Western era buildings

The first Marx western tin building was the BAR-M-RANCH house used in early ranch sets circa 1951. The first Roy Rogers ranch sets used the same house but the BAR-M-RANCH sign over the door was removed.

NONE - Bar-M ranch house, excellent shape. ()

10.00 Cabin porch support. (1)

- 10.00 Ranch Instruction sheet, worn & tattered.

15.00 Pair of Marx saloon doors, redbrown, SP.

This is the second Roy Rogers ranch house made about 1955.

30.00 Roy Rogers ranch house, MISSING CHIMNEY

Nellebelle Roy Rogers jeep, hard plastic with metal roll bar (missing from above example).

NONE IN STOCK - Nellebelle.

NONE - Small cabin.



Ft Dearborn Cabin/Fort Apache

These were also used in early Fort Apache playsets.


Fort Dearborn Wall

5.00 Ft. Dearborn wall section. (NONE)

Fort Dearborn Gate


NONE - Cavalry HQ + Stable .

- U.S. 20 Star flag, with hard plastic base and pole. (NONE)

The US Cavalry supply "tin" building came with seven pieces of plastic accessories; porch, 2 doors, chimney, and tower (cupola) with roof and flagpole. Usually made in dark brown, but redbrown was used a few years as well.

Marx made a porches for both their Cavalry Supply Building and their small western cabin. Although similar they attach in a different manner. The Supply porch has two tabs at the top of the roof and two (broken off and not in picture) hooks at the base. The cabin has the end two rafters under the roof extend into pegs that plug into the cabin. Supply porch also has two horizontal beams between the roof support posts that the cabin porch is lacking.

NONE - Porch with one rear hook, dark brown.

NONE - Cupola with roof; NONE.

NONE - Chimney; .

NONE - Alaskan playset street front.

NONE - Wells Fargo playset street front.

NONE - Jail side town.

NONE - Saloon side town.

30.00 Rodeo chute with 3 doors.(2)

5.00 Chute rear wall. (NONE)

5.00 Chute side wall. (NONE)

5.00 Chute door. (4)

NONE Buckboard, blue with yellow wheels.

6.00 Buckboard body; NONE.

10.00 Buckboard seat; NONE .

10.00 Buckboard swivel; NONE.

3.00 Larger Buckboard wheel; NONE.

3.00 smaller Buckboard wheel; NONE.

3.00 Vinyl harness for 60mm buckboard horse, black. (2 for $5)

4.00 REISSUE revised one horse hitch with hoop; 2 brown, 2 red.

NONE - Marx large Roy Rogers accessories, silver, HP as seen in Playset magazine issue #60.

3.00 EACH unless noted Large wagon accessories. Shades of gray.

Wash Tub. (2)

Crate. (9)

Gold Box. (4),(1.00 Gold box, one hinge broken; 1)

Barrel. (5)

L shaped wagon barrel holder. (2)

Rifle/carbine. (8)

Flour sack. (6)

Lantern. (1)

Bucket with separate handle. (2), (1.50 NO Handle; 1)


NONE - RECAST PL-1047 Chuck Wagon Accessories ( made for 5-6 inch figures), all 21 pieces including 3 piece cupboard, stove and hanging box, brown SP. ()

Large chuck wagon smaller accessories.

4.00 RECAST Chuck Wagon Accessories smaller pieces only, 16 piece set as seen above, brown. (3)

Marx made a set of 16 larger scale weapons and inserted them into their header card bagged sets to increase piece count (Usually 4 per bag). They are from pioneer days through WWII. Originals are in silver soft & hard plastic while RECASTS have been made in blue and black soft plastic.



A. Flintlock long rifle muzzle loader; 3 silver HP, 1 silver SP, 2 black

B. Civil war era muzzle loader?; 1 silver SP, 3 silver HP, 1 blue.

C. Lever action; 1 silver HP.

D. Later muzzle loader; NONE.

E. Breech fed rifle; 1 silver SP, 1 silver HP, 1 black, 1 blue.

F. Early carbine; 1 silver HP, 1 silver SP, 1 blue.

G. WWII M1 Garand rifle; 1 silver HP.

H. Double barrel shotgun; 4 silver SP.

I. Flintlock pistol; 1 silver HP, 4 silver SP, 1 black.

J. Early Pistol; 1 silver SP, 1 silver HP, 1 black.

K. Early Colt revolver; 1 silver, 2 blue.

L. Western six shooter; 1 silver HP, 2 black.

M. US Colt 45; 1 blue.

N. German Luger; 2 black.

O. WWII US "Grease gun"; 2 silver HP.

R. Revolver; 2 silver HP.


P. Lever action, mid barrel sight; 1 silver SP.

Q. Short lever action; 1 silver HP, (2.00 MELT MARKS; 1 silver HP).


18.00 Lone Ranger Ranch Gate white with black letters, HP.

18.00 Lone Ranger Ranch Gate brown with white letters, HP.

10.00 Roy Rogers Ranch Gate, white or off white with black letters HP. (2), (6.00 one post split)

NONE - Roy Rogers Ranch Gate, brown with white letters, HP.

10.00 Unmarked gate; 1 white.

8.00 Rodeo white board fence, 8 pieces. (1)

NONE - Bar M Ranch gate w/ door.

Alamo/ Ft Apache cannon

SEE AWI-Pirate-Alamo-ACW sales page for availability.

Marx made three molds to produce the above trees and cactus; PL-131 Trees (made 8 trees 4 scraggly & 4 Full), PL-148 Cactus making 6 cacti and PL-524 Pine trees making 4 "A"/Delta tree. Early versions (circa 1951-55) were made in hard plastic while later production was in polyethylene soft plastic.

8.00 Scraggly tree, HP; NONE.

8.00 Full Tree, HP; NONE.

6.00 Delta Tree, HP; NONE.

5.00 Delta Tree, SP; 3 SP.

3.00 Cactus, greens; 4 HP.

Marx made 1/32 scale cacti for their western playsets populated with 45-60mm figures. They also made smaller versions for their western flat set and miniature "HO" sets.

2.00 Flat cactus, brown HP. (NONE)

2.00 "HO" cactus with round arms similar to the 1/32 cactus, HP; NONE.

2.00 "HO" cactus with odd flattened arms, HP; NONE.

Playset instructions said to cut the piece in half so these are usually found in two pieces.

10.00 Tree row uncut. (NONE)

8.00 Tree row cut in half as per playset instructions. (2)

NONE Tree row left half as seen above.

NONE Tree row right half as seen above.

Marx had two molds that made dead trees. PL-332 Had nine cavities and made thee sets of; one dead tree, + one large and one small boulder. PL-332A had 6 cavities and made two each of; one dead tree + one large and one small tree stump. Playsets would usually only get one of the groups of three.

Original dead trees, stumps and boulders;

5.00 Dead Tree; 1 darker gray SP, 5 lighter gray SP.

3.00 Larger stump; NONE.

3.00 Smaller stump; NONE.

3.00 Larger boulder; NONE.

3.00 Smaller boulder; 6 grays.

RECAST dead trees, stumps and boulders;

1.50 Dead tree; 12 brown.

1.50 Larger stump; 4 brown.

1.50 Smaller stump; 4 brown.

1.50 Larger boulder; NONE.

1.50 Smaller boulder; NONE.

Playset instructions said to cut the piece in half. So most were cut as seen above.


Ranch & Rodeo split wood fence

9.00 Split wood fence, 10 pieces, HP; 1 dark brown.

1.00 Split wood fence, 1 piece HP, dark brown. (4) (1)

1.00 Split wood fence, HP; 7 dark brown, 1 white.

3.00 Split wood fence, SP, yellow from header sets. (2)

1.00 RECAST split wood fence brown soft plastic. (8)

7.00 TeePee each, two piece plug together, 54mm, gray or flat tan. NONE .

5.00 TeePee each, two piece plug together, 54mm, waxy tan. (1)

- OUT OF STOCK - Reissue teepee, two piece plug togetner, 54mm, red, soft plastic. ()

- NONE - Playset arrow, fleshtan.



50.00 Marx reissue stagecoach with two horses, double horse hitch, & a driver (ACW Caisson rider), Horse and driver colors vary. In stock are RED stagecoaches body with YELLOW wheels.

OUT OF STOCK - Sawbuck, redbrown,(). These were found in some of the early ranch playsets and there is some uncertainty as to whether Marx made them or bought them from an outside source. (Photo courtesy Stad).

NONE - Indian Accessories, 3 pieces, redbrown. ()

NONE - Stretched skin on frame;.

NONE - Spears and shield stand;.

NONE - Travois; NONE.

The ACW/Cavalry Sprue Accessories

These were made first in silver and then in black. The black sprues were also put in some western sets as cavalry accessories. The campfire, coffee pot, frying pan and plate are also found on the cowboy accessory sprue. The (#) in front of each item indicates how many were on each sprue.

10.00 REISSUE SPRUE with all 35 pieces (some may be loose); 6 silver, 2 gray.

1.00 EACH rifles, pistols or swords .50 EACH all other items.

(5)Pistol; 16 silver, 21 black, 3 yellow.

(5)Sword; 9 silver, 12 black, 4 yellow.

(3)Rifle; 14 black, 6 silver, 4 yellow.

(3)Belt with holster; 29 black, 2 silver, 5 yellow.

(3)Belt with scabbard; 16 silver, 32 black, 5 yellow.

(2)Bugle; 13 black, 3 silver, 2 yellow.

(2)Binoculars; 4 black, 2 yellow.

(2)Larger canteen in sheath; 3 silver, 8 black, 3 yellow.

(2)Smaller wood canteen; 3 black, 3 silver, 1 yellow, 1 yellow with split strap.

(2)Bag with strap; 4 silver, 7 black, 6 yellow.

(1)Pennant flag; 3 silver, 9 black.

(1)Coffee pot; 1 silver, 2 black.

(1)Folded gloves; 3 black.

(1)Frying pan; 2 silver, 3 black.

(1)Plate; 1 silver, 2 black, 1 yellow.

(1)Campfire; 3 black, 2 yellow.

.50 EACH reissue rifles, pistols or swords, silver, have plenty.

The Marx cowboy and Indian accessory sprues were made in the same mold. In sets in which they were used together the mold would be run in yellow and then silver, the big sprue cut in half and sets would get the cowboy sprue in one color and the Indian sprue in the other.

The Cowboy Sprue Accessories

The cowboy sprue accessories can be found in brown, silver and yellow. The campfire, coffee pot, frying pan and plate are also found on the ACW/Cavalry accessory sprue while the cow skull is also found on the Indian accessory sprue. the cowboy pistol has decoration on the grip that the ACW pistol is lacking. The (#) in front of each item indicates how many were found on each sprue.

6.00 RECAST cowboy accessory sprue, black. (6 IN STOCK)

1.00 EACH old original rifle, shotgun or guitar.

.50 EACH all other accessories

brown accessories will need cleaning

(10)Pistol; 19 brown, 1 black 6 yellow.

(4)Belt with two holsters; 4 silver, 1 black, 6 yellow.

(2)Cow skull; 1 waxy yellow.

(2)Small sack; NONE.

(2)Canteen; 5 brown, 1 black, 4 yellow.

(2)Rope coil; NONE.

(2)Branding iron; 3 brown.

(2)Whip; 6 brown.

(2)Shotgun; NONE.

(2)Rifle; NONE.

(1)Guitar; NONE.

(1)Campfire; NONE.

(1)Coffee Pot; NONE.

(1)Frying Pan; NONE.

(1)Plate; 1 yellow.

The Indian sprue accessories are most often found in silver and yellow. Redbrown was used for the Custer set, red for Wagon Trains sets and perhaps other colors can be found as well. This set has been RECAST in black. The cow skull can also be found on the cowboy accessory sprue. The (#) in front of an item is the number found on one sprue.

6.00 RECAST Indian small accessory sprue, black, MISSING ONE ARROW. (1 IN STOCK)

1.00 EACH original silver and yellow accessories, 2.00 EACH red;

(10) Arrow; 2 yellow.

(4) Tomahawk; yellow.

(2)Cow Skull; 2 waxy yellow, 2 yellow, 2 silver, (2.00 1 red).

(2)Bow; NONE.

(2)Shield; 3 waxy yellow, 3 yellow 1 silver.

(2)Spear; 2 silver, 2 yellow.

(2)Peace pipe; 1 waxy yellow, 4 yellow.

(2)Necklace; 1 waxy yellow, 2 yellow.

(2)Drum; 2 waxy yellow, 2 yellow.

(2)War club; 3 yellow.

(2)Knife; 1 yellow, 2 silver.

(2)Belt with knife sheath; 4 yellow, 2 silver.

(2)Quiver; 3 waxy yellow, 4 yellow.


Some of the Accessory Color Variations

The indoor accessories seem to be made in either dark brown or butterscotch/tan. On the other hand the out door accessories were made in a wide array of colors (see above picture). Please list color preferences when ordering and we will supply it if available.

The Marx outside accessory sets for the Ranch Houses and Stockades each had the; ax in stump, log pile and anvil. As we can not tell the difference all accessories from these two molds will be listed here.

1.00 Log pile. (12+)

1.00 Anvil. (12+)

1.00 Ax in stump. (9)

3.00 Longer 5 inch log hitching post. (1 light gray, 1 dark gray, 1 tan, 2 dark brown).

3.00 Rain barrel; 3 light gray, 1 brown, 1 medium brown SP.

2.00 Forge. (15)

4.00 Pump well; NONE.

5.00 Grinding wheel; NONE.

10.00 4PC Well; NONE.

2.00 Well bucket with hook; 1 gray.

6.00 Well cross bars with all 4 pegs; 1 dark brown.

2.00 1.00 Well cross bars, MISSING 1 PEG; NONE.

1.00 Well cross bars, MISSING 2 PEGS; 1 gray.

1.00 Well roof; NONE.

2.00 Well base; 3 grays, 1 tan, 1 redbrown, 1 dark brown.

2.00 XXX powder barrel; 1 tan, 1 gray, 1 gray with paint.

2.00 Churn. (9)

5.00 2PC Campfire; NONE.

1.00 Campfire base, MAY HAVE BROKEN PEG(S); 2 gray.

5.00 2PC Dip well. (NONE).

1.00 Dip well base. (8)

Ranch playsets also included some nice indoors furniture. A small piece of black PVC tubing was included for the stove to serve as a chimney.

4.00 Cupboard,; 9 dark brown, 3 butterscotch/tan.

3.00 Table with wash basin; 2 dark brown, 4 butterscotch.

7.00 Two piece bunk bed set; NONE.

3.00 Bunk bed top bed;NONE.

3.00 Bunk bed lower bed; NONE.

12.00 Dinning Table; NONE.

3.00 Long bench; 2 butterscotch, 11 dark brown.

3.00 Shorter arm chair with Marx logo; 7 butterscotch.

3.00 Log box; 6 dark brown, 2 butterscotch.

3.00 Table lamp; 1 butterscotch.

9.00 Pot belly stove (NO PVC CHIMNEY); NONE.

MARX made one outdoor and two indoor sets of accessories for their western town playsets. The pieces were usually made in dark brown, but both redbrown and tan (butterscotch) exist as well. There are many shades of dark brown so it is difficult to exactly match pieces.

PL-386 Old West Furniture Inside

The "Saloon" side indoor accessory set has 24 pieces making 23 assemblies including the swivel barber chair.

Original Vintage Pieces

3.00 Slat back bench; 5 dark brown.

4.00 Round table; NONE.

4.00 Rocking chair; NONE, (1.00 REAR PART OF ROCKERS GONE; 1 dark brown).

3.00 Shorter arm chair, no Marx logo; NONE.

3.00 Taller arm chair; NONE.

6.00 Polka Dot bed; NONE.

6.00 Bank tellers cage; 2 dark brown.

4.00 Dresser with mirror; 1 dark brown.

3.00 Counter with merchandise on top; 2 dark brown.

10.00 Two piece barbers chair; NONE.

3.00 Table with apron, pot & bowl on top; 6 dark brown.

5.00 Bar counter; NONE.

4.00 Slant top desk; 2 dark brown, (1.00 MISSING ONE LEG; 1 dark brown).

3.00 Roll top desk; 7 dark brown.

4.00 Octagonal table; 3 dark brown.

3.00 Coat & hat rack; NONE.

3.00 Satchel; 2 dark brown (3.00 with 2 small melt marks; 1 brown).

3.00 Table lamp; NONE.

RECAST Pieces made in 2007

25.00 RECAST PL-386 complete 24 piece set, hard plastic, medium brown. (1 IN STOCK)

15.00 Reissue Marx PL-386 western "Saloon Side" accessories. Made in a semisoft brown plastic. (2 IN STOCK)

PL-387 Old West Furniture Inside

The "Jail Side" western town furniture mold produces 23 pieces including two identical desks.

Original Vintage Pieces

4.00 Counter with bins in front; 2 dark brown.

4.00 Counter with merchandise on the top; SEE ABOVE.

3.00 Roll top desk; SEE ABOVE.

3.00 Square crate; NONE, (1.00 RECAST; 1 brown).

3.00 large keg with tap; 2 dark brown, (2.00 MISSING ONE LEG, 4 dark brown), (1.00 RECAST; 1 brown).

3.00 Taller chair (no arms); NONE.

5.00 Tool display; NONE

5.00 Gun display; NONE.

4.00 Taller finished barrel 1 1/8 inch tall; 2 dark brown, (1.50 REISSUE; 1 dark brown).

3.00 Flat bench; NONE.

5.00 Scale; NONE.

3.00 B&R Flour Mills bag; 4 dark brown.

3.00 Crate of rifles; SEE BELOW.

3.00 Smaller rectangular crate; NONE, (1.00 REISSUE; 1 dark brown).

3.00 Small FEED bag; SEE BELOW

4.00 Small table with playing cards and papers; NONE.

5.00 Small spool of wire; NONE.

5.00 Printing press; NONE.

4.00 Printing block storage table; NONE.

4.00 Bed; NONE.

RECAST pieces first made in 2007

OUT OF STOCK - RECAST PL-387 Western town inside "Jail Side" furniture, 23 pieces, hard plastic, medium brown. ()

15.00 Reissue Marx PL-387 western "Jail Side" accessories. Made in a semisoft brown plastic. (5 IN STOCK)

15.00 Reissue Marx PL-387 western "Jail Side" accessories. Made in a semisoft army green plastic. Perfect for WWI or WWII bases.(5 IN STOCK)

PL-388 Western Town Furniture Outside

This mold made 21 pieces including 3 lanterns. 3 spittoons & 2 daily special signs. usually made in dark brown hard plastic, but tan/butterscotch and redbrown can be found. The mold was recast/reissue about 1990 for the NewMarx Gold Rush playset. These reissues were made in a dark chocolate brown semi soft plastic and a re now getting scarce.

Original Vintage Pieces

3.00 Flat hitching post; 1 dark brown.

3.00 Shorter 4 1/4 inch log hitching post; 2 dark brown.

2.00 Rifle crate; 16 dark brown, 1 redbrown, 1 tan, (1.00 REISSUE; 1 dark brown).

4.00 Shorter finished barrel 1 inch high; 7 dark brown, 1 tan (1.00 REISSUE 2 darker redbrown).

3.00 Bench with heart cut on back rest; 4 dark brown, 1 tan, (2.00 PAINTED BLACK; 1).

3.00 Small feed sack; NONE.

3.00 Slat back bench; SEE ABOVE.

3.00 Trough; 4 dark brown.

3.00 Broom rack; NONE.

3.00 Garden tool rack; NONE, (2.00 MISSING 1 foot; 2 dark brown.

6.00 Street light; NONE, (2.00 damage to guard wires; 1 tan).

3.00 Spittoon; 1 dark brown.

5.00 Grinding wheel with foot pedal; 3 dark brown.

3.00 TODAY'S SPECIAL sign; 8 dark brown, (MISSING TWO BACK FEET; 1 dark brown).

3.00 Hand lantern; 6 dark brown.

OUT OF STOCK - RECAST MARX Wilderness Stockade, gate with 2 doors, 4 walls with ledges, 6 walls no ledges, HP as seen above, brown, This is the small stockade that came with some Marx Jungle playsets and the small Boonesborough play set.

NONE - RECAST Flat rock formation, chocolate brown. ()

NONE - RECAST Curved taller rock formation, white. ()

NONE - RECAST Rock formation with cave, gray. ()

NONE - Original rock formation with pool painted light blue.

NONE - RECAST Rock formation with pool and shallow waterfall; ()

OUT OF STOCK - Reissue Gold Mine Accessories, 8 Pieces making 6 items (3 piece ore cart). Made in tans. ()

5.00 Two cart wheel sets; 1 rich tan, 1 light tan.

OUT OF STOCK - RECAST Cabin (2 piece plug together), no name on sign. Brown HP. ()

NONE - RECAST Gateway, no name on sign. Brown, HP.

NONE - RECAST Marx undersea wreck (make neat mining cave/ hermits or trapper's dwelling), 2 piece assembly (skylight fits on top), brown HP. ()


Older (1952-58) light-medium browns FORT APACHE HP pieces

1.00 Wall with ledge. (NONE).

1.00 Wall no ledge. (NONE)

3.00 L shaped wall. (NONE)

10.00 Six piece corner blockhouse. (NONE).

2.00 Blockhouse roof. (1)

2.00 Blockhouse floor. (NONE)

2.00 Blockhouse wall type A; NONE.

2.00 Blockhouse wall type B lowest hooks. (3)

10.00 Gate with both doors; (NONE), (6.00 Missing one attachment post; 1).

4.00 Both gate doors; 3 sets.

2.00 Right door. (1)

4.00 Two piece corner blockhouse. (NONE)

2.00 Male half to two piece corner blockhouse. (NONE)

8.00 Two pole ladder rear no damage; 3 redbrown.

1.00 Single pole ladder; NONE.

RECAST gate with blockhouse. NONE IN STOCK

5.00 Double post ladder, redbrown. (1)

5.00 Left end wall to blockhouse, redbrown.

Later Redbrown and very dark brown FORT APACHE HP pieces I can no longer tell the old redbrown from the new.

3.00 L shape wall; 1 redbrown.

1.00 Single post ladder; 8 red brown, 5 dark brown.

1.00 Wall no ledge; 5 redbrown, 2 dark brown.

1.00 Wall with ledge; 3 redbrown.

2.00 2 PC corner tower; 1 redbrown HP.

1.00 Female half to corner tower; 1 dark brown.

12.00 Gate with 2 doors; NONE.

4.00 Both gate doors; NONE.

2.00 Right door; NONE.

2.00 Left door; NONE.

NONE - Free standing block house.

CTS has made some nice walls that match up with Marx Fort Apache walls. CTS made their with ledges that are a bit bigger than the ones made by Marx. Also the walls either have 3 loop holes or 2 loop holes and a swinging door for a cannon. Made of hard plastic.

1.50 Wall with 3 loop holes. (OUT OF STOCK).

1.50 Wall with swing door. (OUT OF STOCK)