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From O'Briens book Collecting Toy Soldiers 3rd ed. we learn that;

Lido was formed in 1947 by the nephews (Seymour & Effrem Arenstein) of William Shaland the biggest importer of toys in the country.

Ajax was founded about 1950 by William Shalland's son-in-law Harry Sternburg

1964 Lido was sold to Bala

1965 Bala liquidated and the remains bought by Gabriel all but 50 molds melted

1970/71 Ajax goes out of business.

1973 Seymour Arenstein buys the remaining 50 Lido molds plus the remaining Ajax molds and started JOY TOY.

1990 Joy Toy sold to Strombecker

Strombecker owned Tootsie Toy which is why you see ex Lido and Ajax toys in Tootsie Toy header bags.


2004 November Stombecker and Processed Plastic merged and the new company took Tootsie Toy as it's name with Processed Plastic as the controlling partner.

2005 February Tootsie Toy sold Durant plant with the Tootsie Toy molds.

2005 July Out of business everything including Processed Plastic plant in Illinois will be sold.


It is very difficult to tell if a loose figure was made by Ajax or Joy Toy. Mostly likely Joy Toy is the source of most figures that show up in today's collector market as they had the molds from 1972 to 1990. However we will list them as Ajax unless in Joy Toy packaging. In 1990 Tootsietoy/Strombecker bought Joy Toy to further confuse the issue of who made what. In 2004 Processed Plastic and Strombecker merged under the name Tootsie Toy but then went out of business in 2005.

45mm-70mm Figures

Prehistoric Items

AJAX DINOS Mostly polyethylrnr but Some were made in a rubbery plastic.

They made right dinosaurs; Triceratops, Dimetrodon, Parasauropholus, Brontosaurus, T-Rex, Plateosaurus, Stegasaurous & Pteranodon.

Copies of Ajax dinosaurs made in Hong Kong all 8 poses with painted eyes.

Western Figures & Items

Smaller 45mm Cowboy and Indian copies

More of these western hard plastic figures of uncertain origin but probably made by LIDO, AJAX or ARCHER (keep in mind Lido supplied figures of this type to T.Cohn (Superior) for their early playsets as well).

5.00 Indian with tomahawk, factory painted + horse, HP.

5.00 Indian with bow, green + horse.


Ajax either made copies of many of the Bergen figures or had Bergen wholesale them figures, or got access to the molds after Bergen's demise in 1958. If a "Bergen" figure does not have a logo then we assume it was sold by Ajax. You can see examples of Bergen copies in the above Ajax rodeo playset. As the rodeo set has had a Davy Crockett banner added it is likely that it was sold in 1954 or 55 during the Davy Crockett mania brought on by the Disney episodes starring Fess Parker and Buddy Ebson. Ajax did not even bother to try and include a pioneer type figure. All of the figures and horses in this set are copies of Bergen figures. Although Ajax did mark some of their horses with AJAX, the above examples are marked MADE IN USA which is the more commonly seen Ajax horse.

I can never tell who made what between these companies. And here is why;

The above four hard plastic horses all look pretty much the same. In fact they are all slightly different and marked by four different makers. The black horse is marked AJAX, top gray marked ARCHER, bottom gray marked LIDO and the brown marked BERGEN! Bergen (Beton) made the horse first the the rest are all pirated copies. Usually these horses are found in soft plastic and are assumed to be for T. Cohn (Superior) brand cowboys and Indians. These companies obviously shared, stole, or copied some molds including the Beton/Lido/Ajax/T.Cohn small mounted cowboys, Indians and horse see above). In addition Superior was never the name of the T.Cohn Toy company but only used as a slogan or brand.

3.00 AJAX Superior style horse; , HP; 1 white, 2 black.

3.00 MADE IN USA, Superior style horse, HP; 12 black, 11 white, 2 brown, 1 butterscotch, 2 redbrown 1 SP black.

3.00 AJAX horse, standing, MADE IN USA; (

MARKED AJAX; 1 brown, 1 white.

NO MARKINGS; 1black.

AJAX bucking horse. NONE IN STOCK

Larger 60mm Cowboy and Indian copies

Ajax also made copies of some of the 60mm cowboy & Indian Bergen figures. If a "Bergen" figure does not have a logo then we assume it was sold by Ajax.

These were sold "masked"(painted) or unpainted and can be found in both hard and soft plastics.

2.00 EACH

Indian Chief with Spear; HP; 1 silver plated, 4 blue, 1 white with paint, 4 yellow w/ paint, 2 green with paint, 1 red with paint, 8 red, 3 yellow, 4 green. 2 blue,


Indian w/ tomahawk; ; HP; 2 painted green, 2 blue painted, 2 yellow with paint, 1 green with paint, 2 blue, 2 yellow, 4 red, 4 green,

SP; 2 blues.

Indian w/ bow; HP; 2 yellow painted, 1 green, 1 green with paint, 2 yellow, 2 red, 1 blue.

SP; 1 blue, (2.00 1 pale green no feather).

Cowboy with rope;; HP; 2 green with paint, 1 white with paint, 2 yellow, 1 red, 1 green,

SP; 2 red, (3.00 1 redbrown or 1 green with split in rope).

Highwayman holding one pistol, drawing other; NO Logo; HP; 1 white with paint, 2 yellow painted, 1 green with paint, 1 yellow, 3 blue, 2 green,

SP; 1 blue, 4 red, 1 pale yellow, 1 yellow.

Cowboy about to draw pistol; HP; 6 yellow with paint, 6 green with paint, 1 white with paint, 4 red, 2 green, 6 yellow, 3 blue, .

SP; 2 red, 1 yellow.

Ajax Large Mounted Western Figures

These figures were made to go along with the foot figures copied from Beton. They are 54-60mm in size and were sold as "LARGE HORSE AND RIDERS" to distinguish them form the smaller Lido/Superior style figures they also sold. They may be copies as well.

2.00 Mounted Cowboy hand on holster, SP; 13 red, 2 pale yellow, 1 cream, 2 yellow, 1 blue.

2.00 Mounted Indian w/ tomahawk, SP; 1 pale yellow, 3 yellow, 1 very dark blue, 3 darker blue, 5 blue, 3 aqua blue, 1 light green, 1 dark green, 1 red.

2.00 Mounted cowboy waving hat, SP; 5 red, 1 dark blue, 1 dark green, 1 yellow.


- These figures were copied in Hong Kong as can bee seen by this old warehouse stock carton recently found.

NONE - Hong Kong copy cowboy & horse. ()

NONE - Hong Kong copy Indian and horse. ()

WWII & Military Items

WWII Military Figures

All 10 Ajax GIs

These Barclay copies? date to the 1950s. First made of hard plastic with a bit of paint, then hard plastic no paint and finally a dense soft plastic. There were two different shades of green in the soft plastic versions. HP figures do not have paint unless noted. The soldier with flamethrower can be seen in Thomas Toys Catalogs. Thomas Toys had no connection to Ajax but perhaps William Shaland(father in Law to Ajax's owner) a toy wholesaler had control of the mold(s) and supplied both Ajax and Thomas Toys. We think the mold may have contained 12 cavities with three soldiers with rifle at waist, two with tommygun at waist and one each of the other seven poses. This is based upon what we have seen over the years and can not be confirmed.

NONE 12 Figures in all 9 "regular poses" (NO flamethrower) in matching dark olive green. This includes 2 with tommy gun and three with rifle at waist. Based upon what I have seen over the years I believe that this is may be the contents of one "mold shot"; ().

4.00 Kneeling shooting rifle; 6 HP .

5.00 Radioman; 4 HP, 4 SP darker green, 3 SP lighter green.

4.00 Marching w/ rifle; NONE.

4.00 Marching w/ sword; 1 HP with factor paint, 9 HP, 6 SP darker green, 1 SP lighter green.

5.00 Prone w/ MG; 8 HP, SP; 1 darker green, 1 lighter green.

2.50 With tommygun x waist; 1 HP factory painted, 8 HP, 5 SP darker green, 4 SP lighter green, 1 gray SP copy?.

2.00 With rifle x waist; 1 HP factory painted, 10 HP, 8 SP darker green, 4 SP lighter green.

5.00 Kneeling shooting bazooka; 2 HP, 6 SP darker green, 3 SP lighter green.

3.50 Throwing grenade; 1 HP factory painted, 8 HP, 7 SP darker green, 3 SP lighter green.

8.00 THOMAS TOYS pose With flame-thrower; NONE.

Civilian Figures and Items

AJAX baseball players about 50mm in size and made of hard plastic. Painted figures may be marked Hong Kong.

3.00 HP Baseball fielder backhanding a ball; 1 red, 1 yellow, 2 blue, 6 tan with brown paint.

3.00 HP Baseball fielder holding glove up; 1 green, 1 yellow, 1 red, 1 blue, 2 tan with brown paint.

3.00 HP baseball player just threw a ball; 1 yellow, 1 blue, 1 tan, 2 red, 1 dark blue, 1 green, 3 tan with brown paint.

. 3.00 HP Baseball catcher; 1 lighter blue, 1 green, 1 yellow, 1 red, 5 tan with brown paint.

3.00 HP Baseball player scooping up the ball; 1 red, 1 green, 2 blue, 8 tan with brown paint.

3.00 HP Baseball batter; 1 green, 1 yellow, 1 blue, 3 tan with brown paint.

Copies of Ajax baseball players, about 35mm in size, factory painted and made in soft plastic.

12.00 9 Small baseball player copies in all 6 poses.

Unmarked but look similar to AJAX baseball players sculpting so we put them here until we can give them a definite ID. Made of hard plastic.

3.00 Throwing football; 1 ble, 1 flesh, 2 tan with brown paint.

3.00 Running in a crouch; 2 yellow, 3 red, 1 blue, 7 tan with brown paint.

3.00 About to catch the ball; 5 tan with brown paint.

3.00 Running like Heisman trophy figure; 2 yellow, 5 tan with brown paint.

70-90mm dogs Ajax & then Joy Toy

3.00 Setter; NONE.

3.00 Bulldog; 1 brown, 1 whitish cream, 1 white, 1 blue.

3.00 Poodle; 1 gray, 2 whitish cream, 2 red brown, 1 silver, 1 black.

3.00 Boxer; 2 whitish cream.

3.00 Scotty; NONE.

3.00 Terrier; NONE.

Space figures and Items

Original vintage Ajax unpainted hard plastic space figures

5.00 Waving with left hand, pistol in right hand; NONE.

5.00 Right hand up near head, HP; 2 white, 1 blue, 1 black.

5.00 Talking into communicator, HP; 1 blue, 1 olive green, 1 white, 1 red.

5.00 Woman looking to right and aiming ray pistol; NONE.

5.00 Walking with ray rifle; NONE, (1.00 RIFLE TIP BROKEN OFF; 1 red).

5.00 Holding communicator (or grenade)out in left hand; 1 lighter green, 1 white.

2.00 Add helmet to purchase of figure may have a crack. (NONE)

Old hard plastic painted copies made in Hong Kong (three seen in picture above)

4.00 Painted copy Woman looking to right and aiming ray pistol; NONE.

4.00 Painted copy walking with rifle; NONE.

4.00 Painted copy with communicator or grenade in left hand; 1 green.

- NONE - 60mm scale Space Woman with pistol, yellow SP.

Old larger soft plastic copies

Jumbo sized Ajax space figures. Unsure if Ajax made them. Made of dense soft plastic.

NONE - Holding communicator in left hand; .

NONE - Waving with left hand, pistol in right hand; .


These were made by Ajax and then RECAST in the 1970s & 1980s by Joy Toy (as seen in the Joy Toy catalog pictures shown above generously given to us by Seymour Arenstein's daughter Joy A.Glucksman), and some in the 1990s by Tootsietoy. We do not know how to tell the difference between the Ajax, Joy Toy & Tootsietoy pieces. Most of the loose pieces probably date to the later Joy Toy or Tootsietoy production. Animals seem to have been made in sets of six but we are not certain if that was always true.

Large Prehistoric Animals

Prehistoric mammal photos courtesy Rick Koch.


Large Dinosaurs - Tootsie Toy Packaging -

6.00 Brontosaurus;`NONE.

6.00 Moschops; NONE.

6.00 Dimetrodon; NONE.

6.00 Triceratops; NONE.

6.00 Stegosaurus; NONE.

6.00 Tyrannosaurus; NONE.

Blow molded dino copies have been made in China. The Brontosaurus is about 5 inches long.

6.00 All four dinos. (1)

Large Wild Animals

5.00 Bear; NONE.

5.00 Wild bull; 1 red.

5.00 Buffalo (Bison); NONE.

5.00 Tiger; NONE.

5.00 Lion; NONE.

5.00 Hippo; NONE.

Large Farm Animals

5.00 Mule; 1 cream, 4 red, 2 blue, 2 green, 2 yellow.

5.00 Pig; 2 red, 1 green.

5.00 Sheep; NONE.

5.00 Horse; 1 red.

5.00 Cow; 1 red, 1 green.

5.00 Steer; 1 red, (3.00 missing one horn in yellow or one horn short in blue).

Large Dogs

Mold ended up in Mexico at least for a while as per the mold catalog illustration above.

6.00 Scotty; 1 gray.

6.00 Boxer; 2 off white, 1 white.

NONE - Setter.

6.00 Bulldog; 1 white.

NONE - Poodle.

NONE - Terrier.


The Cowboys, Indians, football and baseball players were made by Ajax, then Joy Toy and some by Tootsietoy.

Above are some of the Ajax 5 inch cowboys & Indians. Sealed bag in picture below also has a cowboy shooting a rifle. Perhaps six different cowboys and six different Indians were made but we are not sure. Picture of yellow cowboy top right courtesy of Eric Johns.

4.00 Cowboy with lasso; NONE.

4.00 Cowboy playing guitar; 1 aquagreen.

4.00 Cowboy with pistol in right hand; 1 blue.

4.00 Happy Cowboy holding hat and pistol; NONE.

4.00 Cowboy shooting rifle; 1 yellow, 1 aquagreen, (1.00 RIFLE TIP CHEW; 1 green).

4.00 Sheriff hands on holstered guns; 1 yellow, 1 dark blue.

4.00 Indian with bow and arrow; NONE, (`1.00 BOW DAMAGE; 2 bright orange, 1 blue).

4.00 Indian brave with spear and knife; NONE, (1.00 MISSING SPEAR; 1 orange, 1 blue or MISSING TOP OF SPEAR & KNIFE; 1 red, 1 blue).

4.00 Indian with club and knife, looking to the right; NONE.

4.00 Eskimo with bow and rabbit; NONE, (2.00 MISSING BOW; 1 yellow)

4.00 Indian (mowhawk) with tomahawk & knife; 1 purple.

4.00 Indian chief with lance; 1 yellow.

- 25.00 Old bagged "Joy Toy" set, 3 figures; cowboys playing guitar & shooting rifle & Indian brave with spear and knife.

NONE IN STOCK - 40mm cowboys in 4 poses of which some are copies of Ajax poses.

- The 5/6 Inch Lido GI mold was run by Joy Toy from 1972-1990 when they sold out to Tootsietoy who used the mold into the 2000s. See Lido page for availability.

4.00 Catcher; NONE.

4.00 Pitcher in windup; NONE.

4.00 Batter; NONE.

4.00 Just threw the ball; NONE.

4.00 Both hands up; NONE.

4.00 Holding ball in mitt over head; NONE.

Picture of the red figure courtesy James Wozniak.

4.00 #49 Running with the ball; NONE.

4.00 #80 Holding ball up in right hand, touchdown celebration; NONE.

4.00 #14 Holding football up in right hand; NONE.

4.00 #42 Just kicked ball; NONE.

4.00 #22 Arms at sides; NONE.

Other Joy Toy Products


Older 60mm football figures are gray and white and this mold could have been made for Papco by Ajax or Lido. The mold became part of Joy Toys lineup in the 1970s and made in other colors.

- NONE - 122 Touchdown, header card set in Joy Toy packaging, 22 figures.

2.00 EACH

Arms out ready to bear hug tackle; NONE.

Lineman down in 3 point stance; NONE.

Quarterback about to throw ball; 2 white.

Running, head turned to the right, left arm up; 1 green, 1 white.

Center with ball; NONE.

Leaping right hand way up; 3 green, 1 orange.

Running, head turned to the left, right arm down; 2 green, 1 yellow.

Running, head forward holding ball; NONE.

Standing blocking; 1 orange, 3 yellow

Running, head forward, no ball; 2 green, 3 white, 3 yellow.


- Joy Toy acquired the old Nabisco cereal dinosaur premiums mold. We think this mold may have been made for Nabisco and run for them by LIDO.

OUT OF STOCK - JOY TOY 1175 LOST WORLD. Bagged set as pictured above (contents may vary). About 15 dinos in a mic of white, yellow & light gray. ()


- Joy Toy got the exLido knight horse mold but the rider mold ended up with jay Horowitz (New Marx). So Joy toy somehow got one of the MPC knight molds and made header card sets of MPC foot knight with LIDO knight horses.

NONE - JOY TOY 1185 Royal Knights. Bagged set as picture above with 4 horses and 6 knights.


This header card bagged set appears to have the exPayton army truck and tank and an exLido Jeep. Nicely done with brwon marbling in the green.

25.00 Joy Toy 168 Recon Patrol. Header card bagged set with; truck, tank and jeep about 45mm in scale.


Steombecker made a series of 10 hard plastic race track figures to go with slot car sets. Sold in set 9935 Srombecker International Road Racing set that came with six figures aNd a guide book where you could order a set of all ten figures for $1. We have seen them in a variety of colors and a few in soft plastic. Thanks to Al Teuscher for the ID and sales information.

4.00 Race Track figure with flag; NONE.

4.00 Crouching, hands out; NONE.

4.00 Woman walking; NONE.

4.00 Kneeling with flag, right hand at waist; NONE.

4.00 Kneeling hands out, left hand up; NONE.

4.00 Holding helmet; NONE.

4.00 Holding lap board above head; NONE.

4.00 Soft drink vendor; NONE.

4.00 Kneeling hands out; NONE.

4.00 Standing, no ball cap, ring hand forward to maybe hold a flag; NONE.


In 1990 Tootsie Toy bought out Joy Toy and continued to make some of the figure lines putting them in TOOTSIETOY packaging. This further confused collectors.

Original Tootsie toy Figures and Items

5.00 Mounted officer mounted with sword; NONE.

6.00 Mounted with flag; NONE.

5.00 Advancing with rifle; NONE.

5.00 Shooting rifle. NONE

4.00 Caisson driver; NONE.

2.00 Caisson horse (Marx knock off); NONE.

NONE - Metal ACW cannon with plastic wheels, spring shooting.

NONE 60mm Sadddle horse Made in Hong Kong.

Seen in the 1979 Tootsietoy catalog as parts of an otherwise die cast Police set in blue and a Fighter Command military set in brown. Figures are about 50mm in size.

2.00 Holding M-16 in right hand, pointing with left hand; NONE.

2.00 Talking into bullhorn; none.

2.00 Holding scoped rifle and speaking into communicator; NONE.

2.00 Running with shotgun and ammo box; 1 darker bluw.

Tootsietoy made 4 ENTs and 4 firemen in one mold. We have only found them in red.

2.00 EMT running with medical kit.(NONE)

2.00 EMT running with fire extinguisher. (NONE)

2.00 EMT kneeling with oxygen tank. (NONE)

2.00 EMT holding folded stretcher. (NONE)

2.00 Fireman in protective outfit spraying foam. (NONE)

2.00 Fire chief with bull horn. (NONE)

2.00 Fireman with hose. (NONE)

2.00 Fireman with ax. (NONE)

NONE - AA Truck, metal body, plastic wheels and gun.

NONE - 155mm howitzer tank. Metal.

5.00 jeep, metal.

4.00 Small Truck, may be missing something that plugs into truck bed, metal.

NONE - Small howitzer, metal.

15.00 SEA RESCUE Set still in blister platrform display package has; diecast Coast Guard helicopter roughly 1/72 scale + 4 30/35mm figures desert island, speed boat & accessories.

5.00 Aircraft carrier about 7 inches long, mettal with plastic parts.

- 20.00 Five diecast WWII miniplanes, dated 1989.

- 20.00 Five diecast Jets miniplanes, dated 1989.

REISSUE metal ships about 6 inches long.

NONE Ocean Liner.

NONE War ship.

NONE Cargo ship.

NONE - Metal Tractor with detachable disc.

NONE - Plastic boat on metal boat trailer.

NONE IN STOCK - Major Mars, 60mm HP, Hong Kong.

NONE - Flash Gorden set three four inch plastic figures + six die cast vehicles. Plastic window broken on box but contents are mint. Late 1970s I think.

NONE - 2872 Star Ship, MOC, dated 1978.