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Heuser's Quarterly Diecast Collectible Bank & 1:18 Scale Inventory & Price Guide

Ask your favorite toy or book dealer for "Heuser's Quarterly Price Guide to Official Diecast Collectible Banks and Custom Imprinted Replicas, including Ertl American Muscle Cars". We have been producing this valuable collectible resource publication since 1989. Our guide is sold by more than 100 quality toy dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Values shown in the guide are obtained from the actual selling prices shown in dealer price lists and from bidding at current auctions.

Diecasts are listed by manufacturer, company logo, type of model, year made, quantity made, body color, trim color, special features and the values given in both U.S. and Canadian currency.

If your dealer does not carry our guide then it can be ordered directly from us. Please send either check or money order in the amount of $US16.95 for a single copy (Canadian/Foreign orders add $US8 and paid by either International Money Order or credit card.). For your convenience we also accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express.

Our guide features diecast collectible banks and 1:18 scale muscle cars by Ertl and banks produced by First Gear, Scale Models, SpecCast, Liberty Classics, Crown Premium/Vees Collectibles, Georgia Marketing, DG Productions, Brookfield Collectors Guild, and Gearbox.

We also have an extensive website featuring articles about collecting, a listing of up-coming toy/train/doll shows and press releases from major manufacturers. Also included are pages of dealer advertising, as well as a complete listing of toy dealers & manufacturers who either sell our price guide or supply us with information for our guide.

Orders and correspondence may be E-mailed to:

or mailed to:
P.O. Box 300
West Winfield, NY 13491
Phone/Fax: 315-822-4804

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