See news & reviews page for more information about Marx display boards. Picture courtesy of George Kroll and Mike Handley.


Shipping cost in USA for a playset is $40.00-50.00

SORRY SOLD - Marx Western Ranch Set. Circa 1951-53 Boxed Bar-M ranch with metal Bar-M cabin. + rubber like vinyl and hard plastic pieces. Set has hard plastic Bar-M gate, 22 fence pieces, 12 pieces inside furniture (+ PVC stove pipe), 12 pieces outside accessories (making 9 assemblies), scraggly tree, & cactus. In rubber like vinyl there are 9 figures (I added the gunslinger so you would get all 8 poses) + 5 animals. Has instructions as well. Missing are the paper bags that some of the items would have come in.

SORRY SOLD - Marx Roy Rogers Ranch 3990 playset. Circa 1953. Set appears to be complete with perhaps extra fence pieces. Has litho metal cabin. In hard plastic there are; the Roy Rogers gateway, 24 pieces of white fence, 8 piece rodeo chute, 12 pieces outside accessories (making 9 assemblies), red wagon wheel, cactus & A tree. In rubber like vinyl or soft plastic you get; Roy Rogers standing with pistol, 8 ranch cowboys, 6 sets saddle & reins, 1 set PL-325 horses; bucking & rearing horses + calf no brand, 1 set PL-460 animals; 2 stopping (bracing) horses + 1 longhorn & 1 shorthorn steers. You also get the string to be used as a rope (usually thrown out and missing), instruction sheet, + 4 bags (3 marked; saddles & reins, cowboys and ranch accessories). Box has dividers. A great set!

SORRY SOLD - Marx 3616 Fort Apache Stockade playset MISSING TIN CABIN, has complete HP stockade with two six piece guard towers and intact gate. Four ladders have usual hook damage. Has the HP set of six famous Americans; sitting Bull, Custer, Buffalo Bill & Daniel Boone are all mint, Crockett has a broken rifle but there for you to repair. Kit Carson has a broken and missing gun barrel. Complete 12 figure set of 60mm cavalry, 2 six figure sets of stockade Indians + one eight figure set of skinny Indians (Kneeling bow shooter missing feather, wounded man missing arrow). Normal cannon replaced by Marx due to shortage with space cannon. Has flag and some HP accessories. Three horses with riding saddles & reins but two are missing tails and a hoof. Teepee missing top piece. Has instructions and real nice box with dividers.

SORRY SOLD - Marx Fort Apache set 59775 circa 1967. 59775 label covers box number which is 3681. This is the harder to find transition set where Marx went from the Ft.Apache/Alamo pioneers to the new 7th Cavalry figures. The older sets came with two sets of 10 Ft.Apache/Alamo pioneers for a total of twenty figures. This transition set gets one set of 16 foot 7th cavalry + 1 set of 9 mounted 7th cavalry for a total of 25 figures. The set also has one 16 piece set of Indians with totem pole like the earlier sets, but it also had 5 extra Indians for a total of 1 totem pole and 20 Indians. The older version only needed 4 horses and although this version needs 9 only 4 were included. So perhaps instead of 5 extra Indians they meant to put in 5 extra horses but who knows. This set hardly looks played with. It has; box, instructions and litho flag & metal cavalry supply building with brown hard plastic parts (porch hooks STILL INTACT), figures as mentioned above, one Indian pony, Fort with gate & 2 doors, 2 L shaped walls, 2 walls with ledges, 6 walls no ledges, four ladders and two 2 piece blockhouses. Also 1 tan 2 piece teepee & black hard plastic shooting cannon with 9 shells (missing one). Box has dividers. Very nice and complete set missing only the one cannon shell. Note this version did not contain any outside accessories.

SORRY SOLD - Fort Apache 3681 Playset NO INSTRUCTIONS OR BOX DIVIDERS. Photo box one corner split and crayon on the backside. Tin building has all plastic parts (hooks off of porch). Redbrown fort; gate with two doors, 6 walls, 2 walls with ledges, 2 "L" walls, 2 scaling ladders & two 2pc guard towers may be a put together job. Two complete sets of 10 pioneers in aqua blue + One 16 pc set of Indians with revised poses in caramel. Four cavalry horses + one Indian pony. Shell shooting cannon (NO SHELLS) + 10 piece outdoor accessory group & 2 piece teepee in flesh. Nice lot of stuff.

SORRY SOLD - Fort Apache Carryall circa 1970. Has metal case with hard plastic towers & ladders + a vacuform building. These sets would come with a set of nine mounted 7th cavalry and either the ten figure Ft Apache pioneers or the sixteen figure foot 7th cavalry + one 16 piece set of Indians with totem pole. We have included BOTH the Ft Apache pioneers and foot 7th cavalry for 35 defenders and a SECOND set of Indians + ALL FOUR revised poses for a total of two totem poles and 34 Indians. Plus 13 horses, cannon and stockade accessories (dipwell broken and no pot on sticks for cookfire). Case is in superior condition, A GREAT BUY.

SORRY SOLD - Marx Fort Apache 4202 from 1978. Has box and nice 7 piece brown hard plastic blockhouse with matching brown hard plastic stockade; gate with 2 doors, 11 walls no ledges, 4 walls with ledges. One set of 10 hard plastic outside accessories making 8 assemblies. Box says 30 cavalry and Indians. It had one 16 piece set of totem pole and 15 Indians, one set of 10 Ft.Apache/Alamo pioneers (turkey man's turkey broken off) + 6 duplicates for a total of 31 figures. Also one 2 piece teepee, one Indian pony & 2 cavalry horses & paper US flag. Box had divider.



In the mid 1960s the Marx factory in Hong Kong made quite a few miniatures sets with one inch hard plastic figures "painted by artists". They also sold some of the figures known as Tiny Traders on small blister cards.

Marx Miniature "HO" scale western town playset lot; 50+ figures in the poses seen above, 10 horses, 4 cows, 1 dog, 3 cacti, 6 hitching posts, 1 anvil, 2 barrels, 25 tiny fence post bases, 8 rail fences, 5 wall fences, wagon, stagecoach (NO HITCH), 2 roofs & a few other building pieces. All is hard plastic with the usual short weapon damage. NONE IN STOCK.

MIB example. NONE IN STOCK. Picture courtesy Christopher Wallentine.

NONE IN STOCK. Picture courtesy Christopher Wallentine.

NONE IN STOCK. Picture courtesy Christopher Wallentine.

NONE IN STOCK. Picture courtesy Christopher Wallentine.


NONE - RECAST Flack, HP, silver, Setter.

NONE - RECAST Flick, HP, silver, German Shepherd.

- NONE - Trunk/strong box, brown, SP.


Photo courtesy Doug Cusic.


6.00 Cowboy with lasso; NONE.

4.00 Cowboy with rifle at waist; NONE.

4.00 Cowboy fan firing pistol; NONE.

4.00 Cowboy drawing pistol; 2 rose tan.

4.00 Cowboy shot; NONE.

4.00 Cowboy with 2 pistols; NONE.

4.00 Indian chief with hand up; NONE.

4.00 Indian brave running with knife and tomahawk; 1 light tan, (2.00 missing one or both feathers; 1 tan, 2 light tan).

6.00 Indian brave shooting bow; NONE, (3.00 STRING SPLIT 1 light tan).

4.00 Indian brave with war club and spear; 1 rose tan.

4.00 Indian brave throwing spear; NONE, (2.00 SPEAR TIP CHEWED; 1 tan).

4.00 Indian chief running with tomahawk; NONE.

Show from a 1964 catalog above, six 6 inch Cavalry figures were made in 1963. Made in aqua blue. Reissues in silver have been made in Mexico.


Marx made a 4 inch scale stagecoach with riders and a bandit made in hard plastic.

8.00 Bandit on foot, MISSING ONE GUN BARREL.(1)

10.00 Stagecoach driver. (NONE)

12.00 Male passenger no cane, brim hat. (NONE)

15.00 Male passenger with cane, top hat. (NONE)

12.00 Female passenger. (NONE)

Indian with spear photo courtesy Steve Thompson.

NONE - Four inch Indian with tomahawk & shield, grayish, SP .

NONE - Five inch Indian missing tomahawk (I think), yellow, SP.

NONE - 4-5 Inch mounted cowboy. (NONE)

NONE - 4-5 Inch mounted Roy Rogers cream SP.

OUT OF STOCK - 4-5 Inch Bullet cream SP.

4.00 Four inch wagon driver SP; 5 waxy cream.

NONE - Large scale wagon as seen above.

15.00 Four inch wagon seat, green.

NONE - Head up, no clip on wheels.

15.00 Head down, brown, no clip on wheels.

6.00 RECAST 5/6 Inch steer; 2 dark fleshtan, 1` brown.



8.00 Pistol held low, brown.

OUT OF STOCK - RECAST all six 3 Inch Cowboys in six poses, cream. ()

Five of Six Marx Three Inch Indians


5.00 Brave with tomahawk & shield; NONE.

5.00 Brave about to shoot arrow; NONE.

5.00 Brave with tomahawk & knife; NONE .

5.00 Brave throwing lance; NONE.

5.00 Braving pulling arrow out of quiver; NONE.

5.00 Chief holding rifle; NONE.

Reissue 3 Inch Indians in a very dark purplebrown, a few feathers may be short;

2.00 Brave with tomahawk & shield; NONE.

2.00 Brave about to shoot arrow; NONE.

2.00 Brave with tomahawk & knife; NONE.

2.00 Braving pulling arrow out of quiver; NONE.

2.00 Chief holding rifle; 2.

12.00 Large 90mm Davy Crockett, gray HP, left index finger tip gone.


Both sets have been said to be by Marx. A careful examination of the Marx mold list erases this thought as there is no evidence that Marx made either of the following two groups of cereal premium figures. Early toy figure dealers knew that Marx figures sold for higher prices and so labeled these figures as Marx. We do not know who made them but we do know that Marx did not. The same problem exists on ebay as many many auctions label nonMarx figures as Marx in hope of getting a higher sale price.

All 9 American Hero Cereal premiums

Some of the poses are copies of Marx figures which added to the speculation that they were made by Marx. We do not know who made them but we do know it was not Marx. There are nine different figures in the set. They are about 54mm in size and were made in white and cream colors.


These were not made by Marx either, but perhaps by the same maker who made the copies of Marx fish also used as cereal premiums.




Marx made Roy Rogers playset figures in both 60mm (older) and 54mm scales. The earliest 60mm figures are made of a rubber like vinyl and do not have bases. There were two foot and one mounted pose of Roy made in 60mm. The two 60mm foot Roys and the 60mm Pat Brady are harder to find as they were not included in every playset. The 54mm figures were later and not made in nearly the amount as the 60mm figures. The 54mm Dale Evans, Pat Brady, and Bullet have their names under their bases (belly) while none of the 60mm figures are marked.

12.00 MX305 Roy Rogers, 60mm, hands on guns, no base, rubber like vinyl; 1 cream.

12.00 MX305 Roy Rogers, 60mm, hands on guns, with base, SP. (NONE).

8.00 MX306 Dale Evans, 60mm, rubber like vinyl; 3 cream, 1 white, (6.00 with paint 1 cream)

6.00 MX306 Dale Evans, hat in hand, 60mm, cream, base, SP.(6), (3.00 nose mashed)

20.00 MX307 Pat Brady, 60mm, cream, SP. (1)

10.00 MX308 Roy Rogers, 60mm mounted waving, 60mm, SP; 1 cream rubber like vinyl.

15.00 MX308 Roy Rogers, 60mm mounted waving, 60mm, SP; NONE.

15.00 MX309 Roy Rogers, 60mm standing holding pistol; 1 tan rubber like vinyl, (10.00 PISTOL TIP CHEW; 1 cream SP with base).

6.00 MX310 Bullet, sitting up, soft plastic. (6)

20.00 MX311 Roy Rogers, 54mm, mounted holding pistol, cream,. (1)

10.00 MX312 Dale Evans, 54mm, waving, cream; 1 .

10.00 MX313 Pat Brady, 54mm, with hammer, cream, NONE, (5.00 NO HAMMER; 1)

12.00 Bullet, 54mm, cream. (2)


2.00 REISSUE 54mm Dale Evans; 1 white.

2.00 REISSUE 54mm Pat Brady; 1 white.

5 Inch Pat BradyNONE IN STOCK

15.00 MX319 Davy Crockett, 45mm, cream, Marked base. (2)

10.00 MX319 Davy Crockett, 45mm, cream, no marking under base. (1)

2.00 RECAST MX319 Davy Crockett, 45mm, cream/white, no marking under base. (2)

NONE - 60mm Mounted Lone Ranger, cream soft plastic. ()

NONE - 60mm Standing Lone Ranger, white rubber like vinyl.

NONE - 60mm Tonto, white rubber like vinyl.

15.00 60mm Tonto, cream, SP. (1), (5.00 FACE SCUFF; 1 cream)

NONE - 50mm Lone Ranger, cream, SP.

Blue background pictures courtesy Rich Koch. Johnny Ringo picture courtesy of Eric Johns, Miss Kitty picture courtesy Mike Handley.

NONE - Jim Hardee, cream. ()

Wyatt Earp, 54mm, gray from the old landfill. NONE IN STOCK

Rare prototype Mark McCain holding rifle. Photo courtesy Rick Koch

Old original hard plastic square base characters

Photo courtesy Mark Hegeman.

10.00 Davy Crockett HP tan. (2)

8.00 Davy Crockett, HP, dirty needs cleaning. (1)

NONE - Daniel Boone, HP, tan. ()

20.00 Kit Carson HP tan. (NONE IN STOCK)

5.00 Kit Carson, rifle barrel GONE; 1 yellow.

15.00 Custer, HP; 1 gray.

6.00 Custer, HP, Missing sword HP. (1 brown, 1 yellow).

18.00 Sitting Bull. (NONE IN STOCK)

4.00 Sitting Bull, MISSING TOP HALF OF PEACE PIPE. (1 brown)

10.00 Buffalo Bill, HP, tan. (NONE IN STOCK)

- 15.00 Small HP Davy Crockett. Some painted examples were used in the miniature Alamo playset.(1)

NONE - Sitting Bull collector painted to a high quality.

20.00 Kit Carson, collector painted to a high quality. (1)

RECAST Character 60mm FIGURES

Marx Famous Western Character Figures

OUT OF STOCK - RECAST Six Famous Western Characters as seen above, Made from an old mold found at the ex Marx Hong Kong factory. No names on the bases. Made in brown.

3.00 Buffalo Bill. (NONE)

3.00 Daniel Boone. (NONE)

3.00 Kit Carson. (NONE)

3.00 Davy Crockett. (1)

4.00 RECAST 60mm Davy Crockett; 3 blue, 3 pale yellow cream. 1 white/cream.

- Simpsons was Canada's Sears affiliate -

Set of 24 different flat figures about 30-35mm, includes marked Davy Crockett. These were sold under "Romper Room" header cards as well as in a small boxed set by Marx.

Ranch Kids

Ranch Kid, cowgirl sitting. NONE IN STOCK

RECAST Ranch Kids

Hard to find ranch kids may have only come two or three at a time in some early ranch playsets. Some of the children were modeled after Roy Rogers & Dale Evans children.




The 60mm horses are a varied lot and can be confusing. Instead of putting an entire "mold shot" into a playset these animals were put in by piece count. By studying the old PL mold list we have sorted them out into the molds in which we believe they were made. We have confidence in our sorting but could be wrong.

The "Chubby" Animals

These were the earliest western animals made about 1950 and were put into the early ranch sets and sold individually from counter displays. The mold ended up in Mexico and RECASTS exist. The mold has two each of the trotting horses and one each of the other four animals.

rubber = rubber like vinyl, SP = polyethylene soft plastic

4.00 Trotting Chubby Horse head up, fluffy tail; RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 1 brown 4 redbrown, 6 grays, 6 white, 4 creams, 1 peachtan, i olivegreenishgray, SOFT PLASTIC; 1 cream, 1 black, 3 redbrown.

4.00 Trotting Chubby horse head down, tail straight, RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 8 creams, 8 grays, 6 redbrown, 1 dark brown, 1 dark tan, 3 white, 1 tan, SOFT PLASTIC; 1 brown, 1 gray.

4.00 Chubby horse bucking, RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 10 creams, 4 grays, 2 redbrown, 1 dark brown, 2 white, SOFT PLASTIC; 1 dirty light gray/cream, 1 white, 2 gray, 1 black.

6.00 Wild horse running, no saddle; RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 1 brown, 5 white/cream, 3 redbrown SOFT PLASTIC; NONE.

4.00 Long horn steer running, tail up; RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 1 cream, 3 gray, 1 whitecream, SOFT PLASTIC; 1 cream.

4.00 Long Horn steer snorting, tail over back; RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 1 cream, 4 grays, 3 red brown, SOFT PLASTIC; 1 gray, 1 black, 1 dirty cream (1.00 NO TAIL; 1 light gray)

2.00 RECAST Long horn steer snorting, tail over back, SP; 4 browns, 1 silver.

This mold is interesting in that the top three animals were included in the early 1950-53 farm playsets while the large horse was in early ranch and western town sets as the first draft horse for the buckboard. We have heard that the mule with pack can be found in early western sets but have never seen a playset that included one. All of these animals were sold individually in store counter displays. The top three animals will be listed with the farm items for sale. This mold was sent to Mexico and RECASTS exist.

rubber = rubber like vinyl

4.00 Larger "draft" horse, RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 2 gray.


Marx put the 60mm horses without saddles in three molds. PL-324 had eight cavities that had three each standing and running horses + two calves with the "Bar M" brand. The standing horse was designed to interact with the 60mm town cowboy "mounting", but was also as a buckboard draft horse replacing the earlier version in PL-162.

"Bar M" Brand

5.00 Standing "draft" horse; 1 redbrown vinyl, 1 off white, ADD BUCKBOARD HARNESS FOR $2

3.00 Buckboard horse harness, black rubber like vinyl. (two for $5)

8.00 Running horse; 1 light tan, 3 black, (4.00 HAS PAINT; 1 white).

2.00 Calf, with "Bar M" brand; 5 cream.

SALE 15.00 (REGULAR PRICE 22.00) Reissue PL-324 60mm horses mold shot of 8 animals as seen above in your choice of; white, black, brown or cream.

60.00 Reissue PL-324 60mm horses mold shot x 4. One set in each of the four colors.

3.50 Reissue running horse. (2)

2.50 Reissue standing horse. (2)

1.00 Reissue calf with the "Bar M" brand. (2)

PL-325 was the second mold with 60mm saddleless horses. It also had eight cavities with three each rearing and bucking horses + two calves without the "Bar M" brand. This Bucking/rearing mold was sent to Mexico and RECASTS exist.

8.00 Rearing horse; 1 redbrown, 1 gray, 2 cream.

5.00 Bucking horse; 1 white, 1 gray, 5 redbrown, 5 cream.

2.00 Calf, unbranded; 2 redbrown, 2 cream, 1 dirty cream, (1.00 NO TAIL; 1 cream SP).

The last 60mm western animal mold made was PL-460 RODEO ANIMALS. The PL list shows this mold having 8 cavities to make 2 sets. This mold has four stopping (bracing) horses + two short horn steers and two snorting, head left long horn steers. These steers replaced the phased out chubby longhorn steers. This new snorter (or new version of) was also made in two different 54mm molds as the 60mm animals were phased out.

6.00 Stopping (bracing) horse; 4 black, 1 redbrown.

6.00 Shorthorn steer; 1 redbrown, 2 black.

5.00 60mm Longhorn steer, head to left, snorting; 2 black, (3.00 MISSING tail tuft).

Saddles & Reins (bridles) used for both 54 & 60mm horses

5.00 English/cavalry saddle with bridle (reins); NONE .

5.00 Western rubber reins (bridle) and saddle; 6.

3.00 Bridle, "reins"; 6.

2.00 Western saddle, NO REINS (bridle); NONE.

5.00 Riding horse saddle and reins(bridle; OUT OF STOCK.


About 1954 Marx made a set of 54mm western animals and started phasing out the bigger (more expensive to make) 60mm animals. These horses came with integral saddles with basically Marx copying one pose from each of their three 60mm western horse molds. The mold also contained a copy of the 60mm snorting steer. The 54mm version is the same size as the 60mm version, but with much better detail and muscle definition. This mold had two of each poses for a total of eight cavities. We will list the 54mm steers for sale with PL-1067 below.

About 1959 the two steers were remove and put ino the new steer mold PL-1067.

They were replaced by two copies of the stopping (bracing) "Ben Hur" horse without saddles. We will list any of these horse with PL-865 (see below).

5.00 MX839 Running saddle horse; 1 black, 1 gray, 3 tan, 3 cream, 4 redbrown.

4.00 MX840 Rearing saddle horse; 7 cream, 2 redbrown 1 waxy cream, 1 off white, 1 gray (1.00 REISSUE; 2 brown, 1 gray).

4.00 MX841 Stopping (bracing) saddle horse; 1 brown, 1 gray, 3 cream, 2 waxy cream.

About 1956 Marx made a six cavity mold of horses without saddles to use with their 54mm western ranch playsets. They used the same separate saddles and reins as the earlier 60mm horses. To collectors they are known as the "Ben Hur" horses as they were used as chariot horses in the Ben Hur playsets. The running horse has his head tilted to his left but a variant with head to the right exists. We think these "head right" horses were pulled from the mold while still warm and the head shifted before cooling or deliberately heated to create a "rare" varient.

3.00 Saddle-less horse running; 1 black, (1.50 REISSUE; 3 dark brown) .

3.00 Saddle-less horse stopping (bracing); 2 dirty cream, (1.50 REISSUE, 3 black, 3 gray, 5 dark brown, 2 white).

In 1959 Marx made a new steer mold. They merged the two PL-610 "old snorter" cavities combining them with the three new skinny steer cavities (two poses) to make mold PL-1067. The Marx PL mold list shows the cavities as 5/10/15 which is odd, but as one of the skinny steers is harder to find than the other we can assume the mold had either five cavities or multiples of the five each with; 2 old snorters, 2 skinny head left and one skinny head right.

2.00 Old Snorter; 2 redbrown, 1 grays, 3 cream, 5 waxy cream.

5.00 Skinny head left; NONE.

5.00 Skinny head right; NONE.

This mold has 4 cavities making two of each pose.

5.00 Standing Indian pony, good reins; NONE.

4.00 Standing Indian pony, waxy, good reins; 1 cream.

3.00 Standing Indian pony split reins; 1 black, 2 flat cream.

6.00 Running Indian pony, good reins; NONE.

5.00 Running Indian pony, waxy, good reins; 4 waxy cream.

3.00 Running Indian pony, split reins; 2 redbrown, 1 light brown, 1 flat cream.

Cavalry Horse mold had 4 cavities all of the same pose. This horse was used for both 60 & 54mm figures.

4.00 Cavalry Horse; 2 cream, 4 tan.

3.00 Cavalry Horse; 3 black 4 brown, 3 redbrown.

1.00 Cavalry horse REISSUE; 1 black, 1 gray.

Another 4 cavity mold.

4.00 54mm Wagon horse; 4 cream.

2.00 REISSUE OR CTS COPY 54mm wagon horses; 7 gray, 1 waxy cream, 9 dark brown, 6 brown, 2 black, 7 tan, 2 pale tan).

A one cavity mold this horse was used sparingly in Civil War and western playsets.

8.00 Horse lying down; 4 redbrown, (5.00 SPLIT REINS; 1 cream).

For some of their bigger western sets Marx made a special wagon hitch that took two oxen. They have been reissued. Photo courtesy Mike Handley.


A nice 9 cavity mold. The pack horses were not used often and were very rare until RECASTS were made in the 1990s.

4.00 Pack horse; NONE.

4.00 Reins; NONE.

4.00 Rectangular pack with attached bags; NONE, (2.00 REISSUE, black).

3.00 Pump, redbrown, old. (1)

3.00 Churn, redbrown, old. (1)

3.00 Trough, redbrown, old. (NONE)

11.00 Reissue pack horse set 9 pieces. Two horses, 2 bridles, 2 packs, 1 trough, 1 pump, 1 churn in brown. (7 IN STOCK)

Marx made a very nice fallen horse a rider set in mold PL-1153. This set was only found in larger Civil War and Western sets as well as the 1963 Custer set. This set was only made in cream and gray, but was copied in the 1990s and other colors exist with the copies.

See ACW sales page for availability of old originals.

See ACW sales page for availability of reissues.





Made in mold PL-328, 18 cavities, these figures look like a posse to us. Some of these unpainted mounted cowboys showed up in the Marx warehouse and a few have been reported showing up in early Bar-M ranch playsets. Larger picture above courtesy of David Schafer shows four figures in three of the known poses made in rubber like vinyl The smaller photo Cowboy on left (4th known pose) has had his PISTOL CUT OFF that he was holding up. We think the two examples in the smaller photo may have been made by the U.K. Marx affiliate as the are made of an English like waxy polyethylene and are painted. The Marx PL list has a PL-328 Riding cowboys, 18 cavities and PL-324A (Cowboy figures (to be used in PL-324 shoe) 6 cavities, 3 sets. These are the best two choices for the mold that these figures, ad perhaps there are more than four poses...

Mold has been found and RECASTS have been made. The mold has 18 cavities making three of the pose on the left and five each of the other three in the photo above. Looks like a posse to us. Although collectors call them "chubbys", they fit best of the 60mm horses that take separate saddles that were for the cowboys made after the chubbys series.

5.00 All four reissue mounted figures, brown. (2)


Marx made four different molds of 60mm cowboys for their playset line. Some of these poses were also used for the hard plastic painted "warriors of the World" style figures made. The chubby cowboys are among the first figures made by Marx in 1950.

"CHUBBY" RANCH COWBOYS used in the 1950 first Louis Marx & Co. boy's playset

The Marx "CHUBBY " Cowboys were made of a rubber like vinyl and were put in the early 1950s western playsets.

O/T = orange tan C/W = cream white

2.00 Mounted right arm out; 7 C/W, 4 O/T, 2 brownish.

3.00 Mounted with rope; 4 C/W, 1 Light Brown, (1.00 ROPE SPLIT 1 C/W).

5.00 With two pistols; NONE (1.00 MISSING ONE PISTOL BARREL; 1 cream, 1 O/T).

2.00 Sitting w/ right arm up; 1 dirty C/W, 4 O/T, greenishgry.

2.00 Sitting playing guitar; 2 C/W, 2 O/T.

3.00 Standing w/ rope; 2 C/W.

4.00 Woman hands on hips; 1 cream.

2.00 Walking arms at sides; 10 C/W, 5 O/T, 5 Light browns.


Most commonly found in a redbrown or tan in a rubber like vinyl. They were also made in a medium brown soft plastic. These figures were put into only some of the western town sets and are harder to find.


Seated man with arm out and leg up;

RUBBER;, 1 brown, 1 tan, 1 pale orange, SP; NONE.

Man standing with left arm out;

RUBBER; 3 redbrown, 2 tans, SP; 1 graybrown, 1 brown.

5.00 Girl standing with right arm out;

RUBBER; 1 tan, SP; NONE.

Seated wagon driver;

RUBBER; 4 redbrown, 3 tans, SP; NONE.

Kneeling with branding iron;

RUBBER; 5 redbrown, 4 tans, SP; 4 browns.


These eight poses replaced the "Cubby" cowboys in the Marx ranch playsets. They had much better detail and were popular with kids. Early figures are made of rubber like vinyl, while later figures wwere made with polyethylene soft plastic. Early figures were made in yellow, brown and cream while later figures from bagged sets (perhaps from Mexico?) can be found in red, green, blue and gray.


18.00 Eight in all 8 poses, shades of yellow SP. (NONE)

Mounted Woman waving gloves;

3.00 RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 1 cream,

2.00 SP; 5 green, 4 brown, 1 gray, 1 blue.

Mounted Falling off horse;

3.00 RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 2 creams, 5 tan/browns,

2.00 SP; 9 yellow, 3 redbrown, 2 blue, 3 green, 2 flat light green, 1 brown, 1 cream.

Mounted waving hat;


2.00 SP; 1 blue, 1 brown.

Arms forward standing on fence/or bull dogging a steer;

3.00 RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 1 cream, 3 tan/brown,

2.00 SP; 2 green, 3 redbrown, 1 tan, 1 gray, 7 brown.

Mounted Cowboy with right arm at side;


2.00 SP; 2 yellow, 1 green, 1 blue, 2 redbrown, 8 brown, 2 tan.

Standing in lasso;


2.00 SP; NONE.

Holding whip;

3.00 RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 1 tan ,

2.00 SP; 4 yellow, 3 brown.

Walking with rope;


2.00 RUBBER LIKE VINYL (WITH BASE); 1 tan, 1 brown.

2.00 SP (WITH BASE); 9 yellow, 7 brown, 1 red, 1 light tan, 3 blue.


Marx made a nice set of 14 cowboys for their western town sets. The mold had 16 cavities to make one of each of the 14 figures + 2 separate rifles, one of which can be held by the crouching cowboy. Originally made of rubber like vinyl in yellow (most common) brown and cream colors. Later figures were made of polyethylene soft plastic in yellow, brown and perhaps other colors.


Mounted w/ rope;


8.00 SP; 1 yellow.

Mounted Bandit shooting backwards;

3.00 RUBBER LIKE VINYL: 2 yellow,

2.00 SP; NONE.

Mounted Waving Left Arm;

3.00 RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 1 ye;;ow,

2.00 SP; 1 yellow.

On ground being punched;

3.00 RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 7 yellow, 1 cream,

2.00 SP; 3 yellow.

Standing punching;

3.00 RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 6 yellow with base,

2.00 SP; NONE.

Sheriff with two pistols;

3.00 RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 3 yellow,m1 tan vinyl

2.00 SP; NONE.

Walking with hands in the air;

3.00 RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 1 cream, 2 yellow, 2 dirty yellow,

2.00 SP; 2 yellow.

Sheriff with pistol and bag;

3.00 RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 5 yellow, 1 dirty yellow

2.00 SP; NONE.

Turned fanning pistol;

3.00 RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 3 cream, 2 yellow

2.00 SP; NONE.

Woman with basket;

6.00 RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 1 yellow, 1 cream

5.00 SP; NONE.

Sitting holding hat, waving;

3.00 RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 6 yellow,

2.00 SP; 2 Yellow.

As if mounting horse;

3.00 RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 1 yellow, 2 dirty yellow,

2.00 SP; 2 yellow.

Walking with harness;

3.00 RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 1 yellow, 2 dirty yellow,

2.00 SP; NONE.

Kneeling holding separate rifle (no rifle);

3.00 RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 1 cream, 7 yellow, 2 dirty yellow

2.00 SP; 1 brown.

5.00 Separate Rifle




These were sold in small boxes with cards giving a fictional account of each figure. They may have been sold later without boxes or cards.

10.00 W.B. Foster - , with box & card.

10.00 Mike Nichols - , with box & card.

4.00 Mike Nichols - , no box or card.

4.00 Jim Ralston - A. B. C. , no box or card.

4.00 Brown Bart - A. B. C. , no box or card.

4.00 Roger Dawson - no box or card.

4.00 Mike Riley - A. B. C. no box or card.

4.00 Jack Straight - no box or card.

Marx also made a mold (PL-672) that made four mounted cowboys and four mounted Indians all in 60mm scale. Included were one new cowboy pose and two new Indian poses. They also made a mold (PL-671) that made four horses for these figures in two basic poses, running and stopping. One of each horse pose with an integral saddle and one each with an integral Indian blanket. In 1956 the molds were sent to the Charmore factory in Germany where the figures were made in hard plastic and painted from 1956-1963 as part of their German Masterpiece Series. The molds (+ one of the two foor cowboy molds) were then sold the German company Heimo about 1963-1965. Heimo made some of their own figures in similar paint schemes which causes some collector confusion. Photo courtesy Denis Rylev.

These figures were also used in one US issued Louis Marx playset SILVER CITY WESTERN TOWN #4268 made in 1956.


9.00 Cowboys - RECAST from the Ukraine, old WOW mold, 60mm, 8 in 8 poses, charcoal color. (OUT OF STOCK)

6.00 Five Cowboys made in Russia. They may be from an exMarx German partner Heimo mold or nice copies. Black SP. (4)


Marx made 3 sets of 60mm Indians for their playset line. Early figures were made in a rubber like vinyl and standing figures did not have bases. later figures were made in polyethylene a soft plastic and bases had been added to the standing figures for greater stability. About 1958 the 60mm Indians were phased out for the new 54mm poses. With the great information available in PLAYSET MAGAZINE and PLASTIC FIGURE AND PLAYSET COLLECTOR we have been able to sort out our stock of Indians into their proper mold groups as follows;


2.00 EACH UNLESS NOTED "Stockade" Indians This was the first 60mm Indian mold made in 1952. Rubber like vinyl figures will be listed as RUBBER, polyethylene soft plastic figures will be listed as SP. Unless noted all standing RUBBER figures WILL NOT have a base while all standing SP figures WILL HAVE a base.

Mounted with Rifle and Knife;

RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 2 dirty yellow, 1 dull orange, 1 gray, 3 white,

SP; 1 yellow, 1 red, 2 gray.

Climbing or Mounted with club;

RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 2 yellow, 1 cream, 1 orangetan,

SP; 1 cream, 3 yellow, 1 gray.

Crawling with knife;

RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 1 yellow, 1 gray, 1 dull orange

SP; 5 redbrown, 2 white/cream, 4 yellow, 5 gray.

Chief with tomahawk and knife;

RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 1 yellows, 3 whitecream

SP: 2 white/cream, 9 redbrowns, 2 yellow, 5 grays, 2 cream.

3.00 Standing shooting rifle;


SP; 1 cream.

Scouting, holding rifle;

RUBBER LIKE VINYL; 1 dull orange, 4 gray, 1 yellow, 1 cream,

SP; 2 gray, 4 redbrown, 7 yellow, 2 cream.



These figures appeared in 1953. The women and bow shooting men are very popular. Early rubber like vinyl standing figures will not have bases while later soft plastic standing figures will have bases.

5.00 Indian woman walking with papoose on back;


SP; 1 dirty cream.

5.00 Indian woman standing with bowl;



5.00 Indian woman sitting;



4.00 Indian chief sitting hand out;


SP; 1 yellow, 1 redbrown, (1.50 REISSUE; 1 red).

4.00 Indian chief sitting with peace pipe;


SP; 1 waxy yellow, (2.00 NO PIPE; 1 waxy yellow).

2.00 Indian chief dancing with rattles;



6.00 Standing erect shooting bow;


SP; NONE, (1.00 NO FEATHER & STRING SLIT; 2 gray), (1.50 REISSUE; 2 red).

6.00 Standing in crouch shooting bow;

RUBBER; NONE, (4.00 NO FEATHER, no base style; 1 dirty yellow).

SP; NONE, (2.00 REISSUE; 1 red, 1.00 STING SPLIT ; 1 red).


The third 60mm Indian set appeared in 1954. We also think that the other two molds were reworked to include bases for the standing figures about this time. Perhaps influenced by the Walt Disney movie TONKA one of the new Indians has been shot with an arrow. Most kids (myself included) easily removed this arrow so that the figure could appear to have been shot by our cavalry figures. These figures are usually found in polyethylene soft plastic although I imagine rubber like vinyl examples exist. Unless noted all figures for sale will be SOFT PLASTIC.

3.00 Mounted with Lance; NONE.

3.00 Kneeling shooting bow; NONE, (3.00 STRING SPLIT; 1 yellow).

2.00 Running with rifle and tomahawk; 1 yellow.

2.00 Standing with knife; 5 yellow, (1.00 BASE MOSTLY CUT AWAY; 1 redbrown) .

2.00 With tomahawk overhead; 3 red, 7 yellow, 2 gray.

2.00 With bow and club; NONE.

4.00 Kneeling, shot with arrow; NONE.

2.00 Crawling with knife and tomahawk; 1 red, 8 yellow.


These were sold in small boxes with a card giving a fictional account of the Indian. Later they may have been sold without boxes or cards.

NONE = Swift Bear - , with box & card.

NONE - Swift Bear - , no box or card.

NONE - Long Bow - , no box or card.

NONE - Slipping Bird - A..

NONE - Little Crow - .

4.00 High Wolf - A., B., C.,no box or card.

NONE - Strong Eagle - A., B.,no box or card.

4.00 Laughing Feather - , NO box or card.

4.00 Black Kettle - A., B., C.,no box or card.


Molds with mounted figures and horses were made and shipped to Europe. Two molds of the foot poses were made as well with the same poses (some slight differences.

Marx also made a mold (PL-672) that made four mounted cowboys and four mounted Indians all in 60mm scale. Included were one new cowboy pose and two new Indian poses. They also made a mold (PL-671) that made four horses for these figures in two basic poses, running and stopping. One of each horse pose with an integral saddle and one each with an integral Indian blanket. In 1956 the molds were sent to the Charmore factory in Germany where the figures were made in hard plastic and painted from 1956-1963 as part of their German Masterpiece Series. One of the Indians on foot molds + the mounted figure & horses molds were sold to German pcompany Heimo from about 1963-1965. Heimo made some of their own figures in similar paint schemes which causes some collector confusion. Photo courtesy Denis Rylev

These figures were also used in one US issued Louis Marx playset SILVER CITY WESTERN TOWN #4268 made in 1956.


Indians - RECAST from the Ukraine, old WOW mold, 60mm.P> NONE IN STOCK

NONE - RECAST Indians from maybe exHeimo mold, 8 in 7 poses (5 skinny & 2 Camp poses), have mold cavity number under bases, red. ()

8.00 Five Indians made in Russia, one of which (bowman) is from an ex Marx mold or a nice copy. Brown SP. (2)


Marx made six different pioneers for their early Ft Apache stockade sets. Early figures are made in rubber like vinyl. Marx added bases to most of the standing figures for stability. These "revised" figures are usually seen in later polyethylene soft plastic. These figures were phased out about 1958 with the introduction of the 54mm western figures.

Examples of early vs revised poses -

Photo courtesy Ed Borris & Mike Kutnik.

5.00 Standing shooting rifle;

RUBBER; 1 yellow, 1 dirty cream,

8.00 SP revised with base; 1 cream, (1.00 RIFLE CHEWED; 1 cream).

5.00 Kneeling shooting rifle;

RUBBER; 1 gray, 1 cream

8.00 SP with revised small front foot base; 3 redbrown.

5.00 Running with rifle and powder horn;

RUBBER; 2 gray, 1 yellow, 2 cream/white,

18.00 SP revised with base; 2 cream, 1 redbrown.

- 18.00 MX290 Revised with base running with rifle and powder horn, SP; 1 cream, 1 redbrown.

5.00 Butting with rifle;

RUBBER; 1 yellow, 1 gray, 2 cream/white, 1 light redbrown

8.00 SP revised with base; NONE

5.00 With pistol;

RUBBER; 1 white, 4 cream/white,


15.00 SECOND REVISION WITH BASE, SP; 1 cewam, (10.00 SLIGHTLY SHORT PISTOL TIP; 1 redbrown, or CRIMP ON PISTOL; 1 cream, or PIN HOLE ON CHEST; 1 redbrown).

8.00 Woman loading rifle;


SP; 2 redbrown, (4.00 SHORTER RAMROD TIP; 1 cream, 1 redbrown).


Warriors of the World, hard plastic factory painted with box & trading card with a made up biography for each figure. Picture courtesy Mark Hegeman.

Most 60mm cavalry figures were sold in Rin Tin Tin playsets but some could be found in small figures sets including the General Custer figure.


NONE - Matched set of all 3 characters, good rifle, cream.

18.00 Lt. Rip Masters, cream. (NONE)

25.00 Lt. Rip Masters, blue. (NONE)

18.00 Rin Tin Tin, cream. (NONE)

25.00 Tin Tin Tin, blue. (1)

25.00 Rusty, with good rifle, cream. (NONE)

35.00 Rusty, with good rifle, blue. (NONE)

Characters usually found in cream, 7th Cavalry in metallic blue (several shades exist). Characters have been found in light blue and the cavalry figures in light blue and tan that were used in headercard bagged sets. The picture represents one "mold shot" or grouping and multiples of this grouping would be found in playsets depending upon size.

Metallic blue unless otherwise specified

8.00 Mounted with pistol. (NONE)

8.00 Mounted with sword; (NONE).

8.00 Kneeling shooting rifle; (NONE).

5.00 With pistol and bugle; (NONE).

5.00 Standing shooting rifle; (1).

5.00 Kneeling shooting pistol; (NONE).

4.00 Officer with sword and pistol;(NONE).

4.00 Bareheaded with sword; (NONE).


One of the nicest accessories Marx made for their western sets was this 54mm wagon. In the picture above the removable seat has been placed "buckboard style", but it also can be clipped to the front edge when paired with a covered wagon top. The wagon mold included five separate small accessories; barrel and box to clip on the wagon sides plus a lantern, pail and wash tub.


Although unmarked, based upon playset box art it has been determined that the figure on the left represented Daniel Boone. The mold consisted of 18 cavities containing two of each pose. The small Boonesboro playset contained only half the mold set. This mold still exists and although the originals were only made in a light tan color, recasts have been made in 10 or more colors including the tan seen above.

8.00 Swinging rifle, butterscotch.

8.00 Waving, rifle in other hand. butterscotch.

10.00 RECAST 10 in all 9 poses, tan. (3)

9.00 RECAST 9 in all 9 poses; 2 light blue, 1 gray, 2 forest green.

1.00 RECAST Standing shooting pistol; 2 redbrown, 1 tan. 1 light blue.

1.00 RECAST Walking with dead bird (Pheasant); 1 redbrown, 1 tan.

1.00 RECAST Rifle cradled in arms (Daniel Boone); NONE.

1.00 RECAST Running with knife & hatchet; 1 light blue, 1 dark green, 1 redbrown, 1 tan.

1.00 RECAST Running with rifle; 1 redbrown.

1.00 RECAST Shooting rifle; 2 redbrown, 3 light blue, 1 tan.

1.00 RECAST Clubbing with rifle; 1 light tan, 2 gray, 2 redbrown.

1.00 RECAST Waving left hand, rifle in right hand; 1 tan.

1.00 RECAST Shot in shoulder with arrow; 1 light blue, 1 redbrown, 3 tan.

This mold contained 10 cavities. There were two of the mounted pose and one each of the other eight poses. When the Boonesborough pioneer mold was not ready for its intended playset Marx removed the two mounted figures from the Alamo/Ft Apache mold and inserted the "Daniel Boone" and shot with arrow poses to go with the other eight figures for the earliest Boonesborough playsets. The Alamo/Ft Apache figures were made in at least 14 different colors over their history. The location of this mold is currently unknown.

18.00 Mold shot of 10 figures; 1 silver.

54mm Alamo/Ft.Apache Pioneer;

4.00 EACH old flat gray or metallic blue.

3.00 EACH old flat tan.

2.00 EACH; Light blue Light waxy, light blue, or silver.

2.50 EACH; medium 1960s "storage box" blue,"lime" green, Heritage gray, Heritage tan, aqua blue or royal blue.

FG = Old flat gray, T = old flat tan, LWLB = light waxy light blue, LB = light blue, S = silver, LG = "lime" green, HG = Heritage light waxy gray, HT = Heritage light waxy tan, MB = Medium Blue (storage box blue), AB = aqua blue & RB royal blue.

Mounted with sword; 4FG, 2LB, 0S, 1T, 5LG, 15AB, 0MB, 0RB, 0HG 0HT

Walking with rifle; 0FG, 1LB, 1S, 0T, 0LG, 9AB, 0MB, 0RB, 0HG 0HT

Standing shooting; 0FG, 5LB, 7S, 0T, 1LG, 9AB, 1MB, 1RB 0HG 0HT

Kneeling shooting; 1FG, 3LB, 10S, 1T, 0LG, 8AB, 2MB, 13RB 0HG 1HT.

Walking with turkey; 0FG, 0LB, 1S, 0T, 0LG, 0AB, 0MB, 0RB, 0HG 0HT.

Running with rifle; 1FG, 13LB, 8S, 0T, 0LG, 8AB, 3MB, 0RB, 0HG, 0HT

Clubbing with rifle; 2FG, 7LB, 0S, 0T, 0LG, 4AB, 0MB, 0RB 0HG 0HT

Running with ax & rifle; 0FG, 10LB, 3S, 2T, 0LG, 2AB, 2MB, 0RB, 0HG, 0HT

With bugle & sword: 0FG, 2LB, 2S, 0T, 1LG, 19AB, 0MB, 12RB, 1HG, 3HT

7th Cavalry

Marx 54mm 7th Cavalry "Mold Shot"

As you can see the Marx 54mm 7th Cavalry mold has 16 cavities. It has one each of the first eight and two each of the last four poses. Playsets would then have multiples of this group of 16 figures depending upon size.


MX345 Marching rifle on shoulder; 2 royal blue.

Bugler, holding rifle; 2 medium blue.

Walking swing arms; NONE.

Shot dropping pistol; NONE.

Standing shooting rifle; NONE.

Kneeling shooting rifle; NONE.

Running with rifle; NONE.

With sword overhead; NONE.

Rifle x chest; NONE.

Running with sword; 1 medium blue.

Running with pistol; NONE.

Butting with rifle; 4 medium blue.

As seen above each set would have one each of the first three poses and six of the figure with "arms at his sides". Large playsets might have multiples of this group.

3.00 Mounted with sword; NONE.

4.00 Mounted with flag & pistol; NONE.

2.50 Mounted bugler; NONE.

2.50 Mounted arms at sides; 1 medium blue.

As seen above the long coat cavalry set consists of five figures with arms at sides and one each of the other four better poses. Some have been found at the old Marx dump which has dropped prices in half of what they were 8-10 years ago as these used to be very hard to find.

Mounted Long Coat Cavalry.

5.00 Mounted with sword; NONE.

4.00 Mounted with flag; NONE.

4.00 Mounted with pistol; NONE.

3.00 Mounted bugler; NONE.

3.00 Mounted arms at sides; NONE


2.00 With sword; 2 royal blue, 1 gray, 1 light blue.

2.00 With flag; 1 royal blue, 2 gray, 1 light blue with broken flagstaff.

2.00 With pistol; 2 gray, 1 light blue.


Marx made three molds of "54mm" Indians. The first PL-787 made about 1957 had one totem pole and fifteen Indians in nine poses. The second mold PL-919 made a few years later also had sixteen cavities and was the same as PL-787 except four of the duplicate figure poses were replace by four new "revised" figure poses. These new figures are closer to 45mm in scale and may have been left over from an aborted attempt to redo the 45mm Indian mold (45mm Indian with scalp may have been part of this mysterious group as it surfaced in the later runs of the 45mm mold). The 3rd mold duplicated the first two molds and had 32 cavities. The Indian molds were used for many years and at least one of them survived to have recast produced. The Indians were first made in yellow and copper (redbrown), a few were made in wine red and cream. In the sixties the color was changed to butterscotch/carmel colors while at the end they were made in oranges.

Totem Pole;

2.00 EACH; 9 flat yellow, 2 waxy yellow, 1 yellow with a hit of green, 4 redbrown,.

1.00 EACH; 11 butterscotch, 1 orange.

Mounted Indian Chief;

3.00 WITH ALL FEATHERS; 1 butterscotch, 1 waxy we;;ow.

1.50 MISSING MIDDLE FEATHER; 1 redbrown.

1.00 MISSING FEATHER(S); 1 flat yellow, 2 waxy yellow, 1 lighter butterscotch.

Chief running with club;

2.00 EACH; 29 butterscotch, 1 lighter butterscotch, 2 waxy yellow, (1.00 EACH NO CLUB; 1 waxy yellow).

1.00 EACH; NONE.

Medicine man with club and drum;

2.00 EACH; 5 flat yellow, 8 waxy yellow, 2 waxy yellow slightly green, 2 redbrowns, 1 dark brown, 19 butterscotch.

1.50 EACH; NONE.

1.00 EACH MISSING CLUB FEATHERS; 1 flat yellow, 2 waxy yellow.

With shield and spear;

2.00 EACH; 1 redbrown.

1.50 EACH; 31 butterscotch, 2 waxy yellow.

1.00 EACH; NONE.

With tomahawk and scalp;

2.00 EACH; NONE.

1.50 EACH; 2 waxy yellow.

1.00 EACH; NONE.

Kneeling shooting bow;

2.00 EACH; 1 flat yellow.

1.50 EACH; 2 waxy wellow, (Bow damage 1.00 EACH; 1 redbrown, 3 butterscotch, 13 lighter butterscotch.

Standing shooting bow;

2.00 EACH; NONE.

1.50 EACH; 2 waxy yellow.

1.00 EACH; NONE.

Chief with bow, spear and shield

2.00 NONE.

1.50 2 waxy yellow With tomahawk and shield;

2.00 EACH; 1 flat yellow.

1.50 EACH; 2 waxy yellow, (1.00 Bow string split; 3 redbrown, 12 butterscotch, 3 waxy yellow), (Bow damage .75 EACH; 1 darker orange).

3.00 Chief sitting; 2 waxy yellow, 1 darker orange, 1 butterscotch.

4.00 With bow and club; 2 redbrown, 1 butterscotch.

2.00 RECAST with bow & club; 7 reds, 1 redbrown.

4.00 With rifle and tomahawk; NONE.

3.00 Kneeling shot with arrow; 2 butterscotch, 2 darker orange, 1 lighter orange, 1 waxy yellow, (1.00 MISSING ARROW; 2 butterscotch painted).

- NONE - Header bag with 53mm copies of 54mm Indians in orange and six inch cowboys in blue, about a dozen figures.

Marx's Hong Kong factory made flat window box sets of cowboys and Indians. Interestingly all of the figures are copies of British makers such as; Britains, Crescent and Lone Star.



Marx 54mm Standard Cowboys

This set had nine different poses and the mold contained 18 cavities such that two complete groups of nine were made at a time. Eventually this mold was somehow merged with the Miners, Trappers and Cowboys mold. At this time one mounted sheriff, one man with whip and two each of the other seven regular cowboys were added to the 16 cavity Miners mold to make a 32 cavity mold. This mold was run for at least the storage box sets in which 1/2 of each "mold shot" made it into each set (so the sets did not have every pose). The original cowboys were made in grays, browns, and tans, and then in butterscotch for the storage box sets. They have been recast in several colors.

8.00 EACH cream, 2.00 EACH tan, brown or redbrowns, 1.50 EACH grays or butterscotch 54mm Cowboys unless noted .

Mounted with rope; 2 dark brown, 3 grays.

Mounted Sheriff; 1 gray.

Mounted Bandit; NONE,(1.00 PISTOL CHEW; 1 brown).

With branding iron; 1 golden tan, 1 brown, 1 light redbrown, 2 gray.

With two pistols; 3 tan, 6 dark brown, 4 brown, 1 lighter redbrown, 15 grays, 3 butterscotch, 1 waxy tan.

With whip; 4 grays, 1 redbrown.

Sheriff with pistol; 12 grays, 1 redbrown, 1 brownish gray, 4 butterscotch, 1 waxy tan.

Bandit on foot w/ loot, shooting pistol; 2 brown.

With rifle x chest; 22 grays, 6 brown, 1 redbrown, 4 tan, 1 waxy tan.

5.00 Seated Cowboy wagon driver; 1 light redbrown, 1 red brown.

3.00 REISSUE Cowboy wagon driver; 2 metallic blue, 1 dark blue.


1.00 Mounted with rope; 1 brown, 3 light gray, 2 yellow, (.50 splits in rope; 2 yellow, 1 light gray).

Mounted Sheriff; NONE.

Mounted Bandit; NONE.

With branding iron;NONE.

With two pistols; NONE.

With whip; NONE.

Sheriff on foot with pistol; NONE.

Bandit on foot shooting pistol; NONE.

Standing with rifle cradled in arms; NONE.

The Miners, Trappers and Cowboys mold had 16 figures in 13 poses. As can be seen above there were two each of the last 3 poses and one each of the first 10 poses. There was also a separate sack (not pictured) for the figure on the far left to be carrying. The originals were done in tan and gray and then in butterscotch after the merger with the standard cowboy mold.


6.00 Pioneer wuth rifle at waist; NONE.

6.00 With pan on stock; NONE.

3.00 Fist fighting wearing hat; NONE.

3.00 Bare headed with pistol drawn; NONE.

3.00 With one pistol, wearing hat. (NONE)

Butterscotch (storage box set) or waxy tan cattle drive playset

2.00 With one pistol, no hat; 2 .

2.00 Drawing pistol, wearing hat; 1.

2,00 With pistol and gold dust bag; NONE.

2.00 Fist fighting wearing hat; NONE.

2.00 Fist fighting no hat; 1.

3.00 Standing with furs; NONE.

3.00 Pioneer walking with rifle in crook of arm; NONE.

3.00 Walking with shovel; 1.

2.00 Walking with lantern, other hand up; NONE.

3.00 Sitting with peace pipe; 1.

3.00 With pan on stick; NONE.

2.00 Walking with lantern and rifle; NONE.

3.00 Pioneer walking with rifle at waist; 1.


With one pistol, no hat; NONE.

Drawing pistol, wearing hat; 4 light blue, 2 brown.

With pistol and gold dust bag; 3 light blue, 1 brown.

Fist fighting wearing hat; NONE.

Fist fighting no hat; NONE.

Trading furs; NONE.

Walking with shovel; NONE.

Walking with lantern, other hand up; NONE.

Sitting with peace pipe; NONE.

Pioneer walking with cradled rifle; NONE.

Pioneer coonskin hat walking with rifle; NONE.

With pan on stick; NONE.

Walking with lantern and rifle; NONE.

20.00 RECAST Combo mold of original cowboys and miners, trappers & cowboys molds, 32 figures (bag says 22 poses, but I think 21); 1 GRAY IN STOCK.

Marx Wagon Driver with Whip

This figure was first made in the late 1950s. Usually made in cream, light blue was also used for the 1963 Custer and large Ft Apache playsets. It was made in "lime green" in the 1970s for small western storage box sets. The mold was found and RECASTS were made in the 1990s in darker blue and waxy gray. The old Marx landfill has turned up a few and the cream usually has changed to off white or light gray from being buried.

25.00 Cream. NONE

35.00 Light blue. NONE, (10.00 MISSING WHIP; 1)

5.00 Lime green. NONE

5.00 Brighter green. NONE

3.00 REISSUE; 1 gray, 1 royal blue.

4104 Red River Gang; NONE

40/45mm Figures


What we have came from an ex Marx employee these may have never been sold on the US market. Made of early 50s rubber like vinyl.

20.00 EACH - cream, rubber like vinyl

Cowboy kneeling hands out. NONE

Cowboy as if standing on fence.NONE

Cowboy mounted waving hat. NONE

Cowgirl mounted looking to the right.NONE

Cowgirl as if mounted on bucking animal.NONE

Cowboy mounted looking forward.NONE

The Rodeo animals were made in mold PL-360 which had twenty cavities making two sets of ten. As there are only seven poses, one or more is duplicated in the set. This mold is in Mexico and recasts are being produced in a cream soft plastic (originals we have seen are all rubber like vinyl). Photo courtesy Isashi the Galaxy Pilot.

Original Figures rubber like vinyl

NONE Running horse; 1 cream.


Reissues are soft plastic.

NONE Steer stopping/bucking, rope around waist;.

NONE Brahma bull;.

NONE Calf lying on side;.

NONE Horse rearing;

NONE Horse bucking;.

NONE Horse standing;.

NONE Horse running;

Marx 45mm Cavalry

Original 45mm Cavalry Figures

2.00 EACH All rubber like vinyl (cream varies), + light blue, dark blue & yellow SP, 2.00 EACH tan SP, 1.50 EACH silver SP;

Mounted hand on belt; RUBBER; NONE, SP; 1 light blue, 2 yellow, 6 silver, 1 tan (1.00 hat scuff silver).

Mounted with sword; RUBBER; NONE, SP; 3 yellow, 1 dark blue, 2 light blue, 1 tan, 6 silver.

Mounted with flag; RUBBER; NONE, SP; 1 yellow, 1 light blue, 8 silver.

Pioneer running with rifle and stick; RUBBER; 3 dark blue, 2 cream, SP; 3 light blue, 12 tan, 3 dark blue, 1 silver, 1 yellow.

With Bugle and pistol; RUBBER; 2 cream, SP; 3 light blue, 4 dark blue, 1 yellow, 8 tan, 14 silver.

Clubbing with pistol; RUBBER; 1 cream, SP; 3 dark blue, 1 yellow, 4 light blue, 3 tan, 16 silver.

To be tied to tree; RUBBER; NONE, SP; 1 yellow, 6 light blue, 7 tan, 16 silver.

With pistol, shot with arrow; RUBBER; NONE, SP; 2 light blue, 1 yellow, 12 silver, SP; 2 light blue, 1 tan, 1 silver(1.00 MISSING ARROW; 1 yellow).

Shooting rifle; RUBBER; 1 dark blue, 1 cream, SP; 3 tan, 6 dark blue, 1 yellow, 2 light blue.

Running with rifle holding hat; RUBBER; 1 dark blue, SP; 5 dark blue, 5 tan, 1 yellow, 4 light blue.


6.00 Ten in all 10 poses; 1 gray.


Mounted with kepi hat; 1 green.

Mounted with sword; NONE.

Mounted with flag; NONE.

Pioneer running with rifle; 1 dark blue.

With bugle and pistol; 1 green, 1 dark blue.

Clubbing with pistol; 2 green, 2 light blue, 3 darker blue, 4 gray.

To nr tied to tree; 2 light blue, 4 darker blue, 1 green, 4 gray.

Shot with arrow; 1 dark blue NO ARROW.

Shooting rifle; 3 green, 1 dark blue.

Running with rifle, hand on hat; 1 dark blue.

5.00 Saddled horse walking; 3 grays, 7 redbrown, (2.00 NO TAIL; 1 redbrown).

5.00 Running saddled horse; 1 gray, 1 cream, 2 redbrown.

(2.00 NO TAIL; 2 redbrown).

5.00 Indian pony, running; 2 cream, 1 black, 2 redbrown.


Rubber = rubber like vinyl, SP = polyethylene soft plastic.

10.00 Mounted with rope; vinyl; 1 cream.

12.00 Mounted shooting rifle; vinyl; NONE.

2.00 Foot Bandit fanning pistol; VINYL; 2 tan, SP; 1 metallic blue, 10 brown, 3 red, 10 green.

2.00 Foot Hands in the air; VINYL; NONE, SP; 5 brown, 5 green, 3 metallic blue.

2.00 Foot Walking with saddle; VINYL; 4 light brown, SP; 4 brown, 3 red, 9 green, 2 yellow, 1 metallic blue.

2.00 Foot Drawing pistol; VINYL; 3 cream, (1.00 1 dark tan BASE CUT AWAY), SP; 4 brown, 1 white, 1 silver, 1 metallic blue, 3 green, 3 red.

2.00 Foot Clenched fists head turned; VINYL; 3 cream, 2 brown, SP; 4 brown, 1 yellow, 2 metallic blue, 3 green, 3 red.

2.00 Foot Being punched; VINYL; NONE, SP: 3 brown, 4 green, 5 red.

2.00 Foot Walking swinging arms; VINYL; NONE, SP; 1 brown, 2 green.

2.00 Foot Hands to mouth calling; VINYL; NONE, SP; 1 green, 1 red.

2.00 Standing with 2 pistols drawn. VINYL; NONE, SP; 1 red, 1 brown, 2 metallic blue, 2 green, 1 yellow, ( 1.00 SPLIT BASE 1.00).

2.00 Foot Sheriff with 2 pistols one pointed up; VINYL; NONE SP;2 brown 3 metallic blue, 3 green, 3 red.

2.00 Foot Sheriff with one pistol; VINYL; NONE, SP; 1 brown, 1 metallic blue, 4 green, 4 red.

2.00 Foot Turned shooting pistol; VINYL; NONE, SP; 1 red.

With the exception of the "odd pose" the other 12 Indian poses seen above made up the early sets. Later sets also had the "odd pose", man holding scalp and tomahawk. We do not know if this meant an earlier pose was deleted or if the mold was altered. Also the man kneeling was supposed to be using a paddle, but Marx decided to remove the paddle to avoid putting a canoe in every set. Some early examples sometimes have part of the paddle shaft as seen above. Without the paddle he becomes a drummer using one of the small accessory sprue pieces.

2.00 Chief mounted, right hand up;

VINYL; 3 orangetan, 2 crean, 1redbrown.

SP; 5 redbrown, 3 yellow.

2.00 Mounted w/bow drawing arrow;

VINYL; NONE, (1.50 NO FEATHER; 4 cream)

SP; 1 dirty white.

3.00 Mounted shooting rifle;

VINYL; 4 cream/yellow, 2 orangetan, (1.00 SHORT RIFLE; 1 dull orange, 1 dirty yellow),


2.00 Climbing wall with tomahawk;

VINYL; 3 yellow, 1 dull orange, 1 cream,

SP; 1 yellow.

2.00 Crawling with tomahawk;

VINYL; 3 dull orangetans, 1 yellow,

SP; 4 redbrown, 7 yellow, 1 gray, 2 red, 4 cream.

2.00 Woman on knees scraping w/rock;

VINYL; 1 yellow, 4 lighter orange, 2 dull orange.

SP; 2 gray, 3 redbrown, 1 red.

2.00 Kneeling beating separate (not included) drum;

VINYL; 4 orangetan, 1 cream;

SP; 2 yellow, 1 CREAM .

8.00 With tomahawk and scalp;


SP; 6 yellow.

2.00 Chief with knife;

VINYL; 2 REDBROWN, 1 yellow, 2 orangetan

SP; 7 redbrown, 3 gray, 20 yellow, 1 cream, 1 red.

2.00 Stabbing with knife;


SP; 5 yellow.

3.00 Kneeling shooting bow;

VINYL; 1 yellow, (2.00 BOW SPLITS; 1 orange, 1 yellow),

SP; 2 cream, 1 red, 2 yellow, (2.00 BOW SPLIT; 1 redbrown, 3 yellow, 1 gray, 1 cream).

2.00 Scouting, rifle left hand;

VINYL; 6 orangetan, 1 yellow

SP; 4 redbrown, 19 yellow, 4 cream, 1 red, 1 gray.

2.00 Indian w/ tomahawk;

VINYL; 1 yellow,

SP; 1 red, 4 redbrown, 13 yellow, 1 cream, 1 gray.