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THE Stress-Reduction Expert !!

~The Stress-Reduction Expert~
with over 20 years of treating medical/personal/emotional AND bureaucratic problems. Member of the Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress. Member of American Mensa.


Paul T. Stephey

Degrees and certificates from:
U. S. Academy of Health Science; San Antonio, Texas;
Madonna University; Livonia ,Michigan;
Napa College; Napa, California.

Previous work with:
Veterans Administration; Ann Arbor , Michigan,
U.S. Army, Walter Reed Medical Center;Washington D.C.,
State of California Department of Mental Health; Napa, California,
Social Security Administration, Disability Determinations; Traverse City, Michigan,
Georgia Medical Institute; Marietta, Georgia,
Charter Mental Health Center; Atlanta, Georgia etc.

Recent work with:

AOL, Web TV, CompuServe, AT&T, Lucent Technology, DaNella Engineering.

Self-help means finding *NEW* ways to assist ourselves.
~Things we can do now ~


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Thanks for stopping by :O) Click on any of the links below for more information on how to get help with your questions.Or feel free to write to me regards any issues you may have ~ Best Wishes Paul Stephey

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