2.00 EACH Cavemen

MP1A With club & knife; NONE.

MP1B With rock overhead; 1 yellow.

MP1C Walking with club; 4 yellow.

4.00 Cave Front original solid; NONE.

4.00 Cave Front original with holes and attachment tabs; NONE.

20.00 Terrain set, 3 pieces; 2 metallic blue.

1.00 Palm tree, brown trunk with green top, original. (NONE)

In 1961 MPC released a 12 figure set of dinosaurs and in 1962 a second series of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. For more information see Playset Magazine issue 49.

Probably made in three molds, most of the first series dinosaurs were probably based upon Marx figures. Collectors know about the Marx molds as a factory master mold list survived. The MPC molds are more of a mystery, but we do know several of the ringhand figure molds had 4 cavities and based upon the colors both series of prehistoric animals are found in we think each series employed the use of three molds each making four animals. Based upon the colors we see most often we have divided the first series animals into three groups as follows; Group A had the four largest animals made most often in; silver, gray, blue, yellow or red. Group B animals are usually; blue, gray or redbrown, and Group C animals are usually; red, green or blue. A number of the first series animals were also used as cereal premiums in the 1970s mostly being made in purple and orange.


Group A

2.00 T-Rex; NONE.

5.00 T-Rex, cereal premium colors; NONE.

2.00 Kronosaurus; 3 blue, 2 light gray.

5.00 Kronosaurus cereal premium colors; NONE.

2.00 Trachodon; 2 silver, 1 blue, 2 yellow.

5.00 Trachodon; cereal premium colors; NONE.

2.00 Brontosaurus; 1 yellow.

5.00 Brotosaurus cereal premium colors; NONE.

Group B

1.00 Allosaurus; 3 redbrown, 8 blue, 1 gray, 1 light gray.

1.00 Stegosaurus; 1 green, 1 red, 1 redbrown, 6 blue.

1.00 Triceratops; 1 redebrown, 3 blue.

1.00 Ankylosaurus; 4 redbrown, 5 blue, 1 gray.

Group C

1.00 Dimetrodon; 20 blue, 9 red, 1 green.

5.00 Dimetrodon cereal premium colors; NONE.

1.00 Plateosaurus; 5 blue, 10 red, 1 green, 1 yellow.

5.00 Plateosaurus ceral premium colors; 1 orange.

1.00 Pteranodon; 14 blue, 7 red, 1 green.

1.00 Cynognathis; 4 green, 5 red, 5 blue.


In 1962 a second series of 12 prehistoric animals joined the herd, a mix of dinosaurs, mammals and even an early bird ancestor. Like the first series we believe that based upon the colors the old original animals can be found in that three molds were used to make these animals. The original issue Group A animals are usually found in; metallic blue, blue, silver or gray. The original issue Group B animals are usually found in; yellow, blue, gray or silver. The group C animals are almost always seen in bright red or green and this mold may not have survived into the reissue period. In the reissue period it is possible that groups A & B were combined into a larger mold frame and run as a set of eight animals for the Spaulding Dinosaur Company.

Group A

4.00 Woolly Mammoth; NONE.

3.00 Parasaurolophus; 3 metallic blue, 2 blue.

8.00 Parasaurolophus, cereal premium colors; NONE.

4.00 Megatherium; 7 metallic blue 3 blue.

5.00 Macrauchenia; NONE.

8.00 Macrauchenia, cereal premium colors; NONE.

Group B

4.00 Smilodon; 2 silver, 1 gray, 2 yellow, 1 blue.

6.00 Smilodon cereal premium colors; 1 orange.

4.00 Diatryma; 3 yellow.

6.00 Diatryma cereal premium colors; NONE

4.00 Moschops; 2 yellow, 1 blue.

2.00 Styracosaurus; 9 yellow, 1 blue.

Group C

5.00 Dire Wolf; 4 red.

3.00 Struthiomimus; 12 red.

4.00 Ceratogalus; 4 red.

4.00 Glyptodont; 4 red.

At one time not realizing there were only 12 animals in the second series of prehistoric animals we included a red saber-tooth tiger that seemed to match the above group.

- This figure is actually part of the Nabisco Cereal Prehistoric Monsters premium group which was made in a silver color. In later years, Banner Toys acquired the mold and ran the figures in the bright primary "candy" colors of; red, green, blue and yellow (and perhaps other colors) and sold them on blister cards and header bags usually with the a mix of the Nabisco premium dinosaurs and Ajax small dinosaurs whose molds they had also acquired.

- Blister card with MPC reissue dinosaurs as sold by the Spaulding Dinosaur Company in the 1980s.


1980s Miner Industries Sets

The boxes were still shrink wrapped until opened an article on our News & Reviews page. The boxes state over 70 pieces and half of those are cardboard punch outs and three vacuform terrain pieces. The dinosaurs & cavemen are a mix of pieces from former; Marx, Ajax, Nabisco, Dimensions For Children and MPC molds! OK IT TURNS OUT THESE SETS WERE NOT SOLD BY MINER BUT WERE MADE UP AND SOLD BY SY GRUBER WHO PUT TOGETHER SETS FROM LEFTOVER ITEMS FROM SEVERAL DEFUNCT COMPANIES IN THE 1985-95 TIME FRAME.


SORRY SOLD Set B Contents;

6 brown & 6 silver Ajax dinosaurs.

8 red & 7 gold Nabisco premium dinosaurs.

3 red MPC cavemen with hole in base.

3 red Marx cavemen no hole in base.

3 brown Dimensions For Children cavemen.

So set B has 27 dinosaurs and 9 cavemen.

SORRY SOLD Set C Contents;

6 gold, 6 silver, 6 red & 6 brown Ajax dinosaurs.

6 Nabisco premium dinosaurs.

9 red Marx cavemen no hole in base.

So set C has 30 dinosaurs and 9 cavemen.


OUT OF STOCK - RECAST 45mm castle, 6 pieces, gray, HP. ()

35mm Knights - NONE IN STOCK

3.00 Horse head up; NONE.

3.00 Horse head down; NONE.


2.00 Reissue MPC horse with heavy paper knight blanket. (NONE IN STOCK)

Arrow Throwers are dated 1963 and catapults 1965 under their bases.

3.00 Arrow thrower base (NO BOW), silver. (NONE)

6.00 Siege tower, No ladder or rocks; NONE.

4.00 RECAST siege tower with ladder & rocks, brown. (NONE)

6.00 Catapult, no rocks; NONE.

In the 1979-83 time period Miner Industries who owned MPC made some unique playsets that had their 45mm knights battling their monsters.

NONE - Castle, soft plastic, all tabs intact.

NONE - Vinyl playmat.

NONE - Siege tower & catapult.

NONE - All 8 monsters in glow in the green in all 8 poses. ()


- 20.00 Betsy Ross flag, paper with wood pole and plastic base. (NONE)

Old original Figures

2.00 Standing right hand out, red. (NONE)

2.00 Advancing in a crouch, red. (2)

2.00 Kneeling as if shooting a rifle. (3)

2.00 Walking arms at sides. (NONE)


2.00 All four poses, waxy blue. (NONE)

Note See ACW section for AWI Colonial Ringhand figures.

8.00 Reissue AWI 19 piece weapon and accessory sprue, black, complete but some may be off the sprue. (NONE IN STOCK)

Vintage accessories

1.00 Larger sword; NONE.

1.00 Pistol; NONE.

Photo courtesy Fred Hartman.

The AWI Colonials were made about 1965-1978 and sold in header card bags and small fort playsets. Ten poses were made although most header card bag sets did not include horses for the mounted officer. MPC realized they needed "bad guys" so the Colonials were eventually also made in red as British. The red figures are harder to find.

5.00 Header card and bag with a split (NO FIGURES), dated 1973.

20.00 25 AWI Colonials in all 10 poses + 2 LIDO horses, 45/50mm, blue.(1)

NONE - Recast/Reissue MPC 45mm Fort First made in 1976 for the bicentennial and sold with MPC's 45mm Revolutionary War figures. Works well with 45mm Lido figures. Made in gray. Note door bar attached on top of wall next to door in picture. Remove for use.


Pirates were sold in many different small cards and header card bags.

Picture courtesy David Schafer. NONE IN STOCK

NONE MPC 881 Skull and Bones Pirate Target Shoot, blister card set with five assorted pirates and mini ping pong ball shooting pistol.

Header Card Pirate Canoe

NONE - Pirate canoe header card set. Yellow HP canoe with 3 assorted pirates each holding one assorted accessory.

SOLD Vintage first series MPC pirate ship, with wooden masts. Ship is missing the pedestal for mounting the wheel. Also included are 7 of 8 ship accessories (missing one of the three lanterns), all four pirates and 9 of 11 pirate accessories (missing the cat o nine tails and treasure chest bottom).

OUT OF STOCK - Two of the MPC ships with sails and accessories as seen above. ()

1.50 EACH RINGHAND PIRATES assorted colors

Right arm up, earrings; 2 black, 3 brown, 11 yellow, 2 pink/red.

Peg leg, parrot on shoulder; 4 brown, 1 waxy yellow, 4 yellow, 2 red, 3 pink/red, 1 translucent red, 1 black.

Hook on hand, long coat; 6 yellow, 4 pink/red.

Left arm up, earrings, beard; 3 black, 1 brown, 3 yellow, 3 pink/red, 3 red.

MPC Pirate Accessories

2.00 Belaying pin; 1 pink/red.

2.00 Sword; 1 pink/red, (1.00 SHORT TIP; 1 brown, 1 pink/red).

2.00 Cat-O-Nine Tail; 1 black.

1.00 Pick; 1 black, 1 pink red.

1.00 Shovel; NONE.

1.00 Hat; 1 pink/red.

2.00 2 Piece chest; 2 black, 1 red, 1 pink/red.

1.00 Chest bottom; NONE.

2.00 Flag; 1 black, 1 brown, 1 pink/red.

3.00 Small rowboat for pirate ship; NONE.

2.00 Oar for rowboat; NONE, (1.00 REISSUE; 1 cream).

4.00 Gangplank; NONE.

4.00 Small anchor; NONE.

2.00 Larger anchor; NONE.

4.00 Square ship's lantern; NONE.

4.00 Smaller ship's lantern; NONE.

4.00 Ships wheel, NO POST; NONE.

NONE - original spring loaded gold cannon (silver paint on barrel), no shells or ramrod. ()

4.00 RECAST MPC pirates, all 4 poses + 11 accessories in swashbuckling colors; 5 SILVER, 5 RED, 5 WHITE, 5 BLUE.

OUT OF STOCK - MPC RECAST/REISSUE naval "pirate" cannon. 60mm MPC ringhand & 54mm Ideal pirates in the photos are not included but were used to show scale. You can make it shoot if you add a spring.()


SOLD - MPC Blues & Grays ACW playset.

SOLD- Blues and Grays American Civil War playset

Generic mounted and seated ringhand figures were made that were part of many sets. In blue they were used as Civil War or Cavalry figures, gray as Rebs, brown as cowboys or pioneers, green as modern armymen and other odd colors as whatever. The original seated figure had a slot in his bottom for attachment to wagon seats. Another version of this early seated figure exists with no special attachment design. A later figure was made with a peg for attachment.

1.00 Mounted; NONE.

1.00 Early style seated with slot; NONE, (2.00 4 gray).

1.00 Early style seated normal, NO SLOT OR PEG; NONE.

1.00 Later style Seated with peg; NONE.

MPC used the above four figures in a variety of roles. Made in brown plastic they were sold as pioneers, metallic blue plastic they became AWI Colonials, and in blue and gray plastic they were ACW Yanks and Rebs (several shades of blue and gray exist). The accessories used for each group were different.

1.00 Walking; 0 blues, `18 grays, 0 redbrown, 2 metallic blue.

1.00 Kneeling; 9 redbrown, 4 blues, 18 grays, 5 metallic blue.

1.00 Hand out; redbrown, 1 blues, 17 grays, 1 metallic blue.

1.00 Advance in a crouch; 8 redbrown, 6 blues, 18 grays, 4 metallic blue.

ACW Accessories

ACW Flags

NONE - Confederate flag, paper on stick with base .

NONE - Union "50 Star" flag, paper on stick with base.

The accessory sprue came out of the mold in two different pieces.

Original old accessories

3.00 Stretcher; 1 gray.

2.00 Rifle; 2 gray.

2.00 Pistol; NONE.

2.00 Curved sword; NONE.

2.00 Straight sword; 1 gray.

1.00 Officers brim hat; NONE.

1.00 Kepi hat; NONE.

1.00 Canteen; 3 blue, 3 gray.

1.00 Sword belt; 9 gray.

1.00 Powder horn; NONE.

1.00 Ammo pouch; 8 blue, 10 gray.

.50 Neckerchief; NONE.

.50 long cannon shell; 5 gray, 4 blue.

- 3.50 21 Piece Weapons & accessories aprue; (4 blue, 2 black IN STOCK)

Pioneer Accessories, dull yellowish tan color.

2.00 Rifle. (NONE)

2.00 Coonskin hat. (NONE)

1.00 Belt. (1)

1.00 Powder horn. (NONE)

1.00 Ammo pouch, style A. (2)

1.00 Ammo pouch, style B. (NONE)

2.00 Pistol. (NONE)

2.00 Tomahawk. (NONE)

2.00 Knife. (NONE)

SEE WWII sales page for availability.

The cannons came with spoke wheels for pre 1900 era playsets and modern tires for post 1900 era playsets. Earlier versions were spring loaded ans shot small pellets. Due to child saftey laws later cannons came without springs.

Fixed Barrel Cannons


NONE Ramrod; 1 metallic blue.

NONE Shell sprue with 4 cannon balls & 4 shells; 1 blue.

Elevating Barrel Cannons