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Treasures Of A Lifetime: Something of value from a period of time representing someone's life.

Business Cards for Kids is a program that I started in 2004!
What I want to do is get kids interested in collecting Business Cards in the same way that Cards for Kids gets kids interested in collecting Baseball Cards.

I'm collecting business cards for children that will be in Children's Hospital Central California this Christmas.

This could be any child! You never know if your child is going to be in the hospital this Christmas. On the other hand there are probably children that spend every christmas at the hospital.

As a business card collector myself, I'm always looking for new cards to add to my collection. Along the way, I'm trying to get others interested in my hobby.

I'm looking for special cards that are kid friendly that don't promote crime, smoking, drinking, drugs, sex, discrimination, racism, etc.

Politics, science, research & religions will be excepted in most cases.

The cards I'm looking for include business cards from:

  • teachers
  • police officers
  • military personel
  • fire fighters
  • doctors
  • lawyers
  • politicians
  • actors
  • singers
  • scientists
  • explorers
  • managers
  • presidents
  • supervisors
  • photographers
  • researchers
  • franchises
  • people with die-cut cards (cards that are not rectangle)
  • business card collectors
  • foreign countries
  • etc.
  • It doesn't matter what state or country these cards are from. If they are interesting for kids is all that matters.

    To participate, please send 5 of your business cards (autographed on the front) to:

    "Business Cards for Kids"
    Attention: Russell Easley
    P.O. Box 6336
    Fresno, California 93703-6336

    You are welcome to send more than five business cards if you like. However since I'm a business card collector, I will keep one of each card for myself to add to my collection. Duplicates mean more cards for the kids!

    These special cards will be placed into plastic baseball card protectors and donated to Children's Hospital Central Califonia (in Madera County) just north of Fresno, California.

    What the hospital does with these cards is out of my control. In the past, I have participated with my former Boy Scout troop to collect Sports Cards for this hospital when it was still Valley Children's Hospital in Fresno, California.

    It is expected that the staff will hand these cards out to the children so that they have something to enjoy while they are in the hospital.

    Last year I donated a large stack of these cards and they were very much appreciated!

    Cards that are fun for kids would be nice. Unusual cards are a plus. Please, any cards that are unexceptable for children will become discarded from this program by being placed into my collection.

    Please keep this in mind. All cards are welcome. If you have a lot of cards, send them this way. Duplicates are very much appreciated so that this program can last over a period of time.

    One last thing! Don't autograph cards that belong to someone else. If your name is on the card, then autograph five or more of them (on the front)! Thanks!

    If you're interested in starting a Business Cards 4 Kids campaign in your own area, e-mail me for details!

    If you are a business card collector this would be a great way to help our hobby grow, would help the children in your area to become interested in collecting business cards and could help you to accumulate some new interesting cards for yourself.

    Please link to this page if that's all you can do. If you do link to this page or if you want to start your own Business Cards 4 Kids campaign please join my Business Cards 4 Kids webring and Yahoo group.


    Children's Hospital Central California
    9300 Valley Childrens Place
    Madera, California 93636

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