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Staffing Alternatives & Specialized Services

114 Balsam Street Ridgecrest, CA 93555

Telephone: (760) 375-1003 Fax: (760) 375-4228

Monday ~ Friday 8:00 ~ 5:00

S.A.S.S. is located in Ridgecrest. We have had the opportunity to develop an excellent reputation working with nationally known Department of Defense contractors. We offer specialized features designed to meet the needs of all our clients.

* Secretarial * Technical * Professional * Clerical * Financial * Engineering * Retail * Data Entry * Word Processing * Accounting * Industrial * General Labor * Drug Testing * Notary * Payroll * Business Consulting

Come in and meet our friendly staff!

Sophie Dodge ~ Owner/CEO

Janis Bottorff ~ Office Manager

Gale Vanderpool ~ Human Resources

Sheri Houghton ~ Human Resources

Lisa Dardin ~ Drug Testing Administrator

Terry Gugliuza ~ Administrative Assistant

What Is S.A.S.S?

Staffing Alternatives and Specialized Services (S.A.S.S.) is a local, woman owned employment agency. We specialize in temporary and long-term employment placements. We provide personnel in a wide range of fields. Our services are used by businesses state-wide, including large government contractors and small family owned businesses. Our client's are looking for qualified individuals with specific skill levels. We match the client's requirements with the employees' qualifications and skills.

What Kind Of Personnel Does S.A.S.S. Provide?

S.A.S.S. is the Indian Wells Valley's leader in temporary, leased, and permanent job placements in a wide range of catagories, such as:

* Administrative * Secretarial * Clerical * Accounting * Bookkeeping * Social Services * Technical * Professional * Marketing * Retail * Security * Municipal * Real Estate * Janitorial * Welding * Carpentry *Transportation * Heavy Equipment * Electrical * General Labor * Food Service * Maintenance * Plumbing * Roofing * And Much More!!

What Is The Advantage Of Using S.A.S.S?

Save Time ! We will competently perform the recruitment process to select qualified applicants.

Fast & Dependable ! We will provide qualified, reliable, and professional employees at a moment's notice.

Sastisfaction Is Guaranteed ! We guarantee the right person for the job. The most important result is your happiness with our services.

What Else Can S.A.S.S. Offer Me?

S.A.S.S. provides other services that are vital to business operations. These include:

* Drug Testing DOT/ Non- DOT * Skills Testing * Financial, Payroll, Business Start-Up, * Secretarial * And More !

What Are My Placement Options?

It's all up to you! * Temporary (Short or Long Term) * Temporary to Hire * Leased * Professional Recruitment

How Do I Pay For S.A.S.S' Employment Services?

S.A.S.S. relieves the client of the burden of recruiting, hiring, training, absenteeism, employee turnover, and all the administrative recordkeeping concerning the temporary worker. Because the worker is an employee of S.A.S.S., we pay the employee an agreed upon wage, as well as handle all required payroll taxes and provide workers' compensation coverage. For all of these services, S.A.S.S. bills the client an agreed upon rate per employee for hours worked only. S.A.S.S. does not require the client to pay for a minimum of hours for temporary help.

Can A Temporary Worker Be Hired Away From S.A.S.S. By The Client Company?

YES!!! In the event the client wants to offer the S.A.S.S. temporary employee a permanent job, just contact us to negotiate a mutually equitable placement period for the temporary worker. Typically, we like to have our employees on our payroll for 6 weeks prior to being hired by the client. However, the option to " buy-out" the placement for the employee is available.

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