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Treasures Of A Lifetime: Something of value from a period of time representing someone's life.

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Character Glasses or Promotional Drinking Glasses were thought to be a great way to showcase corporate logos. By designing glasses that could be collected in a series the sponsors, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, etc., were able to get their logo in front of a lot eyes.

By creating different glasses released in a series they were able to convince restaurants such as Taco Bell, McDonalds, Burger King, Arby's etc. to order these glasses to increase repeat business. The customers would return in order to collect the complete set.

Some of these glasses were very popular and created in large quantities while others were not. Samples were sometimes produced by the Glass companies that were never released or were edited before they were produced.

Pepsi produced Disney, Super Heroes, Warner Bros. Walter Lantz, Hanna Barbera, Harvey Cartoons, etc. for their clients. Pepsi release glasses that were produced by many different glass companies. Some series such as the 1973 Warner Bros. set were produced by two different companies to get the maximum number of glasses possible into the hands of collectors. For this set Pepsi used Brockway Glass Company and Federal Glass Company.

Later in 1976 Pepsi produced two, 12 glass series, of Warner Bros. glasses with action poses. The second series had to be order in quantities of 1,800 cases each or your order wasn't approved. Most of these glasses went to Taco Bell in California.

Coca-Cola produced set for Burger King and McDonalds as well as other companies. Burger King promoted the Burger King characters, Star Wars and The Hobbit on character glasses while McDonalds is known for Camp Snoopy, Garfield, Disney and the McDonaldland characters.

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