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Paige and Kristen won Queen in the Mr and Miss Springtime in Rutherford
and they also won best dressed,..
Sydney got 2nd Alt best dresses and best hair
Sweathearts in Beautyland Tn Charm- Queen- Feb. 2009
Miss Snow Princess- 3rd alt- Jan. 2009
Miss Hope Medina- 3rd alt- Jan 2009
Greenfield Christmas Pageant- Queen- 2008
Mckenzie Hometown Christmas- 1st alt -2008
Usa Beuaties Christmas Pageant-1st alt-2008
Tn Charm Christmas pageant- 4th alt.- Dec 2008
Miss Christmas Princess-Queen-2008
- Miss fall Charm- 2nd alt- 2008
Miss Autumn Fest- 3rd alt-2008
Alamo Miss Autumn Pageant- Queen- 2008
Miss Hatchie Fall Festival- 2nd alt- 2008
Mclemoresville Cotton Festival- Queen- 2008
Miss West Tn Springtime-1st Alt-2008
West Tn Crockett Mills Cotton Fest.-3rd alt-2008
Bradford Doodle Soup-2nd alt- 2008
Fair Friends Baby Show Carroll County Fair-3rd alt-2008
Baby Fairest of the Fair Jackson, Tn Fair- 2nd Alt-2008
USA Beauties Luau- 4th alt-2008
Miss Liberty Belle-2nd alt-2008

Sweetheart 1st maid, Most Photogenic & Best Dressed
Sweetheart Queen, Most Glamorous, Most Photogenic,
Best model & Best Smile
Miss Crockett County Charm Queen
Miss Liberty Belle Queen & Best Hair
Miss Milan No Till Queen, Most Glamorous & Most Photogenic
Miss West TN Summertime Queen
Greenfield Miss Christmas Queen
Miss TN Charm Summer Splash 1st maid
Miss TN Charm Autumn Extravaganza Queen & Best Dressed & Most Photogenic
Miss TN Charm Christmas in Beautyland 2nd maid & Best Dressed
Miss TN Charm Sweethearts in Beautyland Queen
Miss Fall Charm Humboldt Queen
Alamo Miss Snow Princess Queen
Miss Hatchie Fall Fest Queen, Best Personality, Best Hair & Best Dressed
Mckenzie Hometown Christmas 1st maid & Most Photogenic
New Year Stars 1st maid, Most Photogenic, Prettiest Hair, Prettiest Smile, Best Model & Flair for fashion
Miss Doodle soup 1st maid & Most Adorable
Baby Miss Soybean Festival 2nd maid
Carroll County fair 4th place
West TN state fair 3rd maid
Miss Thomas Media 1st maid & prettiest smile
Greenfield Sweetheart 3rd maid
Dresden Sweetheart 1st maid
Miss Modern Woodmen of the World 1st maid
Dresden Springtime 2nd maid
Medina Miss Hope 1st maid
Alamo Miss Fall Fest 1st maid
USA Beauties Luau 2nd maid
Dyersburg Sweetheart 1st maid, Best PersonAlity & Prettiest Smile
Union City Celebration Pageants 2nd maid
Milan Miss Snowflake 3rd maid, Most Photogenic & most Glamorous
West TN Cotton Festival Cotton Mills 1st maid & Best Model
McLemoresville Cotton Festival 1st maid

Lakewood Spring fling Queen
Mckenzie Relay for Life 2nd Maid
Miss Ameribration 1st Maid
Henry County Fairest of the Fair 2nd Maid
Hazel day Queen
Miss Christmas Princess Queen
Tn Charm Summer splash 4th Alternate

Julia Marie Dye
Summer Splash Queen
6-8 Queen Miss Tennessee Charm Feb 2008
1st maid Worlds Biggest Fish Fry
Little Miss Greenfield Sweetheart
Little Miss Gleason Tator Town
Little Miss Eiffel Tower
Little Miss Lakewood Spring Fling
Little Miss Puryear Day
Little Miss Ameribraton
1st Maid Little Miss Magnolia
1st maid Mckenzie Relay for life
2nd Maid Henry County Fairest of the Fair