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Treasures Of A Lifetime: Something of value from a period of time representing someone's life.

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Hearts Embrace Diamond Pendant

Hearts Embrace Diamond Pendant

*** Express Shipping Available *** Diamond Heart Pendant Jewelry Binds Two Hearts As One! Exclusive White Gold Pendant Jewelry Set with 36 Diamonds! - When two hearts become one, your love deserves to be captured forever in diamonds! The two sides of this exquisite diamond heart pendant jewelry meet, then intertwine in a shimmering expression of devotion. This beautifully crafted 14K white gold pendant jewelry features 11 round cut diamonds on one side, while the other side showcases 25 diamond baguettes. Show off your love with gems totaling more than one third of a carat!Available exclusively from Ashton-Drake Jewelry of Distinction, this exquisite and unique diamond jewelry comes with a gleaming 18" 14K white gold chain, nestled in a luxurious Italian suede jeweler's box. It's the perfect gift presentation - for yourself or your "better half"! Order now!

Eternal Love Diamond Necklace

Eternal Love Diamond Necklace

*** Express Shipping Available *** Exquisite Yellow and White Gold Diamond Necklace, Fine Diamond Jewelry with Exclusive Keepsake Jewelry Design - Among the most priceless gifts in life is love. When it is true and real, it is a sacred union of two souls and two hearts in perfect harmony. Imagine the absolute pleasure your loved one will feel when she receives this heartfelt yellow and white gold diamond necklace!Now, you can gift yourself or a loved one with a striking piece of keepsake jewelry that celebrates love's eternity in a precious yellow and white gold diamond necklace from Bradford Exchange. Brisk demand is expected for this exquisite piece of exclusive design jewelry, a gift of love in fine diamond jewelry showcasing 15 brilliant-cut diamonds and two bands of yellow and white 14-karat gold. Order now!

Love And Kisses Diamond Ring

Love And Kisses Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring Jewelry Sets Hearts Aflutter! Exclusive Love and Kisses Ring Shimmers with Diamonds Set in 14K Gold! - You know that as a true sign of affection, there's nothing more precious than diamonds! Indulge your heart - or sweetheart - with this extraordinary diamond ring jewelry, the heartwarming Love and Kisses Ring! Between two shimmering bands of diamonds nestle three gold hearts with diamond centers, surrounded by diamond "kisses" for a total of 31 dazzling diamonds set in gleaming 14K gold!

Thomas Kinkade Always In My Heart Diamond Pierced Earrings

Thomas Kinkade Always In My Heart Diamond Pierced Earrings

Thomas Kinkade Diamond Earrings Pay Sparkling Tribute to the Special Bond Between Mothers and Daughters, Sisters and Friends! - Thomas Kinkade's painting "A Perfect Red Rose" has now inspired the "Thomas Kinkade Always in My Heart Diamond Earrings," a tribute to the bond that blooms between mother and daughter... sisters...friends...or any relationship near and dear to your heart.Designed to coordinate with the matching "Always in Our Heart Diamond Pendant," these heart-shaped diamond earrings feature 24K gold-plated silver hearts, each set with a single, sparkling diamond. The hearts are suspended from a swirl of sterling silver and 24K gold-plated ribbons, with sculpted sterling silver roses. These breathtaking sterling silver diamond earrings make a perfect daughter gift and are an Ashton-Drake Galleries exclusive. Thomas Kinkade jewelry is in high demand, so order now!

The Crystal Zodiac: Use Birthstones to Enhance Your Life

Star power combines with earth's gifts in a richly illustrated guide to the astrological use of birthstones. Crystals, in tandem with astrology, can attract beneficial energies, balance out less desirable qualities, and even improve health. But because each sign now has many stones connected with it, anyone wanting to harness their potential needs help finding exactly the right ones. The search for a crystal begins with sun sign, and a list of stones for abundance and rituals, as well as a variety of companion choices; there's even information on where on the body to wear it. Complement this with knowledge about crystal masks (based on the Ascendant) and lunar crystals. An exquisite crystal zodiac mandala closes this illuminating volume in style.

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