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David Schafer's rare set of green French Foreign Legion.

Marx's Captain Gallant playset came with a nice set of 60mm French Foreign Legion figures. The mold (PL-743) had 16 cavities making 16 figures in 11 poses. The first two figures in the top row are character figures marked under their respective bases; Captain Gallant and Cuffy. Then there were; three men marching, two standing shooting rifle, two mounted with sword, two walking with pistol and one each of the other five poses (Prone shooting, parade rest, running with rifle, rifle salute and pointing while holding binoculars). The playset had them in blue as did the small red polka dot box Marx sold them as an individual group. The were made in silver for the headercard bagged sets.


10.00 Cuffy from Captain Gallant; NONE.

20.00 Captain Gallant running with rifle in left hand; 1 silver.

10.00 Standing shooting rifle; 4 blue.

9.00 Prone shooting rifle; 2 blue.

8.00 Holding binoculars, pointing with other hand; NONE.

8.00 Running with rifle in right hand; 1 blue.

7.00 Walking with pistol; 2 blue.

8.00 At attention giving "rifle" salute; NONE.

7.00 Marching with rifle; 5 blue.

8.00 Mounted with sword; NONE.

8.00 Standing at parade rest with rifle butt on ground; NONE.

White hard plastic French Foreign and Arab figures exist as well. We are unsure if the above hard plastic French Foreign Legions figures were factory or collector painted.

Marx made a nice set of ten Arab figures in seven poses for the Captain Gallant playset. These figures were apparently not sold any other way which is too bad as they are nice figures. They were usually made in redbrown and silver, but a chocolate brown was also used. There were one each of; mounted with sword, mounted with rifle, shooting rifle, & kneeling with rifle and two each of; holding knife, holding sword and walking with rifle at waist in each set. Playsets usually had a color mix. Arabs in picture courtesy Mike Handley.


NONE Arab with rifle x waist;.

NONE Arab holding knife up in right hand;.

NONE Arab holding sword up;.

NONE Arab kneeling with rifle;.

NONE Arab shooting rifle;.

NONE Arab mounted with sword;.

NONE Arab mounted with rifle;.

NONE Camel in rubber like vinyl with factory applied base.

15.00 Camel soft plastic; NONE.

The new (circa 2015) copies made in Mexico are a bit smaller than the original figures. The copies are also made in a stiffer plastic than the originals.

NONE - One copy of the Marx Captain Gallant camel (Arab figure NOT INCLUDED)

Marx made an excellent set of accessories for their Captain Gallant Legionnaire fort. Thirty two hard plastic pieces in a wide variety of useful items. We do not think this set of accessories was available any other way.

The accessories for the playset and were broken into two groups by color as seen below for the playset.

These accessories were run in two colors and divided into two groups as seen above. Playsets would get one group in tan and the other in dark brown, Photo courtesy David Schafer.

Old original Legionnaire fort accessory pieces

5.00 Hitching post, HP; NONE.

4.00 Rifle rack, NO RIFLES, HP; NONE.

4.00 Rifle; NONE.

4.00 Canteen; NONE

8.00 MG barrel; NONE.

???? MG tripod; NONE.

5.00 Well base; NONE.

3.00 Well arm; NONE.

8.00 Well base + arm; NONE.

4.00 Small sand bunker; NONE.

4.00 XXX (powder) bag; NONE.

4.00 XXX (powder) barrel; NONE.

4.00 Square box; NONE.

5.00 Water bag; NONE.

4.00 Oil drum; NONE.

4.00 Tall neck fat water pot; NONE.

4.00 Tall neck thin water pot; NONE.

4.00 Bag for camel pack; NONE.

10.00 Small spool of bard wire; NONE.

4.00 Lantern; NONE.

4.00 Square box; NONE.

3.00 Case of rifles; NONE.

RECAST Legionnaire fort accessory pieces

25.00 RECAST Captain Gallant Legionnaire Fort Accessories, complete set, HP; NONE.

Picture courtesy David Schafer


yellow or purple Captain Gallant, red or white Ben Hur

5.00 Rifle case; NONE.

5.00 Low ornate table; NONE.

5.00 Round cushion seat (hassock); NONE.

5.00 Pillow; NONE.

5.00 Hookah; NONE.

5.00 Lamp (Aladdin style); NONE.

5.00 Urn, small pot/container; NONE.

5.00 Brazier, Fire pot?; NONE.

5.00 Small bundle; NONE.

5.00 Jewel chest; NONE.

55.00 Camel pack; NONE.

Your First Born Child - Scimitar; NONE

10.00 Tent; NONE.

5.00 Tent awning; NONE.

5.00 Tent awning pole; NONE.

5.00 Tent point; NONE.

35.00 Tin Foreign Legion flag. (NONE)

10.00 Long wall. (NONE)

10.00 Short wall. (NONE)

15.00 Corner tower with plastic top piece; (NONE).



In the mid 1960s marx made quite afew miniature playsets. The figures were about one inch tall, hard plastic and factory painted. The above picure shows three MIB sets. NONE IN STOCK. Picture courtesy Christopher Wallentine.

Jungle set photos courtesy Jim Mcgough.

PL-807 had 12 cavities. The early 1957 sets had the woman hunter and missionary (missionary in photo courtesy Mike Handley). These two poses were replaced at some point and by 1967 the Daktari playsets contained the "Paula" character figure and the seated man. The Jungle Jim and Kulu figures were marked under the base for the 1957 Jungle Jim playset but the names were then removed. The doctor from the early set is featured as the "Daktari" character figure but we doubt if this figure or the Paula figure ever had their names under the base. Early figures are made of flat cream while later figures are in a waxy cream. Recasts have been made in creams, tans and maroon red stiff plastic (the "lost' hunter above as an example). Recasts are in a stiffer plastic than originals. The mold had three hunters standing shooting and two holding a separate rifle and one each of the others including the dead tiger.


Original 1950s/60s Figures

9.00 Jungle Jim with rifle, pointing, unmarked; NONE.

9.00 Kulu with rifle and knife, unmarked; NONE.

9.00 Doctor with bag and stethoscope; 1 flat cream, 1 waxy cream.

9.00 Paula walking, never marked; NONE.

9.00 Woman hunter with rifle, old flat cream. (NONE)

9.00 Missionary; NONE.

8.00 Seated man. NONE IN STOCK.

6.00 Lost hunter; NONE.

5.00 Standing shooting rifle; NONE.

5.00 Hands out as if holding rifle; 4 waxy cream.

5.00 Dead Tiger; NONE.

RECAST/REISSUE figures stiffer plastic

NONE - PL-807 12 piece "mold shot", Daktari era configuration with seated driver and "Paula", tan. ()

4.00 Missionary, waxy cream. (4)

4.00 Lady hunter, waxy cream. (3)

1.00 Kulu, stiffer plastic; 8 tan.

1.00 "Paula" walking stiffer plastic; 6 tan.

1.00 Seated man, stiffer plastic; 2 red, 1 silver.

1.00 Doctor with bag and stethoscope, stiffer plastic; 7 tan.

1.00 Jungle Jim (NO NAME ON BASE) with rifle, pointing, stiffer plastic; 10 tan.

1.00 Lost hunter, stiffer plastic; 6 tan.

1.50 Hands out as if holding rifle, stiffer plastic; 2 tan.

1.50 Standing shooting rifle, stiffer plastic; NONE.

1.00 Dead Tiger, stiffer plastic; 4 silver, 6 tan.


Original 1950s/60s issue

The African natives were made in mold PL-808. Listed as having 17 cavities with Tamba the chimp or PL-808A with the Tamba cavity shut off. The mold had one each of; the man in top hat and cigar, witch doctor, native guard with rifle and kneeling as if playing separate drum. There were two each of the other six poses. The later 1967 Daktari playset grouping eliminated the man in the top hat perhaps from good taste as it was a poor pose ( or this could have been a mistake and the Tamba figure should have been shut off in the mold). Figures can be found in dark and light brown as well as redbrown. RECASTS have been made in a stiff brown, silver and other colors.

10.00 Tamba; NONE.

5.00 Witch Doctor dancing; NONE.

3.00 Kneeling as if playing a drum; NONE.

6.00 Native policeman marching with rifle; NONE.

15.00 Man with top hat and cigar; NONE.

2.50 Walking with stick, right hand up near head as if holding the yellow square bundle; 4 dark brown, 2 browns.

2.50 Walking with spear, right hand (ringhand) at shoulder to hold separate pole to carry dead tiger; NONE.

2.50 Walking with bow, pulling arrow out of quiver, string may be split; NONE.

2.50 Right hand up (ringhand) to hold separate spear, leaning to the right; 3 redbrown 2 dark brown.

2.50 Right hand up (ringhand) to hold separate spear, leaning to left; 2 redbrown.

2.50 With both ringhands at waist; NONE.


22.00 PL-809 African natives + Tamba the chimp. 17 Piece "mold shot" in nonmatched brown colors. (3)

34.00 PL-809 African Natives + Tamba the chimp. 17 Piece "mold shot" in nonmatched brown colors + 13 blue accessories. (4)

33.00 PL-809 African Natives + Tamba the chimp. 17 Piece "mold shot" in nonmatched brown colors + 13 blue accessories; 6 spears, 3 shields, 3 rifles & 1 pole.(5)

3.00 Tamba the chimp; 1 brown.

2.00 Native chief in top hat; NONE.

2.00 Native witch doctor; NONE.

2.00 Native marching with rifle; NONE.

1.00 Native kneeling as if playing a drum; NONE.

1.00 Native Walking with stick, right hand up near head as if holding the yellow square bundle; 2 browns.

1.00 Native walking with spear, right hand up near head as if holding the long yellow dead animal pole; 2 brown.

1.00 Native Right hand up (ringhand) to hold separate spear; 3 browns.

1.00 Native Right hand up (ringhand) to hold separate spear, leaning to the left; 1 browns.

1.00 Native With both ringhands at waist; 1 red, 2 browns.

1.00 Native with bow and arrow; NONE.

All 32 small Jungle Accessories

Marx made a nice 32 piece set of yellow soft plastic accessories (PL-809) to go with the Natives and hunters. It Had 6 shields in 3 types, 12 spears in 3 types, 9 rifles in 3 types, 2 long poles, 2 square bales which clip on top of one of the natives heads and one rolled bale. Earlier pieces are in flat yellow and later in waxy yellow.

2.50 Spear with spikes; NONE.

2.50 Medium spear; NONE.

2.50 Long spear; NONE.

2.50 Large shield diamonds on side, wavy in middle; NONE.

2.50 Large shield straight line in middle; NONE.

2.50 Smaller shield, wavy lines in middle; NONE.

3.50 Square bundle (plugs on top of head of native walking with stick); NONE.

3.50 Long drum; NONE.

2.50 Long pole; NONE.

2.50 Rifle with sling; NONE.

2.50 Longer rifle no sling; NONE.

2.50 Shorter rifle no sling; NONE.


1.50 Spear with spikes; 4 blue.

1.50 Medium spear; 4 blue.

1.50 Long spear; 4 blue.

1.50 Large shield diamonds on side, wavy in middle; 2 blue.

1.50 Large shield straight line in middle; 2 blue.

1.50 Smaller shield, wavy lines in middle; 2 blue.

1.50 Square bundle (plugs on top of head of native walking with stick); NONE.

1.50 Long drum; 4 red, 1 green, 1 white, 1 yellow.

1.00 Long pole; 2 blue.

1.00 Rifle with sling; 3 blue.

1.00 Longer rifle no sling; 3 blue.

1.00 Shorter rifle no sling; 3 blue.


Original 1950s/60s accessories

Marx records show that PL-837 Jungle accessories had 34 cavities. Marx would run the mold in red and gray hard plastic and then split the pieces into two groups that we have labeled A & B. We could not color match the two groups with the accessories on hand (thanks to Mike Handley for sharing his). Please note each group has the tall and short drums.

3.50 Campfire, HP; NONE.

3.50 Stretched animal skin, HP; NONE.

3.50 Trap top with two bundles on top; NONE.

3.50 Y shaped trap top support; NONE.

3.50 Snare trap base;, HP; NONE.

3.50 Snare trap bent tree, HP; NONE.

3.50 Snare trap straight rope, HP; NONE.

3.50 Cage base, HP; NONE.

3.50 Cage top, HP; 1 red.

3.50 Smaller trap cage top, HP; NONE.

3.50 Smaller trap bait; NONE.

3.50 Torture pole, HP; NONE.

4.50 Tri-leg pot, HP; NONE.

2.50 Pole to carry dead tiger, HP; NONE.

2.50 Tall drum, HP; NONE.

2.50 Short drum, HP; NONE.

2.50 Trough, HP; NONE.

2.50 Square bundle, HP; NONE.

2.50 Rectangular bundle with carry hooks; NONE.

2.50 Small pot/vase; NONE.

2.50 Plate with spoon & fork; NONE.

2.50 Plate with meat; NONE.

2.50 Plate with fruit; NONE.

2.50 Machete; NONE.

Recast/Reissue Accessories

1.50 Campfire, HP; 1 light green, 1 blue, 2 yellow.

1.50 Stretched animal skin, HP; 1 red, 2 green.

1.50 Trap top with spikes with two bundles on top; 2 red, 5 blue, 1 yellow.

1.00 Y shaped trap top support; 1 red, 3 yellow, 3 blue.

6.00 Three piece snare trap; NONE.

1.50 Snare trap base; 4 red, 4 orange, 1 green, 1 white.

1.50 Snare trap bent tree; 8 yellow, 2 blue.

1.50 Snare trap straight rope; 1 red, 1 orange, 2 green, 2 white, 1 yellow.

4.00 Larger cage with separate base; 3 red, 4 yellow.

1.50 Cage base; NONE.

1.50 Cage top; NONE.

1.50 Smaller trap cage top; 4 red, 3 white, 2 blue, 3 yellow.

1.50 Smaller trap bait; 2 red, 2 blue, 5 yellow.

1.50 Torture pole; 4 dark green, 2 yellow.

2.00 Tri-leg pot; 5 yellow.

1.00 Pole to carry dead tiger; SEE ABOVE WEAPONS LIST.

1.00 Tall drum; 3 red, 5 blue, 3 green, 3 yellow.

1.00 Short drum; 1 white, 5 yellow, 2 blue, 2 dark green.

1.00 Trough; 1 red, 2 yellow, 5 white.

1.00 Square bundle; NONE.

2.50 Rectangular bundle with carry hooks + pole; 1 red, 2 white.

2.00 Rectangular bundle with carry hooks + orange pole; 2 white.

1.00 Small pot/vase; 4 orange, 4 blue, 2 white.

1.00 Plate with spoon & fork; NONE.

1.00 Plate with meat; NONE.

1.00 Plate with fruit; NONE.

1.00 Machete; NONE.

4.00 Canoe with outrigger; 1 red, 3 yellow.

2.00 Canoe only; 1 blue, 8 white .

1.00 Outrigger only ; 1 red, 5 yellow, 1 orange.

1.00 Paddle; 4 red, 2 orange, 4 yellow, 7 light yellow.



The first group of 54mm "jungle animals" was made for the circus playsets about 1951/2. Those found in the circus playsets will be made of rubber like vinyl, but by the time of the first jungle playsets in 1956/7 Marx had switched to polyethylene soft plastic. The 1956 header card bagged set and early boxed jungle playsets will have this group. Often the mold would be run in two colors and the animals separated into two sub groups for placement in the retail packaging. It is possible that on paper two different groups were made than those shown above but the ones above are the commonly seen groups. Please note we did not have color matched A&B groups for photography in any of the three mold variations seen above and below.

Realizing that four of the animals were not from the jungle, Marx pulled those (buffalo, 2 polar bears & camel) from the mold and replaced them with four new poses; running elephant, gorilla, lion cub lying down and adult male lion in 1957. This may have been a phase in operation and some sets may not have gotten all four new poses. As with the first mold this one also was broken into two sub groups for retail sale at times. The most commonly seen sub groupings are shown above.

The 1957 header card bagged set also included the above six smaller 60mm jungle animals that had been made about 1951 with limited distribution. Now made in later polyethylene soft plastic these are usually seen in tan.

In 1967 for the Daktari playsets the mold was altered for a final time with the removal of the adult lion and gorilla who were replaced by the two Daktari animal characters; Judy the Chimpanzee and Clarance the Cross-eyed Lion. Some sets get all ten animals in a waxy peachtan. While other sets had the animals broken into two sub groups in two different colors as seen above.

One Daktari set had factory painted animals of which we do not have a picture.

NONE - Daktari Jungle trading post, tin litho has rear bar.

NONE - Jungle Headquarters tin flag.

NONE - Daktari tin flag NO HP pole & base.

- NONE - Jungle jeep in tan HP.


See Circus items for monkey and jungle animal listings.

Marx made two styles of Jungle huts for their playsets. One was round with two walls and a conical top and the other rectangular that sat on four stilts and had a ladder.

NONE -Native rectangular hut with 4 legs and a ladder

3.00 Ladder; NONE.

5.00 Hut leg; NONE.

20.00 Native round hut; NONE.

6.00 Wall with head in middle panel, intact pegs, butterscotch.(1)


5.00 Barb wire fence. (NONE)

NONE IN STOCK - Three piece mountain terrain setup from Daktari playset.

OUT OF STOCK - RECAST MARX Wilderness Stockade, gate with 2 doors, 4 walls with ledges, 6 walls no ledges, HP as seen above, brown, This is the small stockade that came with some Marx Jungle playsets and the small Boonesbourgh playset.





9.99 Reissue Marx set of 4 palm trees and 4 ferns. (12)