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Antler-Subway is proud to present the TATTOO OF PAIN debut album "Vengeance is Mine". The album, written, arranged and produced by Antlers' top producers PRAGA KHAN and OLIVER ADAMS, has everything in there to become one of the most trend-setting albums of the year. Their recent re-mix work for ALICE IN CHAINS and WHITE ZOMBIE is only a tip of the iceberg of what's gonna come in the near future. TATTOO OF PAIN is ADAMS & KHANS' own band. The album is mixed by ROLI MOSSIMAN (Young Gods/Smashing Pumpkins). First reactions on the album are amazing. The release date is planned for late September/early October. At this moment, the band is planning a worldwide tour to promote the album. Have a careful listen to Adams and Khans' masterpiece and dive into the world of TATTOO OF PAIN.

The Musical Career of "PRAGA KHAN" and "OLIVER ADAMS".

1992: They start working as a song writers/producers team. Already in the first year they are responsible for 4 UK top 40 hits. (PRAGA KHAN/"Injected With a Poison", DIGITAL ORGASM/"Running Out of Time", CHANNEL X "Rave the Rhythm" and LORDS OF ACID " Take Control"). They complete the first LORDS OF ACID full CD "Lust" (over 450,000 units in the US only)

1993: RICK RUBIN signs them as a producers unit for the US market. They write and produce the DIGITAL ORGASM album and the first PRAGA KHAN CD. They score 2 more UK top 40 hits PRAGA KHAN-"Rave Alert" & DIGITAL ORGASM-"Startouchers". PAUL VERHOEVEN uses "Rave the Rhythm" in his movie "BASIC INSTINCT".

1994: JEAN-MICHEL JARRE asks them to mix his new single "Chronology part 6". Avex Japan asks them to write the album "Take It To The Top" for CHANNEL X. SHARON STONE demands to have their track "The Most Wonderful Girl" in her new movie "SLIVER". They start the recording of the second LORDS OF ACID CD "Voodoo U" (over 350,000 units in the US only- American Recordings).

1995: Virgin US asks them to write and produce an album for the number 1 video game "MORTAL COMBAT" (over 400,000 units). they are asked to write music for the movies "VIRTUOSITY" (Young Boys) and "STRANGE DAYS" (The Real Thing). The song "Techno Syndrome" becomes the lead track in the motion picture "MORTAL COMBAT". They take a six months holiday (the first in 4 years). They hook up with "Lyndsey Wilner", the enfant-terrible of the London Jetset and form their own band TATTOO OF PAIN. They start to write the first album "Vengeance Is Mine".

1996: They finish the TATTOO OF PAIN album. White Zombie asks them to mix "Electric Head pt.1" and for ALICE IN CHAINS they remix "Again". They fly to Tokyo to work on the album from Japanese top artist HIDE. Together with Billy Duffy (The Cult), Bill Kennedy (Nine Inch Nails) and Raven (Prong). At this moment the band is rehearsing in the studio to prepare the TATTOO OF PAIN live-set.

Songs to the "Tattoo of Pain" Album

(click on the song of your choice to see the lyrics)

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01 Age of Corruption
02 No Future
03 Respect
04 Fear
05 Burn In Hell
06 Live My Life
07 How Does It Feel
08 Wicca
09 Pain
10 Warchild
11 Poison In My Brain

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