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In 1972 Britains started what was to become a large and complex series of American western themed figures.

Deetail 7th Cavalry

The Deetail line of foot and mounted figures was made from 1978 to 1995.

Made in England

18.00 Six in all six poses. (NONE)

3.00 Custer figure. (NONE)

3.00 Standing shooting rifle. (NONE)

3.00 Kneeling shooting rifle. (NONE).

3.00 Bugler.(1), (2.00 ONE FOOT PEG BROKEN;2)

3.00 Walking with rifle and pistol. (3)

3.00 Standing spread legged with pistol and rifle. (2)

Made in China

12.00 Six in all six poses, loose. (NONE)

2.00 918 Bugler.(2)

Mounted Deetail 7th Cavalry

Made in England

5.00 924 Mounted with rifle. (1)

Made in China


Deetail Cowgirls

NONE IN STOCK - 781 Western girl on horse waving. Only made from 1975-77.

Deetail Cowboys

Three sets of foot cowboys in 16 poses were produced. Set three was made for only a few years and included four new poses and two poses from set number one! Most figures can be found in two to four (or more) paint color variations which makes things even more confused. Below is are scans of two poses showing some of the paint schemes available.

This set was made from 1972 to 1983, first in the "stained" style of painting through about 1982. The 662 figure had a slight modification about 1983 and this figure and the Mexican Cowboy (663) were put in with four new poses to form the third series of foot figures which only lasted from 1983 through 1988. Most cowboys can be found in a minimum of two paint schemes.

3.00 EACH (unless noted) Deetail foot Cowboys older 1970s variations. Paint is often faded;

659 Kneeling w/ 2 pistols; 3 purple jacket, 1 blue & yellow, (2.00 659 missing separate arm, black jacket.)

660 Shooting rifle x waist, 7 pale yellow with red fringe, 1 yellow with purple fringe.

661 Standing shooting rifle; 4 black hat, 1 tan hat.

662 Shooting one pistol drawing other. stained body color; 1 blue with gray hat.

solid body 3rd series color; 2 green shirt, blue pants & black hat.

663 Mexican w/ 2 pistols, stained body color, 2 red hat.

, solid body 3rd series color; 1 green body w/ red hat, 1 aqua with yellow hat.

664 Fan fire pistol, hat brim down, taller version, red hat(2), blue hat(2)

Made from 1979 up into the end in 1998. These figures can be found in 3 or 4 color schemes, and it is possible the mold was remade in China. For awhile the standing shooting rifle and standing with two pistols poses were not made and the six figure set included two figures fan firing the pistol and two ot the pose shooting one pistol while drawing the other. The duplicates were painted in very different colors. The Third series of foot cowboys was made from 1983 to 1988 while this series was also being made.

Made in England

2.50 EACH Second series Cowboys

946 Shoot 1 pistol draw other, Stained body color; 2 purple pants, brown coat, orange hat.

Solid body color; blue & yellow outfit (5), tan, brown & red outfit (4),

947 Fan fire pistol hat brim up, Stained body color; 3 Purple shirt and pants, light brown vest.(2)

Solid Body Color; orange & brown outfit (4), blue and yellow outfit (4).

948 Standing shooting rifle, hat on back; 1 blue vest, 1 white vest.

950 Bandit w/ 2 pistols. (NONE)

951 With two pistols, blue Hat, tan pants. (NONE)

Made in China

18.00 All 6 2nd Series foot Cowboys. (1)

3.00 EACH 2nd Series Cowboys.

946 Shooting one pistol, drawing other. (NONE)

947 Fan firing pistol.(NONE)

948 Standing shooting rifle.(NONE)

949 Shooting rifle x waist. (NONE)

950 Bandit w/ 2 pistols. (NONE)

951 With 2 pistols. (NONE)

The third series of Deetail Cowboys consisted of two figures from series number one; 662 drawing pistol & 663 Mexican with two pistols + four new poses which were derivative of other existing poses. This series was produced from 1983 to 1988 and the four new poses are the hardest to find in the Deetail cowboy range. Each figure can be found in two color schemes with green or bluegray used as the basic color. All 662 and 663 figures for sale will be listed with the first series figures.

5.00 1012 Rifle x waist, neckerchief flying; NONE IN STOCK.

5.00 1013 With 2 pistols in either color combo.NONE IN STOCK

5.00 1014 Standing shooting rifle, wearing chaps and hat; NONE IN STOCK.

5.00 1015 Fan fire pistol, hat brim down, shorter no plug arm. NONE IN STOCK

DEETAIL Mounted cowboys

Mounted Deetail Cowboys

The mounted cowboys were in production from 1972 to the end in 1998. It is possible that some poses were not always made as there seems to be more of 673,675, & 676 that the other three. Most will be seen in two or more color schemes.

Made in England


Made in China

NONE 673 Mexican Cowboy w/ rifle and pistol.()

5.00 675 Cowboy with pistol and drawing other pistol. (1)

5.00 676 Cowboy w/ lasso.(3)

NONE 677 Bandit with pistol and money bag.()

NONE 678 Looking left, pistol ready to shoot.

Deetail Mexicans

As can be seen above Britains had already included both a foot and a mounted Mexican figure into it's line of Cowboys. In 1976 Britians made a set of six foot Cowboy/bandit style Mexican figures and in 1977 a set of six in mounted poses. Both series were deleted in 1978, making these figures among the hardest to find in the Deetail line.


10.00 830 Rifle x waist; NONE.

10.00 831 Standing shooting rifle. NONE

10.00 832 With two pistols; 1 stained gray.

10.00 833 Shooting pistol, about to draw other; NONE.

10.00 834 Kneeling shooting rifle; NONE.

10.00 835 With knife and rifle; NONE.

Deetail Indians


The Apaches were from about 1976 to 1988.

6.00 837 Rifle x waist; red accents. (1)

NONE 838 Standing shooting rifle, white.

6.00 839 Kneeling shooting rifle, yellow.(2)

NONE 840 Erect with tomahawk and pistol.

NONE 841 No shirt w/ pistol and tomahawk.

6.00 842 With rifle and pistol. (1)

Each comes with horse and blanket.

NONE 888 Mounted shooting rifle.

NONE 889 Mounted throwing separate spear.

NONE 890 Mounted holding rifle.

NONE 891 Mounted with pistol.

NONE 892 Mounted with pistol and tomahawk.

NONE 893 Mounted with pistol and separate spear.

Plains Indians

Two poses were (668 & 669) were also put in the second series and so remained in production from 1972 to the end in 1998. The Indian shooting rifle has a longer narrower breech cloth and a knife in his belt in the first series while the second series Indian has a tomahawk in his belt. The other four poses were made from 1972 to 1982 only in England. The two removable heads were changed about 1989.

The second series of foot plains Indians incorporate two figures from the first series (668 & 669), and were made from 1982 to the end in 1998. The separate heads were changed in 1989. Several color schems were used over the years.

Made in England

4.00 Each (unless noted)individual poses

665 With rifle and lance pointed down. (NONE)

667 Shooting rifle, knife in belt. (NONE)

668 With bow, drawing arrow.(6)

669 Chief w/ separate spear and shield. (NONE)

3.50 669 Chief w/ Timpo tomahawk or lance and shield.(4)

671 Buffalo headress, with tomahawk and rifle. (none)

672 With animal headress, separate spear x waist. (1)

996 With pistol and Tomahawk.(NONE)

997 With Tomahawk and shield.(NONE)

998 Shooting rifle, tomahawk in belt. (NONE)

999 Chief w/ rifle and lance pointed up.(NONE)

Made in China

12.00 All 6 2nd series Indians.(1)

2.00 EACH Individual poses.

668 With bow, drawing arrow. (2)

669 Chief w/ separate spear and shield. (NONE)

996 Indian shooting pistol, holding tomahawk. (7)

997 Indian w/ tomahawk and shield.(3)

998 Shooting rifle.(NONE)

999 Indian foot chief w/ lance pointed up and rifle. (2)

Mounted Plains Indians

Made in England

6.00 679 Mounted with bow. (NONE)

6.00 680 Mounted chief with shield and spear held low, animal headress. (NONE)

6.00 681 Mounted chief with separate spear held high. (NONE)

6.00 682 Mounted chief holding rifle. (NONE)

6.00 683 Mounted with rifle x waist. (NONE)

6.00 684 Mounted wearing buffalo headress with rifle and tomahawk. (NONE)

Made in China

5.00 679 Mounted with bow. (NONE)

5.00 681 Mounted chief with separate Timpo spear held high. (NONE)

American West Accessories



6.00 Buffalo. (NONE)

3.00 Grizzley Bear, Made in China. NONE IN STOCK

5.00 Swivel jousting target (two pieces). (NONE)

2.00 Campfire. (3)

2.00 Luggage pile. (1)

2.00 Three barrels wagon load. (4)

2.00 Two crates wagon load. (NONE)

2.00 Treasure chest. (NONE)

2.00 Arrow target + useless bow. (NONE)

2.00 Boiling oil dumper. (NONE)

3.00 Dead tree, soft plastic, an accessories in many Deetail sets, dated 1971; (1).

3.00 Dead Tree trunk,also found in many Deetail sets, dated 1971; (NONE).

5.00 Clancy sign dead tree. (NONE)

5.00 Dead man's Gulch sign dead tree. (NONE)

3.00 Cactus, made in HK for Britains, HP. NONE IN STOCK