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We Race Outhouses!
Only in Trenary, Michigan!
You've never heard of an outhouse race?!? Well, take a few moments to read all about it - you'll at least be smarter about something you've never ever thought about before! Better yet, you'll decide to believe it when you see it & come join us! WHAT: Homemade outhouses made of wood, cardboard, etc. which are built on skis and pushed by 2 "racers". Each year has a different theme. 1998 theme = The Fifth Ever! and the logo incorporates a fifth bottle with an outhouse inside it! Some outhouses are built for speed, most are funny & some are so elaborate you wouldn't mind having one in your own backyard. The outhouses are pushed one-by-one approx. 500" down the Main Street in Trenary, Michigan (in the grand Upper Peninsula). WHO: Anyone who has a sense of humor - or needs one! Some folks like to build, some like to race and EVERYONE likes to watch! In 1994 we started out with 20 entries; by 1997 we had 60 outhouses! WHEN: Every last Saturday in February! (Yep, that makes it an annual event!) This year is February 28, 1998! WHY: FUN! FUN! FUN! Great stories to tell your friends! In addition to the races, Main Street Trenary provides a day of fun with volleyball games (you got it - IN THE SNOW!), entertainment, games, food, crafts and other vendors. Profits are distributed to organizations and community members who experience some type of hardship in the coming year.
For more info or entry application:
Outhouse Classic P.O. Box 271 Trenary, MI 49891 (906) 446-3504


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