Burrington's SOLAR EDGE

This "Solar" powered Frog ... Welcomes YOU !...
the initial Connecticut Residential Solar PV Incentive program has come to an end....
But there are still various energy incentives available thru EnergizeCTand some Utility companies



Home and Utility battery backup (Energy Storage Solutions);
rebates for appliances with better efficiency ratings
Heat Pump hot water heaters
and improved home insulation

There are many ways to keep more money in your pocket.. !

Burrington's Solar Edge
is now an approved contractor in the
CT state insulation incentive program
--improve your Energy Efficiency with better air-sealing and increased, fire-proof, ATTIC INSULATION, while getting up to a 75% rebate !!...
details here

....and COMING SOON:{Energy Storage Solutions
Install a back-up battery to assist the electric utility during times of high demand (And BE PAID for that !!),
while still being able to use your back-up battery as power for your loads;
and to avoid high "Time Of Use" electric rates.}
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why not a

This month's SPECIAL SALE item at
is a
Solar-powered "Pond fountain"
that floats !!!

SALE.. $39+s&h (MSRP $49.95)

NOTE: limited quantity available,please contact us by email or phone to place your order.

(coming next: mini-solar powered wall lights....)

As you prepare for your sustainable future, remember that there incentives to help available

the CT incentives, via utility company programs, use "rate-payer" funds to help you
Combine these with federal income tax credits (Energy Efficient Home Improvements, and Federal Residential Clean Energy Credit)
to offset even more of the installed costs!

we look forward to helping you make it all happen

There has been a lot of interest- so,your patience is appreciated as we try to respond to each in order of receipt
( NOTE: your e-mail address helps us make an "odd" hour reply while you sleep..)

CT Insulation Incentive?
see Home Energy Solutions programs here
Perhaps you also have a solar question or wish to try a "solar rooftop" without the old style racks?
click HERE for more ideas on solar roofing/awning options

please leave messages for:
Gail Burrington (a NABCEP board certified PV installation professional)

E-mail: solaredge@yahoo.com

..........We'd be happy to help you make a little SOLAR SENSE !!!*******and be part of a wiser future

  • Burrington's SOLAR EDGE (ELC #0195608-PV1; HIC #568720)
  • 6 Reed Circle
  • Windsor Locks, CT. 06096-1214
    E-mail: solaredge@yahoo.com


    ASES National Solar Conference May in Washington D.C.
    Solar Homes Tour- on 1st Sat. of October

    SEAC- a solar interest group- meetings TBA-all invited
    PACEClean Energy advocates
    Green car club-thinking Green transportation?
    NESEA.org with Green building tour and Building Energy Conference.....

    You know it's time to get involved with a.... SOLAR FUTURE
    ...You can make it happen.

    use Connecticut's INCENTIVE programs!!

    ...and remember
    Burrington's Solar Edge (ELC #0195608-PV1)is also a solar dealer/installer! www.solaredge.biz

    ..............Don't get left behind!

    Burrington's Solar Edge
    (ELC #0195608-PV1: HIC #568720)
    tel: (860) 623-0159
    fax: (413)683-2871
    email: solaredge@yahoo.com
    other web pages: https://www.solaredge.biz (being repaired)

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