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Stefan's DragonCon 98

Contact List

As Seen at DragonCon 98

So you've been through my DragonCon 98 diary page you've seen the women of your dreams, a really cool costume, a vendor you'd like to contact or whatever. As they identify themselves, I will list them here. If it ain't here, either I ain't got it or they said not to give it out.


Contact Info

 Stefan Oestreicher
 This is my website
 Marietta, GA
 Jody Lynn Nye
 Author - Pictured
 Chicago, IL
 Anne McCaffrey
 Official web site
 Dragon Hold, Ireland
 Cyndee Lizana-Gause
 Blonde Dawn pix
 Newnan, GA
 Sabrina Wagner
 Leopard Girl pix
 Newnan, GA
 Boba Fett
 pic one1
 Sean Burgess
 Star Wars
 Storm Troopers
 Fighting 501'st Stormtrooper Squadron
 Albin Johnson, Don Shaw
 Leopard Girl Photo  Graciously provided by
 Linda Freeman
 Christina Rose Black
 Trouble Coth pix
 Cincinnati, OH
 Adorable Goth
 Birmingham, AL
 Deborah Abbot
 Xena and Code Tango pix
 Betsy Distelhorst
 Exhausted Highlander
 Marietta, GA
 Pam Casper
 Armoured Bunny from Hell and Galen Skye
 Sandy Springs, GA
 Countess Lilith Stabs
 **Be Careful - this link takes you to the Dark Side **



Other DragonCon98 websites/ Not shown contacts


Contact Info

 Michael Glover
 Jodo Kast
 Gina Biancarosa
 Boussh (Princess Leia's bounty hunter disguise)
 Christana - her Costumer
 Fashions Through Time or
 Designed Dawn Costume
 and winged vampire (not shown)
  Atlanta, Ga.
 Anna Smith
 PERN Program Director

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