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Mickey Mouse - Donald Duck - Jungle Book - Snow White - Pinocchio

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Minnie Mouse - Pluto - Goofy - Daisy Duck - The Rescuers

  • Disney charater glasses come in many shapes and sizes. They were made by Anchor Hocking (Fire King), Brockway & Federal just to name a few. Mickey Mouse alone can be found on over 100 different glasses. The most popular Disney glasses are the Jungle Book glasses which came in a few different sets.

  • Arby's Character Glasses: Arby's has had a variety of glasses over the years.

    Some of them include Norman Rockwell, Looney Tune's Adventures, Warner Brothers, Pac-Man, Stained Glass, Bicentennial (Bullwinkle [2], Casper, Dudley, Woody [2], Hot Stuff, Underdog [2] and Rocky), Actors (Charlie Chaplin, Abbot & Costello, Laurel & Hardy, Mae West, The Little Rascals & W.C. Fields), Currier and Ives, Gary Patterston - Thought Factory, B.C. - Ice Age, Wizard of Id & Zodiacs.

    Of the Arby's glasses, the most sought after glasses are the Looney Tune's Adventures (1988) and the (6 inch) Bicentennial Series (1976). The Looney Tunes Adventures set consists of Bugs Bunny in "Diving for Carrots", Daffy Duck in "Jungle Jitters", Porky Pig in "Lunar Launch" and Sylvester & Tweety in "Anchors Away."

    The Bicentennial set consists of "Bullwinkle crossing the Delaware", "Bullwinkle to the defense", "Casper and Nightmare's midnight ride", Dudley Takes Tea at Sea", "George by Woody", "Hot Stuff makes it hot for the redcoats", "Never Fear - Underdog is Here", "Rocky in the Dawn's Early Light", "Underdog Saves the Bell" & Woody has the Spirit."

  • Brockway Character Glasses: Brockway glasses are the thick glasses that were popular in the 1960's & 1970's. Most came in the 16 oz. size but in some cases, some of the characters were available in the 12 oz. size. Brockway glasses include Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Pepsi, Hanna-Barbera, P.A.T. Ward, Walter Lantz, Terrytoons, Dommino's Pizza, Leonardo TTV, MGM, Al Capp, D.C. Comics, etc.

  • Burger King Character Glasses: Burger King which serves Coca-Cola has had a variety of glasses over the years. Some of them are also Coca-Cola glasses.

    Among the glasses out there to collect are Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Lord of the Rings, Disney, "1776 - 1976 Have it Your Way", "Mark Twain Country", Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Tigers, Burger King Corporation Series and the Burger King characters (Onion Rings, French Fries, Milk Shakes & Hamburgers).

    I believe the most collectible are the Star Wars glasses. I think they are worth more than the price guides say. Just make sure the images are in perfect registration. I've seen a lot of these glasses with image defects. There are however a lot of nice examples out there to aquire!

  • Coke Character Glasses: Coke character glasses include Walt Disney, Star Wars, Burger King, McDonalds, Popeye, King Kong, Snoopy, etc. In many cases the base of these glasses were smaller than the rest of the glass. Also they were made with thin glass.

  • D.C. Comics Character Glasses:

  • Federal Character Glasses: Federal glasses are the thin glasses that were similar to alot of Brockway glasses in the 1970's. They include the Pepsi Warner Brothers Glasses. Pepsi sometimes had the same characters put on both Brockway and Federal glasses because it was the best solution to getting the number of glasses needed into the hands of the people.

    Not all of the 1973 Warner Brothers character glasses were available in all sizes. The most popular was the 16 oz. size. The 15 oz. size had the logo under name (LUN) and not all characters are known to exist. Slow Poke Rodriguez and Beaky Buzzard are extremly rare if they exist. Petunia Pig, Tasmanian Devil and Henery Hawk (not Henry) is rare. Glasses in Canada were available in a 10 oz. size.

  • Hanna Barbera Character Glasses:

  • Harvey Cartoons Character Glasses:

  • Kentucky Derby Character Glasses:

  • Marvel Comics Character Glasses:

  • McDonalds Character Glasses: McDonalds character glasses include: Disneyland (Fantasyland, Adventureland, Critter Country and Tomorrowland), Walt Disney World 25th anniversary mugs and other Disney glasses.

    Peanuts, Snoopy, Garfield, the Olypic mugs, the Great Muppet Caper, Camp Snoopy, Batman, Flintstones, Classic 50's (1993) and well as the McDonaldland Characters on Smoked Glass Mugs (1977) - (Ronald McDonald, Hamburglar, Grimace & Captain Crook) and the Collector's Series (1976), Action Series (1977) & Adventure Series (1980) which contain those four characters plus Mayor McCheese and Big Mac are just some of the national issues released over the years.

    McDonalds put out a Pittsburg Steelers set of four in 1978 for Superbowl XIII and in 1979 for Superbowl XIV.

    McDonalds/Dr Pepper put out a set of four Atlanta Falcons glasses in 1980. McDonalds also put out a set of five Philadephia Eagles glasses in 1980. In 1982 McDonalds put out a set of "All-Time Greatest Steelers Team".

    There are RARE manager glasses out there for Camp Snoopy, the Great Muppet Caper and Sam the Olympic Eagle (1984) that are hard to find but could be picked up cheap if the seller doesn't know what they have. These glasses look similar to the circulated glasses but announce that the glasses are coming out.

  • Milk Glass Character Glasses:

  • P.A.T. Ward Character Glasses:

  • Peanuts (Charlie Brown) Character Glasses:

  • Pepsi Character Glasses:
      Not just limited to Brockway or Federal glass, Pepsi glasses can be found with most cartoon characters including:
    • Disney: (Wonderful World of Disney Collector Series), (Pepsi-Cola Collector Series), (Pepsi-Cola/Walt Disney
      Collector Series), (The Rescuers), (Happy Birthday Mickey Pepsi-Cola collector series), (Disney Jungle Book,
      Pepsi-Cola collector series)
    • Warner Brothers
    • P.A.T. Ward
    • Walter Lantz
    • Archie
    • Terrytoons

  • Popeye Character Glasses:

  • Prototype Character Glasses:

  • Star Trek Character Glasses:

  • Star Wars Character Glasses:

  • Terrytoons Character Glasses:

  • Walter Lantz Character Glasses:

  • Warner Brothers Character Glasses:

  • Welchs Character Glasses:

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