The Marx 60mm pirates were made in Hong Kongas part of their Warriors of the World line and in Germany as part of their German Masterpiece line. They were usually made in hard plastic and factory painted. They were given "names" and sold individually in small boxes with a card to describe the person's history. They were also sold in groups in larger boxes. At least two molds were made, one with slightly larger figures than the other.

German Masterpiece boxed set.


6.00 Captain Cobham yellow coat larger, Germany.

6.00 Captain Cobham blue coat larger, U.K..

NONE -Captain Cobham black coat smaller Hong Kong.

NONE - Captain Flood black hat smaller, Hong Kong.

NONE - Thomas Veale red bandana, larger Germany.

6.00 Thomas Veale green bandana, mark covered.

NONE - Steven Bonnet black hat, smaller Hong Kong.

NONE - Dixie Bull green shirt, smaller Hong Kong.

Vintage 1950s soft plastic unpainted pirates

These are same figures as the Warrior of the World pirates, but made in unpainted soft plastic and sold individually from store counter top displays. They can be found in waxy creams, brown, redbrown, yellow and light blue. The brown and red brown seem harder to find.


5.00 Creams - may be waxy

6.00 All other colors

Pirate with belaying pin & knife in mouth; NONE, (2.00 missing 1/2 of knife; 1 cream.

Pirate with shovel; NONE.

Pirate captain hand at waist; NONE.

Pirate with sword & treasure chest; NONE, (2.00 FACE SCUFF; 1 blue.

Pirate attacking with sword; NONE, (2.00 NO SWORD; 1 blue, 1 cream).

Pirate with peg leg, sword over head; NONE.

Pirate with pistol; 1 blue.

Pirate lookout with oar; NONE.

Evidently a 2nd slightly smaller scale mold was made in Germany. It ended up in Russia and reissues have been made. Collectors call these figures "54mm" but they are close in size to the 60mm versions.


COPIES of the 60mm pirates

NONE - 54mm Copies of Mar 60mm pirates, semi soft redbrown plastic.

- NONE Hong Kong copies, MOC, six figures about 54mm in scale.

Individual figures paint worn or gone.



The Marx 54mm Pirates

Picture courtesy Francis Turner.

Picture courtesy Francis Turner.

Marx made 13 54mm pirates for a Treasure Island playset that never went into production. It was then proposed to make a generic pirate cove playset but it was never made either. Twelve of the poses were eventually made in hard plastic and factory painted and sold in small boxed sets. Rare test shots of all 13 poses in white soft plastic have surfaced. The mold cavity for the 13th pirate (captain holding pistols at chest) surfaced in the 1990s and he was reissued with some other Marx figures by Glencoe.

3.00 REISSUE 54mm pirate with pistols, SP. ; 6 gray, 4 light blue, 5 waxy brown, 1 creamwhite IN STOCK.


AWI = American War of Independence


40.00 Tin litho tavern. (OUT OF STOCK)

- 20.00 Sons of Liberty flag with plastic pole & base. (OUT OF STOCK)

15.00 Tin litho wall with two tan plastic end caps. (NONE)

5.00 End cap for the tin walls, flesh tan, HP. (NONE)

6.00 Low stone wall, light gray, may have a bit of green swirl, Heritage or Fighting Knight carryall issue. (2)

6.00 Stone wall; 2 dark brown SP.

1.00 RECAST Stone wall; 12 gray.

The Marx 54mm Colonial mold had 12 cavities with three marching, two standing shooting and one each of the other seven foot poses. Playsets would then have multiples of this grouping depending upon size. The mounted figure was made in a separate mold and can often be found in playsets in a very different blue color than the foot poses. The flag bearer in the above photo is a recast from Mexico and is in a very darker color than the rest which are in original light blue. MAY NEED A GOOD CLEANING.


25.00 Mold shot of 12 foot figures in all 9 poses, flat light blue.(NONE)

2.00 Marching with rifle; NONE.

2.00 Running with rifle; NONE.

2.00 Walking with pistol; 2.

2.00 Officer with sword; NONE.

2.00 Bayoneting; NONE.

2.00 Kneeling shooting rifle; NONE.

2.00 Standing shooting rifle; 33 blues.

2.00 Drummer; 5 blues, (1.00 SPLIT OR MISSING DRUM STICK; 8 blue).

8.00 Flag bearer; NONE,(1.00 NO FLAG; 2).

4.00 Mounted arms at side; 2 blues.


May have traces of paint.

18.00 Mold shot of 12 foot figures in all 9 poses, waxy light blue.(NONE)

1.50 Officer with sword, (NONE).

1.50 Kneeling shooting. (NONE)

1.50 Drummer. (2)

1.50 Bayoneting. (NONE)

1.50 Standing shooting. (NONE)

1.50 Running with rifle. (NONE)

1.50 Walking with pistol. (NONE)

1.50 Marching with rifle. (NONE)

4.00 Flag bearer. (NONE)

3.00 Mounted arms at sides. (NONE), (1.00 PAINTED;1)

The British Redcoat set was also a 12 cavity mold with one each of the two officers, two each of the two shooters and three each of the marching and running poses. Playsets would then have multiples of this grouping depending upon size. The Heritage era running figure is often missing his pigtail due to a problem in the molding process.


OUT OF STOCK - Mold shot of 12 figures in all 6 poses. ()

2.50 Officer mounted with sword. (NONE).

2.50 Officer with cane or matchstick. (NONE), (1.00 MISSING SWAGGER STICK; 1)

2.00 Running with rifle. (16)

2.50 Standing shooting rifle. (NONE)

2.50 Kneeling shooting rifle. (NONE)

2.00 Marching with rifle. (NONE)


May have traces of paint

NONE - Mold shot of 12 figures, waxy red, may be traces of paint. ()

1.50 Mounted officer with sword. (NONE)

1.50 Officer with cane or matchstick. (NONE)

1.50 Standing shooting rifle. (NONE)

1.50 Kneeling shooting rifle. (NONE)

1.25 Running with rifle. (NONE)

1.25 Marching with rifle. (NONE)

10.00 Marx PL-892 recast/reissue Johnny Tremain playset character figures, six figures + Marx cavalry horse.

A. Set made 1990s reissue soft plastic; NONE.

B. Set made 2000s reissue in rubbery plastic; NONE.

C. Set made 2013-2023 reissue SP; 2 blue.

D. Individual Figures;

2.00 Johnny Tremain; 1 white.

Original cream character figures

Sam Adams, cream. (NONE)

20.00 James Otis, cream. (1)

Marx AWI Cannon with Accessories

1950s-60s spring shooting cannon, gold color;


5.00 Cannon ball stack, gold.(NONE)

1970s non shooting Heritage cannon, lighter gold color;

15.00 Cannon. (NONE)

3.00 Cannon swab. (NONE)

3.00 Ammo ramrod. (NONE)

2.00 Bucket. (NONE)

2.00 Tray for cannon balls. NONE)

4.00 Sprue with cannon balls (some may be loose). (NONE)

1950s-60s vintage redbrown accessories;

3.00 Spinning wheel. (1)E

3.00 Table. (1)

2.00 Hitching post. (1)

3.00 Stretcher. (2)

3.00 Short bench. (2)

4.00 Rocking chair with rockers. (NONE)

1.00 Rocking chair NO rockers. (1)

3.00 Rifle stack. (NONE)

2.00 Side chair. (1)

2.00 Stool. (NONE)

2.00 Lantern. (NONE)

3.00 Cooking pot. (1)

1970s Heritage brown accessories;

3.00 Spinning wheel. (NONE)

3.00 Table. (NONE)

2.00 Hitching post. (2)

3.00 Stretcher. (NONE)

3.00 Short bench.(1)

3.00 Rifle stack. (NONE)

2.00 Side chair. (1)

2.00 Stool. (NONE)

2.00 Lantern. (2)

3.00 Cooking pot. (1)

10.00 BMC reissue American Revolution accessories, 17 pieces making 15 items, dark gray.

10.00 RECAST/REISSUE Early Americans, Includes from left to right; Two poses never issued/used by Marx man with ax and woman with buckets, 45mm Davy Crockett (no marking under base), 45mm Ft Dearborn Indian paddling and three of the 54mm Alamo/Ft. Apache pioneers. 8 Figures in all 7 poses. (8 IN STOCK)

Loose Early American figures;

3.00 Woman with buckets; 1 tan, 1 creamwhite.

2.00 Man with ax; 2 creamwhite, 4 tan, 1 gray, 1 light blue.

1.00 45mm Davy Crockett (NO MARKING); 1 gray, 3 tan, 1 cream/white.

1.00 Pioneer clubbing with rifle; 2 tan.

1.00 Pioneer running with rifle; 1 cream, 2 tan.

1.00 Pioneer running with rifle & ax; 1 tan.

1.00 Indian paddling; 5 creamwhite.

- 4.00 George Washington, HP, painted. (2)

4.00 RECAST George Washington, SP; 1 royal blue, 3 light blue.

20.00 General Washington, HP.(1)

Window box sets were made in the Marx Taiwan facility. The Colonials with George Washington and British with General Cornwallis figures.

Factory painted Warriors of the World Colonials

These were made in hard and soft plastic and factory painted in a variety of schemes. We think the Warriors of the World series were only made in hard plastic.

8.00 Michael Campbell Flag Bearer; NONE.

5.00 Ebenezer Bray marching w/ rifle. (NONE)

10.00 Johnny Wilson Fifer, WITH BOX & CARD. (1)

5.00 Johnny Wilson Fifer; NONE.

7.00 Roger Medford guard in winter dress, WITH CARD IN STAPLED BAG. (1)

7.00 Randolph Jayes running with rifle, WITH CARD IN STAPLED BAG. (1)

6.00 Randolph Jayes running with rifle,WITH CARD. (1)

5.00 Randolph Jayes running with rifle; 3 HP.

5.00 Richard Travis box and card, NO FIGURE.(1)

5.00 Richard Travis Officer standing with short cane, WITH CARD IN STAPLED BAG.(2)

7.00 John Reeves Drummer, WITH CARD IN STAPLED BAG. (NONE)

5.00 John Reeves Drummer; NONE.

Soft plastic unpainted 60mm Colonials - Made in blue, cream & white. Sold individually from store counter displays.

10.00 Flag Bearer; NONE.

5.00 Marching w/ rifle; NONE.

5.00 Fifer; 1 blue, 2 white, 2 cream.

5.00 Guard in winter dress; NONE.

5.00 Running with rifle; 1 cream, 1 blue.

5.00 Officer standing with sword; NONE.

5.00 Drummer; NONE, (2.00 MISSING DRUMSTICK IN LEFT HAND; 1 cream).

10.00 Paul Revere; NONE.

Marx made eight 60mm WOW British AWI figures made in both rubber like vinyl and hard plastic and painted in Hong Kong. In later years they were recast in semi-soft red plastic.

Original painted Figures

5.00 Joseph Shipman Officer holding sword up; 1 vinyl, 1 HP.

5.00 James Black Officer walking; 2 vinyl.

5.00 Henry Knox Standing at attention; NONE.

5.00 John Brown With ramrod and torch; 1 vinyl.

5.00 David Dickson Grenadier running with rifle; NONE.

5.00 Richard Ellis Advancing with rifle, both feet on the ground; 1 HP.

5.00 Edward Sharp Grenadier standing shooting rifle; NONE.

5.00 Horace Swire Grenadier kneeling with rifle; NONE.

WAR OF 1812

Photo courtesy Mark Hegeman.

Warriors of the World photo courtesy Francis Turner.

These figures were made in hard plastic, painted and sold as part of the Warriors of the World series as well as in silver plastic as sold individually as counter display figures. Neither variety is very common,. but the silver soft plastic counter display examples are especially scarce. Photo courtesy of Skinny The Goatman

22.00 With sword & ramrod, silver SP. (NONE)

22.00 Shooting rifle, silver SP. (1)

10.00 Sword over head, silver SP. (1 SHORT SWORD)

22.00 Holding spyglass and pointing, silver SP. (2)

- 4.00 RECAST President Andy Jackson in light blue for your War of 1812 Battle of New Orleans set ups. (3 IN STOCK)


Marx 3544 Davy Crockett at the Alamo Playset. Circa 1955 with original box with dividers and paperwork that might include a Disneyland trip send in promo. Contents include tin fort with chapel, gate, 4 walls with ledges and 4 walls no ledges, 3 sets (30 figures) Mexicans (1 cream, 2 metallic blue), 45mm Davy, 3 sets (30 figures) 54mm Texicans (1 tan, 2 silver OR 2 tan, 1 silver OR ALL silver or tan), 9 54mm saddle horses, 5 shooting cannons each with a sprue of 10 shells, 18 wall pegs on sprue (includes 2 extra pegs), 2 ladders, 2 HP trees, 2 HP cacti, tin 1824 flag with plastic pole & base, 12 piece stockade accessories. NONE IN STOCK

NONE - Heritage Battle of the Alamo circa 1972-74.


SORRY SOLD - 1996 Commemorative 160 year anniversary RECAST Alamo playset by the NewMarx company. These were always a surprise as you never knew what they had on hand for their Alamo sets. They once used BMC Mexicans when they could not get resupplied with Marx recasts. So this set had some issues that I corrected when I opened it. It was missing the 8 pegs to hold the ledges and I supplied Heritage era dark brown ones. Tin chapel, gate with doors, six no hole walls, two walls with holes & two ledges. The figures were a bit of a mess so I put in a better mix. There are 37 Mexicans in all shako & round "Presidio" hat poses and 31 Texicans including both the 45mm & 60mm Crocketts. All 9 Boonesborough pioneers in gray, all 10 45mm Cavalry/pioneers in light gray (+3 darker gray shooters) and the 3 available Ft Apache/Alamo pioneers in silver + man chopping wood and woman with buckets who can be Mrs. Dickerson. Also added were two more cannons for a total of four and six more 54mm horses (two with saddles added) for a total of ten. A set of 60mm bucking rearing horses came with the set and are included but they are too big for the figures (one has a broken leg). A set of outdoor accessories, 2 cacti, flag pole (with paper flag) and ladders + all the paperwork.

SOLD Alamo Chapel - Disney version, has pediment.

25.00 Alamo Chapel - Non Disney version, has pediment.

OUT OF STOCK - Alamo tin litho "Disney" gate with both doors. ()

Alamo Wall with Holes

5.00 Alamo wall with 4 holes. (9)

Wall Ledge

NONE - Alamo tin wall ledge. ()

2.00 EACH Wall peg/pins (MAY HAVE A BIT OF PAINT); 1 redbrown 4 lighter browns.

30.00 18 Peg intact sprue, darker brown.

2.00 Sprue tree for pegs (NO PEGS); 1 light brown, 1 dark brown, 2 redbrown.

3.00 Small ladder made in mold with pegs; NONE.

Wall No Holes

5.00 Alamo wall no holes. (11)

NONE - Alamo wall no holes, error litho has the ledge wall back so you have what looks like a litho barrel and bench suspended in air.

- NONE - Alamo tin flag with HP pole & base. ()

NONE - Alamo paper flag from 1970s Heritage set, NO POLE OR BASE. (NONE)

25.00 Plastic Alamo gate with both doors and latch. (NONE)

2.00 Alamo/Ft Apache ladder, HP, flesh tan. (NONE)


3.00 ledge, white on back. (2)

3.00 Tin Wall no holes, Marx logo. (2)

Alamo Figures

Marx 319 45mm Davy Crockett

15.00 MX319 Davy Crockett, cream, name under base. (1)

10.00 MX319 Davy Crockett, cream, no name under base. (2)

4.00 RECAST 60mm Davy Crockett; 4 light blue, 3 cream.


There are many shades of light powder blue.

Pre 1970 figures


6.00 Mounted with rifle and sword. (NONE)

6.00 Climbing with rifle. (NONE)

6.00 Clubbing with rifle. (NONE)

6.00 Advancing with rifle. (NONE)

6.00 Shooting rifle. (NONE)

6.00 Walking with rifle (NONE).

Metallic Blue

3.00 Mounted with rifle and sword. (NONE)

3.00 Climbing with rifle. (7)

2.00 Clubbing with rifle. (11)

3.00 Advancing with rifle. (4)

3.00 Shooting rifle. (4)

2.00 Walking with rifle. (19)

Light Blues several shades

2.00 Riding with rifle and sword. (NONE)

2.00 Riding/climbing with rifle. (1)

2.00 Clubbing with rifle. (NONE)

2.00 Advance with rifle. (NONE)

2.00 Shooting rifle. (1)

2.00 Walking with rifle. (NONE)

Post 1970 "Heritage" waxy blue figures

12.00 10 Figure mold shot. (1)

1.50 Riding with sword & rifle. (NONE).

1.50 Mounted or climbing with rifle. (NONE)

1.50 Clubbing with rifle. (NONE)

2.00 Shooting rifle. (NONE)

2.00 Advancing with rifle; (NONE).

1.50 Walking with rifle. (NONE)

REISSUES, mid blue

1.00 Riding with sword & rifle. (NONE) (.50 NO RIFLE; 1)

1.00 Clmbing with rifle. (2)

1.00 Clubbing with rifle. (NONE)

1.50 shooting rifle. (4)

1.50 Advancing with rifle. (2)

1.00 Walking with rifle. (8)

These figures were used in Zorro and later Alamo sets. Also many shades of light blue.

Pre 1970 figures

3.00 Mounted with lance; NONE.

3.00 Mounted with sword; (NONE).

3.00 Shooting rifle; (NONE).

3.00 Advancing with rifle; 2.

3.00 Standing with lance; NONE.

3.00 Attacking with sword forward; (NONE).

3.00 Sword overhead; (NONE).

3.00 Pistol in right hand; (NONE).

3.00 Running rifle low in right hand. (1).

3.00 Running rifle across body front (2).

Heritage 1970s era figures - waxy light blues

22.00 16 Figure "mold shot". (NONE

2.00 Mounted with lance. (NONE)

2.00 Mounted with sword. (NONE)

2.00 Shooting rifle. (NONE)

2.00 Advancing with rifle. (NONE)

2.00 Standing with lance. (NONE).

1.50 Attacking with sword. (NONE)

1.50 Sword overhead. (NONE).

1.50 Pistol in right hand. (NONE)

1.50 Running rifle low in right hand. (NONE)

1.50 Running with rifle across waist. (NONE)

- <

NONE - Zorro playset gate.

NONE - Zorro, black.

20.00 Don Alejandro, cream. (NONE)

20.00 Don Diego, cream.(NONE)

20.00 Sergeant Garcia, cream.(NONE)

25.00 El Commandante, cream. (NONE)

35.00 Bernardo, cream. (NONE)

NONE - Tin Zorro flag, one side has scratches.

Alamo/ Ft Apache cannon.

Original issue cannons, stiffer plastic

15.00 Cannon with spring, HP; NONE.

10.00 Cannon NO spring, HP; 1 silver.

8.00 Cannon, NO spring; 2 black.

NONE - Space cannon used in Alamo play sets when the normal cannon mold was being repaired, silver. ()


Marx made Mexican War figures for their warriors of the world line. Each was sold as a personality in an individual box with information about the person. These old figures were made in white hard styrene plastic and factory painted. The molds were recast/reissued in the 1980s/90s in solid stiff plastic in red, blue and silver.

15.00 REISSUE set of all 8 Mexicans in red, Bicorn hat officer's pistol is MISSING. (1)

3.00 REISSUE standing shooting. red. (3)

2.00 REISSUE marching with rifle, red. (5)

2.00 REISSUE rifle held across chest, red. (5)

2.00 REISSUE shot, red. (NONE)

2.00 REISSUE no hat, with pistol, red. (NONE)

2.00 REISSUE with sword drawn, red. (1)

2.00 REISSUE clubbing with rifle; NONE.

2.00 REISSUE officer wearing bicorn hat, with pistol; NONE.


Factory painted Original Mexican Army Figures

6.00 Officer pointing to the right, Hong Kong. (NONE)

NONE Figure holding paper is an American Infantry pose.

6.00 With sword drawn in right hand, Hong Kong. (NONE)

6.00 Standing shooting rifle. (NONE).

6.00 Marching with rifle, Hong Kong. (NONE)

6.00 With rifle across the front, looking to the left, Hong Kong. (NONE)

6.00 Clubbing with rifle, bareheaded, Hong Kong. (NONE)

6.00 Shot, dropping sword, Hong Kong.(NONE)

6.00 With pistol, bandage on head, Hong Kong. (NONE)

Photo courtesy Mark Hegeman.

Photo courtesy Mark Hegeman.


For some reason Marx made only four US poses for their Mexican War set. For the Warriors of the World series the marching man was done in three different paint schemes with different names and the man with paper and shooter were each done twice. Oddly the crouching man was not included in the Warriors of the Worlds series.


10.00 Soldier shooting rifle, metallic blue SP. (1 NO HAT PLUME)

15.00 Soldier advancing with rifle, metallic blue SP. (1)

15.00 Soldier holding paper in left hand, metallic blue SP. (1)

15.00 Soldier Marching with rifle, metallic blue SP. (1)


6.00 REISSUE 4 in all 4 poses, dark blue. (2)

1.50 EACH REISSUE Mexican War US Figures, dark blue;

Marching with rifle. (5)

Standing shooting rifle. (1)

Advancing with rifle. (NONE)

Holding paper in left hand.(1)


60mm Civil War Figures

The Marx 60mm American Civil War figures were first made in unpainted rubber like vinyl and then in soft plastic and sold as counter display / bin toys individually and in boxed AMERICAN HEROs sets. Earliest figures do not have bases but like other early figures bases were added for stability. The molds were then sent to the Charmore Germany factory where the figures were made in painted hard plastic as part of the German Masterpiece series. The molds then moved to Hong Kong where the foot poses were again made in painted hard plastic and sold as "Warriors of the World" Reissues have been made.

The Union figures have a variety of paint schemes.

9.00 Bill Mason, bugler, WITH WINDOW BOX & CARD. (1)

5.00 Bill Mason, bugler. (5)

9.00 Harry Dugan, kneeling shooting pistol, WITH WINDOW BOX & CARD. (1)

5.00 Harry Dugan, kneeling shooting pistol. (2)

6.00 Herb Tanner, walking with rifle across waist. (2)

9.00 Mike Burns, standing shooting rifle, WITH WINDOW BOX & CARD. (1)

5.00 Mike Burns, standing shooting rifle. (6)

9.00 Richard Golden, walking with map case, WITH WINDOW BOX & CARD. (1)

5.00 Richard Golden, walking with map case. (3)

9.00 Joe Bates, marching with rifle, WITH WINDOW BOX & CARD. (1)

5.00 Joe Bates, marching with rifle. (1), (2.00 RIFLE BROKEN, PIECE THERE TO GLUE; 1).

Vintage painted figures

Painted mounted figure pictures courtesy Denis Rylev.

5.00 George Markstone, officer hands at waist. (2)

5.00 Gatt Random, loading rifle. (4)

7.00 William Morris, marching with rifle, WITH CARD.(1)

5.00 William Morris, marching with rifle. (2)

10.00 Samuel Jackson, holding ram rod, WITH BOX & CARD. (1)

NONE - Red Miller, advancing with bayoneted rifle.

8.00 General Longstreet saluting, WITH BOX.(1)

5.00 General Longstreet saluting. (1)

NONE - Richard Travis III, standing shooting rifle.

Vintage Unpainted Figures

The American Heros Civil War 60mm Union sat came with unique light blue soldiers.

4.00 Union standing shooting rifle;.

4.00 Union kneeling shooting pistol; NONE.

4.00 Union marching with rifle; NONE.

4.00 Union walking with map case; NONE.

4.00 Union mounted officer; NONE.

4.00 Union bugler; NONE.

4.00 Union walking rifle across waist; NONE.

4.00 Rebel mounted with sword; NONE.

4.00 Rebel loading rifle; NONE.

4.00 Rebel with ramrod; NONE.

4.00 Rebel officer saluting; NONE.

4.00 Rebel advancing with rifle; NONE.

4.00 Rebel officer standing hand on sword hilt; NONE.

4.00 Rebel shooting rifle; NONE.

4.00 Rebel marching with rifle; NONE.


Reissues/recasts have been made in both blue and gray.

1.00 Confederate officer hands at waist; 3 blue.

1.00 Confederate officer saluting; 4 blue.

2.00 Confederate brim hat marching with rifle; NONE.

2.00 Confederate kepi hat mounted with sword; 5 blue.

2.00 Confederate with ramrod; NONE.

2.00 Confederate advancing with bayoneted rifle; NONE.

2.00 Confederate standing shooting rifle; NONE.

2.00 Confederate in kepi hat loading rifle; NONE.

2.00 Union Walking with rifle x waist; NONE.

2.00 Union marching with rifle; NONE.

2.00 Union Kepi hat standing shooting rifle; NONE.

2.00 Union Kneeling shooting pistol; NONE.

2.00 Union Walking with map case; 1 gray.

2.00 Union Bugler; 1 gray.

2.00 Union mounted officer with brim hat; NONE.

3.00 Union mounted with pennant flag; NONE.


Marx made minature American Civil War playsets at their factory in Hong Kong. Called "HO" by collectors but the hard plastic hand painted figures are a bit larger than HO scale. Picture courtesy Christopher Wallentine.

Some of the Marx miniature American Civil War figures were also sold on small blister cars as Tiny Traders. On tghe back of each card was a painted picture of the figure and his given "name". Picture courtesy Christopher Wallentine.


20.00 All four character figures, older flat cream. (2 needs cleaning)

16.00 All four character figures Heritage waxy cream. (2)

American Civil War characters; 6.00 each flat cream, 5.00 each waxy cream;

MX119 Lincoln; 7 cream.

MX120 US Grant; 4 cream, 2 waxy cream.

MX121 Jeff Davis; NONE.

MX122 RE Lee; 3 cream.

The Union figure mold had 16 cavities and held four marching figures, two each running, lying shooting and advancing with rifle at waist and one each of the other six poses. A playset would have between one and four groups of these 16 figures. This means of course that 25% of all Union figures were marching.

1950s-60s Vintage Figures

1.50 MX141 Prone shooting rifle (59).

1.00 MX143 Marching with rifle. (31)

2.00 MX144 With Matchstick. (8) (1.00 NO MATCHSTICK;1)

5.00 MX145 With flag and pistol. (7), (2.00 MISSING FLAG; 1)

2.00 MX146 Advancing with rifle at waist. (32)

2.00 MX147 Officer with pistol. (24)

3.00 MX148 Standing shooting rifle. (21)

2.00 MX149 With ramrod. (12).

2.00 MX150 Bugler. (28)

1.50 MX151 Running with rifle x waist. (6)

1970s Heritage era Figures

1.00 MX141 Prone shooting rifle. (5)

1.00 MX143 Marching with rifle. (3)

1.00 MX144 With Matchstick. (NONE)

4.00 MX145 With flag and pistol. (NONE)

1.00 MX146 Advancing with rifle at waist. (NONE)

1.00 MX147 Officer with pistol. (NONE)

2.00 MX148 Standing shooting rifle. NONE

1.00 MX149 With ramrod. (NONE)

1.00 MX150 Bugler. (NONE)

1.00 MX151 Running with rifle x waist. (3)

This mold also had 16 cavities and contained; four marchers, two each of the kneeling shooting, running, and yelling poses and one each of the other six poses. So each playset would have between one and four groups of 16 Confederates depending upon size. Like the Union figures 25% of all Confederates were marchers.

1950s-1960s Vintage Figures

Various shades of gray.


1.00 MX152 Marching with rifle; 34 light grayz.

10.00 MX153 Flag bearer; NONE, (7.00 flag mismolded 1 light gray)(1.00 NO FLAG; 2 lighter grays).

2.00 MX154 Kneeling shooting rifle; 27 lighter grays.

2.00 MX155 Officer with sword; 1 medium gray, 1 light gray.

2.00 MX156 Loading rifle; 8 light gray.

3.00 MX157 Standing shooting rifle; 1 light gray.

1.00 MX158 Running, holding rifle in right hand; 8 light gray.

2.00 MX159 Shot dropping pistol; 15 lighter grays.

2.00 MX160 Advancing with rifle at waist; NONE.

1.00 MX161 Yelling, holding rifle overhead; 6 light gray.

1970s Heritage era Figures

1.00 MX152 Marching with rifle. (NONE)

6.00 MX153 Flag bearer; (1), (2.00 no flag 1).

1.00 MX154 Kneeling shooting rifle. (8)

2.00 MX155 Officer with sword. (NONE)

1.00 MX156 Loading rifle. (NONE)

2.00 MX157 Standing shooting rifle; (NONE).

1.00 MX158 Running, holding rifle in right hand. (NONE)

1.00 MX159 Shot dropping pistol. (1)

1.00 MX160 Advancing with rifle at waist; (NONE).

1.00 MX161 Yelling, holding rifle overhead; (NONE)

This mold also has 16 cavities. There are two each of the stretcher bearer, crawling and bayoneting poses and one each of the stretcher and other poses. The mold was run in both blue and gray although the gray seem to be more common.

1960s era Figures


3.00 MX129 Officer kneeling with binoculars; 4 blue, 5 gray.

3.00 MX130 Running with ramrod & bucket; 3 blue.

3.00 MX131 Running drummer boy; 11 gray, 9 blue.

3.00 MX132 Running, clubbing with rifle; 5 gray, 8 blue.

3.00 MX133 Bayoneting with rifle; 1 gray.

3.00 MX134 Officer running with pistol & sword; 1 light gray.

3.00 MX135 Sitting hand to head; 1 blue, (2.00 NO HAT; 2 gray, PAINT; 1 blue).

3.00 MX136 Shot dropping rifle; 8 gray, 2 blue.

4.00 MX137 Stretcher; NONE.

3.00 MX138 Wounded man for stretcher; 8 gray, 1 dark gray, 1 blue.

3.00 MX139 Stretcher bearer; 6 blue, 4 gray, 1 dark gray.

2.00 MX140 Crawling with rifle; 17 lighter grays 16 blue.

3.00 MX142 Sitting arm in sling; 9 lighter grays.

1970s era Heritage Figures

1.50 MX129 Officer kneeling with binoculars; 2 blue.

1.50 MX130 Running with ramrod and bucket; 3 blue.

1.50 MX131 Running drummer boy; 3 blue, 2 gray.

1.50 MX132 Running, clubbing with rifle; 3 blue.

1.00 MX133 Bayoneting with rifle; 10 blue, 5 gray.

1.50 MX134 Officer running with pistol and sword; NONE.

1.50 MX135 Sitting hand to head; NONE.

1.50 MX136 Shot dropping rifle; 4 blue, 2 gray.

2.00 MX137 Stretcher; 1 gray.

1.50 MX138 Wounded man for stretcher; 1 gray with some paint.

1.50 MX139 Stretcher bearer; NONE.

1.00 MX140 Crawling with rifle; 9 blue, 6 gray.

1.50 MX142 Sitting arm in sling; 1 blue, 4 gray.


Marx ACW Mounted and Caisson Poses

Please note in the above photo the falling rider in blue is a copy. originals were only made in cream and flat grays.

3.00 Mounted with sword, officer; 15 blue, 5 light grays.

2.00 Heritage Officer mounted with sword; NONE.

4.00 Mounted with sword, kepi hat; 5 blue, 1 medium gray. (1.00 NO SWORD; 1 blue)

2.00 Heritage kepi hat mounted with sword; NONE.

3.00 Seated caisson figure calling; 15 flat blues.

2.00 Heritage seated caisson figure; 1 gray, (2.00 Heritage era with pistol cut off; 1 blue).

3.00 Mounted caisson pose with whip; 11 old light blue.

2.00 Heritage; 2 blue.

5.00 REISSUE two brim hat (officer) and two kepi hat (trooper) with swords (4 figures total); 1 ROYAL BLUE, 9 GRAY IN STOCL

1.00 REISSUE officer with sword; NONE.

1.00 REISSUE trooper with sword; NONE.

Marx made a very nice fallen horse a rider set in mold PL-1153. This set was only found in larger Civil War and Western sets as well as the 1963 Custer set. This set was only made in cream and gray, but was copied in the 1990s and other colors exist with the copies.

15.00 Rider; 1 dark gray, (5.00 NO SWORD; 1 dark gray)

35.00 Horse and rider, light gray, sword a bit short).

6.00 COPY of the Marx falling horse & rider, horse color varies; 1 dark blue rider.

3.00 COPY of the rider; 1 light blue.

NONE. Picture courtesy David Schafer.


5.00 Two wheels and metal axle.(1)

Marx made an extension to allow for a four horse caisson.


Marx ACW Caisson and Cannon

15.00 Mortar, no spring or trigger, has both ramrods, black, HP. (NONE)

10.00 Mortar, no spring, trigger or ramrods, black, HP. (NONE)

2.00 Mortar ball, black, HP. (NONE)

4.00 Swab ramrod, HP, black. (NONE)

Assorted Playset Shells

1.00 ACW cap gun shell, SP. NONE IN STOCK

2.00 ACW Mortar ball, black, HP. (NONE)

2.00 Alamo style cannon shell sprue tree runner (no shells); 4 silver.

1.00 Alamo style cannon shells; 4 silver, 2 black, 4 gray.

Some larger sets got 3 or 4 fence sections one of which was "damaged". Pieces were later copied by CTS.

3.00 "Damaged" fence section; NONE.

2.00 "Normal" fence section; NONE.

- NONE - Tin litho Rebel battle flag. ()

- 10.00 Tin litho US 36 star flag. (6)

The hard plastic poles Marx made for their tin litho flags came with a small pin/peg to attach to the base. Due undoubtedly to complaints the mold was reworked to make the attachment pegs larger for stronger attachment. The log style pole was used for Fort Apache, Rev War and Alamo playsets while the square style pole was used in Battleground, Cape Canaveral and Civil War playsets.

10.00 Log flagpole and rock base with smaller attachment pin, shades of gray. (4 IN STOCK)

10.00 Log flagpole and rock base with larger attachment pin, shades of gray. (4 IN STOCK)

10.00 Square flagpole and "cement" base with smaller attachment pin, shades of gray. (3 IN STOCK)

10.00 Square flagpole and "cement" base with larger attachment pin, shades of gray. (1 IN STOCK)

10.00 Square flagpole and "cement" base with larger attachment pin & ball at top, shades of gray. (OUT OF STOCK)

Examples of ACW/Cavalry Sprue Accessories

These were made first in silver and then in black. The black sprues were also put in some western sets as cavalry accessories. The campfire, coffee pot, frying pan and plate are also found on the cowboy accessory sprue. The (#) in front of each item indicates how many were on each sprue.





(3)Belt with holster.

(3)Belt with scabbard.



(2)Larger canteen in sheath.

(2)Smaller wood canteen.

(2)Bag with strap.

(1)Pennant flag.

(1)Coffee pot.

(1)Folded gloves.

(1)Frying pan.



NONE - Burnside bridge ().

NONE - Bunker, brown. ()

NONE - Bunker, dark brown. ()

Rock piles were made in two molds. Some were made with the end caps to the metal walls used in AWI playsets (usually fleash tan) and others were made with the "Burnside" bridge used in ACW sets (usually gray). Picture courtesy Les Gardner.

3.00 Rock pile, extension on left, HP; 3 gray.

1.50 REISSUE Rock pile, extension on left; NONE.

3.00 Rock pile, even front, HP; NONE.

1.50 REISSUE Rock pile, even front; NONE.

3.00 Rock pile, rear center extension, HP; NONE.

1.50 REISSUE Rock pile, rear center extension; NONE.

NONE - Ruined mansion, browns, HP.()

6.00 Three piece cot; none, ( 2.00 Cot top; NONE, Female legs; 1 waxy tan).

6.00 Big tent; NONE, (7.00 BASE & OR POLE MISSING; 3 tan, 1 gray).

2.00 Pup tent; 3 tan.

Marx made a nice 24 piece set (mold PL-909) of accessories to go with their Civil War playsets. There are 19 different pieces with 5 being duplicated. Three of the pieces fit together to make a nonfiring mortar. Original sets had the pieces in tan and gray, 1970s Heritage sets in dark brown. The mold still exists and reissues have been made in redbrown, gray, tan and perhaps other colors.

Original issue accessories, hard or soft plastic


5.00 3pc Mortar; NONE.

2.00 Mortar carriage; NONE.

2.00 Mortar barrel; 1 dark brown.

2.00 Mortar barrel insert; NONE.

2.00 Rifle crate; 3 gray, 1 dark gray, 3 dark brown, 1 tan.

2.00 Bucket/pail; NONE.

2.00 Ribbed barrel; NONE.

2.00 Square box; NONE.

2.00 Drum; 1 tan, 1 waxy flesh tan.

2.00 Stool; 2 yellow tan with paint, 2 dark brown.

2.00 Table; 4 dark brown, 1 brown, 3 waxy flesh tan.

2.00 Keg on stand; 1 yellow tan, 1 dark brown.

2.00 Stack of mortar balls; 2 dark brown.

2.00 Lawn jockey; NONE.

2.00 Bedroll; 1 waxy flesh tan with split rope.

3.00 Rifle stack; 4 gray.

2.00 Spike logs; 2 tan, 1 waxy flesh tan, 2 gray.

2.00 Broken Wheel; 7 dark brown, 2 light gray.

2.00 Wash tub; 1 waxy flesh tan, 1 gray.

2.00 Sandbag emplacement; 1 tan, 2 gray.

Medical & Western Wagons and Accessories

28.00 Reissue square top wagon, blue top with accessories, gray body with 1 accessory + 2 horses horses.

25.00 Reissue covered wagon, light cream top, gray body with 4 accessories & 2 horses. (2)

Western Wagon Accessories

Waxy dark gray pieces are RECASTS, unsure about others.

8.00 Seat; NONE.

1.00 Hanging box; NONE.

1.00 Pail; NONE.

1.00 Lantern; NONE.

1.00 Hanging barrel; NONE.

1.00 Wash pan; NONE.

Accessories and parts needed for all 54mm wagons

10.00 2 Horse wagon hitch; 1 brown.

5.00 Reissue/CTS Copy 2 horse hitch; 8 brown, 1 CTS brown.

8.00 CTD double hitch; 1 gray.

3.00 Wagon body only, NO OTHER PARTS. NONE

4.00 Front axle plate; NONE.

1.00 Axle; NONE.

2.00 Larger Wheel; NONE.

2.00 Smaller wheel; NONE.

NONE Square wagon top.

NONE Covered wagon top.

NONE Seat for square top.

4.00 RECAST seat for square top; 1 light cream.P> Medical Wagon Accessories

3.00 Medical wagon table; 2 gray, 1 tan.

3.00 Medical wagon doctor's bag; NONE.

2.00 Medical wagon blanket roll; 1 tan.

2.00 Medical wagon canteen. (NONE)

2.00 Medical wagon wash pan; NONE.

2.00 Medical wagon red cross box; 1 dark brown.

2.00 Medical wagon rolled stretcher; 1 blue.

10.00 RECAST set of all 7 accessories; 1 light cream.

NONE - Porch for mansion, white, HP. ()

NONE - Tin mansion with both chimneys. ()