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This is the guitar I created for myself. I used Purpleheart for the body and headstock overlay. I used a standard maple neck. The heel is contoured down to within 1 inch from the neck, making access easy all the way to the top. The unique electronic system is what I like the most. I put a balance pot instead of a 3-way switch, a volume pot with a capacitor to retain the highs when the volume level is reduced. The tone is a midrange cut/boost instead of the standard high cut found on almost all guitars. I can bring a subtle distortion to a full scream with a twist of a knob. There are coil cut switches for each pickup. The electronics are passive to keep any unwanted harmonic distortion out. This instrument is equipped with a Wilkinson Tremelo Bridge and has Carvin SD humbuckers. It is extremely versitile - able to sound country to rock, clean, warm, or screamy nasty.