Crescent made many fine plastic toy soldiers. In addition to their own line they also provided many of the figures for the Kelloggs cereal company to be used as give away premiums.

Examples of Crescent Mounted Figures

Examples of Crescent Romans

8.00 RG1 Kneeling with sword and shield. (2)

8.00 RG2 Throwing spear. (NONE).

8.00 RG3 Holding standard. (NONE)

8.00 RG4 Shot with arrow. (1), (4.00 ARROW BROKEN OFF AND GONE; 1)

8.00 RG5 With sword back, round shield forward. (NONE)

8.00 RG6 Gladiator with sword and shield. (NONE)


25.00 Six foot knights in all 6 poses. (NONE)

5.00 Knight M1 standing w/ lance; NONE.

5.00 Knight M2 with ax overhead in both hands; NONE.

5.00 Knight M3 shooting bow; NONE.

5.00 Knight M4 With sword and shield; NONE.

5.00 Knight M5 Bareheaded sword held behind head; NONE.

5.00 Knight M6 Advancing with halberd; NONE.

20.00 Mounted knight with lance; NONE.

20.00 Mounted knight with sword; NONE.

20.00 Mounted knight with mace; NONE.


Crescent 60mm ACW Figures

Civi war figures can be found in both blue and gray plastic and paint schemes.

5.00 C36 Charging w/ rifle; NONE.

5.00 C37 Shooting rifle; NONE.

5.00 C38 Charging by fence; 1 Reb.

5.00 C39 Bugler w/ sword; NONE.

5.00 C40 Officer Brim hat; NONE.

5.00 C41 Arm in sling, pistol in other hand; NONE.

NONE - Mounted trooper with pistol as seen above.

Crescent 60mm U.S. Cavalry Figures

3.00 C18 Standing shooting rifle. (1).

3.00 C19 Scout running w/ rifle.(NONE)

5.00 C20 SGT with flag and pistol. (NONE)

3.00 C21 Officer w/ 2 pistols. (1)

3.00 C22 Officer w/ sword and pistol. (NONE)

3.00 C23 Blowing bugle, rifle in other hand. (NONE).


Crescent 60mm Cowboys

Like other figures expect a good deal of paint loss. There seem to be a least two color schemes for the figures.

4.00 C11 Cowboy bandit w/ pistol and loot. (NONE)

4.00 C12 Looking to the right w/ 2 pistols.(4)

4.00 C13 Kneeling w/ 2 pistols. (2)

4.00 C14 W/ shotgun and knife. (1)

4.00 C15 On one foot, w/ knife. NONE.

4.00 C16 In suit coat crouching w/ 2 pistols.(3)

Crescent also made one other 60mm Cowboy. Marked C42 under the base there do not seem to be any others in this series. It could be that one cavity of the original mold was damaged and this figure was used as a replacement.

6.00 C42 Cowboy. (NONE)

10.00 Cowboy mounted with rifle. (1)

5.00 Foot Cowboy with pistol and satchel; 1 blue shirt & red pants.

5.00 Foot Cowboy running with pistol and rifle, purple shirt. (1)

5.00 Foot Cowboy running with pistol and knife, red pants, yellow shirt. (1)

5.00 Foot Cowboy running with pistol and rifle, yellow outfit.(1)

2.00 Rifle; 1 black.

2.00 Pistol; 1 silver, 2 black.


Crescent 60mm Mexican Cowboys

6.00 C24 Kneeling w/ 2 pistols. (NONE)

6.00 C25 With sword and pistol. (NONE)

6.00 C26 Standing shooting rifle.(NONE)

6.00 C27 With a pistol in each hand. (NONE)

6.00 C28 Bandit with pistol and loot. (NONE)

6.00 C29 About to throw knife. (NONE)

Photo of Indian with lance and shield courtesy of Les Gardner.

5.00 T10 60mm Indian shooting bow. (NONE)

2.00 T11 60mm Indian with rifle and knife. (4)

2.00 T12 60mm Indian running with shield and tomahawk.(4)

2.00 T13 60mm Indian with tomahawk and torch.(6)

NONE T14 60mm Indian shield in left hand, lance in right.(NONE)

5.00 T15 60mm Indian with knife and skull on stick. (NONE)

Crescent 54mm Indians

2.00 T1 Indian chief, tomahawk right hand, torch left. (NONE).

2.00 T2 Indian chief kneeling shooting rifle; 1 short tip.

2.00 T3 Indian chief, right hand up, spear and shield in left hand. (1)

2.00 T4 Indian shooting bow. (1)

NONE T5(15) Indian with feathers on arms dancing. () .

2.00 T6 Indian chief with spear & shield. (NONE)


Crescent 54mm Cowboys

Originals seem to be made in red and shades of blue while the ones made for Kelloggs (and marked as such) seem to be a pale yellow. Paint may be factory or collector applied.

3.00 RefC1 Cowboy standing shooting rifle; 1 red.

3.00 RefC2 Cowboy w/ lasso; 1 red no paint split in lasso, 1 blue w/ paint, 1 blue with paint split in lasso.

3.00 RefC3 Cowboy about to draw pistol, holding bag; 2 red with paint, 1 red.

3.00 RefC4 Kneeling with 2 pistols; 1 red no paint, 3 blue with paint.

3.00 RefC5 With whip; NONE.

3.00 RefC6 Standing shooting one pistol drawing other; 1 blue no paint, 2 blue with paint.

NONE T24 Dual Cactus, green.

4.00 Cacti, larger & smaller joined at base. (1) 2.00 Cactus, separated from being dual, larger size. (NONE)

2.00 Cactus, separated from being dual, smaller size. (2)


NONE - A4 Clubbing with rifle, red.()

NONE - A5 Crouched with knife and rifle, blue.

60mm WWII and Modern Military Figures


K22 Running with rifle and knife. (NONE)

K23 With pistol and knife. (NONE)

K24 Kneeling shooting rifle.(NONE)

K25 With sword pointed down.(NONE)

K26 Advancing with rifle x waist. (NONE)

K27 Standing on rock, holding arms up.(NONE)

Examples of WWII Russians


Ref K17 - 8th Army kneeling w/ radio. NONE IN STOCK

Crescent 60mm British Paratroopers

Sometimes these figures do not have their P # under the base. Paint is probably worn or missing all together.

3.00 P1 Red Beret kneeling shooting bazooka, 60mm.(1)

3.00 P2 Red Beret stabbing with bayonetted rifle, 60mm. (NONE)

3.00 P3 Red Beret throwing grenade, 60mm.(1)

4.00 P4 Red Beret working mortar, 60mm. (NONE)

3.00 P5 Red Beret w/ tommygun x waist, 60mm. (NONE)

3.00 P6 Red Beret running w/ rifle, 60mm.(NONE)

Crescent 60mm Armymen

3.00 K28 Soldier throwing grenade.(1)

3.00 K29 Soldier kneeling shooting rifle. (NONE)

3.00 K30 Soldier Officer running with pistol.(2)

3.00 K31 Soldier tommygun x waist. (NONE)

3.00 K32 Soldier w/ walkie talkie; NONE.

6.00 K33 Soldier w/ flamethrower shooting flame. (NONE)

5.00 Small bunker front sold in window box sets, closer to HO scale than 60mm.

54mm WWII and Modern Military Figures

54mm Crescent WWII British Infantry

This group was widely copied in "HO" scale in Hong Kong in the 1960s.

3.00 K1 Soldier in helmet bayoneting, 54mm.(3)

3.00 K3 Soldier Throwing grenade, 54mm. NONE IN STOCK

3.00 K5 Soldier in helmet, with radio, 54mm.NONE IN STOCK

3.00 K6 Soldier standing shooting rifle. NONE IN STOCK

2.00 Scots guard marching.

2.00 Scots Guard standing with rifle at parade rest. (2)

2.00 Scots Guard standing shooting rifle, 54mm.

NONE IN STOCK 2154 Saladin Armoured Patrol. Metal set with the original box as seen. The Saladin is in good shape with some wear around the pull back. The Ammo trailer's "eye hook" is broken off and gone, the 25lb gun's "detachable traverse Platform has been detached and is missing.

This figure was made by Tom Smith under a license from the Crescent Toy Co in England. It represents one of the TV show "Thunderbirds" characters and was given away free in Kelloggs Sugar Smacks as a premium. It also may have been given away in Cristmas Crackers packages. Under the base is marked - C 1966 A.P.F. (over) TOM SMITH (over) & Co Ltd (over) Made In England.



English cereal premuims. Most were made either from Crescent molds or sculpted from the Crescent master figures. I find some with paint like most English made figures from this era, but it is possible they were not factory painted as they were included with a food product. Those that are painted suffer from the same paint loss like other figures from the 50-60s. Under each base is 'KELLOGGS THE GREATEST NAME IN CEREALS".

Examples of Kelloggs Knights

4.00 Knight standing with sword out & shield; 1 blue.

15.00 Robin Hood green with factory paint, MARKED CRESCENT. (NONE)

15.00 Robin Hood green, marked Kelloggs. (NONE)

15.00 Maid Marion. (NONE)

10.00 Sheriff of Nottingham, red with crimp on sword. (1)

15.00 Little John green with factory paint, MARKED CRESCENT.(NONE)

15.00 Little John, green, marked Kelloggs.(NONE)

15.00 Alan A Dale, red with factory paint, MARKED CRESCENT.(NONE)

15.00 Friar Tuck, brown, marked Kelloggs. (NONE)

Examples of Kelloggs Indians

NONE Indian kneeling shooting rifle.

NONE Indian chief waving right hand, spear and shield left hand, collector painted.

NONE Indian with feathers on arms dancing.(NONE)

3.00 Indian chief shield in right hand, spear in left hand. (1)

Examples of Kelloggs Cowboys

3.00 With trumpet. (1)

3.00 With snare drum. (3)

3.00 With baritone. (4)

3.00 With trombone. (2), (2.00 COLLECTOR PAINT; 1, 1.00 SPILT IN TROMBONE; 1)

3.00 With saxophone. (2), (1.00 SPLIT NEAR MOUTH; 1, 1.00 PIECE GONE NEAR MOUTH; 1)

3.00 With cymbals. (5)

Circus Ring master, red. NONE IN STOCK

2.00 Queen Amidala, Star Wars.