Unpainted playset WWII Military Figures and Items


The 1951 Sear catalog shows the Marx Army Training Center set. This was one of the first playsets Marx made for sale. It contained the first series 45mm GIs and seated GIs.

In 1952 The second set of "camp/medical" 45mm GIs was added (+ the shell shooting MG and short barrel howitzer)to the set.

In 1954 The Air Force figures were added to the now Army and Air Force set.

In 1956 The Sailors and parade Marines were added to the now titled Armed Forces set.

In 1958 the 54mm Battleground GIs and Marines appeared and the training center sets as well as the 40/45mm GIs, Sailors and Marines were phased out. The Air Force figures became part of various Cape Canaveral and Airport sets. From 1958-1960 the sets contained the 45mm Air Force figures but all other figures; Navy, Marines and Marchers were 54mm. In the 1960s a metal carryall Training Center set was made with standard 54mm figures.

MARX 45mm GIs

Among the first figures Marx made for playsets were the 45mm GIs The 1951 Sears catalog has an Army Training Center playset that includes the first series 45mm GIs and the seated 45mm GIs. A second series of 45mm GIs was made in 1952 that included camp and medical poses. These 45mm figures were phased out of production in the late 1950s as the 54mm figures replaced them. The 45mm figures were first made in a rubber like vinyl and then later in polyethylene soft plastic. The early figures did not have bases and did not stand well so Marx made new molds that added a stabilizing platform (base) to many of the figures.

The first series 45mm GI mold had 22 cavities. There were four each of the two marching poses and one each of the other 14 poses. Playsets would have multiples of this 22 figure grouping. Several of these poses were copied by Payton.

22.00 22 Figure mold shot as seen the picture above, maybe slight color mismatch; 2 soft plastic.

.50 EACH First Series marching GIs

Marching with slung rifle; rubber NO BASE; 3, BASE; 35, SP 29.

Marching in dress uniform w/ rifle; rubber NO BASE; 2, BASE; 3, SP 8.

.75 EACH, First Series 45mm GIs


Blowing bugle; rubber; NO BASE; 3, BASE; 4, SP; 24.

Saluting; rubber; NO BASE; NONE, BASE; 1, SP; 13.

Throwing grenade; rubber; NO BASE; 0, BASE; 2, SP; 10.

Standing with pistol; rubber; BASE; 3, SP; 14.

Standing rifle x waist; rubber NO BASE; 1, BASE; 2, SP; NONE.

Prone shooting rifle; rubber; 1, SP; 3.

Standing shooting rifle; rubber; NONE, SP; 7.

Walking with two jerrycans; rubber; BASE; 12, SP; 15.

Marching flag bearer; rubber; BASE; 10, SP; 14.

With cannon shell; rubber; NO BASE; 2, BASE; 3, SP; 12.

With handie talkie; rubber; BASE; 1, SP; 2.

With binoculars; rubber; NO BASE; BASE; 13 SP; 9.

Kneeling shooting bazooka; rubber; NONE, SP; 21.

Kneeling shooting rifle; rubber; 4, SP; NONE.

1.50 EACH Seated 45mm GI; 7 rubber darker green, 11 lighter green, SP;NONE.

The second series 45mm GI mold, like the first, was made with 22 cavities. It has; 3 GIs with rifle at parade rest, 2 EACH; Crawling with rifle, crouching with rifle, sitting (weapons operator), in gas mask advancing with rifle, & stretcher bearer and one each; stretcher, nurse kneeling with canteen, sitting drinking, standing with mess kit, with mine sweeper, sitting shooting scoped rifle, lying wounded for stretcher, walking with slung rifle, & digging with shovel. This set was sold in the training center playsets as well as in small polka dot boxes through Sears. Playsets would have multiples of this 22 piece grouping depending upon size.

rubber = rubber like vinyl

1.00 EACH

Standing with rifle at parade rest; rubber; NONE, SP; NONE.

Crouching with rifle; rubber; 7 SP; NONE.

Crawling with rifle; rubber; 18 no strap, SP; 1.

Walking with slung rifle; rubber NONE, SP; NONE.

With mine sweeper; rubber; 2, SP; 2.

Sitting hand out (weapons operator); rubber; 7, SP; NONE.

Wearing gas mask advancing with rifle; rubber; 6, SP; 5.

Stretcher bearer; rubber (may need hand hole drilled); rubber 7, SP; 1.

2.00 EACH

Sitting drinking from cup; rubber; NONE, SP; NONE.

Standing with mess kit; rubber; NONE, SP; NONE.

Nurse kneeling with canteen; rubber; NONE, SP; NONE.

Lying wounded; rubber; NONE, SP; NONE.

Sitting shooting scoped rifle; rubber; NONE, SP; NONE.

Digging with shovel; rubber; NONE, SP; NONE.

Stretcher (no metal poles); rubber; 1, SP; NONE.

5.00 Stretcher with two rusty poles (use WD40 to clean); rubber; 1, SP; NONE.

Marx 45mm Air Force Figures

Like the other 40-45mm Armed Forces figure molds this mold has 22 cavities making two sets of 11 figures. Playsets would have varying numbers of 11 figure sets depending upon size. These figures were originally made in metallic blue for the training center sets. As the new 54mm figures came into production Marx had the bases raised so they could be used with the new taller figures. These "raised" figures have a concave depression under the base. Later figures were made in gray, cream and perhaps other colors. RECASTS have been made in medium blue and gray. At one point the figures with ammo and rocket were blocked off the mold and the other 9 figures were put into "peaceful" airport sets.

10.00 11 Air Force figure "mold shot", metallic blue; 1 flat base.

FLAT BASES; .75 EACH Individual Poses;

Pilot walking, swinging arms; 4 metallic blue.

Squatting with paper; 3 metallic blue.

Pilot reading paper; 3 metallic blue.

Holding rocket overhead; NONE.

Bent over with wrench; NONE.

With signal lamp; NONE, (.50 HOSE SPLIT 1 metallic blue).

Pilot in high altitude suit; 2 metallic blue.

With gas hose; 3 metallic blue.

Pilot walking one arm at chest; 1 metallic blue.

With ammo belts on shoulders; 1 metallic blue.

With sprayer device; 3 metallic blue.

RAISED BASES; 1.00 EACH Metallic blue, 2.00 EACH gray, 3.00 EACH cream

Pilot walking swing arms; 2 gray, 1 metallic blue, 2 waxy cream.

Squatting with paper; 7 metallic blue.

Pilot reading paper; 1 metallic blue, 1 waxy cream.

Holding rocket overhead; 9 metallic blue, 2 waxy cream.

Bent over with wrench; 8 metallic blue, 1 gray.

With signal lamp; 1 gray, 2 cream, 1 waxy cream. (.50 SPLIT CABLE; 1 waxy cream)

Pilot in high altitude suit; 3 metallic blue.

With gas hose; 1 gray, 1 waxy cream.

Pilot walking one arm at chest; 5 metallic blue, 1 gray, 1 waxy cream.

With ammo belts on shoulders; NONE.

With sprayer device; 1 gray.

PL-730 had 22 cavities making one set of 11 Marines in 6 poses (six marching) and one set of 11 Sailors (six marching). The original figures were made in light blue and gray and most playsets would have the Marines in one color and the sailors in the other.

The Marx 40/45mm Navy figures were made in six poses. A playset grouping "mold shot" would consist of 6 marching figures and one each of the other five poses for a total of eleven figures.

10.00 Mold shot of 11 figures; NONE.

1.00 Officer with binoculars; NONE.

1.00 Walking with duffel bag; NONE.

1.00 Guard standing with slung carbine; NONE.

1.00 Pulling rope; NONE.

2.00 With signal flags; NONE.

1.00 Marching with rifle; NONE.

Marx Missile ship sailors. Made in red and yellow hard plastic.


Each Marine "mold shot" consisted of one each of the first five poses and six marching with rifle as seen above. So playsets would have multiples of this group of 11 figures.

2.00 Flag bearer; NONE.

1.00 At attention; NONE.

1.00 SGT marching, swinging arms; NONE.

1.00 With rifle at port arms; NONE.

1.00 With rifle on ground at parade rest; NONE.

1.00 Marching with rifle; NONE.

The Training Center playsets came with a nice grouping of accessories as seen above. 13 Pieces making 10 assemblies including everybody's favorite...Garbage Cans! These pieces were first made in hard plastic but eventually to longer lasting soft plastic. Many hard plastic tripods were broken from active play.


5.00 Air cooled MG + tripod; loose, green.

2.00 Air cooled MG, barrel only; 1 green.

5.00 Water cooled MG + tripod, army green; 1.

2.00 Water cooled MG, barrel only; 2 green HP.

5.00 Recoiless rifle + tripod, green; NONE.

2.00 Recoiless rifle barrel only; 3 green HP, 1 metallic blue HP.

2.00 Bazooka; 3 metallic blue HP, 6 green HP.

2.00 Earlier garbage cans with legs; 1 HP metallic blue, 12 HP green.

2.00 Later garbage cans no legs, SP; 1 dark green, 1 forest green..

2.00 Pup tent; NONE.

3.00 Rifle Stack; HP; 1 green, SP; NONE.


10.00 Complete set 13 piece set, olive green. (4)

Made in army green hard plastic.

2.00 Air cooled MG with tripod. (4)

2.00 Water cooled MG with tripod. (1)

1.00 Bazooka. (12)

PL-347 Training Center Headquarters Equipment

This mold made 11 pieces including a two piece swivel chair. They were made in either army green or silver colored plastic.

8.00 Desk, HP; 2 darker army green.

8.00 Radio table, HP; NONE.

5.00 Filing cabinet, HP; 1 darker army green, 1 lighter army green.

5.00 Rifle rack, HP; 2 lighter army green.

4.00 Rifle crate, HP; 1 lighter army green, 2 darker army green.

4.00 Side chair, HP; NONE.

4.00 Bench with back, HP; 2 darker army green.

8.00 Swivel chair, 2 pc, HP; 1 darker army green.

4.00 Waste Basket, HP; 1 darker army green.

8.00 Large table, HP; NONE IN STOCK.

Reissue Marx PL-347 Army Training Center Headquarters Equipment. complete set of 12 pieces, made in hard plastic.

10.00 Army olive green. (3 in stock)

12.00 Navy gray. (4 in stock)

10.00 Reissue Marx PL-347 Training Center headquarters accessories. Made in a semisoft army green plastic. (5 IN STOCK)

15.00 Reissue Marx PL-387 western "Jail Side" accessories. Made in a semisoft Army green plastic. Perfect for WWI or WWII bases.(5 IN STOCK)

Other Training Set Pieces

NONE Shell shooting MG, silver.

3.00 Shell shooting MG BARREL, NO SPRING OR TRIPOD; 1 green.

3.00 Missile to rocket launcher; NONE.

1.00 REISSUE rocket, gray soft plastic. (12)

NONE Armored scout car.

NONE Halftrack.



NONE Flat bed truck with load.

NONE Truck.

NONE Short barrel howitzer.

NONE Short barrel howitzer ammunition.

Soft Plastic Military Emblems found in Training Center Playsets

7.00 US Army Emblem, SP; NONE.

7.00 US Navy Emblem, SP; NONE.

7.00 US Marine Corps Emblem, SP; NONE.

7.00 US Air Force Wings, SP; NONE.

Top and Bottom Views of Marx Delta Wing Jet


NONE - Stealth fighter.

NONE - Delta wing with missiles.

NONE - Delta Dagger F102A.

NONE - X-15, SP.

4.00 F-107 (bottom left in picture); 1 RECAST light olive.

NONE - Vertol 107 Helicopter.


NONE - Training Center HQ, TI-14, tin.

T-12, tin, walls only.

5.00 RECAST barracks ladder, yellow, SP. (5 IN STOCK)

Flat Figures 54-60mm in scale

3.00 EACH some may have paint


Walking with big backpack, slung rifle. (NONE)

Rifle across waist. (NONE)

Crouching throwing grenade. (NONE)

Kneeling with flamethrower. (NONE)

Standing with tommygun at chest. (NONE)

Crouching with artillery shell. (NONE)

Kneeling with handie talkie. (NONE)

Kneeling with bazooka. (NONE)


Captain with pistol. (NONE)

Walking with parachute & tommygun. (NONE)

Sauntering with rifle. (NONE)

Walking with rifle, no backpack.(NONE)

With mine sweeper. (NONE)

Marching with flag, dress uniform. (NONE)

Marching with trumpet, dress uniform. (NONE)

Marching drummer, dress uniform. (NONE)

Marching with rifle, dress uniform. (NONE).

Saluting. (NONE)

Standing shooting rifle. (NONE)


MARX 60mm GIs

Marx made at least 7 different molds of 60mm GIs. Over 40 poses were made but only a few are very common to find and some are down right rare.

GROUP A "BIN" GIs Mold PL-318 Made circa 1951

Picture of seated GI courtesy of Rich Delbert.

Mold PL-318 had 6 cavities making 2 sets. Recent reissues have confirmed our theory that the 2 "sets" consist of one each of the three "action" figures as seen above and one "set" of three seated GIs. The "action" figures are believed to have been sold as "bin" toys individually. The seated pose was made to be included with the three flat bed truck loads Marx was making. We have only seen these in rubber like vinyl. None of the standing figures stand up well and for this reason we think they were deleted from production rather quickly.

30.00 Paratrooper walking. (NONE)

30.00 Pilot walking with butt chute. (NONE)

20.00 Kneeling with flamethrower. (NONE)

Sitting, left foot pointed downward. NONE

GROUP B EARLY PARADE GIs Mold PL-319 made circa 1951


Mold PL-319 had 20 cavities making two sets of 10 figures. One set of ten figures can be seen in the above picture. The flag bearer is almost identical to the Tim-Mee GI flag bearer. We have only seen them in green rubber like vinyl. They do not stand up well and the mold was slightly altered to give the figures "pod" feet for better stability and then again to give them narrow bases. They were sold in the 1951 Sears catalog as part of a "NEW" 15 piece parade and combat soldier set. The combat soldiers were one set of five figures from PL-320.

5.00 Marching flag bearer (separate flag not included). (NONE)

5.00 Standing saluting. (NONE)

4.00 Dress uniform marching with rifle. (4 vinyl no base)

4.00 Field uniform walking with slung rifle. (NONE)


12.00 Mold shot of ten figures; saluting man, flag bearer in dress uniform with old paper US flag on stick, 4 men marching in dress uniform & 4 men sauntering with slung rifle in field uniforms. (6 IN STOCK)

1.00 EACH Individual figures

2.00 Paper flag on stick, old. (8)

GROUP C EARLY COMBAT GIs Mold PL-320 Made circa 1951

These figures were made in mold PL-320 "Soldiers". The mold had 15 cavities making 3 sets of the same five poses as seen above. These were sold in small boxes containing 2 "sets", in a set with the early parade GIs, and also with some of the early pressed steel military vehicles Marx sold. They may have also been sold as "bin" toys. They are usually found in rubber like vinyl in shades of army green, but the mold was reworked to put bases (platforms) on the standing figures for stability (Marx also did this with other 45 and 60mm figures). They were also made in harder to find "enemy" red vinyl and white hard plastic (for kids to paint). Finally they were made in polyethylene soft plastic. Kelloggs evidently contracted with the same mold maker to make a set of cereal premiums and both the bazooka man and sitting shooting rifle poses became part of the premium set that also included other Marx and Lido poses. The detail on the "chubby" figures is poor for Marx. As in the picture above the first figure's carbine tip is often broken off and gone.


5.00 Standing holding carbine at waist; 1 green SP.

10.00 Standing holding carbine at waist; NONE.

3.00 Crouching with artillery shell; 1 green vinyl.

2.00 Crouching with artillery shell; NO SP.

3.00 About to throw grenade; NONE.

2.00 About to throw grenade, erect posture; 1 green SP with base.

3.00 Kneeling shooting rifle; NONE.

2.00 Kneeling shooting rifle; 7 greens SP, (1.50 short tip 1 vinyl)

2.00 Kneeling shooting bazooka; 5 greens SP, 1 gray SP.

15.00 Five in all 5 poses; NONE.

GROUP D BAND GIs SET Mold PL-366 Made circa 1952

Mold PL-366 had 18 cavities making 2 sets. There are 6 poses so three were duplicated per set. We think there was one each of the; band leader, tuba player, and cymbal man and two each of the trumpet, drum and clarinet players. As GIs we have only seen them in rubber like vinyl, but they were also then made in white hard plastic as perhaps a college /circus band set. The mold ended up at the Marx Holland affiliate where painted hard plastic versions some times ink stamped "HOLLAND" under the base(see picture above) were made. The red Marine Corps band paint jobs are usually somewhat crude. Early vinyl figures do not have bases and you may have to straighten their legs to get them to stand. Later white hard plastic and green/khaki soft plastic figures have bases as the mold was reworked like many of the other early 50s figure molds.


6.00 With trumpet, green. (NONE)

6.00 With clarinet, green. (NONE)

6.00 With snare drum, green. (NONE)



GROUP E LATER COMBAT GIs Mold PL-383 Made circa 1952

Made in 1951/52 mold PL-383 had 16 cavities making one set. There are 10 poses and the mold contains one each of; man crawling, man running with ammoo case, throwing grenade and wearing gas mask with slung rifle. There are two of each of the other six poses in the mold. Of the 60mm soldiers Marx made this group is the most commonly found these days. They are usually found in soft plastic however some can be found in earlier rubber like vinyl. Some were copied and made as Warriors of the World in hard plastic and painted. In 1957 LIDO had a army man mold made and they used the same mold maker. The Mold maker reused some of his master scupts and four of the 10 Lido poses are very similar to the Marx poses. The Lido figures of the officer with pistol, standing shooting and advancing with bayonet have helmets with webbing while the Marx figures have smooth helmets. The prone shooter is hard to tell apart. In 1958 Kelloggs cereal also had a mold made to use as cereal premiums. Evidently made by the same mold maker who reused his master sculpts. The Kelloggs mold has copies of the ten Lido poses (4 of which were copies of Marx poses as just noted). In addition to those ten poses the Kelloggs mold also copied four more of the Marx poses. Two from this series; man sitting shooting scoped rifle and man crouching throwing grenade. The other two were from the first Marx combat GI mold; kneeling shooting bazooka and kneeling/sitting shooting rifle. These four poses are difficult to tell apart from the original Marx figures. The second series 60mm Marx GIs were sold individually from counter tops, in American Hero & red polka dot boxes, with large metal and cloth trucks and cannons and in header card bags.

3.00 Crawling with rifle, SP. (6)

3.00 Crouching with tommygun, SP. (4)

3.00 Standing with slung rifle, wearing gas mask, SP. (6)

3.00 Running with 50 Cal ammo box.(10)


2.00 Officer running with pistol, smooth helmet, SP.(10)

2.00 Standing shooting rifle, smooth helmet, SP. (9)

2.00 Advancing with bayoneted rifle, SP. (10)

2.00 Sitting shooting scoped rifle. (9)

3.00 Crouched throwing grenade. (9)

2.00 Prone shooting rifle. (10)


This mold was sent to Mexico where it was run about 1990. The figures were made in gray, tan and green. These are now getting harder to find.


Crawling with rifle; 8 mid green.

Prone shooting rifle; 1 tan, 7 mid green.

Sitting shooting scoped rifle; 1 tan, 1 mid green.

Standing shooting rifle; 1 forest green, 1 dark green, 1 tan, 9 mid green.

Advancing with rifle; 1 mid green.

Throwing grenade; NONE.

Crouching with tommygun (SGT ROCK);NONE.

Running with 50 Cal ammo case; NONE.

Officer running with pistol; 1 forest green, 1 mid green.

Wearing gas mask, slung rifle; NONE.

GROUP F MEDICAL GIs MOLD PL-384 Made circa 1952

The mold PL-384 had 16 cavities making one set. The mold is in Mexico and recent reissues in silver show that four items are duplicated; stretcher, lying wounded, wounded being fire carried, man carrying wounded in fire carry. The other eight poses are in the mold once. Stretcher bearers are different, one with canteen and the other with entrenching tool. These are seldom found and very collectible. These can be found in both early rubber like vinyl and later soft plastic polyethylene. Variations of some of these poses can also be found in 45mm scale by Marx. RECASTS exist, made in Mexico.

12.00 Chaplin with bible; NONE.

12.00 Nurse standing with plasma; NONE.

12.00 Stretcher bearer legs apart; NONE.

12.00 Stretcher bearer legs together; NONE.

12.00 Stretcher with 2 metal rods; NONE.

10.00 Wounded man for stretcher; 1 light army green SP.

10.00 Man as if carrying wounded man in fire carry; NONE.

10.00 Wounded man being carried in fire carry; NONE.

12.00 Nurse kneeling hand out; NONE.

12.00 Digging with shovel; NONE.

12.00 Sitting with cup; NONE.

12.00 Kneeling peeling potato (some incorrectly say rolling bandage; NONE.

RECAST Medical GIs

This mold was sent to Marx's Mexican partner and the mold was run about 1990 in assorted colors. We have seen them in; blue, orange, yellow, bright green, white, black and gray from this early recast production. Recently they have been made in army green and silver.

2.00 Nurse with plasma bottle, NO TUBE, yellow. (1)

GROUP G GIs IN TRAINING ("Couching Soldiers") Mold PL-385 Made circa 1952

Mold PL-385 oddly titled "Crouching Soldiers" in Marx records was a 16 cavity mold. There were 9 poses and one mold shot produced the following; 1 each crouching with binoculars, crouching with handie talkie, inspecting officer, Sgt with paper, 2 each with mine sweeper, crouching weapons operator, MP at parade rest, and 3 each; with rifle at parade rest and with rifle at port arms. We are not sure if this is correct, but have seen this exact distribution a few times. These can be found in both early rubber like vinyl and later soft plastic polyethylene. Ones for sale are soft plastic unless noted.

5.00 Kneeling with handie talkie. (NONE)

5.00 Kneeling with binoculars. (NONE)

4.00 Officer, inspecting, right hand up. (NONE)

4.00 Standing holding paper. (NONE)

3.00 Kneeling hands out, dark green. (NONE).

3.00 With mine sweeper; 3SP, (5.00 with split in wire; 2SP.

3.00 MP hands behind back at parade rest; NONE.

3.00 Standing with rifle at port arms. (NONE)

5.00 Standing with rifle at parade rest. (1 vinyl)


This mold was sent to Marx's Mexican factory where it was run about 1990 in assorted colors. What We have below is the last of what we can get a hold of.

Individual Figures

1.00 SGT with paper; NONE.

1.00 Officer inspecting; NONE.

1.00 Kneeling with handie talkie; NONE.

1.00 Kneeling with binoculars; NONE.

1.00 Squatting weapons operator; NONE.

1.00 MP at parade rest; NONE.

1.00 With minesweeper; 3 white, 3 yellow, 1 army green.

1.00 With rifle at port arms; NONE.

1.00 With rifle on ground at parade rest; NONE.


Mold Pl-604 has 9 cavities making 1 set. The marching group consists of one Staff Sergeant and eight privates with rifles. Variations of these figures were also made in 54mm.

2.00 Private marching with rifle. (5)

4.00 SSGT marching swinging arms. (NONE)

Mold PL-415 made circa 1952 had 10 cavities making one set as seen above. Sold in small boxed sets and as "bin" toys individually. White figure pictures courtesy Rich Delbert.

6.00 Sailor standing at attention; NONE.

6.00 Sailor on guard duty with slung carbine; NONE.

7.00 Officer with binoculars; NONE.

6.00 walking with duffel bag; NONE.

6.00 Marching with rifle; NONE.

7.00 Pulling rope; NONE.

10.00 With signal flags; NONE.

7.00 Mopping the deck; NONE.

6.00 Officer at attention; NONE.

6.00 Walking swinging arms; NONE.



WWII German Infantry

Marx WWII Germans 16 Figure Set

Marx used specific sets of figures and accessories for all of their playsets. The WWII German mold PL-1185 contained 32 cavities making two 16 figure sets. The figures pictured above represent one of the two setss as follows; one of each of the first 11 poses, two kneeling shooting rifles, and three marching figures. Playsets would then have multiples of this grouping. Some of the figures have the Marx hall mark under their bases and some do not. The figures made in the 1960s are various shades of dark gray (with a few in medium gray). Those from the 1970s are various shades of light gray and we got a few in green out of Canada and are unsure when they were made.

- NONE - Pair of Germans in light green, rare color came out of Canada.

Dark Gray Figures

20.00 16 Figure 1/2 mold set of Germans; NONE.

Individual dark gray Germans

1.00 German running with machine pistol.(2)

1.00 German running with schmisser. (2)

1.00 German kneeling shooting rifle. (NONE)

2.00 German standing shooting rifle. (NONE).

1.00 German walking with MG on shoulder. (1)

1.00 German walking with panzershreck. (10)

1.00 German goose stepping with slung rifle. (NONE)

1.00 German looking through binoculars. (1)

1.50 German crouching with rifle. (NONE)

2.00 German shooting schmeisser x waist. (NONE).

2.00 German lying dead with MG x waist. (NONE)

1.50 German throwing grenade. (NONE)

1.00 German officer pointing downward. (8)

2.00 German seated (from vehicle set). (NONE)

Light Gray Figures

Individual light gray (off white)Germans


1.00 German running w/ schmisser. (16)

1.00 German kneeling shooting rifle. (9)

1.50 German standing shooting rifle. (8)

1.00 German walking w/ MG on shoulder. (9)

1.00 German goose stepping. (5)

1.00 German walking w/ panzershreck. (10)

1.00 German looking through binoculars. (4)

1.25 German crouching w/ rifle. (1).

1.50 German shooting schmisser x waist. (3)

1.00 German lying dead w/ MG x waist. (9)

1.00 German throwing grenade. (NONE)

1.00 German officer pointing downward. (2)

2.00 German seated. (NONE)

Copies by HELM TOY

About 1981 Helm Toy copied (in Hong Kong) some of the Marx German and American poses (barbwire, small cannon, six Germans & the first three GIs in the picture) and three Deluxe Reading poses (Three GIs on right in picture) to put in their own sets. These are not found very often. They are a bit smaller than the Marx originals (probably pantographed) and each base is usually marked "HELM TOY HONG KONG".

Germans were made in light grays.

3.00 German officer pointing downward. (9)

3.00 German looking through binoculars. (10)

3.00 German running with pistol. (NONE)

3.00 German crouching with rifle. (6)

3.00 German as if throwing grenade (except HELM did not include a grenade). (NONE)

3.00 German kneeling shooting rifle. (NONE)

1.00 Barbwire, dark gray.(NONE)

6.00 Cannon; NONE.

GIs were made in black.

3.00 GI SGT marching arms at sides. (NONE)

3.00 GI with tommygun at waist. (NONE)

3.00 GI running with rifle. (10)

3.00 GI crouching with rifle. (NONE)

3.00 GI with pistol at waist. (4)

3.00 GI kneeling shooting rifle. (NONE)

WWII Japanese Infantry

NONE - Japanese flag with pole & base.

Marx WWII Japanese Mold Set

PL-1199 the Japanese mold contains 32 cavities making two sets of 16 figures. There are one each of the first 8 poses, and two each of the last four poses as seen above for a total of 16 figures in 12 poses. Playsets would then have multiples of this grouping depending upon size. Original figures were made in a nice flat tan color. Peanut butter and "Heritage" flesh/tan colors were also used. The mold still exists and the set has been reissued in recent years in several colors. They have also been found in the old Marx dump in several shades of gray.

2.00 EACH Japanese Figures in old flat tan, 1.50 EACH IN; other older colors or assorted shades of dump gray;.

MX556 Crouching w/ rifle; NONE.

MX557 Kneeling w/ radio and pistol; 1 flat tan, (1.00 NO ANTENNA; 1 flat tan).

MX558 Running w/ flag; 3 flat tan.

MX559 Firing MG at hip; 2 flat tan.

MX560 Shot, dropping weapon; 1 flat tan.

MX561 Surrendering; 3 flat tan.

MX562 Advancing w/ rifle; 3 flat tan.

MX563 Running w/ knife; NONE.

MX564 Bayoneting; NONE.

MX565 Waving left hand, weapon in right hand; NONE.

MX566 Running w/ sword and pistol; NONE. (1.00 SHORT PISTOL; 1 flat tan}.

MX567 Throwing grenade; 3 flat tan, 2 mustard yellow.

- 14.00 REISSUE 48587 32 WWII Japanese soldiers in 12 poses. Made by Victory Buy.

9.99 Reissue Marx set of 4 palm trees and 4 ferns. (12)


This mold put out sets of eight figures, two of the man marching with rifle and one each of the other six poses. Mainly made in white, but waxy light blue and dark blue also exist. All white photo courtesy of skinny the goatman, blue and white photo courtesy Chris Saloman.


WWII US Marines

Marx WWII US Marine Mold Set

The US Marine mold PL-929 contains 16 cavities. It has one each of the first 8 poses, and two each of the last 4 poses as seen above, for a total of 16 figures in 12 poses. Each playset would then have multiples of this grouping depending upon the size and price of the set. Original figures were made in a khaki tan and a forest green. They were also made briefly in the later waxy greens, and some light blue versions exist as well. The Flamethrower and Throwing Grenade poses were copied and included in the second GI figure mold. The mold still exists and recasts have been made in several colors. In addition odd colors are being found at the old Marx dump.

2.00 MX508 Seated Marine right hand forward; NONE

The Khaki tan color varies wildly with the two extremes shown above. It is hard to sort them so I will list them all as KT khaki tan. I will try to provide the closest one I have to your color requests.

2.00 EACH Marines, KT = Khaki tan, LFG = Lighter forest green, DFG = Darker Forest green, DG = Dark OD Green, MWG = Medium waxy green.

MX509 Prone w/ rifle; 1LFG, 1FG, 3K, 1MWG.

MX510 With flamethrower; NONE.

MX511 Kneeling loading rifle; 1DFG.

MX512 In life vest walking w/ pistol; NONE.

MX513 Throwing grenade; 2K.

MX514 Standing rifle x waist; NONE.

MX515 Kneeling rifle x waist; 1DFG.

MX516 Running with ammo can; NONE.

MX517 Running with rifle; NONE.

MX518 Kneeling with radio; 1LFG.

MX519 Running with MG on shoulder; NONE.

MX520 Running with pistol; NONE.

WWII U.S.Army Figures

First series WWII GIs mold set

PL-926 Combat Soldiers was run from about 1958 to the end in 1980. Unique in that all 16 cavities in the mold contained different figures. Playsets would then have multiples of this grouping depending upon size. Figures were made in khaki tan, forest green, dark green, waxy tan and waxy green. This mold still exists and has been recast in recent years in several colors. PL-1195 mold was remade in 1963 with 32 cavities including copies of the 16 PL-926 poses plus the 2nd series "Medical" figures. A few of the 1st series figures were slightly altered; the figure kneeling shooting the MG got an altered, taller MG and the man walking with a slung rifle lost his canteen . The 16 piece "medical" group has a stretcher and 15 figures in 14 poses including copies of two Marines, with flame thrower and throwing grenade and one GI standing shooting rifle.

1st Series for sale;


1.00 EACH Waxy Greens unless noted.

2.00 EACH KT = Khaki tan, LFG = Lighter forest green, DFG = Darker Forest green, DG = Dark OD Green, MWG = Medium waxy green, WLT = Waxy light tan, WRT = Waxy rose tan.

MX442 Walking with slung rifle w/ canteen; NONE.

MX442 Walking, NO canteen; NONE.

MX443 Officer with pistol, waving; 12WG.

MX444 Kneeling with radio; 1K, 15WG.

MX445 Running with rifle, grenade on chest; NONE.

MX446 Running one foot off ground; 2WG.

MX447 Running both feet on ground with rifle; NONE.

MX448 Butting with rifle; 21WG.

MX449 Throwing grenade sideways; 16WG.

MX450 Standing shooting rifle; NONE.

MX451 Kneeling with mortar shell; 2K, 7WG.

1.50 MX452 Standing shooting tommygun x waist; 2WG, 1K.

1.50 MX453 Kneeling shooting MG on tripod; 3WG.

MX454 Kneeling shooting bazooka; 20WG.

MX455 W/ Minesweeper; 30WG.

1.50 MX456 Kneeling shooting rifle; NONE.

1.50 MX457 Prone with rifle on biped; 1K, 5WG,(.50 SHORT NO BIPED; 2 WG).


Second series "Medical" WWII GIs mold set

This set had 11 new poses + a stretcher. Also included were the Marines throwing grenade and with flamethrower + the first series GI standing shooting a rifle which gave it 15 figures in 14 poses plus the stretcher. Multiples of this group were then used in playsets, which caused some confusion for later day collectors until it was determined that the two marine poses had been added to the mold. Made from about 1963 to the end in 1980. Waxy green and waxy tan were the colors used most often although others exist. Some of these poses are being copied in China. The original mold is feared destroyed. Several slight shade variations exist for the khaki, forest green and waxy green colors.

2nd Series for sale;

16 Piece (15 figures + stretcher) "mold shot", waxy green; (OUT OF STOCK).



1.50 MX458 Blown up; NONE.

1.50 MX459 Carrying wounded man (NOT INCLUDED) in fire carry; 3WG.

1.50 MX460 Wounded man being fire carried; 1WG.

2.00 MX461 Stretcher; NONE.

1.50 MX462 Wounded man for stretcher; 1WG.

1.00 MX463 Stretcher bearer; 5WG.

1.50 MX464 Wounded man crawling; 1WG, (1.00 PAINT; 1WG).

1.50 MX466 Fighting with knife; 2WG.

1.50 MX467 Advancing with rifle; NONE.

1.50 MX468 Running with pistol and ammo can; 4WG.

1.50 MX469 Crawling with tommygun; 2WG.

1.50 MX470 Clubbing w/rifle; NONE.

1.00 MX513 exMarine Throwing grenade, has Marx logo; 2wg.

1.00 MX510 exMarine With Flamethrower, has Marx logo; 8WG, 2MWG.

Other 54mm US soldiers

The Gallant Men blister card - NONE. - Picture courtesy Davis Schafer.

Gallant men Character Figures

Mold PL-1184 five cavities. Various shades of green.

15.00 PVT. D'Angelo; NONE.

15.00 LT Kimbro; NONE.

15.00 Conley Wright; NONE.

15.00 CAPT Benedict; NONE.

15.00 SGT. McKenna; NONE.


About the same time as the second series "medical" GI mold was made Marx also made two different paratroopers in mold PL-1193 12 cavites making six each of two poses, one descending and one right after he touched ground. The first usually comes with an open chute, while the second usually had a partially collapsed chute (not pictured above). They were affixed with thin wires. Usually in waxy greens, but red also exists and is believed to be test shots found in the old landfill.

5.00 Paratrooper hanging in air (NO CHUTE); 2 with one ring split, test shot red.

5.00 Paratrooper on the ground, intact rings (NO CHUTE); 3 test shot reds, (3.00 1 ring split; 1 red).

8.00 Collapsed parachute, white. (NONE).

3.00 RECAST collapsed parachute, white. (NONE)

8.00 Open parachute, white. (NONE).

3.00 RECAST open parachute, white. (NONE)

2.00 EACH RECAST Paratroopers

Paratrooper hanging in air; 6 darker green, 5 lighter green.

Paratrooper on the ground; 8 darker green, 6 lighter green.


Marx also made an assault raft with two paddlers in PL-938 6 cavites making 2 sets each with the raft and two different GIs paddling, one to the left and one to the right. The mold put out 2 rafts and four paddlers at a time. Only large playsets contained the large raft and both figures. Some smaller playsets might get one paddler. Usually dark forest greens

5.00 Paddle to his right; NONE .

5.00 Paddle to his left; NONE.

6.00 REISSUE large raft and both paddlers, dark green. (1)


PL-927 Marching soldiers made 16 figures in two sets of eight (6 riflemen, 1 Staff SGT & one officer). They were not put in a lot of sets and are not always easy to find.

8 Figure set, 1 officer, 1 SGT, 6 riflemen; (NONE IN STOCK)

3.00 Officer marching; NONE.

3.00 SGT marching; NONE.

1.00 Marching w/ rifle; NONE, (1.00 RECAST; 2 silver).


Made in the mid 1960s

WWII British Figures

PL-1249 made 18 figures in six poses making two sets of nine figures. Originals were made in a nice flat tan/sand color. RECAST as seen in the above photo were made in several colors.

RECAST British Infantry;

1.00 Officer with pistol; 1 orange, 1 painted black.

1.00 Throwing grenade; 1 red.

1.00 With pistol and ammo can; NONE.

WWII French Figures

PL-1248 made 18 figures in six poses making two sets of nine figures. There are two of each of the first three and four of each of the last three figures (in the above picture) in the mold. Larger playsets would then have an 18 figure set while smaller playsets could have half sets of nine figures. The originals were made in a flat light blue. The mold still exist and recasts have been made in several colors.

1.00 REISSUE advancing with rifle. (NONE)

1.00 REISSUE officer with pistol; NONE.

1.00 REISSUE running with automatic weapon; NONE.

1.00 REISSUE walking with slung rifle; NONE.

1.00 REISSUE kneeling shooting rifle; NONE.

1.00 REISSUE standing shooting rifle; NONE.

WWII Russian Figures

PL-1250 made 18 figures in six poses making two sets of nine figures. Original Russians were made in a pale mint green color. RECAST like seen above have been made in several colors. An 18 figure set would have two each; shooting rifle, officer and shot man and four each; butting with rifle, throwing grenade, running with burp gun.



1.00 Officer with pistol; NONE.

1.00 Russian shooting rifle; NONE.

1.00 Russian butting with rifle; 7 metallic blue, 2 brown, 4 dark green.

1.00 Russian shot dropping pistol; NONE.

1.00 Russian running with burp gun; 1 light gray, 1 darker gray, 13 brown, 2 dark green.

1.00 Russian throwing grenade; 2 brown, 2 dark green, 2 light gray.

- 14.00 REISSUE 48587 36 WWII Russian soldiers in 6 poses. Made by Victory Buy.

Made in the mid 1970s among the last figures made by Marx these figures were sold on blister cards with "cut away rescue vehicles". The figures were made in the Hong Kong factory of a very rubbery like plastic.

5.00 Navy wearing helmet and life preserver, blue. (NONE)

5.00 Navy SCUBA diver with knife, blue. (NONE)

5.00 Navy officer with binoculars, blue. (NONE)

5.00 Army walking with satchel in right hand, dark green. (NONE)

5.00 Army waving one hand, handie talkie in other hand, dark green. (NONE)

5.00 Army walking with ax and box, dark green. (NONE)

- NONE -Blister carded Rescue Truck with all three green soldiers.


Marx made a nice 35 piece sprue of weapons and accessories (to build up advertising piece count) for their WWII playsets. These are found in silvers and various shades of green. We have a hard time telling some of them apart from the MPC ringhand accessories. The (#) in front of each item is how many are on a complete sprue.

1.00 each rifle or carbine .50 EACH EACH other WWII Sprue Accessories;

FG = Forest Green OR darker green, WG = Waxy Green, S = Silver.

(5) Pistol; NONE.

(3) Hand Grenade; NONE.

(3) Bayonet; NONE.

(3) Carbine; NONE.

(3) Rifle; NONE.

(2) Canteen Belt; 13 silver, 18WG, 3MWG, 2 black.

(2) Pistol Belt; 14S, 14WG, 2MWG, 1 black.

(2) BAR; 1S, 2WG, 1MWG.

(2) BAR Bipod; NONE.

(2) Grease Gun; 3S, 9WG.

(1) MG with bipod; NONE.

(1) Shovel; NONE.

(1) Mortar Tube; NONE.

(1) Mortar Biped; 3S, 1 black.

(1) Binoculars; 3S, 2WG.

(1) Bazooka; 6S, 5WG, MWG.

(1) Recoiless Rifle Tube; NONE.

(1) Recoiless Rifle Tripod; NONE.

NONE - Sparkling tank is what it is called in the 1976 Marx catalog, but this hard plastic example (with rubber treads) does not have any wind up motor (or anything else) on the inside and may have been sold without one. 54mm Figures in picture are NOT included.

NONE - HK-5098 Power Action Speed Buggy as pictured. Still attached to original box. No cellophane but am unsure if it had any to begin with. Open hatch and up pops the commander. Has pull action device in box. Box dated 1974.

Marx 60mm and "54mm" Jeeps

The Marx 60mm Jeep is true to scale but the one found in the 54mm playsets is probably 40-45mm in scale.

5.00 RECAST 60mm Jeep, axles need to be shortened. (1)

The US WWII vehicle mold consisted of; one 41 tank, one halftrack, one landing craft, one jeep, one small cannon and one small raft. Except the rafts the others had separate wheels. Playsets would then have multiples of this grouping depending upon size. In some desert sets the landing craft was not included, and some beach head type sets had extra landing craft.

NONE - US 51 tank with plug in MG.


3.00 Small cannon; NONE.

6.00 41 Tank; NONE.

50.00 Larger 51 tank; NONE.

6.00 US Halftrack; NONE.

US Halftrack, rose tan. NONE IN STOCK

8.00 Landing craft; NONE.

The large raft was only include in some of the larger playsets and is hard to find (sold above with paddlers). The small raft was part of the US WWII vehicle mold set and is easily found.

2.00 Small raft; NONE.

2.00 HP raft from "HO" set. (NONE)

1.00 Jet airplane single wheel, black, SP. (NONE)

1.00 US WWII vehicle set cannon wheel, black, SP. (NONE)

1.00 US WWII LCVP axle with wheels, SP. (NONE).

1.00 US WWII vehicle set Halftrack axle with wheels, black, SP. (NONE)

1.50 US WWII vehicle set 41 tank axle with wheels, black SP. (NONE)

2.00 German WWII vehicle set tank, axle with wheels, dark gray. (NONE)

OUT OF STOCK - Tent set with; big tent, 3 pup tents & 3pc cot, waxy green from WWII set. ()

The Marx WWII German army had its own set of vehicles. Each mold shot consisted of two 351 tanks, one personnel carrier and a two piece motocycle combination with sidecar. Added in later to the mold were eight of the seated German pose. Earlier sets were in dark gray, while later sets were in light gray.

12.00 German personnel carrier, dark gray. (NONE)

10.00 German personnel carrier, light gray. (NONE)

12.00 German 351 tank, dark gray. (NONE).

10.00 German 351 tank, light gray. (NONE).

12.00 German motorcycle with side car, dark gray. (NONE)

10.00 German motorcycle with side car, light gray. (NONE)

German 88 + 2 shells.

20.00 Dark gray, no spring or trigger. (NONE)

18.00 Light gray, no spring or trigger. (NONE)

9.00 Reissue Marx WWII German 88mm cannon with new cannon barrel extension. Made in gray.

4.00 Reissue space rocket cannon, light tan. Make a usable German nebelwerfer - screaming meamies. NO SPRING. (5 IN STOCK)

6.00 Reissue NON SHOOTING NIKE battery with 2 launchers & 4 missiles. (5 IN STOCK)

15.00 1st Version Howitzer, pull back breech firing. (NONE)

12.00 2nd Version Howitzer, silver, HP, pull back spring firing. (NONE)

8.00 3rd Version Howitzer HP, silver. (NONE).

10.00 Sprue of five silver howitzer shells. (NONE)

NONE - Japanese Zero.

NONE - US P-47 Thunderbolt.

NONE - US P-51, Mustang.

Marx made a nice 24 piece set of terrain and accessories for their WWII playsets (note recoilless rifle is twp pieces) in mold PL-933. Usually made in brown colors often with green or black swirls. The Mold could be configure to eliminate the ruined building (PL-933A) or the pillbox (PL-933B). Also the pill box could be run by itself (PL-933C) as could the ruined building (PL-933D). In later years the pillbox and ruined building cavities have been located and reissued in gray. Note radio is missing its antennae in the picture above.

5.00 Mortar, HP; (1).

3.00 Mortar shell box, browns, HP; (1).

2.00 Medical box, brown/tans, HP. (8)

3.00 Mine flag, flag down, browns HP. (4)

3.00 Mine flag up, browns HP. (NONE).

6.00 Radio Table. (NONE).

2.00 Mine, browns, HP. (NONE)

4.00 Pill Box, HP; 7 browns.

4.00 Destroyed House; SP; 1 brown, HP; 8 browns.

6.00 Marx WWII Pillbox & destroyed house, recast/ reissue. (3 BROWN IN STOCK)

3.00 "U" shaped bunker; 3 browns, 1 collector painted off white.

6.00 Pontoon Bridge, 2 pieces; 4 browns, ( 7.00 ONE CONNECTOR BROKEN OFF; 1 brown).

3.00 Male half; NONE.

3.00 Female half; 3 browns.

3.00 Female half to pontoon bridge, has paint or dirt.

3.00 Fallen tree trunk; 2 browns.

10.00 Recoiless rifle; NONE, (1.00 barrel only HP; 4 brown).

2.00 Small sandbag emplacement, HP; 13 varying shades of brown

3.00 Dragon teeth; NONE.

3.00 Barb Wire Posts; NONE.

6.00 Barricade, brown, HP; NONE, (3.00 some damage; 4 browns).

More WWII Accessories

OUT OF STOCK - RECAST MARX WWII Atlantic Wall, 2 pieces as seen above, HP, Speckled white. Marx used these in their Battleground Europe Playsets. ()

Original exploding house picture courtesy David Schafer.

The exploding house ruins was made in brown. Reissues have been made in brown, gray & green without the metal spring or trigger (target).

12.00 REISSUE exploding house, BROWN, plastic parts only. (4 IN STOCK)

Marx made a small "exploding" mountain for their WWII playsets which were made in brown hard plastic. it was then used in the Moon Base playsets in light green. Picture above shows both versions (MISSING TRIGGER). It was reissued without a spring or trigger in the 1990s in a bronze color.

15.00 WWII exploding mountain (NO TRIGGER), brown. (NONE)

3.00 Part A of exploding machine gun nest; NONE.

3.00 Part B of exploding machine gun nest; NONE.

5.00 Bottom to exploding bunker with metal spring (NO TARGET/TRIGGER) brown with swirl. (NONE)

25.00 Target (trigger). NONE

12.00 RECAST PL-1056 exploding machine gun nest; base + part A & part B, NO TARGET/TRIGGER or SPRING. (4 TAN IN STOCK)

6.00 J Emplacement, gray, HP, from a "HO" playset. (NONE)

10.00 USA 48 Star tin litho flag. (3 IN STOCK)

10.00 USA 50 Star tin litho flag. (NONE IN STOCK)

10.00 German tin litho flag. (NONE IN STOCK)

25.00 Japanese tin litho flag. (NONE IN STOCK)

The hard plastic poles Marx made for their tin litho flags came with a small pin/peg to attach to the base. Due undoubtedly to complaints the mold was reworked to make the attachment pegs larger for stronger attachment. The log style pole was used for Fort Apache, Rev War and Alamo playsets while the square style pole was used in Battleground, Cape Canaveral and Civil War playsets.

10.00 Log flagpole and rock base with smaller attachment pin, shades of gray. (3 IN STOCK)

10.00 Log flagpole and rock base with larger attachment pin, shades of gray. (2 IN STOCK)

10.00 Square flagpole and "cement" base with smaller attachment pin, shades of gray. (2 IN STOCK)

10.00 Square flagpole and "cement" base with larger attachment pin, shades of gray. (OUT OF STOCK)

10.00 Square flagpole and "cement" base with larger attachment pin & ball at top, shades of gray. (OUT OF STOCK)

Some of the Navarone/Iwo Jima Accessories.

Navarone sets had yellow and Iwo Jima sets had gray accessories.

3.00 Rifle rack; NONE.

2.00 Top Bunk; NONE.

2.00 Bottom bunk; NONE.

5.00 Interior ladder; 1 yellow.

2.00 Short bench; 1 yellow.

2.00 Larger table; NONE.

2.00 Smaller table; NONE.

3.00 Radio; NONE.

3.00 Hand cart; NONE.

2.00 Shorter crate; NONE.

2.00 Longer crate; NONE.

3.00 Ammo stack with eye hole for hook; NONE.

5.00 Hook; NONE.

3.00 Pull cap; NONE.

15.00 flag pole + base; NONE.

1.00 Straight barb wire, silver. (4)

3.00 Barb wire coil; NONE

Playset instructions said to cut the piece in half so these are usually found in two pieces.

10.00 Tree row uncut. (NONE)

8.00 Tree row cut in half as per playset instructions. (2)

NONE Tree row left half as seen above.

NONE Tree row right half as seen above.

A second tree row was made for the Disneyland playset. Due to the palm trees it is also called the "jungle" tree row.

2.00 Tree on left with bird, green SP. (NONE)

3-4 Inch Howitzer

NONE IN STOCK - 3-4 Inch scale Howitzer, silver.


SOLD - Marx Navarone Playset 3412; One of the nicest WWII themed playsets Marx made circa 1973/74. Loosely based upon the popular novels by Allister McClain and subsequent Hollywood film versions. Mountain is complete with all parts except lower 3 inches of elevator shaft (see picture) from lowest floor to the bottom has been removed. We filled up the set to try and make the expected figure count so some small shade variations are present. You get two 16 figure sets of dark gray Germans a total of 32 that this early set contained. The set also came with 16 series one GIs and a 16 piece Series two GI group (15 figures + 1 stretcher). This set has the stretcher and 29 of the 31 GIs (missing series two blown up man and clubbing man). Box depicts a set of US vehicles but there were none in the box. I have put in a waxy green jeep and raft but did not have in stock the; tank, halftrack, LCVP and small cannon. Box shows light forest green vehicles and I will trade the jeep and raft for a forest green LCVP & raft upon request. It has 28 of the 35 small sprue accessories and I think all of the yellow accessories. I think the small flag pole for the mountain top is correct as is the gray flag base and that the mold was later altered to include two large flag poses and a base as seen in later sets (please correct me if I am wrong). Has playmat, C-9/10 box and packing slip, BUT NO instructon sheet. A very nice example.

SOLD 4301 Navarone Playset. See above photos. What you get;

Box beat up in shipping but still usable.

Mountain with all levels, elevator shaft is broken in two but can be glued. Missing both doors.

Most of the yellow accessories including both cannons, elevator and rear ladder not shown in picture. Missing one ladder & flag pole and paper German flag. and a few small items. Long ladder present is damaged.

32 pc set of GIs complete sets of both first and second series figures. Total 31 GIs + a stretcher in waxy green.

29 of 32 Germans. One complete set of 16 + 13 of 16 of second set (one with chewed base).

Has playmat, not pictured.

Tank, halftrack, jeep and damaged landing craft from vehicle set. Missing small cannon (one wheel is there)and small raft.

Missing instruction sheet.

All in all not a bad set for the price.


5.00 Small booklet put in Desert Storm sets with one set on thr fron cover and the other set on the back cover. (2)



1 booklet

3 Desert Storm trading cards

10 misc rocks and boulders

decal sheet for the "end cap" boulder piles.

2 Atlantic wall pieces light gray HP

2 square terrain pileses tan HP

1 set of palm Trees and ferns (4 of each)

1 black multipiece stealth fighter HP

1 tan multi piece delat fighter,HP

1 small delta figuter with sep wheels, SP

1 small F 107 fighter wioth sep wheels, SP

1 small X-15 rocket plane, SP.

1 small Vertol 107 helicpter w/ sep rotors, SP

1 sheet of decals for planes

4 paratroopers in both poses (2 ea) + 4 chutes in both styles (2 ea)

12 pc straight barb wire


13 sets of wheels black HP

1 Crash truck

1 Fuel truck

1 Fork lift

1 Baggage Cart

1 Power generator

1 tractor

1 luggage conveyor belt

1 2pc fuel tank

1 radar tower

2 plane stairways

1 engine on stand

2 CO2 tanks

1 2pc wind indicator

1 ladder

10 runway lights

5 boxes/suitcases


contents all Marx Molds unless noted, box is worn but set has never been played with.

1 Booklet

1 exploding house (no spring)

1 Space cannon with sprue of shells, tan HP.

1 WWII Howitzer, tan, HP

1 set of Hedge pieces, tan SP ( 6 long, 6 short, 3 corner)

2 terrain squares, tan HP

1 set Palm trees and ferns ( 4 ea)

1 set 4 60mm military vehicles; halftrack, tank, armored car, missile tank

4 sets of wheels. These seem to be added at random in the sets I have had. You need at least 4 sets

10 pc straight barb wire

1 radar tower with top removed so it looks like an oil derrick

1 rocket, silver SP from training center missile launcher

1 Arab, 60mm mounted holding rifle NO MOUNT

1 set 54mm Marines 16 figures stiff tan plastic

1 set 45mm GIs 21 figures + stretcher darker tan

14 WWII Russians (as Iraqis) in only 5 of the 6 poses in brown stiff plastic


1 MPC MG air cooled, black NO MOUNT