Seasonal Trophy Specials

Special* this season is a new style backdrop trophy which stands approximately 8 inches tall.  The trophy features a gold male or female basketball figure   The backdrop is a stars and stripes theme with a basketball goal set at the top next to a star.  The black or gold plate on the front of the base can hold up to three lines of engraving, which is included in the price of the special.  The Basketball Special is $6.50 (plus shipping if needed).

The Coach's Special this season is the new Sport Legend Oval Resin Plate that is 8 inch oval pewter look resin plate with gold highlights.  designed to hang on the wall or can stand-up on a flat surface. Pictured here in male basketball, also available in female.  The gold or black brass plate on the front can hold up to three lines of engraving which is included in the price of the Coach's Special.  The Coach's Special is $9.95

*All the seasonal special trophies are also available with soccer, baseball, cheerleading and soccer figures for those involved in the spring team sports season.

Hot New Trophies - BOBBLEHEAD Resins

  These new BOBBLEHEAD trophies stand about 5 1/2" tall.  When moved their heads BOBBLE.  They are $8.00 including engraving (plus tax).  Shown here in Soccer, Cheerleading, and Football.  Now available in Basketball, Ice Hockey and Baseball.

Bobbleheads now available


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