their Hong Kong factory or perhaps ReMarx issue, at least the first 25 presidents were made in a gold color;


Painted presidents were sold from counter displays and in small header bags. SEE NEXT GROUP FOR FIGURES STILL IN BAGS


1 George Washington, 1789-1797 (2)

2 John Adams, 1797-1801 (2)

3 Thomas Jefferson, 1801-1809 (NONE)

4 James Madison, 1809-1817 (2)

5 James Monroe, 1817-1825 (2)

6 John Quincy Adams, 1825-1829 (2)

7 Andrew Jackson, 1829-1837 (2)

8 Martin Van Buren, 1837-1841 (2)

9 William Henry Harrison, 1841 (2)

10 John Tyler, 1841-1845 (2)

11 James Polk, 1845-1849 (2)

12 Zachary Taylor, 1849-1850 (2)

13 Millard Fillmore, 1850-1853 (2)

14 Franklin Pierce, 1853-1857 (2)

15 James Buchanan, 1857-1861 (2)

16 Abraham Lincoln, 1861-1865 (3)

17 Andrew Johnson, 1865-1869 (2)

18 Ulysses Grant, 1869-1877 (2)

19 Rutherford Hayes, 1877-1881 (2)

20 James Garfield, 1881 (2)

21 Chester Arthur, 1881-1885 (2)

5.00 22 & 24 Grover Cleveland, 1885-1889, 1893-1897 (NONE)

23 Benjamin Harrison, 1889-1893 (2)

25 William McKinley, 1897-1901 (2)

26 Theodore Roosevelt, 1901-1909 (2)

27 William Taft, 1909-1913 (2)

28 Woodrow Wilson, 1913-1921 (2)

29 Warren Harding, 1921-1923 (2)

30 Calvin Coolidge, 1923-1929 (2)

31 Herbert Hoover, 1929-1933 (2)

3.00 32 Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1933-1945, WEARING CAPE. (2)

33 Harry S. Truman, 1945-1953 (2)

34 Dwight D. Eisenhower 1953-1961 (2)

Mamie Eisenhower (NONE).

4.00 35 John F. Kennedy, 1961-1963 (5).

4.00 36 Johnson, 1963, HAND DOWN. (1)

4.00 36 L. Johnson, 1963, HAND OUT. (1)

Marx did a series of candidates including Nixon and Humprey. Nixon of course became president, but his figure was made before that time and so does not include a date on the base.

6.00 Nixon (nothing on base back). (NONE)

A company on New York know as Pretested Promotions bought the painted presidents from Marx for resale in 24 count decorated boxes as can be seen above. They were made in both Hong Kong and Taiwan. Perhaps to cut down on costs the counter boxes went from being printed for each president to a generic box with each president's name ink stamped. The figures came in small header bags with a small white circle marked with a number representing which president each was. Eventually the headercard was done away with and each bag, as can be seen with the Lincoln figure above, was marked with the number. Perhaps to be ready for whomever won the 1968 election Pretested Promotions had Hubert Humphrey figures ready to sell. As he lost they went into storage until they turned up in the 1990s.

3.00 EACH

1 Washingtom in baggie with a slip of paper marked 1. (1)

5 Monroe. (3)

6 J.Q.Adams.(4)

10 Tyler. (1)

11 Polk. (2) 16 Lincoln, in baggie marked 16, not made with header card. (3)

34 Eisenhoer (1)


Humphrey picture courtesy Joe leonard.

At some point production was moved to Taiwan. The above picture shows Hong Kong figures on the left and Taiwan examples on the right. The Taiwan Eisenhower was redone with the hand at chest switching from right hand to left hand. Paint schemes also differed as you can see on the William H. Harrison & Hubert Humphrey's figures.

5.00 Taiwan Eisenhower. (NONE)

An error Taft figure has been found. Made in Hong Kong instead of the correct 1909-1913 on the rear of the base it is marked 1909-1919.

8.00 Taft with error date. (NONE)


Smaller versions of the bigger sized figures except FDR who now has a cape (see below).

Small vs large + FDR variation.


1 George Washington, 1789-1797 (NONE)

2 John Adams, 1797-1801 (NONE)

3 Thomas Jefferson, 1801-1809 (NONE)

4 James Madison, 1809-1817 (NONE)

5 James Monroe, 1817-1825 (1)

6 John Quincy Adams, 1825-1829 (NONE)

7 Andrew Jackson, 1829-1837 (NONE)

8 Martin Van Buren, 1837-1841 (NONE)

9 William Henry Harrison, 1841 (NONE)

10 John Tyler, 1841-1845 (NONE)

11 James Polk, 1845-1849 (NONE)

12 Zachary Taylor, 1849-1850 (1)

13 Millard Fillmore, 1850-1853 (NONE)

14 Franklin Pierce, 1853-1857 (NONE)

15 James Buchanan, 1857-1861 (NONE)

16 Abraham Lincoln, 1861-1865 (NONE)

17 Andrew Johnson, 1865-1869 (NONE)

18 Ulysses Grant, 1869-1877 (NONE)

19 Rutherford Hayes, 1877-1881 (NONE)

20 James Garfield, 1881 (NONE)

21 Chester Arthur, 1881-1885 (NONE)

22 & 24 Grover Cleveland, 1885-1889, 1893-1897 (NONE)

23 Benjamin Harrison, 1889-1893 (NONE)

25 William McKinley, 1897-1901 (NONE)

26 Theodore Roosevelt, 1901-1909 (NONE)

27 William Taft, 1909-1913 (NONE)

28 Woodrow Wilson, 1913-1921 (NONE)

29 Warren Harding, 1921-1923 (NONE)

30 Calvin Coolidge, 1923-1929 (1)

31 Herbert Hoover, 1929-1933 (NONE)

32 Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1933-1945, WEARING CAPE. (1)

33 Harry S. Truman, 1945-1953 (NONE).

34 Dwight D. Eisenhower 1953-1961, ARMS DOWN. (NONE)

D.D. Eisenhower 1953-1961, ARMS UP. (NONE) (1.00 arms up one short finger; 3)

Mamie Eisenhower, ARMS DOWN. (NONE)

Mamie Eisenhower, ARM UP. (NONE)

3.00 35 John Kennedy. (NONE)

3.00 Jackie Kennedy. (NONE)

Photo courtesy Bill Sencio.

3.00 36 Lyndon Johnson 1963-. (NONE)

3.00 37 Richard Nixon 1969-. (NONE)

3.00 22mm "HO" scale IKE, hands up, white. (1)

2.00 Campaign give away, elephant. (5)


A company in Hong Kong we only know as J.J.or JaJaCo made a set of 30mm copies of Marx presidents. The first series went up to Kennedy and a second edition up through LBJ. Two different styles of markings can be found. We have seen these in a flat window window box but there could be other types of packaging. Listed figures may have cardboard from the packaging glue to their base.

1.50 EACH


#17 A.Johnson.


#1 Washington, #2 J.Adams, #3 Jefferson, #4 Madison, #5 Monroe, #6 J.Q.Adams, #7 Jackson, #8 Van Buren, #9 W.Harrison, #10 Tyler, #11 Polk, #12 Taylor, #13 Fillmore, #15 Buchanan, #16 Lincoln, #17 A.Johnson, #18 Grant, #19 Hayes, #20 Garfield, #21 Arthur, #22/24 Cleveland, #23 B.Harrison, #25 McKinley, #26 T.Roosevelt, #27 Taft, #28 Wilson, #29 Harding, #30 Coolidge, #31 Hoover, #32 R.Roosevelt, #33 Truman.

Famous Canadians

36 Famous Canadian figures were made in Hong Kong. The 60mm figures were used as give away premiums by Lipton's Tea Company in Canada. Apparently they were never sold in retail stores. Hard plastic and factory painted, each came with an short biography information card printed in English on one side and French on the other. Although believed to have been made by the Louis Marx Toy Company there is good reason to believe someone else simply copied the Marx pedestal base figure style and made them.


No.1 John Cabot. (1)

No.13 John Graves Simcoe. (1)


No.1 John Cabot. (NONE)

No.2 Jacques Cartier. (NONE)

No.3 Samuel De Champlain. (NONE)

No.4 Chuart Des Groseilliers. (NONE)

No.5 Pierre Radisson. (NONE)

No.6 Frontenac. (NONE)

No.7 Jean De Brebeuf. (NONE)

No.8 Montcalm. (NONE)

No.9 James Wolf. (NONE)

No.10 Sir Issac Brock. (NONE)

No.11 Sir Alexander MacKenzie. (NONE)

No.12 Lord Selkirk. (NONE)

No.13 John Graves Simcoe. (NONE)

No.14 William Lyon MacKenzie. (NONE)

No.15 Joseph Bryant. (NONE)

No.16 Tecumseh. (NONE)

No.17 George Vancouver. (NONE)

No.18 Laura Secord. (NONE)

No.19 Jean Talon. (1)

No.20 Simon Frasier. (NONE)

No.21 Daumont De St. Lusson. (1)

No.22 Sir William Alexander. (NONE)

No.23 Henry Kelsey. (NONE)

No.24 William Osgoode. (1)

No.25 Joseph Howe. (1)

No.26 Etienne Brule. (NONE)

No.27 Joseph Frobisher. (3)

No.28 Sir John MacDonald. (1)

No.29 Samuel Hearne. (1)

No.30 La Salle. (1)

No.31 Jean Baptiste Colbert.(none)

No.32 Sir Guy Carlton. (3)

No.33 Lord Snydenham. (NONE)

No.34 Louis Jos. Papineau. (NONE)

No.35 David Thompson. (NONE)

No.36 Louis Riel. (1)